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07:08 TriveniChandriki[m]   Hi
07:58 cait1                 good morning #koha
08:01 TriveniChandriki[m]   Git repository kohaclone batch items modification not working after 21.11 version
08:04 cait1                 TriveniChandriki you'll want to check if RabbitMQ is running - you can see it on the About page
08:04 cait1                 it's probably not the bach mod feature, but that the job is not processed
08:05 TriveniChandriki[m]   cait1: Job not processed
08:05 cait1                 yes
08:05 TriveniChandriki[m]   What i have to do
08:05 cait1                 did you check the about page?
08:06 TriveniChandriki[m]   cait1: Yes
08:06 TriveniChandriki[m]   No error
08:14 cait1                 it would not show as an error, but on the firt tab, does it say in green that the rabbitmq service is running?
08:17 * TriveniChandriki[m] uploaded an image: (118KiB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/ynaIrJZJaMrYBqDYXfbBFeqF/20230301_134709_77526528922676989.jpg >
08:18 TriveniChandriki[m]   After viewing status new only
08:19 TriveniChandriki[m]   My koha installation kohaclone
08:49 magnuse_              \o/
08:49 TriveniChandriki[m]   Sip2 also not working after 21.11 version
09:49 cait1                 you probably need to start the services
09:50 cait1                 if you are not using a package installation but git, this makes things much harder
10:12 Joubu                 MatthewBlenkinsop[m]: 32594 - see last comment, it's not ready for backport!
10:15 PedroAmorim[m]        -
10:27 MatthewBlenkinsop[m]  Yes my mistake, I marked the first commit as not to be backported but the second one was further down the list and I didn't spot the duplicate bug number. I'm reversing it now!
10:34 cait1                 MatthewBlenkinsop++ :)
10:38 TriveniChandriki[m]   <cait1> "if you are not using a package..." <- We are using multiple instances and development in single server
11:02 cait1                 for production we strongly recommend using a package installation
11:02 cait1                 and for development koha-testing-docker is the easiest way to have all things running correctly
11:03 cait1                 otherwise you will have to take care of starting/configuring services like SIP etc.  more manually
11:05 Joubu                 Yeah, March 1st, the day you can catch wrong date calculation...
11:06 TriveniChandriki[m]   cait1: https://gitlab.com/koha-community/koha-testing-docker
11:06 TriveniChandriki[m]   This one can i use
11:06 cait1                 for development it's a useful tool
11:06 cait1                 I would say most Koha devs use it
11:09 TriveniChandriki[m]   cait1: Koha dev using
11:12 cait1                 bbl
11:27 Joubu                 bug 33107 - I won't fix it
11:27 huginn                04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=33107 normal, P5 - low, ---, chris, NEW , Expiry date tests failing on March 1st 2023
12:54 tcohen                hola #koha o/
13:01 PedroAmorim[m]        \o
18:13 fridolin              yellow
21:21 caroline              Does anyone use CanMarkHoldsToPullAsLost? If enabled is the button supposed to appear on pendingreserves.pl?
21:22 caroline              My syspref is enabled but I don't see it... http://staff-caroline.sandboxes.ptfs-europe.co.uk/cgi-bin/koha/circ/pendingreserves.pl Unless I'm not looking in the right place?
21:23 caroline              And even if I choose "Item could not be located..." it doesn't change the lost value
21:26 emlam                 caroline: Do you have a value defined in UpdateItemWhenLostFromHoldList?
21:27 caroline              yes http://staff-caroline.sandboxes.ptfs-europe.co.uk/cgi-bin/koha/admin/preferences.pl?op=search&searchfield=UpdateItemWhenLostFromHoldList
21:31 emlam                 Oh! It's a button in the Action column, but it only shows up on an item-level hold
21:31 caroline              ok! that's good to know!
21:32 caroline              I guess it can't know which item to mark as lost if it's a biblio-level hold... so it makes sense...
21:32 caroline              I'll add this info in the manual
21:34 caroline              emlam++