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00:17 mtj              hi folks, im about
00:17 mtj              hi lukeg, tcohen
00:21 mtj              ill do the releases now
03:53 mtj              hi dcook, i do have a script to fix the 'debian/control out of date' problem
03:54 mtj              ..i wrote it some time ago, but did not put it live :/
03:55 mtj              ill make sure to do it today
04:03 dcook            thanks mtj :D
04:17 dcook            mtj: Although even with the updated control file I'm having the worst time trying to build this thing..
04:17 dcook            Couldn't get it to build on Debian Bullseye
04:17 dcook            Managed to build it on Ubuntu Jammy, but reprepro doesn't like how Ubuntu builds the packages
04:18 dcook            And it takes 12.5 minutes to build it on Ubuntu. Blech...
04:21 mtj              dcook: koha-common installs ok on deb11
04:21 dcook            I'm so curious how that's possible
04:21 dcook            It should get a package conflict
04:21 mtj              ..so looks like the  libtest-dbix-class-perl problem is specific to docker image
04:21 dcook            I've looked at regular VMs and they have that package too
04:23 dcook            libossp-uuid-perl is on all my Debian systems
04:23 dcook            Not on the Ubuntu ones though
04:23 mtj              https://cdn.artifacts.gitlab-static.net/3e/0f/3e0f4c65baaeb69b0992155d7c5f5122e75b067b732a7bab543c0f08e1dcfcad/2023_01_11/3583867908/3920183667/job.log?response-content-type=text%2Fplain%3B%20charset%3Dutf-8&response-content-disposition=inline&Expires=1673411152&KeyName=gprd-artifacts-cdn&Signature=SDPXSDK4J0Et87hSGEppu79U7sg=
04:23 mtj              thats a basic 'apt install koha-common' on deb11
04:24 dcook            How is the deb11 created?
04:24 mtj              'Pulling docker image debian:bullseye ...'
04:24 dcook            That's interesting
04:25 mtj              hope it helps
04:25 dcook            I'll try pulling down a later debian:bullseye
04:26 dcook            I imagine at some point we'll want to replace reprepro as well. I don't think it's been updated in a long time..
04:28 dcook            Actually... I'm installing some tools first and it looks like one of those is installing libossp-uuid-perl..
04:28 dcook            They're all tools needed to build packages though..
04:34 mtj              hmm, try using pbuilder
04:34 dcook            I've tried before but it doesn't work the way I want to use it
04:34 dcook            I think the way I do things overall is better :p
04:34 dcook            Except of course when I bump into little things like this heh
04:36 mtj              exactly
04:37 dcook            Looks like it's the devscripts
04:37 dcook            mtj: On the plus side, it makes me think more ;)
04:41 mtj              dcook: the better way to build a pkg, is to start with a pristine OS
04:42 dcook            O_o
04:42 dcook            It's normal to have build tools and deps when you're building a package
04:44 mtj              yes, i agree :)
04:45 mtj              i guess you have added extra build tools and deps, that has caused a problem
04:45 dcook            I don't think there are any extra
04:46 dcook            Or rather, I don't specify any extra
04:46 dcook            Looking in deeper now
04:46 dcook            And really the problem is libtest-dbix-class-perl :p
04:46 dcook            I don't think we should be installing libtest-dbix-class-perl in the prod package, but I see why we do it
04:47 dcook            Kind of seems like the recommendations for devscripts are being installed and not just the dependencies, but let's see..
04:48 dcook            Not sure why my older unrelated Debian systems have libossp-uuid-perl installed..
04:48 dcook            But unrelated..
04:50 mtj              i dont think we should install libtest-dbix-class-perl pkg too
04:51 dcook            Maybe we should have a separate package like koha-test that is installed into koha-testing-docker but isn't needed otherwise
04:52 mtj              all the test* packages are getting included via cpanfile
04:53 dcook            They're all Recommends though
04:53 mtj              dcook: curious... why do you have libossp-uuid-perl installed?
04:53 mtj              apt-cache rdepends --installed libossp-uuid-perl
04:54 dcook            rdepends isn't super useful there
04:54 dcook            https://packages.debian.org/bullseye/devscripts
04:54 dcook            Recommends libsoap-lite-perl
04:54 dcook            https://packages.debian.org/bullseye/libsoap-lite-perl
04:54 dcook            It depends on libossp-uuid-perl
04:54 dcook            In theory I might be able to install devscripts without recommends but.. I think I'll just hack on my debian/control file a bit more
04:59 mtj              dcook: im building the pkgs from a deb9 pbuilder instance, so that might explain the differences btw us
05:00 dcook            A deb9 pbuilder? Wouldn't those packages be rather old at this point?
05:00 dcook            I'm surprised you wouldn't have more issues..
05:03 dcook            I think pbuilder probably is a better way to go overall but I've gone off on my own path...
