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23:56 davidnind            I've started seeing confirmed Wiki account requests coming through, from about the 15th - touchwood, that means email is working OK now
23:53 davidnind            tcohen++
23:49 tcohen[m]            :-D
23:49 tcohen[m]            Done
23:48 tcohen[m]            I want to apply some security patches on the server
23:47 tcohen[m]            Is anyone heavily using the wiki?
22:57 davidnind            It's back up again - should have waited!
22:54 davidnind            Oh no! Bugzilla is down - no sign-offs for me this morning, I'm sure I can find something else to do... 🙃
20:51 DIGITALBITS[m]       May we choose LTS or not
20:51 DIGITALBITS[m]       I can show to the team that takes maintains Applications very clearly the time interval that they should be upgrading.
20:50 DIGITALBITS[m]       I think is fine now.
20:49 DIGITALBITS[m]       <caroline> "I think now it's less clear that..." <- It means that 24.11 will be the only LTS at that time.
20:46 caroline             cait++
20:46 cait                 caroline++
20:44 caroline             teamwork++
20:43 cait                 best of both worlds!
20:43 cait                 that's was the idea :)
20:43 cait                 lol, yep
20:42 caroline             ok I did, what do you think?
20:42 cait                 or maybe I have an idea
20:40 cait                 labelling gets harder then - but feel free to experiment
20:35 caroline             I like the staggered view
20:34 caroline             I think now it's less clear that in may 2026 we switch from 22.11 to 24.11
20:34 aleisha              hello
20:30 DIGITALBITS[m]       cait: Sure it´s better.
20:29 cait                 please check the wiki now
20:29 DIGITALBITS[m]       <caroline> "Should we add what is oldstable..." <- Indeed
20:28 cait                 wonder if that's better?
20:28 cait                 caroline: also updated the table now
20:24 cait                 it was slightly wrong
20:24 cait                 i have updated the codenames section just now
20:22 caroline             Should we add what is oldstable and oldoldstable in the table in the wiki? Maybe that would make it clearer for new people
20:20 cait                 it's recommending different versions
20:20 cait                 and if you want to hold out longer on a version an LTS
20:20 cait                 the oldest will have the least bugs I think is the logic here
20:20 caroline             since it's outside Koha
20:20 caroline             cait, yes it's a good idea
20:19 cait                 caroline: should we open the interface link in a new tab? (adding a target blank as it's an external url?)
20:19 DIGITALBITS[m]       If you prefer to run a version for a longer time with less major updates, the LTS version might be your choice.
20:19 DIGITALBITS[m]       and this:
20:19 DIGITALBITS[m]       cait: If you want to want to run the most bug-free release of Koha at any given time you should track the oldoldstable branch.
20:19 cait                 I'll be happy to try and explain better, but need to undestand the issue first
20:18 cait                 well sometimes we maintain 2 LTS - to allow some overlap for jumping from one to the other
20:17 cait                 and one is always the LTS
20:17 cait                 because there will be a newer version to maintain too - we always maintain 4 versions in parallel
20:17 cait                 it will move on from stable to oldstable
20:17 cait                 what is confusing about it?
20:15 DIGITALBITS[m]       cait: Yes, after reading this i got more confused because 23.11 will be out in a month or 2 and 23.05 will become an old maintenad.
20:13 cait                 23.05 will be maintained until nov 2024
20:13 DIGITALBITS[m]       caroline: It seems that technically does not make so much difference. I will discuss with my team tomorrow.
20:12 cait                 https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Koha_Versioning
20:11 cait                 did you see the table in the wiki?
20:10 caroline             DIGITALBITS[m], If 23.05 works well and you think you can update at least every 18 months, I'd say go for it
20:10 cait                 I am also not very awake so this works
20:10 cait                 I'll QA it now :)
20:08 DIGITALBITS[m]       <caroline> "DIGITALBITS, I am not a sys..." <- Our librarians will start tomorrow with getting to know with Koha, one of them has already some experience with Koha. This discussion of wether to use Ubuntu in LTS and Koha in LTS or just keep with 23.05 because it is working fine. We use UNIMARC by the way.
20:07 caroline             I was not very awake this morning...
