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22:42 huginn               dcook: The operation succeeded.
22:42 dcook                @later tell tuxayo Just realized I actually won't be at the meeting as I'll be at an appointment..
20:41 caroline             hi bag!
20:38 bag                  hello
20:29 fridolin             ahhh its in misc4dev do_all_you_can_do.pl
20:09 fridolin             maybe something with my Ubuntu env, thanks for your help
20:08 fridolin             with 22.11.x and master before patch removing compiled CSS
20:07 fridolin             it works,
20:00 lukeg                KOHA_IMAGE=22.05 ktd up -d
20:00 lukeg                KOHA_IMAGE=22.05 ktd pull
20:00 lukeg                koha ; git checkout 22.05.x
20:00 lukeg                can you try on a container that isnt master? like:
19:58 fridolin             lukeg: how can i choose to run a focal containers ?
19:57 fridolin             i'll try this again
19:56 fridolin             i've pulled the images
19:56 fridolin             but the container fails to start
19:55 lukeg                fridolin: did you try `npm install` ?
19:48 fridolin             HI there, my KTD is broken with "Error: Missing binding /kohadevbox/koha/node_modules/node-sass/vendor/linux-x64-83/binding.node" any idea ?
19:46 caroline             I don't think the <<passwordreseturl>> variable is available to all notices, but you can always try
19:44 caroline             Personally, I would send the OPAC URL and tell them to click on the 'Reset password' link... it's a lot of steps for them, but I think it is the most straightforward
19:44 caroline             you could try to put in the url from PASSWORD_RESET into WELCOME and try it with a test user...
19:41 caroline             hm... I'm not sure how the reset token is generated
19:39 frank_               Is there a way to send out the password reset email to all patrons? It might be possible to use this as a kind of welcome email that includes the link to set a password.
19:32 oleonard             o/
19:30 wahanui              hi oleopard
19:30 caroline             hi oleonard!
19:29 caroline             (they need an email address in their file for opacresetpassword to work though)
19:28 caroline             maybe if you assign no password and tell them to reset their password, they won't have a choice?
19:28 oleonard             frank_: I agree with caroline. You ask them to please set a new password, and hope for the best. We have lots of patrons who don't set up passwords and that's just a fact of life.
19:26 huginn               04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=21309 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Enforce password change on login
19:26 frank_               That seems to be the only option for now, but the issue I see with it is that a lot of people will probably never change their password and according to bug 21309 there isn't a way to force them to change their password
19:15 reiveune             bye
19:12 caroline             (and strongly recoommend changing their password)
19:11 caroline             what I tell my clients is either of two things 1) tell patrons to go "reset" their password (with preference OpacResetPassword turned on) or give patrons a basic password like their lastname followed by last 4 digits of phone number (or something like that) and advise in the email that this is how the initial password is constructed
19:10 frank_               We're importing Patrons from an old system which uses a different password hashing method, so the old passwords can't be imported into Koha.
19:09 frank_               That makes sense from a security point of view, but what would be the recommended way of telling patrons their initial password?
19:09 caroline             yeah, so it's not possible, sorry
19:08 frank_                 22.11
19:07 caroline             frank_, which version of Koha are you using? Starting in 22.05 or 21.11 (not sure which), it is not possible anymore to send passwords in clear text in emails, for security resons
19:00 frank_               I'm trying to send them their password after creating them in the staff interface. Supposedly this works by using <<borrowers.password>> in the WELCOME notice, but this just sends out the hashed password, even when using AutoEmailOpacUser
18:57 frank_               Is someone her familiar with sending welcome emails to patrons?
18:57 frank_               Hello
18:13 fridolin             yellow
17:41 MatthewBlenkinsop[m] <Joubu> "the order is: 32923, 32806, 3293..." <- Tree is now signed off, ready for QA
16:19 cait                 i thint mostly people are ok with improved test plans :)
16:19 caroline             ok thanks I wasn't sure if it was impolite
16:19 cait                 i would do it and then just add a note bleow your sign-off that you did
16:19 caroline             Can I change the test plan of a patch submitted by someone else? The bug was old and the test plan is outdated
16:17 cait                 until you are done with them all
16:17 cait                 git rebase --continue
16:17 cait                 then git commit --amend -s
16:16 cait                 in the lines of the patches you want to sign
16:16 wahanui              cait: that doesn't look right
16:16 cait                 change pick to e
16:16 cait                 git rebase -i HEAD~3 (however many patches)
16:16 caroline             cait, ha! thanks! I always forget... I'll add it here https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Git_bz_configuration#Signing_off
16:16 cait                 caroline: if you don't have the aliases - the way i used to do it was:
16:16 Joubu                I have to run, sorry, see you tomorrow!
