Time  Nick             Message
07:12 Joubu            hum ktd broken?
07:14 Joubu            maybe not, the gitify step was super slow (?)
09:08 cait             good morning #koha
09:23 Pascal           Hello, i got an email that the koha version 22.05.07 is now available and includes one security. On the website https://koha-community.org/koha-22-05-07-released/ there isn't an security fix mentioned. Will this be added later?
09:35 ashimema         anyone else having issues with ktd coming up today?
09:36 ashimema         I'm finding the mysql container falls over?
09:36 ashimema         starts with 'mysqld: Got error 'Size of control file is smaller than expected' when trying to use aria control file '/var/lib/mysql/aria_log_control''
09:41 ashimema         Joubu did you get ktd to come up this morning?
09:46 Joubu            yes, all good
09:46 Joubu            I only pulled koha's container however
09:47 ashimema         ah.. I did a full flush
10:33 cait             Pascal: it's most likely in the release, the script for generating the release notes couldn't access it and it was probably forgotten to add it manually
10:34 cait             Pascal: most likely a mistake in release notes
11:28 tcohen           hola #koha o/
11:28 tcohen           gmcharlt: ping me when you're available to chat!
11:41 mtj              hey #koha, sorry i havent been online much this week :/
11:42 mtj              tcohen: shall we aim for a 21.11 release on monday-ish?
11:42 mtj              ..we can sort the 21.11 stuff for ktd and jenkins over the weekend
11:43 mtj              oops s/21.11/22.11/ :)
11:43 tcohen           it really depends on your available time
11:43 tcohen           to put the deps and all stuff in the debian repo
11:44 tcohen           we can tag and release tomorrow or monday. it is the same for me
11:44 mtj              hiya, i am doing that now
11:45 tcohen           oh
11:46 mtj              i think we should prep an  '22.11/testing' suite for the apt repo
11:47 ashimema         morning
11:48 mtj              we can do all the ktd/jenkins testing - then switch the suite to '22.11/stable' for golive
11:48 ashimema         mtj, once things have calmed down a little I think my infra team would love to chat to you about how the CI package builds work.. we're looking to start doing more automated package building here
11:48 mtj              hi ashimema
11:49 ashimema         also.. we're still happy to pay for some work around getting letsencrypt stuff baked in and working out of the box 😉
11:49 mtj              aah yes, im keen - sounds great
11:50 mtj              perhaps we can organise a 'team' for koha CI stuff, for the next cycle
11:50 ashimema         sounds like a great plan
11:50 mtj              3 or more people
11:51 ashimema         it would be great to spread that knowledge more and just get more people on board
11:51 ashimema         many hands make lighter work and all that
11:51 mtj              exactly
11:54 mtj              i finally got round to writing a script to generate Dockerfiles from a TT template
11:56 mtj              it seems that all docker images are now building/testing ok, from a single Dockerfile.tt
11:59 mtj              so, we should be able to reduce ktd to a single branch/single dockerfile.tt, for all images
12:01 mtj              ive been testing the ktd-arm64 images with it...
12:01 mtj              https://gitlab.com/mjames/ktd-arm64/-/blob/master/gen-dockerfiles.pl
12:01 mtj              https://gitlab.com/mjames/ktd-arm64/-/blob/master/Dockerfile.tt
12:01 mtj              https://gitlab.com/mjames/ktd-arm64/-/blob/master/.gitlab-ci.yml.tt
12:01 ashimema         nice
12:02 mtj              https://gitlab.com/mjames/ktd-arm64/-/pipelines/703777390
12:16 paulderscheid[m] That's awesome!
13:00 ashimema         cait around?
13:27 cait             kind of, meeting in 3 minutes
13:27 cait             what's up? :)
13:41 magnuse          mtj++
13:43 _hagud           Good morning.. I think there is an issue with 22.05 packages
13:43 _hagud           http://debian.koha-community.org/koha 22.05 InRelease' is not signed.
13:43 _hagud           there is not the publc key available
13:51 _hagud           sorry it is my fault
13:51 _hagud           wrong command
14:01 matts            Hi ashimema ! I've added unit tests to Bug 25812, as you requested, if you wanna have a look :)
14:01 huginn`          04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=25812 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, matthias.meusburger, Signed Off , Fines can be displayed on SIP checkin/checkout
15:30 ashimema         nice one matts
15:30 ashimema         long time now see.. hows it going?
15:31 ashimema         anyone know how to get https://koha-community.org/about/history/ fixed.. it looks funky.. and is also rather out of date
15:43 cait             hm I think that is for wizzyrea
15:43 cait             is the data in Koha newer?
16:05 ashimema         yes
17:07 tcohen           ashimema: it will be even newer at release time
17:07 tcohen           cait: how do we usually do with translations?
17:07 tcohen           I'm tempted to ask Bernardo to generate the .po today and was wondering
17:47 cait             tcohen: I have finished, i saw others have been active, but not sure how far
17:47 cait             sec
17:47 cait             and kidclamp: just got to try the search filters the fist time and : love
17:48 tcohen           es-ES is being finished, I got Rocio (Theke) translating all the UNIMARC stuff so it doesn't say it is incomplete anymore :-P
17:48 cait             same heh
17:48 cait             well... without a Rocio
17:48 cait             https://translate.koha-community.org/projects/22.11/
17:48 cait             you can sort by activity
17:49 cait             and progress, it looks like we had 4 languages actively translating today, 2 are de-DE and es-ES
17:49 cait             I think it would probably be okto ask for the files
17:50 tcohen           will do once es-ES is finished in about an hour, if there isn't activity on the others
17:50 tcohen           good idea
19:27 cait[m]          :)
19:38 reiveune         bye
20:11 cait[m]          could someone write up some release notes for the the ERM module maybe? not sure I can do it right
20:11 cait[m]          bug 32030
20:12 huginn`          04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=32030 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, RESOLVED FIXED, Electronic resource management (ERM)
20:53 cait[m]          @later tell ashimema could you write up some release notes for bug 32030 (ERM) or as someone to?
20:53 huginn`          cait[m]: The operation succeeded.
21:25 ashimema         Done
21:26 cait[m]          thank you :) ashimema++
21:26 cait[m]          thought it woudl be nice if all the new features had some notes
21:26 cait[m]          if you wanted to proof read the others... :)
21:39 cait[m]          shoudl we make bug 30952 a 'new feature' instead of enh?
21:39 huginn`          04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=30952 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Pushed to master , New design for staff interface
21:40 ashimema         Good idea
21:46 cait[m]          but then we should add some text too hm
22:27 cait[m]          good night #koha-community:matrix.org