05:12 mtj              re: using a deb9 env... ive been planning to bump to deb10 after u18 goes EOL
05:15 mtj              i dont quite trust 'upgrading' from deb9 to u18 pbuilder env
05:20 mtj              dcook: i like your idea of a koha-tests pkg
05:21 mtj              ..would be good to skip them for prod, and devs can use koha-test pkg in docker
05:22 mtj              re reprepro, i think there is a plan to switch to aptly
05:31 dcook            I keep meaning to look at aptly more..
05:38 dcook            Ah yes no end of problems running pbuilder in a container. I think this is why I didn't do it before heh
05:45 mtj              dcook: a docker container, or other?
05:45 dcook            docker container
05:46 dcook            I recall that Jonathan and Tomas use pdebuild in a container I think but I don't know if they make the basetgz in the container or if they do that on the host..
05:50 mtj              https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=930684
05:51 dcook            Yeah I've skimmed that one a bit
05:51 mtj              might be fixed here https://packages.debian.org/bullseye-backports/debootstrap
05:52 mtj              https://packages.debian.org/bullseye/debocker
05:52 mtj              ..or swap pbuilder with debocker
05:53 mtj              i havent heard of that one ^
05:54 dcook            Well, removed libtest-dbix-class-perl and now I'm able to build using my existing methodology, so all good for now heh
05:55 dcook            Although 12 minutes still seems really slow..
05:56 mtj              its about the same time for me
05:59 mtj              dcook: ill keep a look out for a docker/pbuilder type solution
05:59 dcook            Thanks, mtj :)
06:11 mtj              debian seem to be using docker with dpkg-buildpackage, instead of pbuilder
06:13 mtj              their docker image looks minimal, with no devscripts pkgs, etc
06:14 mtj              https://salsa.debian.org/perl-team/modules/packages/libdbix-admin-createtable-perl
06:15 mtj              https://salsa.debian.org/perl-team/modules/packages/libdbix-admin-createtable-perl/-/pipelines/433838
06:15 mtj              https://salsa.debian.org/perl-team/modules/packages/libdbix-admin-createtable-perl/-/jobs/3325628
06:17 mtj              that looks like a nice general solution, for us
06:27 paxed            anyone got a script to trim or reduce a production database so it could be used for testing env?
07:32 reiveune         hello
07:32 wahanui          kia ora, reiveune
07:49 Joubu            mtj: silly question, how can we know what is the latest version packaged for a given branch?
07:56 mtj              hi Joubu
07:56 wahanui          hi Joubu are you around?
07:58 mtj              you can try 'apt policy some-package'
07:59 mtj              ..but, i think you will need to set your branch/suite before
07:59 mtj              ..in your /etc/apt/sources.d/koha.list file
07:59 mtj              then 'apt update'
08:00 * cait           waves
08:01 Joubu            mtj: without using a command
08:02 Joubu            in a browser
08:02 mtj              aah
08:03 Joubu            I think we need to make this info available on the dashboard
08:04 mtj              hi cait :)
08:06 mtj              Joubu: a great idea
08:08 Joubu            From where could we pull the info?
08:08 mtj              probably easy to scrap it from the apt website
08:08 mtj              http://debian.koha-community.org/koha/pool/main/k/koha/
08:09 ashimema         wow that pages styling is aweful now
08:09 mtj              http://debian.koha-community.org/koha/pool/main/k/koha/current.22.11
08:10 ashimema         that looks simple enough to parse...
08:10 * ashimema       goes back to school duties.. bbiab
08:11 Joubu            thanks mtj!
08:11 mtj              hi ashimema, will catch you then
08:12 Joubu            dashboard has encoding issues -  Tomás Cohen Arazi - 1
08:25 ashimema         hmm.. I bet that's to do with the recent OS upgrade of the bugzilla server.
08:32 ashimema         @seen rangi
08:32 huginn           ashimema: rangi was last seen in #koha 1 year, 30 weeks, 4 days, 12 hours, 4 minutes, and 6 seconds ago: <rangi> ive been accused of worse
08:33 * ashimema       wonders if the database encoding changed.. we had some similar issues on bugzilla itself semi-recently I seem to remember..
08:33 ashimema         I see that the dashboard does a 'SET NAMES 'utf8' and SET CHARACTER SET 'utf8' on connect
08:33 ashimema         bet we need to alter that line slghtly.
08:42 Joubu            because of mb4? is that what you mean?
08:54 mtj              yeah, i was thinking the same
08:54 mtj              i might attempt to fix the wonky layout on deb.kc.org website
08:58 mtj              ashimema: shall we sort this release now-ish?
08:59 mtj              ..and push tarballs, wordpress and pkgs
09:00 mtj              ooh, 9am... a bit early
09:13 ashimema         I'm back from the school run now
09:13 ashimema         I have a morning call then can look at things
09:14 ashimema         I "think" tarballs etc are ready.. just need copying accross
09:14 ashimema         I certainly drafted the 22.11 wordpress post so that just needs publishing
09:14 ashimema         I'll check the others during or after my call
09:37 mtj              np, ill be about for a while
10:08 ashimema         right.. sorry about that
10:08 ashimema         call ended up a bit longer than usual.. and more involved
10:08 ashimema         back now
10:09 ashimema         I'd go ahead and push the packages now..