16:15 Joubu                USE Scalar first
16:15 cait                 caroline: git so 2 ;)
16:15 Joubu                http://template-toolkit.org/docs/modules/Template/Plugin/Scalar.html
16:15 Joubu                you can force scalar context in tt using object.scalar.method
16:15 caroline             what is the `git commit --amend -s` equivalent for two patches?
16:15 cait                 could you comment maybe?
16:15 cait                 the code should be mostly uniform to change
16:15 cait                 I think not that many of those yet, mostly introduced by our previous work in that area
16:14 Joubu                better to avoid wantarray to be honest, it's too much trouble when called from TT
16:14 Joubu                either we always return a scalar and update the occurrences, or there are too many and the TT must be adjusted
16:14 cait                 yeah
16:14 Joubu                that's not a proper fix, that will certainly explode somewhere else
16:13 cait                 In: Programming Perl /  now
16:13 cait                 it does kinda improve htings
16:13 Joubu                all the return statements
16:12 Joubu                yes
16:11 cait                 in Biblio.pm
16:11 cait                 maybe change line 1269?
16:11 cait                 i don't have a $w
16:10 cait                 yes, restart_all
16:10 cait                 ERROR PROCESSING TEMPLATE: undef error - something something title at input text line 7.
16:10 Joubu                reloaded plack?
16:10 cait                 I tried the original template and my modified one
16:10 cait                 still boom
16:10 Joubu                where get_marc_host is called
16:09 cait                 which TT to test?
16:09 cait                 line is changed
16:07 Joubu                I will need to run away very soon unfortunately
16:07 cait                 please don't run away :)
16:07 cait                 ok, sec, I need to switch back to that branch and make the change
16:07 Joubu                just to make sure my assumption is correct
16:06 Joubu                replace that line, in Koha::Biblio, with return $host;
16:06 cait                 (16:14:40) cait: <hr>[% END %]
16:06 cait                 (16:14:40) cait: [% biblio.title %] [% Dumper.dump(biblio.get_marc_host) %]
16:06 cait                 (16:14:40) cait: [% FOREACH biblio IN biblios %]
16:06 Joubu                1292         return wantarray ? ( $host, $hostfld->subfield('g') ) : $host;
16:06 cait                 so i tested with simpler code
16:05 cait                 I was trying to dial it back to... let's see what biblio.get_marc_host actually is to see how i coudl fix it
16:05 cait                 yeah that explodes
16:05 cait                 +[% IF ( biblio.get_marc_host ) %]In: [% FOREACH entry IN biblio.get_marc_host %][% entry.title | html %][% IF ( entry.subtitle ) %][% FOREACH subtitle IN entry.subtitle.split(' | ') %][% subtitle | html %][% END %][% END %][% entry.part_number | html %] [% entry.part_name | html %]<br>[% END %][% END %]
16:05 cait                 ah I see
16:05 Joubu                last patch, in the notice
16:05 Joubu                I don't know what you are trying, and you send me this bug number
16:05 cait                 can you show me where?
16:04 Joubu                I don't know, it's in the bug you paste
16:04 cait                 i didn't do that?
16:04 Joubu                well, it does not read correct, because of the list context
16:04 Joubu                this is not correct
16:04 Joubu                % FOREACH entry IN biblio.get_marc_host %]
16:03 cait                 3150
16:03 Joubu                What are you trying to do?
