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12:17 kados paul around?
12:17 paul yes, but on phone...
12:17 kados ok ... thanks
12:59 paul kados ? i'm back on irc if you need
13:08 paul hi owen
13:08 owen Hi paul
13:08 paul kados wanted to speak to me but i was on phone.
13:08 paul now i'm no more ;-)
13:09 owen I don' t know what it was about
13:11 owen Have you heard from Emiliano and his crew recently?  Maybe they can participate in a rescheduled IRC meeting
13:11 paul no, i didn't had any news.
13:11 paul but you're right, he should confirm he would be here.
13:14 owen Do you know if this bug affects 2.2?  Or should it be marked 2.0?[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=633
13:14 paul still here
13:14 paul & very complex to fix
13:16 paul & i think that severity=major is a little bit too much. i think it would be better minor
13:17 paul mmm... i didn't saw the proposed fix before. Seems logic
13:17 paul so i'll put it in 2.2 immediatly
13:18 owen I wish I knew what this was about:[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=866
13:18 owen Sounds bad, but I'm not sure it's really a bug.  User error, maybe?
13:18 owen False expectations?
13:19 paul i agree with you.
13:19 paul i don't know what to think of most of mike rev mails...
13:19 kados hi guys
13:19 paul hi kados
13:19 kados paul I solved my problem (sort of ... work around)
13:20 kados I have problems with some uninitialized values where they should have been initialized
13:20 kados /build/websites/​m/koha-root/etc/koha.conf`
13:20 kados oops
13:20 kados
13:21 kados there's a script that almost works
13:21 kados it builds symlinks for a CVS repo
13:21 kados I have a less complex one that works
13:22 kados the one above attempts to use koha.conf and C4 tp populate path variables but I can't seem to get it to work right
13:22 kados s/tp/to
13:24 kados right now I'm working on a script that will check the status of our production koha machine and email my cellphone if there's a problem :-)
13:24 paul mmm... nice scripts. feel free to commit them to misc/
13:24 paul i'll add them in release notes.
13:24 kados ok...
13:25 kados I've a question if I'm going to do that :-)
13:25 kados is there some way to export the right libraries in a script
13:25 kados automatically
13:25 kados like
13:25 kados use lib "path to modules";
13:25 kados I still get the "cant find C4" error even when I do that
13:32 kados paul ... what's the syntax for the autoinstaller file (when you use -i filename)?
13:33 paul option=value
13:33 kados where is the list of values?
13:33 paul look at auto_install_file in misc/, in CVS
13:33 kados ahh thanks
16:52 owen hi rach, we missed you at the meeting yesterday!
16:52 owen we'll have to re-schedule.
16:53 rach yeah that was just a pain'
16:53 rach I didn't get the net back for like 7 hours
16:54 owen 7 hours without internet?!  Terrible suffering.
16:55 owen It turned out not to be a good time for just about everyone, though.
16:55 owen Paul was late, slef didn't come.
16:55 owen ...and we really should make sure Emiliano or one of his crew is present for any future meeting
16:56 rach ah well there ya go
16:56 rach yep it didn't come back until 4pm or something
16:56 rach by which stage I'd pretty well given up and was doing something else :-)
16:58 owen Like reading a book, or milking a cow I'll bet ;)
16:59 rach weaving as it happens, but pretty much :-)
16:59 owen Wow, I almost nailed it!
17:01 rach :-)
17:18 owen hi JYL57
17:24 kados rach weaves?
17:31 rach I'm weaving baskets out of flax at the moment
17:32 genji okay, chris, you active?
17:32 rach but I've woven wool in the past
17:32 rach on a loom
17:33 JYL57 Hi owen and others ! was bye a few minutes
17:34 rach weaving cloth is hard if you don't have the gear I suspect
17:34 rach hi
19:52 ros hi rach
20:08 rach hi
20:28 chris wanna see something kinda cool?
20:29 chris[…]ha/
20:29 chris try a title search, for fush ... or sole music
20:34 kados nice chris!
20:35 kados worldcat libraries in the opac!
20:35 chris oh that too
20:36 chris i did that a couple of weeks ago :)
20:36 kados what else?
20:36 chris the one i was showing off was if you search for say sole music
20:36 chris it says, did you mean soul music
20:36 kados I don't see that :-/
20:36 chris only for the title
20:37 kados sweet!
20:37 kados wow chris you rock!
20:37 kados nice opac templates too!
20:37 kados are those new?
20:37 chris those are rachels' vanilla templates
20:37 chris they work with 2.0
20:38 kados I just got my cert working :-)
20:38 kados
20:38 chris excellent
20:38 kados but I've got to work out the selinux stuff before Koha will run on that machine
20:38 kados (it does a internal server error)
20:39 chris david bigwood comes up with good ideas, the world cat, and alternate spellings
20:39 kados and I need to get an actual sig so the browsers don't complain
20:39 chris ahh yep
20:39 kados for sure
20:39 kados did you commit your code yet?
20:39 kados (for worldcat and alternate spellings?)
20:40 kados thos'd be killer for NPL
20:40 chris not yet, they are still in the proof of concept stage
20:40 kados I'd like to roll out 2.2 right after the release
20:40 chris i think ill let 2.2 get released then add them
20:40 kados with ssl, gutenberg, spellcheck, worldcat, etc.
20:40 chris seen this?
20:40 chris[…]
20:41 kados yea amazon stuff ... I'd like that too :-)
20:41 kados is that what you're showing?
20:41 chris i may have committed the amazon stuff already
20:42 kados sweet
20:42 kados I'm waiting till 2.2 to release the self-checkout too
20:42 kados people are using it quite a bit
20:42 chris yeah i dont want to add functionality to 2.2 at this point, best we squash bugs not add them :)
20:43 chris but the alternate spelling was such a good idea i had to take a crack :)
20:43 kados yea that's really cool ...actually I think paul has one too
20:43 chris yep i think he does too
20:43 kados it's cool that you got it working
20:44 kados was it difficult?
20:44 chris im not sure where pauls is, and how its called
20:44 chris naw, its pretty simplistic
20:44 chris all it does is
20:45 chris select * from biblio where soundex(title) like soundex('$title');
20:46 chris ive been wanting to have an excuse to use soundex :)
20:46 kados :-)
20:47 kados I wonder if we could feed into google's spellcheck api
20:47 kados I think last time I tried to sign up to use the api their site was down
20:48 chris the good thing with soundex .. it will give you a result of something in the catalog .. ie you wont get a alternate spelling that still isnt in the catalog
20:49 chris which is better than using something like aspell
20:50 chris i think thats how google works too
09:02 genji hey paul, ya here?

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