10:09 ashimema         I'll work through the last steps to bring the tarballs in sync and publish the announcement if that's OK with you mtj
10:12 cait             ashimema++ mtj++
10:25 ashimema         still there mtj ?
10:25 ashimema         I've moved the tarballs accross, done the symlinks and published the announcements to the website
18:56 mary_            Hi I was wondering if anyone knew of a field and table that I can call on in SQL to show me the link to an item in the online public catalog?
18:57 cait[m]          you can bulid your links using the biblionumber or itemnumber
18:57 cait[m]          if you look at the reports library you will see how to do that
18:57 cait[m]          reports library?
18:58 cait[m]          there is w hole section with example v
18:58 cait[m]          https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/SQL_Reports_Library#Links
18:58 mary_            excellent thank you! =)))
20:13 caroline         How do I identify the security bugs? I'm looking at https://koha-community.org/koha-22-05-08-released/ and it's not very clear which ones are the security ones... (can DM me if it's too sensitive for IRC logs)
20:55 tcohen           tuxayo: around?
21:01 ashimema         .
21:03 tcohen           ashimema: thought you were out already
21:03 tcohen           I've made a change to ktd
21:03 tcohen           git pull; ktd pull
21:03 tcohen           :-D
21:03 ashimema         I am ;-)
21:03 tcohen           then don't
21:03 ashimema         Always here for you though tcohen
21:04 tcohen           I made a required change in ktd
21:04 tcohen           first step into the right direction for devs
21:04 tcohen           ktd --shell now puts you in a instance shell
21:04 tcohen           and ktd --root --shell in a root shell
21:05 tcohen           and the instance user is a (passwordless) sudoer as well
21:06 ashimema         Nice!
21:06 cait[m]          hm, wrong first step for me :)
21:07 cait[m]          now I will always need to escape form that shell
21:07 cait[m]          can we make git bz work in there next?
21:07 ashimema         Huh
21:07 cait[m]          git bz and git so don't work in instance shell
21:07 tcohen           cait[m]: you can ktd --root --shell
21:07 cait[m]          basiclaly everything i need :)
21:07 ashimema         I always do git bz outside of ktd entirely
21:07 tcohen           I can try
21:07 tcohen           have a few minutes before leaving for vacation
21:08 ashimema         Have a great vacation tcohen
21:08 paulderscheid[m] tcohen: Very nice
21:08 cait[m]          yep :) enjoy and relax!
21:09 ashimema         Didn't running so and bz as the ktd root user cause the permissions issues in the first place cait
21:09 cait[m]          yes
21:09 tcohen           I want cookies
21:09 cait[m]          I already filed issues!
21:09 tcohen           in exchange
21:09 cait[m]          Marseille? :)
21:10 * tcohen         gets greedy when talking about cookies
21:10 tcohen           I'm pondering cait
21:10 ashimema         Cookies and Whisky on me in Marseille
21:11 tcohen           we'll sort it out, ashimema
21:12 tcohen           jumped to 3g for the docker images download
21:12 tcohen           -.-
21:13 * ashimema       has the fun of digging back into sandboxes again tomorrow.. getting rather bogged down with sandboxes these days.. they're such a time drain
21:13 ashimema         Hugs tcohen
21:15 cait[m]          Whisky... brrrr
21:16 ashimema         Gin then cait?
21:16 cait[m]          nah, I'll stick with the cookies
21:16 tcohen           I'd go for a german gin
21:16 cait[m]          maybe a ginger beer
21:16 tcohen           monkey 47 for the win
21:17 ashimema         Black valley gin was rather nice
21:17 tcohen           ohhh, haven't tried
21:18 ashimema         I'm off the booze for January as it happens.. got a couple of nice bottle for Christmas that are calling out to me... Feb isn't too far off though :)
21:20 cait[m]          booze would be easy... cookies on the other hand...
21:23 ashimema         https://www.waitrose.com/ecom/products/highland-park-dragon-legend-single-malt-whisky-orkney-scotland/790901-625286-625287
21:23 ashimema         Looking forward to trying that one
21:23 ashimema         Hehe
21:27 tcohen           I just got a Caol Ila bottle
21:27 tcohen           giving islay a try
21:29 tcohen           so long, and thanks for all the fish
21:29 tcohen           tcohen out
21:30 tcohen           \o
21:30 cait[m]          bye :) o/
21:33 ashimema         Night night
21:41 tuxayo           hi again #koha
21:42 tuxayo           tcohen++ «ktd --shell now puts you in a instance shell»
21:51 caroline         tcohen++ enjoy your vacation!
21:54 tuxayo           oh vacations :) enjoy tcohen ^^
21:54 tuxayo           Wainui around?