IRC log for #koha, 2004-09-14

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14:56 kados chris you around?
14:56 kados I'm getting a strange error on a script I'm sure was working at one point
14:56 kados DBD::mysql::st execute failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax.  Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'WHERE itemnumber='220055' LIMIT '12'' at line 1 at ./ line 47.
15:18 kados I changed the sql a bit and now I get:
15:18 kados Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ''13'' at line 1 at ./ line 47.
15:19 kados my $del_issues_sth=$dbh->prepare("DELETE FROM issues WHERE returndate IS NOT NULL AND itemnumber=? LIMIT?");
15:19 kados that syntax seems to work from the mysql prompt
15:43 chris IS NOT NULL AND itemnumber=? LIMIT ?
15:44 chris try that
16:05 tim /server
16:05 tim I guest that doesn't work here :)
16:06 tim or guess
16:32 rach hi tim
16:44 tim hi rach
18:04 chris joshua u about?
11:34 kados hi all
11:34 paul hi kados
11:34 kados I'm working on my sysadmin manual and I've got some questions about whether we're going to continue using CVS or move to arch ...?
11:35 kados I guess I'm lucky Paul's here ;-)
11:36 kados IIRC it's not possible to grab the latest fixes to 2.0 from CVS ... is that still the case?
11:36 paul yes
11:36 paul & we don't know what is in 2.0.1 unless i missed something
11:36 kados that's really unfortunate
11:36 paul I'm not enthusiast with arch, because :
11:37 paul * i don't know it
11:37 paul * i've a lot of other things to do
11:37 paul * it has less nice gui-ed tools
11:37 paul (other things to do being : releasing 2.2.0 and moving to a new server)
11:38 paul (and having a new baby in a few days ;-) )
11:38 kados it's making things pretty complicated to have two revisioning systems going at the same times
11:38 kados congrats!
11:38 kados that's great news
11:38 paul (thanks. it will be my 3rd son)
11:38 kados cool
11:38 paul (3 babies, 3 sons, 3 birth in september !)
11:39 kados that's interesting ;-)
11:39 kados any chance I could sneak in NPL's self-check-out code into Koha 2.2?
11:39 paul (another good new is 2 new libraries switching to koha with my commercial help ;-) )
11:39 paul mmm... no
11:39 kados ok ... it'll wait until another release
11:39 paul 2.2 is really stable now.
11:39 paul ti will be for 2.4
11:39 kados
11:40 kados if you want to check it out...
11:42 paul seems nice.
11:42 paul 1 of my future customer will also fund 3M self-checkout machine module
11:42 kados yea it's getting there
11:42 kados wow ... that'd be really cool ... I don't think we can afford one tho
11:43 kados this should work on a regular PC
11:43 kados I'm going to pw protect the interface when it's done so it's not open ot outside ;-)
11:43 paul will probably be a lot of C code, as there is already an interface with the old-and-to-be-dropped-texto
11:43 paul good idea probably ;-)
11:57 kados so about the arch vs CVS problem ... any suggestions on how to solve it?
11:57 paul mmm... not really
11:57 paul but...
11:57 kados when do you plan to release 2.2?
11:58 paul I'll release 2.2.0 in a month.
11:58 paul then, i'll take care of 2.2.x
11:58 kados right
11:58 paul and i think we could/should ask for argentina team to manage 2.4 branch
11:58 kados we're still running a hybryd system
11:58 kados opac's on 2.2 but circ is on 2.0
11:59 kados cool
11:59 paul they have a lot of ideas, 2 developpers at more than half time for 1 complete year
11:59 paul so, they are the good candidate.
11:59 kados that's great!
11:59 paul but maybe they won't accept the responsability
11:59 paul i don't have asked them yet

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