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01:45 THiera_          Hi
06:04 reiveune         hello
06:21 magnuse          \o/
06:32 matts            hello !
06:43 magnuse          kia ora matts! and happy birthday that was
06:44 matts            thank you magnuse :)
06:56 thd              pauldersheid[m]: Did you receive my email about general mailing list contacts from two weeks ago?
07:35 cait             good morning #koha
07:53 cait             Fixing patron search problem from bug 36302 quickly right now - will be back in the afternoon then for more pushes.
07:53 huginn`          04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=36302 critical, P5 - low, ---, pedro.amorim, Pushed to master , Patron search from search bar broken
08:21 PedroAmorim[m]   \o
08:37 cait             o/
09:33 paulderscheid[m] Morning #koha
09:33 paulderscheid[m] thd yes
09:36 thd              pauldersheid[m]: I have subsequently discovered that the mailgate service we are using to send mail for the wiki and some other services does not attach DKIM signatures nor have a DMARC record.
09:38 thd              pauldersheid[m]: I have been working on a Postfix mail relay to fix the problem.  The mailgate service may still be valuable for maintaining mail IP address reputation but mail needs to go first to another server which applies a DKIM signature.
09:39 thd              pauldersheid[m]: I have things almost working now for docker-mailserver after starting with some simpler Postfix mail relays in Docker containers.
09:42 thd              pauldersheid[m]: In the past two weeks there were two people for whom I had to set passwords manually on the command line because lack of DKIM directly from secure-mailgate was leading even a library mail system in one case to block the account confirmation email and not even leave it in spam.
09:43 thd              s/set passwords/set wiki passwords/
09:45 thd              pauldersheid[m]: Configuring a mail server on the host system is much easier than the supposedly user friendly interface to Postfix etc. provided by cotainerised mail servers with some mysterious options unique to the particular container.
09:46 thd              s/particular container/particular container configuration design/
09:54 thd              pauldersheid[m]: An hour ago I had mail relaying from a testing instance of the wiki to docker-mailserver providing a DKIM signature and then to secure-mailgate for sending.  However, my last setting change did the wrong thing and broke authentication from Dovecot in docker-mailserver becasuse ENABLE_SASLAUTHD=1 turns off Postfix SMTPD authentication provided by Dovecot over the Postfix smptd port, not the Dovecot port, for docker-mailserver.
09:59 thd              pauldersheid[m]: docker-mailserver seems to have some nonstandard implementation of virtual mailboxes for them to be managed by Dovecot but not Postfix.
10:00 thd              s/non-standard/uncommon/
10:13 thd              tcohen: Is that really you?
10:38 mtj              hi cait, about now :)
10:39 mtj              hi Joubu, will finish off bug 35614 now
10:39 huginn`          04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=35614 major, P5 - low, ---, mtj, Passed QA , Update cpanfile for Mojolicious::Plugin::OpenAPI v5.09
11:05 tcohen           hola
11:05 thd              hola
11:06 thd              tcohen: Did you see my IRC message from late in the day yesterday about wiki backup completeness?
11:06 tcohen           I haven't
11:07 thd              tcohen: I may have discovered a deficiency with wiki backups.  The gzipped SQL file backup file included in srv.tar.gz posted to Nextcloud is only current for the wiki.test database which is necessarily not current content.  The backup in daily/srv/mariadb_10_6/mysql/mariadb_10_6_wiki.sql.gz has updated dates but despite the name of the file seems to be the wiki.test database.
11:07 thd              tcohen: I was able to restore the database from the backup of /var/lib/docker/volumes from var_lib_docker_volumes.tar.gz but the current Gzipped SQL file in srv.tar.gz does not seem to include the current wiki database and may mistakenly have the wrong name.
11:07 tcohen           is there a problem with the wiki?
11:07 tcohen           I will check the backup scripts
11:08 thd              No everything is more than fine with the wiki generally.
11:08 tcohen           we put the backups on an external service
11:08 tcohen           so I have doubts about what's in that 'daily' directory
11:08 tcohen           but you might be right
11:08 tcohen           let me check and come back to you
11:09 thd              I looked closely at the backups in the wake of the wiki going down for several hours in what might have been hardware failure.
11:09 thd              When the wiki was restored, nothing appeared to be lost.
11:11 thd              Did the hosting company explain what had happened?  It seemed unlikely that even a daily snapshot would not have lost something in the interval.
11:14 thd              tcohen: In other news, I have an improvement for mail services with DKIM signing on a Postfix relay then to secure-mailgate which does not do DKIM signing.
11:14 paulderscheid[m] When does the meeting start?
11:14 thd              I believe in 45 min.
11:14 tcohen           paulderscheid[m] I don't know, I just woke up
11:15 tcohen           hehe
11:15 paulderscheid[m] maybe in 45 min, cait?
11:16 * thd            has not slept for testing a Postfix relay service.
11:16 tcohen           thd that sounds great
11:17 thd              tcohen: I have the mail relay working in docker-mailserver.  Doing this directly on the host would be much easier but maybe docker-mailserver has some small portability advantage.
11:18 cait             oh no
11:18 cait             sorry
11:18 cait             did i mess up the meeting time?
