IRC log for #koha, 2004-11-29

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17:31 tungsten hi
18:51 tungsten rach yu there
19:46 tungsten I'd like someone to test my opac interface
19:46 tungsten thanks
19:46 kados tungsten you still around?
19:47 tungsten yes
19:47 tungsten can you run a test
19:47 kados I'll test your opac if you like
19:47 kados what's the url?
19:48 kados hmmm, that's problematic since the 192.168 range is a privatized range
19:48 kados (it won't route)
19:49 tungsten
19:49 tungsten search moon
19:49 kados right, well that's working :-)
19:49 tungsten pick a biblio
19:50 kados nice templates ;-)
19:50 tungsten which one are you on
19:50 kados[…]
19:50 kados looks pretty nice to me
19:51 tungsten what is the name of the book?
19:51 kados A child's garden of verses /
19:52 tungsten please hit related links
19:52 tungsten poetry of Children's poetry.....
19:52 kados right, looks like it's not working, eh?
19:53 kados paul'd be the one to ask about subject searching
19:53 tungsten and yet if you type in thsoe variables to search they work
19:53 kados ahh, looks like a pretty clear bug
19:53 kados I'd submit it to bugzilla (
19:55 tungsten I'm not sure. I hate to submit a bug. I'm running thison a subnet and I'm unable to use localhost.localdomain as the server address
19:55 kados it also looks like owen has not generalized the templates enough
19:55 tungsten yeah
19:55 kados well submitting bugs is the only way it will get fixed
19:56 kados if you'd like me to do it I can
19:56 tungsten I went into the vanila directory structure to grep http://www.athens
19:56 kados but it'd be best if you did since you know the problems more intimately :-)
19:56 tungsten found only two hits
19:57 kados have you used bugzilla before?
19:57 tungsten where do the addresses for the left home...your library... reside??
19:57 tungsten tes but I lost my password
19:57 kados I'm not sure ... owen handles all the template stuff
19:58 kados hehe
19:58 kados hmmm, chris around?
19:59 kados chris should be able to reset it (at least I think chris would be the one to ask about that)
19:59 tungsten I saw that there a lot of cool .jif images in one of the npl subdirectories.
20:00 kados .jif or .gif?
20:00 tungsten what handle do you use in your 942c field for book I'm using BK and I think if I used your definition the .gif for book will show up
20:01 kados ahh do you mean item images?
20:01 tungsten yes
20:01 tungsten item field is 942c
20:01 kados lemme check
20:04 tungsten be back in 10min
20:08 tungsten b
04:40 chris evening paul
04:40 paul wow, what a pity...
04:40 paul NZ : 45, France : 6 !!!
04:41 si and all your props got broken :-)
04:41 chris hehe
04:42 paul props ?
04:42 paul (hi simon)
04:42 si hi paul
04:42 chris number 1 and 3
04:42 si number 1 and 3
04:42 si the bricks on either side of the front row
04:42 chris on the positive side, it looks like lots of bug testing got done on koha over the weekend
04:43 si paul: I'm sure it's no consolation, but our cricket team is getting absolutely flayed by Australia
04:43 paul not sure it's positive, as we must fix them now ;-)
04:43 chris :-) its better now though than after the release :-)
04:44 paul yep
04:44 si paul: did you go to the argentina game?
04:46 paul no
04:47 chris how much do tickets to a test match normally cost ?
04:48 paul (but you're right : i leave in Marseille, so i could have)
04:48 paul i've friends that were in the stadium. The ticket costed 22,5Euros
04:48 chris ahh thats not too bad
04:49 si chris: what are they asking for Lion's tests here?
04:49 paul (but it was not a good place. places on the side cost more.
04:49 chris ur kidney, an arm, and your first born child
04:49 si which is what, in euros?
04:50 chris im not even sure
04:50 chris you have to enter a ballot
04:50 chris to even get a chance of a ticket
04:50 chris at least si
04:50 si I thought they were talking NZ$150 for the cheapest seats
04:51 si which is a fair amount of cash
04:51 chris sure is
04:52 chris do you have a busy week planned paul?
04:52 paul yes : monday in Paris, with a new customer (sociology library, from CNRS, 40 000 items)
04:53 paul thesday and wednesday in Paris too, with CRM from Sorbonne, migrating from 2.0 to 2.2
04:53 paul i'm working on migrating CRM db now.
04:54 chris wow cool
04:54 paul (my 1st son, 9 years is repeating it's 1st english lessons with my wife, quite nice to hear him saying "one", "two", "three"...
04:54 chris :-)
04:54 paul and "spring", "summer",...
04:57 chris does he learn english at school, or private lessons?
04:58 paul at school.
04:58 paul in France, all childrens must learn english at school.
04:58 chris ahh ok
04:58 paul at least when there is a teacher...
04:58 chris right
04:59 chris most children in nz only learn one language, its a shame
04:59 paul in our school, the teacher is here only 5hours a week, for everybody !
04:59 chris wow, how many students?
04:59 paul so, it means there is only 45mn for each class !
05:00 si chris: don't all kidslearn maori now?
05:00 si although not to a decent level
05:00 chris they usually learn a couple of words at primary school
05:01 chris unless they are lucky and go to a kura kaupapa or something .. we had dinner with tata and his kids and grandkids last night
05:02 chris it was great to hear paretao (who is 5) switching between english and maori interchangeably
05:02 si yes, tohias nephews do that
05:02 chris depending on who she was talking to
05:02 si it's pretty funny
05:02 chris yeah
05:02 si cursing at the playstation in Maori
05:02 chris heh
05:02 paul lol
05:03 si they look like miniature guy sebastions
05:03 si moster afros
05:03 si s/moster/monster
05:04 chris he sure did
05:04 si not perhaps as technically correct as carlos
05:04 si but excellent sinews sticking out of his neck and bulging eyes
05:04 chris passion is more important i reckon
05:04 si which is really what you're after
05:04 chris yes
05:05 si I dunno, I thought there was something nicely circular about the boy from Levin doing Te Rauparaha's haka
05:05 chris :-)
05:06 chris i feel sorry for carlos, he got stuck with that flat backline last year
05:06 si shafted would be the technical term
05:06 chris yeah
05:06 chris paul im working on bug 865 at the moment
05:07 chris the return starting a new borrower for issues
05:07 paul good bugreport & good idea too
05:08 chris yeah owen writes good reports
05:18 chris ahh
05:18 chris its commented out
05:34 chris that oughta fix it
05:38 chris ok my wife wants her laptop back, cya's later
09:12 JYL57 Hello !
09:12 JYL57 Paul, installed RC3 and have a few questions...
09:13 JYL57 Have a little time for me ?!
09:14 JYL57 Ok, write them here now as maybe someone else can answer... I'll read IRC logg later on
09:14 JYL57 1) How to change intranet default font (it's too small for us), can't find the css
09:16 JYL57 2) It seems that we have lost a part of the translations available for french language in RC2... regretion ?!
09:17 JYL57 3) How to complete the online help for french version ?! Via the wiki ?!
09:18 JYL57 Have to leave for two hours now but will be interested to get some hints.
09:19 JYL57 We in châtel-Saint-Germain are completing the cataloguing (still 1500 items to key in) and will open soon
09:20 JYL57 Have a nice day, JYL57

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