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16:40 owen hi rach, hi tim
16:40 rach hi owen & tim
16:40 rach and paul and all :-)
16:42 rach ah right :-)
16:42 rach so not sure yet if I'm live
16:43 chris morning all
16:43 owen chirs must have builders too :)
16:43 chris just dogs
16:45 rach my big dog olive is helping me type this mroning
16:45 rach she doesn't like the nail guns, and is being a big scardey pants
16:46 rach that is true
16:46 tim Hi everyone
16:46 rach hi tim
17:01 owen chris, did you find out if Joshua had done any work on the Gutenburg idea?
17:47 chris morning rosalie
17:49 rosa morning CHrias
17:49 rosa Chris, even
17:49 rach morning rosalie
17:50 rosa Hi
17:52 kados hi everyone
17:52 kados owen still around?
17:53 owen yes
17:53 kados I haven't worked on Gutenberg yet has chris?
17:53 kados I could do some this afternoon if chris hasn't
17:53 chris nope not yet
17:53 kados righto
17:53 kados I'll get to it then
17:54 chris well, i downloaded the rdf and the parser script and thought about how to do it, but havent done anything yet
17:54 kados yea that's about as far as I got last time I looked at things
17:55 kados owen is your internet down?
17:55 owen Crawling.
17:56 owen If it was down you'd know because I wouldn't be able to answer :)
17:56 kados huh ... my script is saying that it's down ...
17:58 kados huh I'm getting 80% packet loss ... something's up
18:12 chris joshua, did you see there is an rss feed from project gutenberg with the recently added books .. so we could set up a cron job to fetch that and load the data every couple of days .. (after we do the initial population)
18:14 kados chris: yea I did see that (and I'm subscribed ;-)) good idea ...
18:14 chris :)
18:16 chris hmm ones out of copyright .. like an art version of project gutenberg?
18:18 owen Sure.  The trouble with my idea is that most everything is owned by institutions that want to profit from the reproduction of that art.
18:18 chris tis true
18:19 chris im sure my wife would absolutely love a resource like that, for when she is teaching art history
18:30 kados hehe
18:30 kados perl -MCPAN -e install XML::LibXML
18:30 kados The installed version of libxml2 is known not to work.
18:30 kados
18:30 kados The installed version was tested and prooved not as stable
18:30 kados
18:30 kados  Don't expect XML::LibXML to build or work correctly.
18:30 kados  Don't report errors!!!
18:30 kados  Don't send patches!
18:30 kados hehe
18:31 chris do they tell you what version works?
18:32 kados nope
18:32 chris thats helpful :)
18:36 kados it installed find on my sarge machine ... strange
18:36 owen Can I ask a Perl question?  I'm looking at, line 47: my $dat=bibdata($biblionumber);
18:37 chris yep
18:37 owen Then further down it says: my @results;  $results[0]=$dat;
18:38 chris yep
18:38 owen What is going on here?  Some kind of conversion between two different kind of structures?
18:38 chris pretty much yep
18:38 chris well its making an array results
18:38 chris and making $dat be the first item of the array
18:39 chris this is because a <TMPL_LOOP in html::template
18:39 chris expects to be passed a reference to an array
18:39 owen ...and before it wasn't an array, it was a hash?
18:39 chris it was a reference to a hash
18:40 chris do you understand references owen?
18:40 owen Not well enough :)
18:40 chris they are like pointers in C .. if that helps
18:40 chris i think of them as a variable that points to something
18:41 chris so we might have a hash
18:41 chris which might be quite big
18:41 chris we dont want to have to pass that around between subroutines
18:41 chris so we pass something that points (references) that hash instead
18:43 chris then we can dereference it, to get the data
18:43 chris eg
18:43 chris $dat->{'additional'}
18:43 chris i hope that is some help, rather than just more confusing :)
18:44 owen So the hash itself is a bunch of stuff in memory that can't be talked about (in its entirety) except through a reference
18:45 chris sorta, we could pass the whole hash around .. but its more efficient to just past the address of where it lives in memory (the reference) instead
18:45 chris past=pass
18:45 chris so in the bibdata subroutine, we will create a hash, populate it
18:46 chris and then return a reference to it
18:46 chris we could just return the hash if we wanted
18:46 owen And to pass the whole hash around you'd have to specify each element like $dat->{'additional'} = "something", etc.