11:19 cait             ah ok, in 40 minutes, phew
11:19 thd              tcohen: I had to set passwords on the command line for a couple of new wiki users because without DKIM they never received an email confirmation message nor would they receive a reset password message.
11:20 paulderscheid[m] gcal says it's 2PM in our time
11:20 tcohen           yeah, same problem with jenkins notifications
11:20 paulderscheid[m] our = europe/berlin
11:21 thd              I was surprised to discover that secure-mailgate was not applying DKIM signatures but that is apparently not part of their service.
11:22 thd              Mail sender IP reputation management is still important and difficult.
11:25 thd              Some of my systems are blocked for delivering mail to current default Postfix instances because myVPS.hostingcompany.com does not have a DNS record matching my IP address even though my own domain for the IP address does.
11:27 thd              There may be a correction for such problems but they are outside my control as the user of the  VPS.
11:32 * cait           shakes her first at the yellow jenkins icon
11:33 cait             mtj: did you see fridolin's email?
11:34 mtj              hi cait, oops... just read it
11:39 tcohen           someone said jenkins?
11:54 cait             tcohen: I have a perlcirtic failure I don't ndertand on the left
11:54 cait             D10
11:55 tcohen           Joubu is it possible to make the commit hooks work within KTD without those 'docker not found' warnings?
11:56 pastebot         "tcohen" at pasted "Joubu" (43 lines) at https://paste.koha-community.org/41344
11:58 cait             meeting in 3 minutes!
11:58 cait             Jitsi room is open
11:59 cait             #startmeeting Development IRC meeting 3 April 2024
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11:59 cait             #topic Introductions
11:59 cait             #link https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Development_IRC_meeting_3_April_2024 Agenda
12:00 cait             #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
12:00 paulderscheid[m] #info Paul Derscheid, LMSCloud GmbH, Germany
12:02 tcohen           #info Tomas Cohen Arazi
12:02 EmmiTakkinen[m]  #info Emmi Takkinen, Koha-Suomi Oy, Finland
12:03 cait             #chair tcohen
12:03 huginn`          Current chairs: cait tcohen
12:03 cait             #topic Announcements
12:03 cait             #info Hackfest in Marseille is next week!
12:05 cait             #info thd might have a fix for the email issues with the wiki
12:05 cait             thd++
12:06 cait             domm[m]: are you around maybe?
12:07 cait             talking about the email configuration
12:08 emlam            #info Emily Lamancusa, MCPL, USA
12:09 cait             #topic Update from the Release manager
12:11 cait             #topic Updates from the Release maintainers
12:11 cait             #info RM will try to empty queue as much as possible before next week, lots of QA has been done over Easter holidays
12:12 cait             #info Release should happen today!
12:12 cait             #topic Updates from the QA team
12:12 kidclamp         #info Nick Clemens, ByWater Solutions
12:14 cait             #info QA queue is pretty full, please QA!
12:15 cait             #topic Status of roadmap projects
12:15 cait             #info tcohen working on the holds table merge (reserves, old_reserves)
12:16 cait             #info tcohen will be testing a new pipeline for building ktd images on gitlab
12:22 cait             #topic paulderscheid[m] using SMTP settings from HKS3 now for the Discourse project. Stuck on not being able to use DKIM which creates a problem sending to Google/Outlook
12:23 cait             #action paulderscheid[m] and thd to figure out if the same mail solution as for the wiki can be used
12:28 cait             #action cait to set a date for moving master to main after the hackfest (trying not to break workflows right now)
12:29 cait             #info bugs with easy to re-do notices in TT are marked with Academy
12:31 cait             #info TT switch: items.fine and some custom parameters need to be figured out in the code
12:31 cait             #chair emlam
12:31 huginn`          Current chairs: cait emlam tcohen
12:32 cait             #topic Security bugs and news
12:34 cait             bug 35984
12:34 huginn`          04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=35984 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , automated static code analysis should include security tests
12:35 tcohen           #info Evelyn and Tomas to contact german company offering static code analysis with Perl support
12:36 cait             #info API still needs some CSRF work
12:37 cait             #topic Actions from last meeting
12:37 cait             #info No actions from last meeting!
12:37 cait             #topic General development discussion
12:38 cait             #info tcohen's proposal for REST API: Make our returns consistent when something doesn't exist
12:40 cait             #info We are leaning towards having specific returns: patron X doesn't exist etc.
12:41 cait             #info tcohen's review turned up a lot of inconsistencies to work on
12:45 fridolin         hi
12:45 cait             #topic Reviewof coding guidelines
12:46 cait             #action tcohen to write a guildeline for the API returns when work has gone through QA
12:46 cait             #topic Any other business
12:51 caroline         I just came in, I can give an update on kohacon if you wish
12:52 cait             #topic Set time of next meeting
12:53 cait             #topic KohaCon24
12:53 cait             will you come into Jitsi or do you ant to type it up?
12:53 caroline         oh I forgot it was video meetings now
12:53 caroline         give me a few seconds
12:53 thd              Yes, caroline but you can also type.
