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23:39 cait[m]                 i used the same time again for next dev  sorry for that - i think the script hasn't been run yet
23:39 huginn`                 tuxayo: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
23:39 tuxayo                  @davidnind , was a meeting scheduled for oceania-americas slot? It seems not http://irc.koha-community.org/search.pl?channel=koha&nick=&q=endmeeting
23:38 cait[m]                 yes please - hope i got it all right
23:38 tuxayo                  cait++ thanks :D will read later
23:11 huginn`                 cait[m]: The operation succeeded.
23:11 cait[m]                 @later tell tuxayo I finally updated the wiki for LTS: https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Koha_Versioning
23:10 huginn`                 cait[m]: The operation succeeded.
23:10 cait[m]                 @later tell davidnind I finally updated the wiki for LTS: https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Koha_Versioning
19:59 huberto                 Sure. I will first work out the required steps then open a bug about it. Thanks!
19:51 tcohen                  file a bug for that?
19:51 tcohen                  huberto: that's a great idea
19:46 huberto                 Now that tables are all (mostly?) loaded dynamically and use DataTables, has there been any discussion regarding the use of the "responsive" DataTables extension?
19:22 tcohen                  mtj: are we ready with packaging/dependencies for the release?
16:52 tcohen                  waiting for the images to build
16:52 tcohen                  I tried something
16:51 Joubu                   but it works if you enter into a koha-shell, then run prove
16:51 Joubu                   permissions? Which ones? I let my note somewhere, IIRC it does not work when prove it run using the -c param of koha-shell
16:50 Joubu                   tcohen: I think it happens when you up ktd without down before
16:42 tcohen                  Joubu: doesn't the problem with permissions come from misc4dev calling yarn as root or smth?
16:39 tcohen                  Joubu: how do I reproduce the apache/ports problem?
16:21 cait1                   to all status
16:21 cait1                   make sure you also extend status
16:21 cait1                   what data do you have?
16:21 cait1                   sometimes people use a different description/mail for bugzilla
16:21 ashimema                so the dashboard looks a little cleaner
16:21 * ashimema              is trying to track down users who haven't filled in their real names
16:20 cait1                   you might also want to extend the status
16:20 ashimema                as those searches come up empty
16:20 ashimema                perhaps this person has never touched anything
16:20 ashimema                hmm
16:20 cait1                   check all the checkboxes, enter name or email maybe
16:20 cait1                   advanced search - search by people
16:19 ashimema                etc
16:19 ashimema                commented, signed off
16:19 cait1                   commented?
16:19 cait1                   touched as?
16:19 cait1                   probably
16:19 ashimema                is there a way to search bugzilla for anything a particular user has touched in any way (from their login email)
16:18 ashimema                magic cait
16:03 reiveune                bye
15:27 huginn`                 tcohen: The operation succeeded.
15:27 tcohen                  @later tell marcelr can you please take care of the t/db_dependent/Koha/Item/Template.t failure?
15:18 huginn`                 tcohen: marcelr was last seen in #koha 4 days, 6 hours, 55 minutes, and 44 seconds ago: <marcelr> ok
15:18 tcohen                  @seen marcelr
14:03 matts                   Hmm, I did a fresh install this morning. They should be up to date, then, right ?