16:03 Joubu                [
16:03 cait                 I expected the dump to work, but it explodes there too
16:03 cait                 I figured as much, but I am not sure how to not make the TT explode
16:01 Joubu                1292         return wantarray ? ( $host, $hostfld->subfield('g') ) : $host;
16:01 Joubu                cait: the method returns a list in list context
16:01 Joubu                cait: the methods return a list in list context
16:00 * cait               gives up on her TT issue
15:59 MatthewBlenkinsop[m] Yes ignore me, I accidentally checked out from a branch where I'd already applied some of the tree rather than from master
15:57 Joubu                the order is: 32923, 32806, 32939, 32925, 32981, 32983, 32991
15:57 Joubu                MatthewBlenkinsop[m]: re 32939 - I don't think you need 32981, it needs to be applied later
15:15 cait                 but 773$a is something somehting title... so it does access the field
15:15 cait                 ERROR PROCESSING TEMPLATE: undef error - something something title at input text line 7. <
15:14 cait                 gives me the "Error processing template error again
15:14 cait                 <hr>[% END %]
15:14 cait                 [% biblio.title %] [% Dumper.dump(biblio.get_marc_host) %]
15:14 cait                 [% FOREACH biblio IN biblios %]
15:12 cait                 that... output a ton of things
15:07 cait                 and thx for debugging guidance
15:07 cait                 let me add that :)
15:07 cait                 ok
15:04 Joubu                git grep "USE Dumper"
15:04 Joubu                [% USE Dumper %]
15:03 cait                 ERROR PROCESSING TEMPLATE: undef  :(
15:01 cait                 once
15:01 cait                 thx, I feel ilke I knew that one
15:00 Joubu                cait: [% Dumper.dump(struct) %]
15:00 paulderscheid[m]     I will make some time this week. But not today.
15:00 Joubu                The hard case if the EBSCO part, you will need credential, and it's not covered by tests (yes it's bad)
14:59 cait                 dumper... for TT?
14:59 Joubu                To test you can run the cypress tests that cover most of the module, and you can also CRUD the different things from the UI.
14:59 cait                 to see the data structure?
14:59 cait                 is there a way to dump what it returns?
14:59 cait                 I am trying to use get_marc_host in the letter templates
14:59 Joubu                The important bit is the technical part, the UI changes are minor.
14:58 Joubu                There are several bugs. There are some instruction in the commit messages.
14:56 paulderscheid[m]     <Joubu> "I've rebased the whole ERM..." <- Did you write a test plan?
14:25 cait                 I need to spend more time in there
14:24 cait                 i barely know what is where
14:24 cait                 I am not feeling confident restesting the whole ERM right now :(
14:23 Joubu                Can it get some attention this week please?
14:23 Joubu                this is 35 patches above master, and it blocks new enhancements
14:22 Joubu                I've rebased the whole ERM refactoring branch on top of master, and some other fixes - https://gitlab.com/joubu/Koha/-/commits/bug_32991
14:20 ashimema             but I've not had a moment to try it yet
14:20 ashimema             I have a feeling the git checkout stuff still needs some fixes
14:20 ashimema             ptfs-e's should be working
14:19 Joubu                I think ptfs-e's are ok
14:18 Joubu                biblibre's do not have the fix to attach the SO patches
14:18 cait                 does soemoen kow the status of the sandboxes?
13:52 cait                 waht about small things? ;)
13:30 tcohen               meaning don't expect me to push big things today
13:30 tcohen               holiday here, but trying to help with bugs for the maintenance releases
13:29 tcohen               hola #koha o/
12:36 marcelr              o/
12:35 cait                 pass
12:33 ashimema             at global_21.1114000.js:154:1 in the console a fair bit
12:33 ashimema             I see Uncaught ReferenceError: enquire is not defined
12:33 ashimema             did I imagine a bug around enquire js in the opac
12:30 cait1                I seem to remember a bug that it should be changed to desc (newer records first) - but not finding it
12:25 AnkeB                cait1 thank you - I'd never have thought of the biblionumber ;-) The sorting is ascendent.
12:21 huginn               04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=32447 minor, P5 - low, ---, a.roussos, Needs Signoff , In items table barcode column can not be filtered
12:21 huginn               04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=33012 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Accessibility: Some navigation items in OPAC cannot be accessed by keyboard (search history, log out)
12:21 cait1                oleonard: I have 2 bugs I'd like your opinion on too... bug 33012 and bug 32447
12:19 magnuse              cait++
12:18 cait1                easy said :)
12:18 oleonard             Don't apologize for being good at your job :)
12:18 cait1                actually I wanted to return the favor, didn#t set out to fail anything, I swear!
12:17 cait1                sorry oleonard :(
12:17 oleonard             cait1++
12:17 oleonard             cait1's QA keeping me humble today
12:17 cait1                AnkeB: if you have same author/same relevance the second sort criteria is the biblionumber (i forget if asc or desc)
12:16 cait1                AnkeB: the second sorting criteria is the biblionumber
12:15 cait1                hehe
12:15 * oleonard           scoffs at anyone who foolishly tries to eat or rest
12:11 cait1                i go to lunch and miss all the cool stuff? boo :)
12:06 domm[m]              magnuse: thanks!