18:47 chris youd go return (%hash);
18:47 chris and then line 47 would look like this
18:48 chris my %dat=bibdata($biblionumber);
18:49 chris and we could get to the elements as $dat{'addiotional'}    note the no -> (thats a dereference)
18:49 chris so its not any harder for the programmer
18:49 chris it just means perl has to work harder
18:49 owen I guess it was the $dat (rather than the %dat) that was throwing me off in the first place.
18:49 chris yep
18:50 chris sweet joshua
18:50 owen What I was trying to do was get biblio.title to show up in, so I was trying adding the bibdata() subroutine.
18:50 kados so chris any thoughts on how best to insert the data into Koha?
18:51 kados it's coming out as :
18:51 kados 14006
18:51 kados title: An English Grammar
18:51 kados author: Baskervill, W. M. (William Malone) (1850-1899)
18:51 kados author: Sewell, J. W. (James Witt)
18:51 owen Maybe that's too much work, though.  The trouble is that buries the individual tag data in a bunch of loops so you can't access the 245 tag directly.
18:51 chris right
18:51 kados where the top line (or variable) is the etext number and we can easily build a url string from that ...
18:52 chris joshua: yep
18:52 chris now if we wanted to we could just build a biblio and biblioitem and use the routines in C4::Biblio to get them in
18:53 chris but its probably best to query koha with the title to see if it exists
18:55 kados do we have a marc21 export function?
18:55 kados cause if we do I'm thinking of just starting with a fresh database
18:55 kados building biblio and biblioitem
18:55 kados exporting in marc21
18:56 kados and then importing into any marc21 koha using pauls handy bulkmarcimport
18:56 chris thatd work
18:57 kados why was it important to query koha first chris?
18:57 chris oh i was just thinking to write a script that will load into an existing db
18:58 kados well that may be easier than messing with marc
18:58 chris so if the biblio already exists
18:58 kados since we've only got title and author
18:58 chris it just makes a biblioitem and attaches that
18:58 kados right
18:58 kados now I get it
18:59 chris im not sure how well it will work .. but if it logs what it does we can use that to figure out if we need to get it to prompt for human input too
18:59 chris ie "sometitle" matches these 3 biblios .. which one is it
19:00 kados yea the smallest spelling difs can screw things up :-)
19:00 chris yep
19:00 kados so I reckon most of the routines are written in C4::Biblio ...
19:01 chris yep
19:01 kados here's the parser script:
19:01 chris i have written a few scripts to munge data
19:01 kados[…]
19:01 chris from various text files, into koha
19:01 kados I'm thinking of just adding on to that script and replacing the last while with our stuff ... sound good?
19:01 chris sounds fine to me
19:03 kados so what scripts do you have already written?
19:03 chris well we need to do something like this
19:03 chris my $biblio = {
19:03 chris        title       => $title
19:03 chris author      => $author,
19:03 chris $biblionumber = &newbiblio($biblio);
19:04 chris my $biblioitem       = {
19:04 chris            biblionumber      => $biblionumber,
19:04 chris ...
19:04 chris };
19:04 kados hmmm, a loopdeeloop
19:04 kados :-)
19:04 chris just building some hashes
19:05 chris $biblioitemnumber = &newbiblioitem($biblioitem);
19:05 chris thats pretty much how to get them into the db
19:06 kados I"m not quite groking that third line
19:06 chris sorry it should be
19:07 chris my $biblio = {
19:07 chris title       => $title,
19:07 chris author      => $author
19:07 chris }
19:07 kados right :-)
19:07 chris $biblionumber = &newbiblio($biblio);
19:07 chris we'd probably want to get the additional authors in as well
19:08 kados and additional titles (it happens)
19:08 chris yep
19:14 JYL57 Hello koha world, needing assistance for a 'MARC Check' message that I don't understand...
