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03:20 bosch_luzie           hey, do you have an email address for me to reach customer service or another contact person? I'm representing Bosch Malaysia and we are interested in your library system offer
07:03 ashimema              https://koha-community.org/support/paid-support/
07:54 TriveniChandriki[m]   Good morning all
07:56 TriveniChandriki[m]   When book overdue fine amount not showing patron account. After return or renewal book  fine showing his account.
08:00 ashimema              CalcOnReturn or something along those lines.. it's a syspref
08:00 ashimema              There's a nightly job to calculate fines in advance plus an option to calculate at checking-in
08:00 alex_                 Bonjour
08:02 paulderscheid[m]      Morning #koha
08:03 TriveniChandriki[m]   ashimema: Yes sir
08:05 TriveniChandriki[m]   Advance plus an option to calculate at checking-in. Where sir. System preferences
08:20 cait1                 The pref is  CalculateFinesOnReturn, you also need finesmode
08:22 cait1                 and to make sure that the fines are set up correctly (also correctly formatted with decimal dots (1.00) ) in your circulation rules
08:26 TriveniChandriki[m]   Fine working fine.
08:27 TriveniChandriki[m]   I need fine should show once books overdue on his account
08:28 cait1                 yes, you need to set up the cronjobs then
08:29 cait1                 https://koha-community.org/manual/22.11/en/html/cron_jobs.html
08:30 magnuse               2 weeks until marseille!
08:31 cait1                 yes, and so much to do before that!
08:45 paulderscheid[m]      I'm easily 2 weeks behind on everything -_-
08:46 cait1                 paulderscheid[m]: i'd tell you it'll get better someday... but...
08:47 paulderscheid[m]      That’s what I heard :_D
08:49 paulderscheid[m]      I‘m always amazed how the others get so much done … with kids!
08:50 paulderscheid[m]      Including you cait1
08:54 cait1                 kids? *looks around panicked*
08:55 paulderscheid[m]      Meant joubu and ashimema
08:55 paulderscheid[m]      ^^
08:55 cait1                 oh good, you can't say such things on an early Monday! ;)
09:18 ashimema              Haha
09:18 ashimema              It ain't easy ;-)
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09:59 TriveniChandriki[m]   please help me on this.
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10:01 TriveniChandriki[m]   fine should show once book overdue of his acount
10:03 TriveniChandriki[m]   anything miss it sir
10:03 cait1                 We already told you
10:03 cait1                 you need to set up the cronjob for creating fines, fines.pl
10:04 TriveniChandriki[m]   PERL5LIB=/home/systems/kohaclonenew... (full message at <https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/oQjBqpAtbIHnslBORvsgzUUI>)
10:04 TriveniChandriki[m]   i have setup cronjob this sir
10:05 cait1                 have you tried running it manually for testing? it usually only runs once a day
10:06 TriveniChandriki[m]   yes sir
10:07 TriveniChandriki[m]   if i  take before one day duedate fine working. overdue books not showing
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10:19 TriveniChandriki[m]   how to do its should be show overdue books fine
13:08 caroline_catlady      good morning!
13:18 magnuse               \o/
13:23 tcohen                hola #koha o/
13:23 tcohen                hey magnuse see you in Marseille?
13:23 magnuse               tcohen: yes! :-)
13:23 tcohen                YAY!!!!
13:23 magnuse               WOOHOO!!!
13:23 tcohen                #koha does anyone know how to debug selenium tests?
13:39 mtj                   hi tcohen, https://metacpan.org/pod/Selenium::Remote::Driver#debug_on
13:39 tcohen                very glad to read that, magnuse
13:39 mtj                   ^ does that help?
13:39 magnuse               tcohen: yeah, awesome, it's been way too long...
13:41 tcohen                mtj: not this time
13:44 mtj                   meh, sele tests failing randomly?