20:07 caroline             whoops, thanks for fixing it
20:07 huginn               04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=33499 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Make interface URL clickable on vendor details
20:07 cait                 caroline: you forgot to set SO on bug 33499 :)
20:06 cait                 a bug is the first step to a fix
20:04 caroline             I'm writing another translation bug report :(
20:04 caroline             will test in a bit
20:04 cait                 you are very welcome :)
20:04 caroline             cait++ thanks for the translation patch
20:03 cait                 you can always jump forward as many versions as you want, one version or multiple (but not backwards :) ) - so if you later decide you want to do lts to lts, you still can
20:02 cait                 the LTS is aimed for people that don't want to update often and we make sure they still get bug fixes and security patches
20:02 cait                 also good advice
20:01 caroline             DIGITALBITS[m], I am not a sys admin, so maybe someone else should chime in, but my understanding is that if you think you will be updating fairly regularly, 23.05 is fine. If you think you will not be updating for a while, then get the lts
20:01 cait                 if you have tested 23.05 well already and it has features you need, you can still jump on an LTS later
20:01 cait                 you can do wahtever
20:00 DIGITALBITS[m]       caroline: What is the recommendation, setup production with 22.11 (I guess this is LTS at moment) or it does not matter and i can setup production with 23.05?
20:00 huginn               cait: The operation succeeded.
20:00 cait                 @later tell fridolin look at bug 33606 please
19:58 caroline             DIGITALBITS[m], welcome! What is your question exactly? To install 22.11, 23.05 or wait for 24.11?
19:56 DIGITALBITS[m]       I am an IT Administrator, not a librarian. I have my lab developping environment with Koha 23.05
19:55 DIGITALBITS[m]       According to some documentation found on the Koha Wiki by the next year November a new LTS will be available.
19:54 DIGITALBITS[m]       My concern is about using LTS version or the lastest release 23.05
19:54 DIGITALBITS[m]       Hi, i am new to Koha. In the last two months I have been playing arround with it and i think we are ready to prepare our production server.
19:39 caroline             oleonard still around?
18:08 caroline             in any case, it should not silently fail for sure, either don't fail or loudly fail! XD
18:08 caroline             maybe if you want it to be expired you should be able to set it in the past, although I don't know if anyone would do that
18:07 caroline             oleonard-away, are you asking technically or philosophically?
17:19 oleonard             Should I be able to pick a date in the past when setting a password expiration date for a patron? The process seems to silently fail
16:34 huginn               Joubu: The operation succeeded.
16:34 Joubu                @later tell RudyHinojosa[m] Hi! A couple of weeks ago I've asked you a question about lrms, in case you have not seen it I am asking again :) There it is: https://irc.koha-community.org/koha/2023-08-30#i_2505244
15:50 huginn               Joubu: The operation succeeded.
15:50 Joubu                @later tell fridolin you should watch the rel_23_05_candidate kw
15:24 caroline             good luck with the rest!
15:23 angelic              thanks caroline
15:23 angelic              :(
15:22 caroline             it is a bit beyond my knowledge too
15:22 angelic              I don't know exactly the function of this module
15:22 caroline             it probably changed names
15:21 reiveune             bye
15:21 angelic              Yes I think so too caroline. But I did every changes that was made on the older version. The only difference is a module which is not exist in new version. Name of the module  is  GetMarcBiblio
15:17 caroline             angelic, indeed, I didn't have code128. Maybe that is what adds the stars
15:17 caroline             alright! thanks!
15:16 oleonard             That should be fixed now. You may need to run 'yarn build'
15:16 caroline             oleonard, do you know if there is a bug to add padding around the yellow buttons like https://snipboard.io/aNFQWT.jpg
15:15 angelic              Yes you are right. She (the ex-employee) created a new barcode type CODE128
15:10 caroline             I think maybe the tag$subtag format is only for record-level tags (i.e. not 952)
15:09 caroline             https://snipboard.io/C8MQ35.jpg
15:08 caroline             I tried in in master and to get the callnumber and materials, I had to write "itemcallnumber materials", coded_location_quallifier
15:02 caroline             yes, to change it, it's Barcode precedes bibliographic information (or something like that)
15:01 angelic              But in Currently available layouts list Print Type is shown as ALT
15:00 angelic              Whan I look at detail of layout 22 I saw the layout type like here :https://snipboard.io/1RXyEj.jpg
14:54 angelic              Let me change and try
14:54 caroline             Although I'm not sure how you got what you got with ALT
14:54 caroline             BARBIB is the barcode and other info on the same label
14:54 caroline             ALT is one label will have the barcode and the next label will have the callnumber, etc.
14:53 angelic              It was ALT in older version so I did the same thing !!
