IRC log for #koha, 2004-12-31

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13:05 kados hey owen
13:05 owen Hi
13:05 kados it's really difficult
13:05 owen No wonder no one has done it yet!
13:21 kados owen do you understand what the reserveconstraints table is?
13:23 owen No. :(
13:23 kados me either ...
13:23 owen I think Chris probably explained it to me at one time, but I've forgotten.
13:45 kados owen: how about constrainttype,priority in reserves?
13:50 owen constrainttype in reserves has to do with whether you want any copy or a specific one.
13:50 owen Correction: not any copy, but any material type.
13:50 owen ...if you're using Katipo-style records with multiple item types under one biblio.
13:51 owen No idea what priority is for.
20:01 kados chris around?
20:02 kados I've tried inserting directly into accountlines, reserves, and reserveconstraints to 'fake' a reserve but the reserve doesn't show up in either the intranet or the patron's opac account page ...
20:03 rach I wouldn't have thought so - he's not working this week
20:03 rach what version of koha?
20:03 kados it's version 2.2
20:03 kados hi rach ;-)
20:04 kados hmmm, you NZers sure get lots of vacation
20:05 rach well it is summer
20:05 rach we get 4 weeks here at katipo
20:05 rach and 11 days of statutory holidays
20:05 rach so at christmas, you only have to take a few days of actual annual leave, to get about 2 weeks off
20:06 kados sweet :-)
20:06 rach yep it's pretty good
20:07 rach the weather has just started to pack in, so chris might be along later
20:07 kados did you guys get much action from the big wave?
20:08 kados I guess it's on the other side of indonesia ... but I figure you must have felt something ...
20:09 rach um yep it was felt on the west coast apparently
20:09 rach but we didn't see anything here particularly, the weather has hosever been fairly horrible
20:09 kados ahh
20:09 rach that would be a relief
20:10 rach there are storm warnings out at the moment - although it's not stormy here right now
20:10 rach heavy rain etc expected around the country
20:10 rach which isn't that unusual for here
20:12 rach on the reserves thing, I have a feeling that has been noticed before
20:12 rach it definitly works on our version, but I think it got lost in V 2 perhaps?
20:17 rach or just checking through bug reports - I could be telling porkies
20:30 kados rach: this isn't really a Koha problem ... I trying to directly insert stuff into the database and expecting it to think it was done normally
20:30 kados but I'm screwing something up in the process
20:31 kados :-)
20:31 kados reserves work fine when Koha does them :-)
20:31 kados I've emailed chris ...

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