13:57 mtj                   somewhat on topic... there is a newer selenium package
13:57 mtj                   https://github.com/troglodyne-internet-widgets/selenium-client-perl
14:05 mtj                   i wonder how tricky it is to rewrite/convert an older selenium test to the new pkg
14:05 mtj                   https://metacpan.org/pod/Selenium::Client
14:48 tcohen                mtj: there's a random failure on the patron search tests
14:48 tcohen                for basic_workflow we pushed a solution we worked on with kidclamp just now
14:59 cait1                 hm does someone remember on which bug I put the trick to print the logged in staff user's name in an acqorder notice?
15:00 cait1                 found it
15:00 cait1                 bug 32527
15:00 huginn                04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=32527 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Can`t print information about staff user in circulation slips
15:01 cait1                 ... I had looked bevor it before, that's like some variation of the demo effect I guess :)
15:16 caroline              ashimema, do you know if the "Main contact method" field in the patron form a way to override AutoEmailPrimaryAddress at the patron level?
15:18 ashimema              Is that trick documented anywhere cait1
15:18 ashimema              Nope, it has no effect over that pref at all caroline
15:19 ashimema              Or the first_valid method either for that matter
15:20 caroline              so... if the pref is set to email and the patron selects emailpro as their main contact method, it doesn't change anything basically?
15:20 ashimema              Our email address handling for notices is a mess frankly
15:20 ashimema              We've had sites basically disable all email by picking the wrong field for that PrimaryAddress pref
15:21 ashimema              Exactly
15:21 ashimema              The patron has very little control
15:21 ashimema              Which is a shame
15:21 caroline              Ok, I guess I'll open a new bug for that
15:21 ashimema              I see yet another pref coming
15:21 caroline              I'm testing 18398
15:22 ashimema              One to say which preference takes priority.. staff or patron
15:22 ashimema              Awesome
15:22 cait1                 @seen alex_a
15:22 huginn                cait1: alex_a was last seen in #koha 50 weeks, 3 days, 8 hours, 9 minutes, and 58 seconds ago: <alex_a> Bonjour
15:22 cait1                 oh
15:22 caroline              nah, not a new pref... I would say it's like any other patron-level thing. Pref -> patron category -> patron
15:22 ashimema              Thankyou
15:22 cait1                 alex_a++ bug 31858 - works great
15:22 huginn                04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=31858 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Pushed to stable , TT syntax for ACQORDER notices
15:22 cait1                 ashimema: you mean in another place than the source code where I found it? :P
15:22 cait1                 ashimema: i am nto sure actually
15:23 ashimema              I know some clients want to force emails to their internal addresses
15:23 cait1                 ah, this is just for the notice text
15:23 ashimema              S I think it would need to be able to override the patrons preference for those
15:23 cait1                 ah... sorry, different topic
15:24 ashimema              Schools that want notices to be forced to go to the school address they set up for their students
15:24 ashimema              For example
15:24 ashimema              Nothing is ever simple
15:24 cait1                 there was also talk about email to the guarantor
15:24 cait1                 or cc them
15:24 ashimema              But we should certainly get it consistent first at least
15:25 caroline              the guarantor thing is ours I think
15:26 caroline              bug 12532
15:26 huginn                04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12532 new feature, P5 - low, ---, charles.farmer, Needs Signoff , Redirect guarantee email to guarantor
15:32 ashimema              Cool
15:33 ashimema              I can have a look at that if you like
15:52 perplexedtheta        Hello folks -
15:52 perplexedtheta        mjt: I'm afraid once again this one might have your name on it :-(
15:53 perplexedtheta        We're having trouble building our 22.11.03 package, after several successful runs. Here's the error: *** No rule to make target 'koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/js/vue/dist/erm.js.LICENSE.txt', needed by 'pm_to_blib'.  Stop.
15:54 perplexedtheta        * We're having trouble building our 22.11.03 package, after several successful runs. Here's the error: make[1]: *** No rule to make target 'koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/js/vue/dist/erm.js.LICENSE.txt', needed by 'pm_to_blib'.  Stop.
15:54 perplexedtheta        I suspect the issue is because that file isn't committed in the repo, causing make to screw up somehow. In the past, running a git clean seems to resolve it - but in this case, the repo is clean at time of build, and the file seems to be getting generated at build-time
15:55 perplexedtheta        My question is this: has anyone experienced this, and if so, what was done to rectify the issue?