14:02 Joubu                   images*
14:02 Joubu                   Unless matts forgot to pull new ktd containers
13:58 Joubu                   just noting, it's the second time in a couple of days
13:58 Joubu                   tcohen: ^^
13:58 Joubu                   the apache prolem should have been fixed actually - https://gitlab.com/koha-community/koha-testing-docker/-/issues/282
13:57 matts                   Ok, I somehow avoided this one :)
13:56 Joubu                   SYNC_REPO I mean
13:56 Joubu                   or wrong
13:56 Joubu                   KOHA_SYNC not defined
13:56 matts                   Is there a fourth most common problem that I should know about ? :)
13:55 matts                   That did the trick, thanks :)
13:55 matts                   lol
13:55 Joubu                   that's the third most common problem :D
13:55 Joubu                   before up
13:55 Joubu                   shutdown the container
13:53 matts                   Thanks Joubu, but the next problem I have is not this one, it's another :) (AH00526: Syntax error on line 18 of /etc/apache2/ports.conf: Cannot define multiple Listeners on the same IP:port)
13:52 Joubu                   (search for "max_map_count")
13:52 Joubu                   matts: if you read the readme you will avoid the second most common problems :D
13:43 matts                   Oh, ok, thanks cait1
13:43 cait1                   linked from ktd README
13:42 cait1                   but don't know about docker itself, I've used the instructions for installing from their repo now
13:42 cait1                   mine was too low when I installed the ubuntu one I think (jammy and kinetic)
13:42 cait1                   vor docker compose you need v2
13:42 matts                   hi cait1 :)
13:42 * cait1                 waves at matts
13:41 matts                   does the trick
13:41 matts                   +            docker-compose ${COMPOSE_OPTIONS} $@
13:41 matts                   -            docker compose ${COMPOSE_OPTIONS} $@
13:41 matts                   diff --git a/bin/ktd b/bin/ktd
13:40 matts                   Ok, I found the answer. If someone needs it: 'docker compose' is not a command on my system. docker-compose, on the other hand, is.
13:34 matts                   Version 20.10.17 is available in snap. Would that do the trick ?
13:33 matts                   See 'docker --help'
13:33 matts                   unknown shorthand flag: 'f' in -f
13:33 matts                   Hi ! What version of docker should I be running for KTD ? I'm currently on the Ubuntu jammy version (Docker version 20.10.12) and 'ktd up' complains as follows :
13:30 magnuse                 cait++ Joubu++
13:28 cait1                   yes, that script works - i have used that to do full reindex
13:28 Joubu                   in most recent versions using a background job
13:27 magnuse                 i found /usr/share/koha/bin/search_tools/rebuild_elasticsearch.pl which i think i can use
13:27 Joubu                   zebraqueue is for zebra, ES indexes "on the fly"
13:27 cait1                   but others might be able to explain that better
13:26 cait1                   I think it triggers background jobs from the code directly
13:26 * magnuse               wonders what elastic does use...
13:26 magnuse                 cait1: ok!
13:25 cait1                   (using SQL)
13:24 cait1                   if you manually added that won't work
13:24 cait1                   elastic doesn't use the zebraqueue
13:18 magnuse                 cait1: i have SearchEngine = Elasticsearch. i put som biblionumbers in zebraqueue and they got marked as done = 1, but the changes in the records (added items) do not show in search results
13:16 cait1                   i think if you have = zebra, elastic doesn't get updated
13:15 cait1                   magnuse: I think both get indexed with searchengine = elastic, but that might be outdated information
13:15 cait1                   domm[m]: ok, so probably not a changed behaviour then :)
13:08 domm[m]                 cait1: I'll check 942$n etc, and there was no update to Koha
13:06 magnuse                 do entries in zebraqueue get indexed by elastic if SearchEngine = Elasticsearch? or only by zebra? is there another way to tell elastic to index something?
12:47 cait1                   and I transalted it all! ;)
12:47 Joubu                   oleonard: I bet it's bad copy/paste code from the admin/categories template
12:46 Joubu                   oleonard: nothing, that's wrong code
12:44 cait1                   domm[m]:  ^
12:40 huginn`                 04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=32291 minor, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , What is a library category?
12:40 oleonard                Joubu: Maybe you know the answer to Bug 32291? I notice you've touched related code
12:35 cait1                   you either hid them using OpacSuppression (using 942$n) or you hid them using item values (not for loan -1 or so) in OpacHiddenItems
12:34 cait1                   did you update since it worked or did it 'just' stop working?
12:34 cait1                   it's probably to do with the changed behavior of default values maybe?
12:33 domm[m]                 Hey, slightly weird question: If a librarian accepts an acquisition and turns it into an order, the biblio should stay invisible in OPAC. This seems to have worked, but now it does not (and the librarians say they didn't change anything). Does anybody know where I could start digging to figure out why a biblio (which has an item, but the item has no signature) is suddenly visible in OPAC? Or where / how to turn that off?
12:01 oleonard                a lot of lurkers!
12:00 cait1                   shows how many have switched now :)
11:55 oleonard                Welcome back [m] crew :D
11:42 huginn`                 tcohen: The operation succeeded.