14:50 caroline             I don't think ALT type is right? I think it should be BARBIB, no?
14:48 angelic              my layout is like this : https://snipboard.io/EledZ2.jpg
14:46 angelic              It was created in older version by our ex-employee. Now I want to do the same thing in new version and I have to start from the begining
14:46 caroline             So i think just adding coded_location_qualifier to the list of fields should do it
14:46 oleonard             Are you using the exact same settings as before?
14:46 caroline             ok by default, 952$f is mapped to items.coded_location_qualifier
14:45 angelic              oleonard: Yes I am creating a new label
14:44 oleonard             angelic: I'm curious, are you recreating the label in 22.11.04 or does the existing configuration from 21.11.04 not work in 22.11.04
14:44 caroline             I don't know this one, is it mapped to a database field?
14:43 angelic              other one is in 952f field
14:41 caroline             so itemcallnumber, and the other one? is it in a different field?
14:41 angelic              caroline: which field is it in? it is in 952o
14:38 angelic              The label in the right hand side was made in version 21.11.04. Now I want to do the same thing in version 22.11.04 but ı couldnt :(
14:35 caroline             I don't think you'll be able to add the stars
14:35 angelic              And the stars before and after the barcode value
14:35 caroline             which field is it in?
14:34 angelic              yes
14:34 caroline             angelic, the extra call number?
14:33 angelic              I want to get a special  label for one of our customer. Here is the details : https://snipboard.io/OspTi9.jpg
14:33 caroline             I'm preparing my update webinar and I can't think of an IRL use case for this
14:33 caroline             on another subject, I need an idea for an example of additional field for orders
14:31 caroline             I was very happy to have my nalsbinding needle back! (and all my knitting stuff that I thought would be deemed too "dangerous" on the plane) I'm excited to learn this new technique
14:31 cait                 I am glad it turned up, but better they not lose it next time!
14:29 caroline             *wash
14:29 caroline             yeah I put everything in the was as soon as I got it. I was going to anyway
14:28 cait                 just ... wash it?
14:28 cait                 maybe they sent the suitcase for a swim and that's where the leak is?
14:28 caroline             I don't know... I don't know how you can lose a luggage for three weeks and miraculously find it again, so I won't try to understand the wet clothing
14:27 caroline             I think it might have rained or something? It was the clothing that was at the bottom, closest to the wheels
14:26 oleonard             Some airline employee stole something to go for a swim in?
14:26 caroline             I had pretty much lost hope I would ever see all that stuff again
14:26 oleonard             ???
14:26 caroline             yes, one piece of clothing was inexplicably wet (but nothing else was), but everything else was there
14:25 cait                 caroline: I hope the rest of your stuff was intact as well!
14:24 angelic              caroline: Thank you
14:24 caroline             hello by the way! :)
14:24 caroline             paste the picture here and send the link on irc https://snipboard.io/
14:24 cait                 what caroline said :)
14:24 caroline             angelic, no, i usually use snipboard
14:24 angelic              Hi caroline Hi cait. I want to ask something here but I have to show a picture. How can I upload a picture in irc?
14:22 caroline             the moo-moos were intact, don't worry! ;)
14:22 cait                 oh noes!
14:22 caroline             (finally!!)
14:21 caroline             nah, it was in my luggage that I only received two days ago
14:21 cait                 much stronger than me!
14:21 cait                 that's shows you are a very strong person
14:20 caroline             I still have some creamy moo-moos left :)
14:19 cait                 someone seen tcohen today? :)
14:19 caroline             thanks you!
14:19 cait                 maybe share with oleonard :)
14:19 * cait               sends caroline the cookie jar
13:22 oleonard             I've done the same thing!
13:22 caroline             I think it's going to be one of those days...
13:20 caroline             facepalm
13:20 caroline             My tab was in French
13:20 caroline             oh wait I think I know
13:20 oleonard             caroline: I don't think I had to turn something on, but maybe I have something already turned on in preferences?
13:19 caroline             I still had my tab open from yesterday (a perk of never closing my tabs lol) I applied the patch and did Ctrl+F5 on my vendor page but the link is not clickable
13:18 huginn               04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=33499 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Make interface URL clickable on vendor details
13:18 caroline             oleonard, do I have to do something after applying the patch for bug 33499?
13:08 ashimema             pleasure
13:05 caroline             thanks for helping on 12532
13:05 ashimema             ?