15:55 perplexedtheta        Thanks in advance
15:58 cait1                 hm we might run into that one too soon
15:58 cait1                 ashimema:  maybe?
15:59 perplexedtheta        s//`/, s//`/, s/at/during/
16:01 mtj                   hi perplexedtheta, i did bump into that
16:01 mtj                   https://git.kohaaloha.com/?p=pb-master/.git;a=summary
16:02 mtj                   ^ see the 'skip node_modules' patch?
16:02 mtj                   https://git.kohaaloha.com/?p=pb-master/.git;a=commitdiff;h=6a96a33cf8ea6b0ac41b73e3bc9e1c0f5f365153
16:03 mtj                   hmm, looks like i forgot to make a BZ for it
16:03 ashimema              Haha, stick it in bz and we'll test and push asap
16:05 mtj                   hmm im not sure if you need the 'rm .gitignore' patch too...
16:05 mtj                   https://git.kohaaloha.com/?p=pb-master/.git;a=commit;h=f157e0c70375a71ba631a80bd80a3d7b84648f0a
16:13 mtj                   perplexedtheta: aaah, i think you have a different, but similar, bug
16:21 mtj                   i guess you are building packages with the new ERM pacthes added...
16:28 mtj                   hmm, i wonder how/where the 'erm.js.LICENSE.txt' file comes from
16:35 mtj                   perplexedtheta: you might have an extra 'yarn licenses generate-disclaimer' step/option somewhere?
16:37 mtj                   https://classic.yarnpkg.com/en/docs/cli/licenses/
16:49 mtj                   aah, patch was added at bz 32994
16:54 * cait1               will read back later
16:54 caroline              what is the command when a test plan says "rebuild dbix files"?
16:54 cait1                 dbic
16:55 cait1                 ah, if you are on ktd
16:55 cait1                 do you need the full script one?
16:55 caroline              yeah... like installer/data/mysql/updatedatabase.pl
16:55 cait1                 hm let me see if i still hve that somewhere
16:56 ashimema              dbic
16:56 cait1                 it's htis here https://git.koha-community.org/Koha-community/Koha/src/branch/master/misc/devel/update_dbix_class_files.pl
16:57 cait1                 ashimema: i think caroline has a git installation
16:57 ashimema              oh..
16:57 caroline              yes I do
16:57 ashimema              ok
16:57 ashimema              yeah.. it's cait1's answer then
16:57 cait1                 you need to set a lot of params - once you got that, save it somewhere
16:57 cait1                 the ktd docs say it uses --force parameter
16:58 caroline              oh boy... I see all the params... It'll wait after lunch!
16:58 cait1                 your lunch time... my end of work day :)
16:58 cait1                 bbl
17:52 caroline              Before lunch, I had googled 'rebuild dbix files' and the search suggestions included 'rebuild dbix files fanfiction' XD
18:20 cait                  caroline: interesting?
18:21 caroline              cait, unfortunately it was only X-files fanfiction :(
18:46 cait                  :)
18:48 tcohen                AgustinMoyano[m] PedroAmorim[m], ashimema, Joubu: can you join #koha-vue
18:50 cait                  may I listen in?
18:50 ashimema              done
18:56 AgustinMoyano[m]      tcohen: I do not see any #koha-vue
18:57 tcohen                ashimema found it :-P
18:57 ashimema              #_oftc_#koha-vue:matrix.org
19:00 AgustinMoyano[m]      Ok, found it, thanks
19:16 perplexedtheta        Thanks for the hint mtj
19:17 perplexedtheta        I think I've decided to just commit the licence file to our branch. It'll probably pass with it included - I just didn't know the command! yarn licenses generate-disclaimer is what I was looking for :-)
19:18 perplexedtheta        Awesome help as always - enjoy Hackfest, those who are going. I'm really disappointed I won't be there this year (obligations...)
19:59 tcohen                perplexedtheta: attending is mandatory
19:59 tcohen                we can send some serious paper explaining the importance
19:59 tcohen                haha
20:08 tcohen                gotta run, bye everyone