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23:49 frank_2          So patrons know who they were talking to.
23:49 frank_2          Is there a way to add the name of the currently logged in staff member to a slip?
23:48 frank_2          Hi!
22:42 ashimema         Must admit . I have to relearn EDI every time I have to dig into it again
22:41 ashimema         At least that's my memory of it
22:41 ashimema         A quote becomes a basket, then the basket becomes and order and finally an invoice does the receipting
22:40 ashimema         And quotes are a type of EDI message
22:40 ashimema         Yeah, we have loads of EDI sites
22:37 ashimema         Back
22:37 ashimema         Been
22:37 * ashimema       reads been
22:37 ashimema         Hello
22:23 cait             out of interest: are quotes different things in french too?
22:14 cait             sounds like a good idea :)
22:14 cait             I know they have a lot of libraries using EDIFACT
22:13 caroline         (for my screenshot)
22:13 caroline         I wonder if aude has some sort of set up... I know ashimema worked on EDIFACT things
22:12 cait             (yet)
22:12 cait             we don't use it either
22:12 caroline         ah, it explains why I never saw it
22:12 cait             EDIFACT
22:11 caroline         where in Koha do we have quotes as in price bids? Is it new?
22:11 cait             ok
22:10 caroline         I would context it as like "Price offer" or "price submission"
22:10 caroline         the naming or publishing of current bids and offers or prices of securities or commodities
22:10 caroline         but under nous, it refers to quotation
22:10 cait             .... ok, getting a little late
22:10 caroline         https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/quote
22:10 cait             where is that?
22:09 cait             I am not finding it
22:09 cait             oh
22:09 caroline         There is 3a to state the current price or bid-offer
22:08 cait             written offer maybe?
22:08 cait             there is no mention of the other meaning
22:08 caroline         citation is fine with me! (it's the french word hehe)
22:07 cait             citation shows up in the synonyms
22:07 caroline         https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/quote
22:06 caroline         a passage, a saying
22:06 caroline         let me check what our friend webster says
22:05 cait             or maybe "citation"?
22:05 caroline         makes sense
22:05 cait             different words in german
22:05 cait             yeah
22:05 caroline         as opposed to "price submission" for example?
22:04 cait             do you think "part of text" will work as context for "Quotes"
22:04 caroline         let me sign off and I'll reset to see
22:04 cait             if you reload and all?
22:03 cait             does it stay fixed?
22:03 caroline         maybe... although I'm pretty sure I did Ctrl+F5
22:03 cait             maybe it did cache something that is gone now?
22:03 cait             only added some classes
22:03 cait             hm pretty sure I didnt
22:02 caroline         Are you sure you didn't correct it? I applied your patch and it's aligned now
22:00 caroline         The screenshot in the manual will be wonky however
21:59 caroline         Anyway, if it works for you, it's good enough for me
21:59 caroline         Ok it says success... but the field is still misaligned... :/
21:59 cait             tcohen: maybe around?
21:58 cait             they are no longer in the repository - but ktd builds them for you (is what I understood)
21:58 cait             no
21:58 caroline         I thought the master had the builds though?
21:58 cait             we are no longer shipping the yarn files - maybe that's the difference because in git you need to do htat manually? but mostly guessing
21:57 caroline         I tried before commenting but it gave me errors... let me try agian
21:56 cait             hm could you try yarn buliding?
21:56 caroline         No I have a git thing where I pull to update it
21:56 cait             are you using ktd?
21:56 cait             only made the button yellow
21:56 cait             i didn't fix that
21:55 cait             yeah, but why is yours broken?
21:55 caroline         Well, that's good at least
21:55 cait             (sorry no EDIFACT)
21:55 cait             mine looks like that: https://snipboard.io/hrB09j.jpg
21:54 caroline         hi!
21:54 caroline         yes!
21:54 cait             caroline: ah hey, you are here :)
21:39 caroline         Wouldn't it be grand to have a whole chapter DONE? :D
21:38 caroline         does anyone on the docs team have a setup for EDIFACT? There is ONE remaining screenshot to update in the Acquisitions chapter and it's the last one https://koha-community.org/manual/23.05/en/html/acquisitions.html#edifact-messages
21:36 huginn           caroline: The operation succeeded.
21:36 caroline         @later tell davidnind can you check the manual pipeline errors? It stopped working again, and I suspect it's the same problem (although I'm not sure why it worked for a while and stopped)
21:27 caroline_catlady davidnind around?
