Time  Nick           Message
07:21 ashimema       dcook++
07:22 ashimema       Thanks for running with the makefile stuff dcook. I ran out of time to get further with that yesterday, so great you picked it up and got it refined:-)
07:31 reiveune       hello
07:41 magnuse        \o/
09:39 KotH           a wonderful good morning
09:40 KotH           i seem to have, again, problems with the db update. it seems like some updates were not applied correctly
09:40 KotH           where does koha store what version the db is supposed to be?
09:44 Joubu          yes, in Koha.pm
09:45 ashimema       we compare the version in Koha.pm to the version in the system preferences table
09:48 KotH           merci!
09:49 KotH           hmm.. my current version is set as 22.1102000 but some changes from where not applied :-/
09:50 KotH           is there a way to check whether the db schema is consistent with the supposed version?
09:52 Joubu          select value from systempreferences where variable="version";
09:52 KotH           yes, that returns 22.1102000
09:53 Joubu          do you have access to the Koha UI?
09:53 Joubu          ha
09:53 KotH           yes
09:53 Joubu          your DB is missing a column?
09:54 KotH           yes, items.exclude_from_local_holds_priority, deleteditems.exclude_from_local_holds_priority and categories.exclude_from_local_holds_priority were missing
09:54 KotH           after running the commands by hand, things work fine again
09:55 Joubu          hum weird, you should have seen error during the upgrade process
09:56 Joubu          since the upgrade is stopped if something went wrong, before we just displayed a warning that was easy to miss/ignore
09:56 KotH           could be that i missed it then
09:56 Joubu          you should dump the DB structure and compare it with the expected kohastructure.sql
09:57 KotH           thanks, will do that!
09:57 Joubu          koha-dump --schema-only
09:58 Joubu          and compare the output with installer/data/mysql/kohastructure.sql
09:58 Joubu          you will certainly notice a lot of difference because of the COMMENT part
09:58 Joubu          The patch on bug 32334 is supposed to help in your situation, but it's not integrated into master yet
09:58 huginn         04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=32334 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, m.de.rooy, Needs Signoff , Sync comments in database with schema
10:05 KotH           grmpf... there are quite a few differences
10:05 KotH           some of them cosmetic (like missing comments on colums) but quite a few are not
10:06 KotH           i have to look a bit more closely, though, as the two files are not ordered the same way :-/
11:09 Joubu          tcohen: regarding onboarding.t failures from last yesterday, looks like there is a network issue on Docker_7, any ideas how to investigate the problem?
11:10 Joubu          s/last//
11:10 Joubu          there is only one yesterday, right? :D
11:27 KotH           depends on the timeline :-P
11:34 PedroAmorim[m] oleonard: I was able to reproduce the issue you were having with https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=30719 and I'm working on a fix. Thanks!
11:34 huginn         04Bug 30719: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, pedro.amorim, Needs Signoff , ILL should provide the ability to create batch requests
11:36 oleonard       o/
11:42 mtj            hi Joubu, would you be interested in fixing some of the failing builds on docker7?
11:45 mtj            d7 seems to fail when running newer OS images, like deb12,ub22 etc
11:45 Joubu          mtj: Koha_Master was failing there yesterday
11:45 Joubu          mtj: what should I do?
11:46 mtj            hm, d3 seems to be ok... lets compare os/packages between d3 and d7
12:06 tcohen         hi all
12:06 tcohen         mtj: should we just delete Docker_5?
12:07 tcohen         it's been around too long disabled
12:08 mtj            tcohen: its a mystery node - i cant remember who is the contact person for it
12:08 tcohen         I'll go delete it
12:08 mtj            its got an impressive uptime, nearly 2 years
12:08 tcohen         I think it was joonas?
12:08 mtj            aah ok
12:24 marcelr        o/
12:27 mtj            later tell khall_, hi, sorry to miss you yesterday
12:39 tcohen         \o
12:44 PedroAmorim[m] oleonard: I created 32768 and added you the CC list I hope that's okay!
12:44 PedroAmorim[m] oleonard++
12:44 oleonard       Yup!
12:46 magnuse        bug 32768
12:46 huginn         04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=32768 trivial, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , Autocomplete suggestions container should always be on top of other UI elements
12:47 oleonard       Anyone know if KTD can be configured to set an access_dirs setting?
13:04 tcohen         why wouldn't
13:22 tcohen         Joubu++
13:22 tcohen         ashimema++
13:23 tcohen         khall++
13:23 tcohen         kidclamp++
13:23 tcohen         matts++
13:23 tcohen         love pushing this patches, you make it easy
13:27 Joubu          Was it expected to enable captcha when editing a page on the wiki during the upgrade to the new version?
13:27 ashimema       hmm
13:27 ashimema       don't think so
13:27 ashimema       I've not seen a captcha?
