IRC log for #koha, 2004-09-04

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15:36 owen wb logbot!
16:09 owen Now if only there were something to log...
16:21 rach hi owen
16:21 owen hi rach
16:21 rach we're getting ready to go to library conference today
16:21 owen Oh yeah?  Where?
16:27 rach in auckland
16:27 rach and we're off to see a library on the way as well
16:27 rach we'll take pics and post them
16:28 rach so is an 8 hr drive or so
16:32 rach you should come this january
16:32 rach it is Koha's official  5th birthday on January the 5th
16:32 rach we will be having a party :-)
16:32 rach and it will be summer
16:33 owen We just celebrated our Koha installation's first anniversary yesterday
16:34 owen My wife's dream is for a Hawaii vacation.  Maybe we can stop there on the way to NZ!  But I doubt we'll have the money by Jan. 5 :(
16:38 rach yep
16:38 rach how much is it to come from where you are?
16:39 rach it's costing me and si only $1600 NZ  each for the actual flight to the USA
16:39 rach which is about $800 US I'd think
16:43 owen says that one roundtrip airfare from Columbus OH to Auckland would start at $1053 for travel in September.  Twice as much for travel in December.
17:01 russ ah yep
17:03 rosa morning. like the piccies
17:04 rach cool
17:05 rach we're just about off
17:05 rach so will see you in a couple of hours - have you got your skis at work?
17:09 rosa yes, I brough them in

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