18:41 * cait           waves
18:32 RuP              Hi
16:41 PedroAmorim[m]   part of 32981 and 32997 certainly overlap a bit in functionality imo, i.e. having an endpoint that retrieves values of a given single AV category vs. an endpoint that retrieves values for multiple given AV categories, including a single one if just one category_name is given
14:44 tcohen           I wouldn't like to wait for the next dev meeting
14:44 tcohen           we need Joubu
14:44 ashimema         Or you guys can meet without me
14:43 ashimema         Can talk after
14:43 ashimema         The Aspen call is average an hour
14:43 tcohen           and move those bugs
14:43 tcohen           we need to sort the avs terminology for good
14:42 ashimema         Well, assuming my laptop comes back to life.. it's just crashed hard on me
14:42 tcohen           oh, ok
14:42 ashimema         I'm going into an Aspen call in a few mins
14:35 tcohen           Joubu, ashimema available for a call?
14:27 tcohen           PedroAmorim[m]++
14:27 tcohen           Joubu++
13:45 lukeg            I'd like a stamp of arroval before I push this, and I still would like to get this in before I make 22.05.10
13:44 huginn           04Bug 32505: normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, Needs Signoff , Cannot search by dateofbirth in specified dateformat
13:44 lukeg            Anyone want to have a look at my patch for 22.05.x here: https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=32505 ?
13:44 magnuse_         there is no way to limit stars and comments to only librarians, right?
12:53 cait             oleonard-away: thanks :)
12:09 oleonard         Looks like patron attributes always show up as changed after the patron updates their own record in the OPAC
11:44 oleonard         Hi #koha
11:43 tcohen           thanks!
11:43 tcohen           it is a terminology question, I think we need some refinement iteration on that spec
11:43 huginn           04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=32981 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, Passed QA , Add REST API endpoint to list authorised values for a given category
11:43 tcohen           ashimema (and everyone): please read my last comment on bug 32981
11:42 tcohen           it is what I pasted (for the future) or a more complex way for plugins to do their own routes and make the UI use them
11:41 tcohen           so in that case I think I'll provide a follow-up to the bug, and once reviewed we can push
11:40 ashimema         seems fairly sane to me
11:31 pastebot         "tcohen" at pasted "Joubu, ashimema: do we want this in a short/mid term?" (20 lines) at https://paste.koha-community.org/1651
11:14 tcohen           Joubu: I've got a response from hte Mojo plugin maintainer: it is not designed to validate twice and he didn't seem open to change that
11:11 tcohen           and is aging as well
11:11 tcohen           the main problem with pootle is that we haven't ever documented how to do things
11:10 mtj              hi tcohen \o
11:09 mtj              weblate looks promising
11:08 tcohen           hola #koha o/
11:06 ashimema         I've even tried it.. I have access to the server.. but I just don't have time to get up to speed on how pootle fits together
11:05 ashimema         it's always the same few volunteering from the pool of people 😜
11:05 ashimema         I think we've tried a few times
11:05 mtj              perhaps we get a backup person for bernardo
11:04 ashimema         weblate seems to be the preferred option now
11:04 ashimema         I wonder if switching to another translation software might be a good idea too.. pootle seems to be abandonware
11:03 mtj              yeap, i see that
11:03 ashimema         there are a few issues mixed into it really
11:03 ashimema         I'd be interested in automating, or even just blocking at source, the mistakes in variable names being translated
11:02 ashimema         the plural handling i doesn't seem to be very good in pootle.
11:02 ashimema         the real solution is to have the fixes that the rmaints have made back into pootle.. but catching bernardo is rather difficult it seems.
11:01 mtj              ashimema: oof, do you think its possible to automate a po. fixup?
10:18 ashimema         of what we do to fix them
10:18 ashimema         https://git.koha-community.org/Koha-community/Koha/commit/0cf9fa5aa704f73c3a41ee9518feafafe112ef9e is an example
10:17 ashimema         just a heads up if your trying to use them in production and wondering why koha is majorly borked by them
10:17 ashimema         I've been trying to get that sorted for ages.. right now the rmaints have to step in a do a tonne of fixes at release time
10:16 ashimema         erm.. a large amount of the po files on pootle are just plain broken without manual work
10:12 mtj              hi Annelisterman[m], that makes sense :)
10:08 Annelisterman[m] I'm not sure, but I think the po files are updated once a day when there are changes to them. It looked like that when I updated the Finnish translations.
