IRC log for #koha, 2005-01-04

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Time S Nick Message
05:05 paul Happy new year to everybody
05:05 paul (and Hello, i'm back)
05:47 rach hi Paul
05:47 rach how were your holidays?
05:47 paul Happy new year Rachel
05:48 paul (and discarding aroung 700/800 spams/virus)
05:49 rach yep there sure are a lot of them
05:50 rach so how are you getting on?
05:51 rach still looking good for a new release?
05:52 paul ??
05:52 paul if koha & koha-dev & koha-bugs mailing lists are not wrong
05:52 rach oh no - just my connection is being a bit flakey
05:52 paul then i think yes, I can release official 2.2.0 in a day or two
05:52 rach I am getting timeouts to our webserver
05:53 paul I'm also happy to see the chinese version back
05:53 rach that is great news paul
05:53 paul (in koha-CVS ml)
05:55 rach cool
05:55 rach I guess you are making your way through all the e-mails etc to see if there are any new bugs?
05:55 rach
05:56 rach these are pics of si and his christmas present
05:58 rach good luck with testing etc over the next couple of days
05:59 paul thanks
05:59 rach tomorrow is a public holiday here still, so send me an e-mail if there is anything in particular you could use my help with
05:59 paul ok
05:59 paul in the meantime, have a good night
06:00 rach thank you
06:00 rach hope you have a great day

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