19:15 JYL57 The message says : '...must all be in the 10 (items) tab'
19:15 JYL57 What does it mean ?!
19:15 kados do you have info on the ... ?
19:15 JYL57 Yes
19:16 kados that may help :-)
19:16 JYL57 items fields
19:16 JYL57 ALL items fields MUST :
19:16 JYL57 1) be mapped to the same tag (995 I'm presuming...)
19:17 JYL57 But what is the 10 tab
19:17 kados could you print the entire message?
19:17 JYL57 I'm adjusting my mapping to Koha DB fields using bulkmarcimport
19:17 kados s/print/paste/
19:18 JYL57 Not that easily cause my proxy config fails to let ksirc working
19:18 kados well there's always the list (might be better anyway since paul's not around )
19:19 JYL57 the message is as said on the second line of the checkmarc screen
19:19 kados I don't know that screen too well ...
19:19 JYL57 Test Result  
19:19 JYL57 OK itemnum : the field itemnumber is mapped to a field in tab -1  
19:19 JYL57 item fields ALL items fields MUST :
19:19 JYL57 be mapped to the same tag,
19:19 JYL57 and they must all be in the 10 (items) tab
19:19 JYL57
19:19 JYL57 OK itemtypes table filled with at least 1 value
19:20 JYL57 That the copy from my IE browser !
19:20 kados ok thanks
19:20 kados hmmm
19:21 kados ok I think the 10 (items) tab will be in your marc mappings (on the KOha intramet)
19:21 kados and it seems that perhaps your items fields aren't all mapped to the same tag ...
19:22 JYL57 I can copy here the Koha to Unimarc mapping !
19:22 JYL57 It is always linked to 995 Tag
19:22 kados what is always linked to 995?
19:22 JYL57 no problem Unimarc or marc21 should be treated same way by the control script
19:23 JYL57 all fields of the items table in the mapping
19:23 chris right off to do koha training
19:23 kados thanks chris ... I'll see what I can hack together
19:23 kados I'm sure I'll have some questions :-)
19:24 JYL57 what do you mean chris ?! any idea ?!
19:26 kados JyL57: perhaps it's best to ask your question to the list ... paul would be your best bet since he wrote the bulkmarcimport script
19:27 JYL57 the problem isn't linked to the bulkmarcimport which is doing is job quite good now
19:27 JYL57 It's more related to existing koha intranet Check Marc function
19:27 JYL57 But that doesn't seem to break the DB or block the import anyway...
19:28 owen ...and Paul wrote that too
19:28 JYL57 Ok, he will surely answer me later... Thanks for your support
19:31 owen MARC mapping is a real pain.  There must be an easier way to do it.
19:32 owen It's a real barrier to success for people trying out Koha for the first time
19:34 JYL57 yes owen, Paul has already proposed some pre-defined mapping I think
19:35 JYL57 I already reused and learned from it in my work here
20:02 kados chris are you still about?
20:03 chris doing koha training for a new koha using library
20:03 chris sup?
20:03 chris ahh, biblioitem url
20:03 kados great ... thanks
20:04 kados do you know of a routine to do it or should I write one?
20:04 chris you can do it with newbiblioitems
20:05 chris so u make ur biblioitem ref
20:05 chris and have url => "somethign"
20:05 chris then call newbiblioitem in C4::Biblio
20:06 kados ahh that's easy
20:06 kados thanks
20:13 kados that's strange
20:13 kados DBD::mysql::db do failed: Access denied for user: 'kohaadmin@localhost' to database 'Koha' at /build/koha/C4/ line 332.