13:28 ashimema       in other things.. can anyone remember what we decided regards page-section and h2 headings..
13:28 ashimema       inside or outside?
13:29 Joubu          it depends? :D
13:30 Joubu          https://annuel.framapad.org/p/koha-styleguide-draft
13:30 Joubu          What about headings?
13:30 Joubu          h1 should be outside of the page section, same for toolbars
13:30 Joubu          h2... can be inside page section
13:30 Joubu          "can"!
13:30 ashimema       lol
13:30 ashimema       thanks
13:30 ashimema       I was just looking for my link to that page 🙂
13:30 ashimema       We really need to get this style guide formalised a bit and written down somewhere proper
13:32 tcohen         oh, it seems I missed interesting conversations
13:32 Joubu          you missed everything!
13:33 ashimema       lol
13:35 tcohen         did you decide to go OpenAPIv3 and rewrite all .pl as Mojo controllers?????
13:51 tcohen         cait++
13:57 tcohen         Joubu: is there a 'Lazy RM list of things he should recap'
14:01 Joubu          context? for the release?
14:07 tcohen         I think I missed a dev meeting
14:07 tcohen         and didn't know about that style guide draft either
14:09 Joubu          this is older than the last dev meeting
14:09 tcohen         exactly
14:09 tcohen         :-D
14:10 tcohen         ok, I've just pushed the Day.js patches
14:10 Joubu          QA email from cait1, on Nov 1st
14:10 tcohen         in case dev docs need tweaking
14:10 tcohen         I will now shift my attention to the compiled files removal
14:11 Joubu          I don't think so, we were not using momentjs directly anyway
14:11 Joubu          tcohen: did you see ktd#61?
14:12 Joubu          hum, maybe not 61
14:13 Joubu          https://gitlab.com/koha-community/koha-testing-docker/-/merge_requests/410
14:13 Joubu          61 is for misc4dev - https://gitlab.com/koha-community/koha-misc4dev/-/merge_requests/57
14:19 cait1          reading back
14:20 Joubu          tcohen, mtj: Docker_7 is now on D11
14:21 cait1          ah ok, no question, just mentions :)
14:22 ashimema       Happy PQA day cait1
14:24 Joubu          mtj: was it expected to have Koha_Master running on D7?
14:25 Joubu          tcohen: you can clearly see why we need the pipeline stuff on jenkins, the number of jobs enqueued now is insane...
14:26 Joubu          and it does not make sense to run all of them as we actually need the result of the last ones
14:27 tcohen         I'm not sure what you mean Joubu, sorry
14:27 Joubu          https://snipboard.io/vCG7Rc.jpg
14:27 tcohen         yes yes
14:27 tcohen         but
14:27 Joubu          Koha_Master is running and another one is enqueued
14:27 tcohen         each run is supposed to notify the patch authors they broke something
14:28 Joubu          supposed to, the emails are not sent... :D
14:29 Joubu          which is certainly a problem with the host config
14:29 tcohen         err
14:29 Joubu          does that mean you are going to push 1 bug at a time?
14:29 tcohen         I tested it to work after the move
14:29 tcohen         Joubu: hahaa
14:29 tcohen         no
14:30 tcohen         if we push a batch, all authors will be notified they might be culprit
14:30 Joubu          19:53:33 Sending e-mails to: koha-qa-team@theke.io
14:30 Joubu          19:53:33 ERROR: Couldn't connect to host, port: localhost, 25; timeout 60000
14:30 Joubu          19:53:33 com.sun.mail.util.MailConnectException: Couldn't connect to host, port: localhost, 25; timeout 60000;
14:31 tcohen         that's super bad
14:31 tcohen         how did it get reset
14:31 Joubu          I would be in favor of less pushes, less builds.
14:31 Joubu          anyway, not a discussion for now
14:32 tcohen         I feel like pushing 20+ patches or so at a time is fine
14:33 ashimema       I think my guys could do with reducing their pushes a bit..
14:33 Joubu          then jenkins is stuck
14:33 mtj            hi Joubu, perhaps an option is that *-full builds trigger all others?
14:33 ashimema       whilst they're still new to it all they've been pushing a patch at a time and slowly building to a few patches.. time to get them up to around that 20 mark like Tomas suggests
14:33 Joubu          and your day will be off when jenkins will publish the result, and master will be unstable until... tomorrow? 2 days later? who knows.
14:34 Joubu          And this happens for stable as well
14:35 tcohen         Joubu: do you think we should only trigger one task; and then, daily run a full pipeline that runs all the things?
14:35 mtj            perhaps makes no sense to start all stable builds, until stable-full has passed?
