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05:54 dcook            @later tell ashimema You know me... if there's something weird and obscure, I'll obsess over it for hours. Fun playing with the Makefile in the end...
05:54 huginn           dcook: The operation succeeded.
07:21 magnuse__        dcook++
07:21 magnuse          \o/
07:29 Joubu            obsession++ :D
07:39 reiveune         hello
07:39 wahanui          hello, reiveune
07:55 Joubu            @later tell tcohen do you agree with dcook on 32612?
07:55 huginn           Joubu: The operation succeeded.
07:59 alex_            Bonjour
08:22 Joubu            ashimema, tcohen: /api/v1/patrons?_page=1&_per_page=20&q=[{"-and":[[{"me.sort1":{"like":"%foo%"}}]]}]
08:22 Joubu            Koha::Patron->to_api_mapping: 1962         sort1               => 'statistics_1',
08:22 Joubu            Is this supposed to work? (it works)
08:22 ashimema         er...
09:08 lds              hi
09:56 * ashimema       is testing Makefile.PL changes.. and realises it's absolutely ages since I've run through an install from source
11:13 Joubu            @later tell tcohen where are we at moving our rest api specs to openapi v3? no bug number yet it seems
11:13 huginn           Joubu: The operation succeeded.
11:24 oleonard         Hi #koha
11:35 ashimema         hi oleonard
11:35 wahanui          hi oleopard
12:04 tcohen           hola #koha
12:05 tcohen           Joubu: I haven't filed a bug for that yet
12:07 Joubu            tcohen: what about the other question? sort1 vs statistics_1
12:08 * cait           waves
12:08 tcohen           sorry, I read my backlog in reverse order LOL
12:08 tcohen           why are we building KTD this often?
12:08 tcohen           is it built on each push to master??
12:09 tcohen           we need to save the planet
12:09 Joubu            tcohen: push to misc4dev and qa-tools IIRC
12:09 tcohen           ah, ok
12:09 tcohen           I mean...
12:09 tcohen           about dcook's comment
12:10 tcohen           it is correct and the most elegant way to do it but...
12:10 tcohen           I still don't like that we don't have a nice way to patch configs...
12:11 Joubu            won't it be overridden on upgrade?
12:11 tcohen           no
12:11 Joubu            log4perl config?
12:12 tcohen           we tweak it in koha-common.postinst
12:12 tcohen           neverming
12:12 tcohen           nevermind
12:12 tcohen           yeah, I agree with dcook
12:12 tcohen           and it needs to be added in koha-common.postinst
12:12 Joubu            ok, it's not nice but it's done
12:13 tcohen           I mean, it is what we've come up with a few years ago and we are using it
12:13 tcohen           exactly
12:16 tcohen           Joubu: batman (the OpenAPI plugin maintainer) is easily approached on IRC, and he has already downloaded Koha's spec and tried a few things to fix the plugin, so if there's an open problem just contact him
12:17 Joubu            I am trying to avoid rabbit holes...
12:18 tcohen           he's exactly the opposite
12:18 tcohen           he acts, fixes, and mtj builds fairly easily
12:19 Joubu            given his answer on the bug, V2 is not a much maintained, and we need to focus on the v3 move
12:21 tcohen           I read 'this report was about v3, please ask me on IRC or file a new one if it is about v2'
12:23 tcohen           now that I read the whole thread I think you're correct and there won't be a fix upstream
12:23 tcohen           so
12:24 tcohen           maybe we should do it ourselves
12:24 tcohen           in V1.pm
12:24 tcohen           V1/Auth.pm
12:25 Joubu            yes, my point was: focus on v3 move instead ;) Hence my other question about its status.
12:26 tcohen           it should be trivial but boring (because of the splitted files, etc)
12:26 tcohen           and it will break all plugins implementing endpoints
12:27 tcohen           so we need a path, maybe release API v2
12:27 Joubu            we could define it for each route
12:27 Joubu            but yes, even more boring
12:27 tcohen           on VSCode (which I use) there's a redocly plugin
12:27 tcohen           that would just convert to v3
12:28 tcohen           and redocly (which we use for api.koha-community.org) has CLI tools to convert
12:28 tcohen           when building the site, it actually converts the spec heh
13:06 paulderscheid[m] Hi #koha
13:06 paulderscheid[m] Don't want to interrupt your discussion but how do I define refs in a koha-plugin?
13:06 paulderscheid[m] I have a solution but I hate it.
13:06 paulderscheid[m] Or better, in a koha-plugin's openapi spec..
13:08 * cait           waves
13:09 paulderscheid[m] Hi cait
13:34 zb               does someone have pointers to documentation on good policies / best practices re deletion/anonymization of old borrowers in koha?
13:37 zb               note to self: https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Improve_data_protection_and_patron_privacy seems relevant
13:42 cait             zb: I believe the cleanup_database has an option now
13:42 cait             and there is a script for deleting expired patrons
13:42 cait             delete_patrons I think
13:42 cait             you'll need both, a deleted patron is moved from borrowers to deleted_borrowers, eventually you won#t both cleaned up
13:45 zb               is it possible to anonymize borrower information after it has been moved to deleted_borrowers?
13:46 zb               (after the “deleting” ie. move has already been done)
13:46 cait             I am not sure if we have that at the moment
13:47 cait             it would also be something we'd be interested in
13:47 zb               +1
13:47 cait             the question might be about defining what info to keep and what to delete
13:47 cait             easier to have a keep-list than a delete-list and make that configurable possibly
14:06 magnuse__        my git-brain is failing me... lets say i have a branch with some commits for local koha-customizations based on koha v20.05.05. now i want to update those commits and have them on top of tag v22.05.09. what is the bast way to do that? merge, rebase, cherry-pick?
14:15 cait             git rebae -i now-tag --onto then-tag
14:15 cait             puts yours on top
14:15 cait             git rebase -i v.22.11.01 --onto v22.11.02
14:24 magnuse__        thanks, i'll have a look in that direction!
14:29 cait             i always do our brnches this way :)
16:04 reiveune         bye