10:07 mtj              hmm, it should have just run :/
10:06 mtj              every hour? :)
10:06 mtj              surely a cronjob
10:03 magnuse_         there german ones have different dates: https://translate.koha-community.org/export/22.05/de/
10:02 magnuse_         all the norwegian files are last modified "2023-02-18 00:00"
10:02 magnuse_         yes, that looks quite likely
10:00 mtj              .looking at those file timestamps
09:59 mtj              hmm, looks like some cronjob, or a manually run job hey?
09:56 magnuse_         for example
09:56 magnuse_         https://translate.koha-community.org/export/22.05/sv/
09:56 mtj              hmm, how to download a .po..
09:54 magnuse_         yup
09:54 mtj              https://translate.koha-community.org/sv/22.05/sv-SE-pref.po
09:54 magnuse_         mtj: yes, it show me as the last person to edit
09:53 mtj              i wondered if the 'Last action:' value was updated...
09:53 magnuse_         mtj: yeah, i did a little bit on both swedish and norwegian
09:52 cait             you might want to try and email bgkriegel directly
09:52 mtj              magnuse_: curious.. have you recently done some translations on pootle?
09:52 cait             maybe they only update for releases
09:51 magnuse_         ah, thanks. that message sounds like no update for "a few days". maybe there is a problem there? i'll keep an eye on the list
09:48 cait             I actually don't know, but it#s possible they are only generated pre-releases or overnight
09:48 cait             we just had the question on the mailing list
09:47 magnuse_         should changes made in pootle be visible in the downloadable .po files immediately, or is there some delay?
09:46 mtj              the problem seems to be that all general gitlab runners, run with user as ID 0 (aka root)
09:41 mtj              one workaround might be to use an apache2 pkg - that allows to be run as root user
09:38 mtj              Joubu: i did have another look at your docker/apache error... its a crazy rabbithole 🐇
09:36 * mtj            waves \o
09:19 ashimema         yup
09:11 cait             ashimema: I ams orry, but the sandbox is dead http://sandboxes.ptfs-europe.co.uk/
09:10 PedroAmorim[m]   morning
08:53 alex_            Bonjour
08:39 tuxayo           lol
08:39 tuxayo           > that seems to have an endless supply of t420s
07:08 * mtj            confesses to have a bunch of older thinkpads
07:05 mtj              we have some resellers in NZ, that seems to have an endless supply of t420s
07:01 tuxayo           and if I change PC now, next series are actually hard to find with not a low power CPU, so the different won't be that much :(
07:01 tuxayo           Actually my PC! my T420 got stollen... And only a T430 was at a reasonable price even like 3 years after.
07:01 tuxayo           > t430, next series higher has sata3
06:59 tuxayo           indeed!
06:59 tuxayo           > i mention t420 as they are common and cheap
06:55 mtj              dell and hp has similar cheap models from the same era
06:53 mtj              t430, next series higher has sata3
06:52 mtj              easy to upgrade and get 3rd-party spares for
06:51 mtj              i mention t420 as they are common and cheap, popular with government departments and corps
06:50 mtj              yeah
06:50 tuxayo           It guess it's the actual thinkpad model with this precise CPU. Since t420 is actually a family
06:49 mtj              yeah, probably how geekbench pulls/displays their model id
06:49 tuxayo           mtj: hi :) For some reason, thinkpads in geekbench don't have their well known names (t420) but more obscure model numbers like 42364F2
06:46 mtj              hi tuxayo, it was the only t420 at geekbench i could find
05:48 tuxayo           *with non-low power
05:48 tuxayo           Anyway, great idea to get 2nd hand laptops (which non-low power CPUs) as servers.
05:47 tuxayo           So many gotchas with benchmarks!
05:47 tuxayo           Wait the RPi 4 you found is overclocked from 1.5 GHz to 2 GHz!
05:42 tuxayo           Crazy that my CPU isn't so far ahead as I though from a RPi 4
05:40 tuxayo           You found quite a beefy T420 with a 2670QM CPU. When I bought mine it I got a 2520M, the quad cores where quite more expensive and rarer than the 2 core 4 thread I got. And there where a lot of T420 with low power CPUs which might not be different enough from a raspberry pi. Still one with a 2520M is x1.75 single thread and x2.1 for multithread.
05:22 tuxayo           mtj: "2nd-hand thinkpad t420s are $10-ish US": you mean like for 10$???