12:54 cait             #info CfP and workshops is still open until end of April
12:55 cait             #info Preliminary program to be sent later this month
12:56 cait             #info Information on hotels and special booking coditions is in the works
12:58 cait             #info Presentations will be streamed online, no plans for online workshops yet
12:59 cait             #info Registrations will probably open by the end of the month/May
13:00 cait             #topic Set time of next meeting
13:01 cait             #info Next meeting: 17 April 2024, 12 UTC
13:01 cait             #endmeeting
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13:01 huginn`          Log:            https://meetings.koha-community.org/2024/development_irc_meeting_3_april_2024.2024-04-03-11.59.log.html
13:07 domm[m]          cait: Sorry, I was offline. But regarding mail/DKIM we're investigating this with the mail provider
13:16 puphaus[m]       Hi together :) I just read about the security updates and wanted to tell that on the page for 22.11.16 update ( the https://koha-community.org/koha-22-11-16-released/ ) the securitybugs are not listed :)
13:22 magnuse          gah, missed the meeting
13:22 magnuse          is it possible to move a hold/reserve from one record to another in koha?
13:25 magnuse          ah nm, bug 31698
13:25 huginn`          04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=31698 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Add ability to move a hold to a new biblio/item
13:52 Joubu            tcohen: "docker not found" - yes we can certainly remove the warning, but the tests won't run. You can still use --no-verify.
13:55 tcohen           yeah, I was trying not to use --no-verify
13:57 Joubu            then startup your docker container ;)
13:57 cait             puphaus[m]: you can refer to the other release notes if they are listed there - they should all hve the same fixes
13:57 Joubu            we could skip the tests if the container is not running, and display a nicer warning
14:04 Joubu            fredericd: this is for you: 22.11 release notes do not contain sec bugs.
14:05 Joubu            fredericd: 36244 for instance
14:05 Joubu            The branch for this version of Koha and future bugfixes in this release
14:05 Joubu            line is 22.11.x-security.
14:05 Joubu            this also needs adjustement it seems ^
14:05 Joubu            (too late for this time, but maybe it needs to be fixed in the release-tools script)
14:17 puphaus[m]       cait: yeah i looked at the other versions but i thought it would be good if i would inform about that bug :)
14:17 cait             true, I just wanted to provide you immediate help
14:20 puphaus[m]       that's was really nice from you, thank you!
14:26 thd              tcohen: I need to sleep now but I should be able to provide a non-messy set of config files for docker-mailserver acting as a mailserver which provides DKIM signatures before relaying them on to secure-mailgate.  The default has a large file of environment variables which we mostly do not need to set to a value but I do not know if excluding all the variable= with nothing after the '=' might break something.  Some of those environment variables
14:26 thd              might need to be defined or set as having no value for which they have a default value as distinct from being unset or undefined which might produce a problem.
14:36 paulderscheid[m] So just to be clear. 22.11.16 contains the CSRF fixes?
14:36 cait             not the big fixes that are in master, no
14:36 paulderscheid[m] Huh?
14:36 cait             they are not to be backported, some smaller stuff has
14:37 cait             the big patch set that we froze master for is not going to be backported
14:37 cait             but it contains a lot of important security fixes anyway
14:38 paulderscheid[m] Ok
14:38 paulderscheid[m] That's good to know. I completely misunderstood the state then.
14:39 paulderscheid[m] Thanks cait
14:46 domm[m]          ups, I clicked on the mark-as-resolved button on the vue-discussion in the hackfest doc, and now the discussion is gone
14:46 domm[m]          anybody knows how to undo that?
14:48 domm[m]          ah, found it... sorry
15:00 aude_c[m]        Hello, may I ask about Bug 20447 please... Has been signed off or has it not been signed off?! (Sorry for getting confused)
15:00 huginn`          04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=20447 new feature, P5 - low, ---, ere.maijala, Needs Signoff , Add support for MARC holdings records
15:04 paulderscheid[m] Currently not signed off it seems.
15:06 paulderscheid[m] On the other hand all attachments seem to have been signed off.
15:08 aude_c[m]        Thanks! I'm glad I'm not the only one for whom it looked confusing :D
15:09 aude_c[m]        Also, paulderscheid while you're still here... Are any libraries you're working with using your Room Reservations plugin?
15:10 paulderscheid[m] Yes, like 5 or so
15:10 aude_c[m]        Great. We have a library that may be interested!
15:10 paulderscheid[m] Cool, would love you folks getting involved :D
15:11 aude_c[m]        (But we're making them wait until after their upgrade... So in a couple of months we'll know whether they still want to try it out.)
15:11 aude_c[m]        Will let you know if they take it up!
15:11 aude_c[m]        But if you have public examples they could look at, I'm sure they'd be grateful
15:13 paulderscheid[m] Yes, I will add a bit of stuff to the README
15:14 aude_c[m]        Brilliant, thank you
19:15 tacksline        good afternoon
22:09 dcook            .
23:38 mtj              hi tcohen, could we setup a jenkins build to test packages in the koha-staging/exp release/suite/pocket?
23:40 mtj              ...this would allow us to use jenkins to test new packages, without potentially breaking sandboxes and developer systems