20:13 chris ahh this is a bug
20:13 chris in
20:13 chris its not setting the mysql privileges properly
20:13 kados ahh
20:13 chris C4::Biblio makes a lock tables call
20:14 kados I may be able to fix it manyally in mysql table right?
20:14 chris and doesnt give the kohaadmin user lock_tables priv
20:14 chris yep
20:14 chris u just need to jump into the mysql db and fix it
20:16 kados something like "Grant all on Koha to kohaadmin@localhost identified by "";
20:16 chris that oughta do it
20:16 chris or just grant lock_tables  perhaps
20:18 chris im old school and just go update db set lock_tables_priv='Y' where username='kohaadmin';
20:18 kados hmmm that's giving me an error
20:18 chris then mysqladmin reload
20:19 kados seems to have worked now
20:19 kados I forgot to reload mysql :-)
20:19 chris :)
20:20 kados well it seems to have worked
20:20 kados[…]
20:21 kados that's one of the records (I used a reduced set)
20:21 kados but there's no url displaying is that a template problem?
20:21 chris could be
20:21 kados boy, adding that to the book bag would be interesting :-)
20:22 chris ahh what itemtype is it?
20:22 kados I didn't set the itemtype dou!
20:22 chris that might do it
20:22 chris try making it itemtype='WEB' perhaps
20:23 kados biblioitem, right?
20:23 chris yep
20:23 chris ull need the itemtype set up in itemtypes as well i guess
20:24 kados right
20:28 kados sigh ... add item type seems not to be working ... /me goes and checks the log
20:29 kados hmmm, no errors
20:33 chris might be just a template thing
20:34 chris is there a <TMPL_VAR NAME="url"> anywhere in the template?
20:35 kados I haven't checked but there's no WEB itemtype
20:36 chris ahh might have to make one, see if that works
20:38 kados hehe I added the tmplvar and it worked:
20:39 kados[…]
20:39 kados now I'll need to package that in a nice <a href= and we've got a proof of concept :-)
20:40 chris :)
20:40 kados thanks for the help chris
20:40 chris no worries
21:23 tungsten chris
21:23 chris yes?
21:24 tungsten I'm ready to put patron data in
21:24 tungsten I see that borrowers have select,insert,update,references as priv
21:25 chris they do?
21:25 tungsten I need around seven items to track not the or forty in the table
21:25 tungsten[…]sql/borrowers.txt
21:26 chris i dont think those columns are used
21:26 tungsten rather than reor my data wouldn't be easier to get rid of every thing I don't need in koha?
21:27 chris not really
21:27 tungsten I'd end up with a ton of null defines
21:27 chris yep thats fine
21:27 chris changing the structure of tables will mean u will have to change scripts
21:27 tungsten ok
21:29 tungsten I can't at the moment think how to put all the nulls in between what I need but more importanly what I have data for
21:29 tungsten what tool would you suggest
21:30 chris there is no koha tool for importing borrower data
21:31 chris because every system stores their borrower data differently
21:31 chris so youd probably have to write one that makes a series of inserts into the borrowers table
21:32 tungsten thanks
05:20 paul hello rach
05:21 paul good evening
10:40 kados paul still around?
10:40 paul yes
10:41 kados stephen said you need a mysql dump?
10:41 paul uploading Koha 2.2.00RC1 ;-)
10:41 kados let me know what it is and I'll do it
10:41 kados great!
10:41 kados ok ... if you still need it let me know :-)
10:41 paul maybe
10:42 paul it's to have your marc_*_structure
10:42 paul and auth_*_structure tables
10:42 paul or maybe it's to have a fresh & working install for later tests...
10:42 paul I definetly don't remember...
10:42 kados :-)
10:45 paul another question :
10:46 paul should I remove npl templates from official release ?
10:47 kados I've got to head out for about an hour or so ... any other questions before I go?
10:48 paul no
10:48 paul 2.2.0RC1 will be here when you come back
10:48 kados :-)

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