12:02 paulderscheid[m]     <magnuse> "domm: https://github.com/..." <- Cool stuff
12:00 oleonard             o/
11:55 magnuse              domm[m]: and there is AuthorityBox: https://koha-community.org/koha-community-newsletter-april-2019/#boxbib
11:52 magnuse              can't find a live example now, though
11:52 magnuse              domm[m]: https://github.com/JSahlberg/Alex-plugin-koha pulls data from https://www.alex.se/?lang=en and displays it in a box on detail pages:
11:49 paulderscheid[m]     No problem. That's what a community is all about, right? :)
11:48 domm[m]              paulderscheid: thanks a lot! We'll take a look at this approach, and maybe use and/or adopt it :-)
11:44 AnkeB                I can't even find out what the default second sorting level is - it is obviously neither the author nor the title, anyhow.
11:42 paulderscheid[m]     Feel free to adapt, its GPL after all.
11:42 paulderscheid[m]     Never even looked at this code before. Interesting :D
11:41 paulderscheid[m]     We have this include: https://github.com/LMSCloud/Koha-LMSCloud/blob/master/koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/bootstrap/en/includes/additional-offer-facets.inc... (full message at <https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/mihIUaixCpKZzaXqeVUQSqWd>)
11:41 magnuse              a couple of interesting plugins spring to mind, though. let me see...
11:41 AnkeB                Hi, does anyone know what the second level for sorting in the OPAC results list is and if this is configurable? In the parameters I only find OPACdefaultSortField and OPACdefaultSortOrder for the first sorting level.
11:41 magnuse              domm[m]: nothing from https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Easy_integration_of_external_data_RFC was ever implemented, as far as i know...
11:34 domm[m]              thanks!
11:28 paulderscheid[m]     I'll search for the implementation real quick.
11:28 paulderscheid[m]     https://sb-duisburg.lmscloud.net/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?idx=kw%2Cwrdl&q=test&limit=&weight_search=1
11:28 paulderscheid[m]     We don't merge them into the search results. Instead it looks like we request the search string on the external APIs and bundle the results in a separate view.
11:25 paulderscheid[m]     Sec
11:25 domm[m]              paulderscheid: and how are the API results merged into the local results?
11:24 paulderscheid[m]     <domm[m]> "I've stumbled upon this: https:/..." <- Have to read that up on this later
11:22 paulderscheid[m]     AFAIK we just make API-Requests to those vendors. They have passable APIs implemented.
11:20 cait                 off to lunch
11:20 cait                 and LMSCloud has some things for Munchinger I think? paulderscheid[m] might know
11:20 cait                 there are some implementations of presenting data from other resources in Koha - overdrive
11:19 cait                 I am not sure if it resulted in any bugs/features implemented
11:19 cait                 hm it looks like magnuse was working on ths in 2012
11:18 domm[m]              I've stumbled upon this: https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Easy_integration_of_external_data_RFC   and we might need something like this (i.e. from the OPAC, send searches to various external data sources, and combine the results with the local catalogue). Is this RFC implemented? or something similar?
10:08 cait                 was so lonely here yesterday
10:08 cait                 ah, it's alive!
09:21 paulderscheid[m]     Morning #koha
09:01 ashimema             Morning
08:39 magnuse              kia ora cait!
08:08 cait                 good morning #koha!
07:49 wahanui              bonjour, alex_
07:49 alex_                Bonjour
07:29 reiveune             hello
07:19 magnuse              \o/
06:40 mtj                  dcook: many thanks for the patches :)
05:55 mtj                  aah ok, makes sense
05:53 huginn               04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=32975 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to master , Error in package.json's definition of css:build vs css:build:prod
05:53 dcook                bug 32975
05:51 dcook                Owen has an open bug report for that I think...
05:51 dcook                mtj: Actually, what it probably is... I think the yarn commands we were using built the dev versions instead of the prod versions
05:51 dcook                Or actually..
05:50 dcook                mtj: oleonard is probably the person to ask for that one
05:30 mtj                  perhaps different node/yarn versions give diff results?
05:29 mtj                  i was wondering if they are missing, or not...
05:28 mtj                  https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/attachment.cgi?id=146995
05:28 mtj                  hi dcook, can you remember how/where the map files came from?
04:30 mtj                  hey people
01:06 tuxayo               eythian: hi :)