13:05 caroline             ashimema++
12:47 Freddy               https://www.mail-archive.com/koha-devel@lists.koha-community.org/msg11504.html
12:46 Freddy               next koha-create --create-db biblio
12:46 Freddy               Debian 11
12:46 Freddy               ERROR: Module mpm_itk does not exist
12:18 MatthewBlenkinsop[m] Just updating that now
12:18 MatthewBlenkinsop[m] Console was clear yes, although I just realised I changed one in AgreementsList that didn't need changing back
10:59 huginn               04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=34804 trivial, P5 - low, ---, matt.blenkinsop, Needs Signoff , Translation fixes - ERM
10:59 Joubu                MatthewBlenkinsop[m]: Does your last patch on bug 34804 get rid of the "undefined" error?
10:54 huginn               04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=31376 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Input type email in system preferences prevents multiple addresses
10:54 oleonard             I see Bug 31376 about issues with existing usage
10:53 magnuse              you were talking about input of course
10:53 magnuse              ah, sorry wrong type
10:53 huginn               04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=16182 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, aleisha, CLOSED FIXED, Make phone number clickable to call
10:53 magnuse              oleonard: bug 16182?
10:49 ashimema             but can't remember any of the details
10:49 ashimema             vaguely
10:48 oleonard             Anyone remember any discussion about using input type "tel", "email", etc. in the staff interface?
10:24 MatthewBlenkinsop[m] o/
10:22 magnuse              \o
10:15 oleonard             o/
08:49 magnuse              (and yes, i have to accept the suggestions, 100 at a time)
08:48 magnuse              i do offline translations for norwegian, but the problem with the prefs is in the swedish translation. i think they only use pootle
08:37 ashimema             they end up as suggestions
08:37 ashimema             no-one can do offline translation
08:37 cait                 magnuse: are you doing offline transaltions as well?
08:32 cait                 maybe some user with wrong permissions?
08:32 cait                 hm if you see the arabic again, let me know
08:16 magnuse              yeah
08:13 ashimema             it's really odd
08:13 ashimema             and the pref names creep into the pref values
08:13 ashimema             We keep getting arabic translations merged into ours for some reason
08:12 ashimema             I did a bunch of offline translation too though.. can only do that with server access though. It's a pain
08:11 ashimema             So I ended up doing a full reset on the server
08:11 ashimema             We had all sorts of issues in enGb
08:08 magnuse              ashimema: reset? start the translation from scratch?
08:08 magnuse              cait: that's the problem it's really hard to tell what causes it
08:04 ashimema             I had to reset the whole thing to get us back
08:04 ashimema             We've had that
07:56 cait                 what kind of small errors?
07:55 magnuse              seems like the translated pref pages can be quite easily broken by small errors in translations
07:32 magnuse__            \o/
07:07 ashimema             Hehe
07:07 dcook                I was going to say "Happy Monday" but it's Tuesday...
07:06 dcook                That's what I was just thinking
07:06 ashimema             Feels like there is some funky caching going on somewhere that I'm missing
07:06 ashimema             It works like that everywhere else.. I often use this style in my tests
07:05 dcook                Looking at t/lib/Mocks.pm and I don't know why it's not working like you'd think
07:05 ashimema             At least we're consistent now..
07:05 dcook                Always seems like I'm doing the opposite of what it's supposed to be
07:05 ashimema             Lol, totally
07:05 dcook                That sort of thing has driven me nuts over the years haha
07:04 ashimema             Yes no prefs set 1/0 not yes/no.. hehe
07:04 dcook                Ah yeah I see now in https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/page.cgi?id=splinter.html&bug=12532&attachment=155883 that expectation was changed
07:04 ashimema             There's a later patch that corrects that.. it was highlighted by the tests actually.
07:04 ashimema             Hehe, yeah
07:04 * dcook              just dies...
07:04 dcook                I'm trying to do something else atm and I should be leaving the office
07:04 dcook                Unless I'm looking at the wrong patch
07:03 dcook                Which makes me wonder if setting it to "1" earlier was really doing what you wanted it to
07:03 dcook                ashimema: Well I can't speak to it too much but I notice C4/Letters.pm is expecting RedirectGuaranteeEmail to be "yes"
06:55 ashimema             I'm baffled as to why the second Mock doesn't appear to take effect and the tests after that line fail because of it
06:54 ashimema             anyone fancy checking my test here: https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/page.cgi?id=splinter.html&bug=12532&attachment=155879
06:41 reiveune             hello