IRC log for #koha, 2004-09-07

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Time S Nick Message
18:10 rach morning from LIANZA Conference
18:10 chris[…]koha/
18:10 chris theres the first one
18:11 rach ta
18:11 chris ill just switch themes to vanilla
18:14 chris[…]ha/
18:14 chris there we go
18:15 chris[…]/koha/
18:16 chris ill set the other one up now
18:16 chris sunday in most of the world still, so i doubt any other koha ppl are about :)
18:23 chris[…]koha/ done
18:23 chris now to switch templates for it as well
18:23 chris 8 minutes
18:23 rach sorry was just off chatting
18:23 chris it takes me 8 minutes to install koha
18:23 rach wicked
18:24 chris and then about 5 more to change templates, change a few other parameters
18:24 chris and then its good to go
18:28 chris[…]/koha/ russ
04:38 paul hello jean

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