14:36 Joubu          I would go with triggering the pipeline when something is pushed (so 1 full, then small runs in parallel, and finally CPAN, like test_pipeline)
14:37 Joubu          but we also need something to prevent rmaints from pushing several times in the same hour
14:37 mtj            i like your idea Joubu
14:38 mtj            perhaps hve jenkins cancel pending builds, if a new one is created
14:38 ashimema       it would be trivial to change the rmaint builds to only check for pushes once an our
14:38 ashimema       we use polling already.. set to every 5 minutes
14:38 mtj            sure ^
14:39 ashimema       but yeah.. I am trying to teach my team to slow down on pushes a bit 😜
14:39 Joubu          the only thing that bothers me with the pipeline, is that CPAN will be shown green (the badge of the last build) if the pipeline failed
14:39 ashimema       well.. group them rather than slow them
14:39 mtj            we have a many options, just need to decide on the best strategy
14:40 Joubu          ashimema: yes, but otoh you don't want to wait for 1h when you push something
14:40 Joubu          well, 2 hours, 1 (max) that will trigger and 1 for the run
14:40 ashimema       true
14:41 ashimema       but then, at the moment because we queue up a tonne we're waiting well over that to get the latest build anyway
14:41 ashimema       so it wouldn't actually make much difference in real terms right now
14:41 Joubu          mtj: removing Koha_Master from D7, it's failing
14:41 Joubu          and cancelling the current run
14:44 Joubu          ashimema: unless we teach rmaints to reduce the number of pushes ;)
14:44 ashimema       I'm on that already 😜
14:44 mtj            https://plugins.jenkins.io/PrioritySorter/
14:45 mtj            we could give 'full' builds a high priority
14:46 mtj            ...so they go to the start of the pending build queue
14:48 Joubu          and things are never processed, or very late.
14:55 oleonard       No takers on Bug 32605, eh?
14:55 huginn         04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=32605 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Restore some form styling from before the redesign
14:56 mtj            Joubu: the lower priority builds run later, thats a good thing
15:20 tcohen         Joubu: I've set SMTP again, not sure why it was empty :-D
15:31 caroline       Hi all! I want to introduce hammat. He's been working with us for a while, but only recently started on Koha. I'm sure you've seen his name on bugzilla
15:32 ashimema       Hi hammut
15:32 oleonard       Hi hammat! Welcome!
15:32 ashimema       'My names Martin, and I'm a #koha addict'
15:32 caroline       lol!
15:33 ashimema       glad to see we got the docs stuff working for you yesterday caroline..
15:33 ashimema       and many thanks for sorting out my mess with images.. glad to hear it worked locally for you too.. something funky going on there.. but it looks much better now :
15:34 caroline       It was really weird, I have no idea what the problem was unfortunately, so we'll have to experiment more
15:37 hammat_        Hi everyone i am glad to be a part of this group. Thank you for the welcome.
16:08 reiveune       bye
16:50 cait1          welcome hammat :) and bye all, cya tomorrow!
16:52 PedroAmorim[m] hi hammat
17:11 davidnind      Hi hammat! Welcome!
17:13 davidnind      oleonard: I'll have a go at bug 32605 this morning, unless someone beats me to it!
17:13 huginn         04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=32605 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Restore some form styling from before the redesign
17:14 oleonard       Thanks davidnind!
17:28 khall          thanks for the SO davidnind !
17:29 cait[m]        khall: just read your comment on the edit items bug - I'll try to keep the Friday promise
17:30 khall          thanks cait[m] !
21:58 emlam          Hi all, I'm trying to test bug 32558, but I'm not sure how to do step 5 of the test plan
21:58 huginn         04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=32558 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Allow background_jobs_worker.pl to process multiple jobs simultaneously up to a limit
21:58 emlam          5) Run background_jobs_worker.pl with parameter -p 3 or some other    number of max processes
22:01 emlam          Is anyone around who can help me out with how to run the background worker with max processes as a parameter?
22:07 caroline       emlam, I'm not an expert, but I think you need to go into a terminal and run `./misc/background_jobs_worker.pl -p 3`
22:09 emlam          That's what I thought, but then I get a message that the parameter isn't recognized
22:09 caroline       Did you apply the patch?
22:10 emlam          yup
22:10 caroline       hm... yeah I don't see it either... there's only --queue
22:11 caroline       oh there it is
22:11 caroline       -m ?
22:11 caroline       'm|max-processes=i' => \$max_processes,
22:11 emlam          That did it! Thanks! :)
22:12 emlam          caroline++
22:12 caroline       woot!
22:12 emlam          Where did you look to find that?
22:13 caroline       I opened the file in vim and looked for max processes
22:13 caroline       In you QA notes, can you add that they should document it in the help section of the script?
22:13 caroline       if you run -h, there's only --queue, -m should also be in there
22:14 emlam          Will do
22:14 caroline       thanks! emlam++
23:47 lukeg          cait++
23:47 cait[m]        hm?
23:53 lukeg          QAing and testing all the things
23:54 cait[m]        lukeg++ caroline++ it's all of us together