11:42 tcohen                  @later tell AndrewFH you don't have the SYNC_REPO env variable set
11:39 tcohen                  hola #koha
11:35 oleonard                o/
11:03 cait1                   bbl!
11:03 cait1                   but it looks like the error is gone now
11:03 cait1                   last is a lol :)
11:03 cait1                   hm don't see it
10:35 ashimema                it it replying to me that's got you that message?
10:35 ashimema                I PM'd you a few seconds ago..
10:34 ashimema                huh
10:34 cait1                   717: has been informed that you messaged or invited them.
10:34 cait1                   716: is in +g mode (server side ignore)
10:34 cait1                   did we do something to cause this? When I message ashimema I see:
10:34 cait1                   it looks like all the matrix users have been dropped
10:34 cait1                   t
10:01 cait1                   so it's normal you don't see the email immediately
10:00 cait1                   yetyunglungTimothy[m]: the message_queue is processed every 15 minutes
09:43 Joubu                   all good :)
09:43 davewood                --queue long_tasks && --queue default are present
09:42 Joubu                   yup, ps ax to make sure you have the 2 koha-worker processes ;)
09:41 davewood                etc/init.d/koha-common restart  ... this should do the right thing I hope
09:40 Joubu                   or you just restart koha-common, that should deal with that properly
09:40 Joubu                   so either you start another worker (recommended) or you need to start it and pass the 2 queue parameters
09:39 Joubu                   without parameter I think it will only deal with 'default'
09:39 Joubu                   there are 2 queues, default and long_tasks
09:38 huginn`                 04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=27783 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, RESOLVED FIXED, Introduce background job queues
09:38 Joubu                   bug 27783, that is in 22.05
09:38 Joubu                   davewood: I think you need to specify a queue name
09:34 davewood                Joubu++
09:34 davewood                thank you for your help, we will puth the worker status in our monitoring
09:33 davewood                job status -> Finished
09:33 davewood                root@koha-geosearch:~# koha-worker --start geosearch
09:33 davewood                Joubu: worker wasnt running.
09:32 yetyunglungTimothy[m]   Sorry for my broken English...
09:32 yetyunglungTimothy[m]   What is the possible root caused for this issue ya?
09:32 yetyunglungTimothy[m]   The email I sent from KOHA still showing "PENDING", but I send mail at server terminal using "echo" command but it sent immediately..
09:32 yetyunglungTimothy[m]   is it possible to trace the process_message_queue.pl whether it is running?
09:30 ndapanda                i just wanted to know if KOHA is a free library software.. does that mean the training will be free?
09:29 yetyunglungTimothy[m]   yetyunglungTimothy[m]: wow... it success... Thanks
09:29 ndapanda                hey there
09:26 yetyunglungTimothy[m]   cait1: OK. I try again
09:26 cait1                   biblio_metadata is the table, but we name it bm so we can refer to the column within it with bm.metadata
09:25 cait1                   iblio_metadatabm missng a space here: iblio_metadata bm
09:23 Joubu                   davewood: is the worker running?
09:23 yetyunglungTimothy[m]   SELECT old_issues.*, borrowers.cardnumber, borrowers.surname,... (full message at <https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/bcBNECwMXvFIUpGnoxjsXXqN>)
09:22 yetyunglungTimothy[m]   It said -> Table 'koha_mbts.biblio_metadatabm' doesn't exist
09:20 cait1                   you are still getting b.totalissues from biblioitems, so we need to keep that as well
09:20 cait1                   new = just add the line. at the and.. not sure that was clear
09:20 yetyunglungTimothy[m]   OK. Let me try
09:19 cait1                   and then you change b.marcxml to bm.metadata
09:19 cait1                   LEFT JOIN biblio_metadatabM ON (items.biblionumber = bm.biblionumber)
09:18 cait1                   new last line:
09:18 cait1                   last line
09:18 yetyunglungTimothy[m]   🥲
09:18 cait1                   yetyunglungTimothy[m]: you also need to link a different table
09:18 cait1                   yetyunglungTimothy[m]: not quite
09:00 davewood                Joubu: I triggered a new background job while watching ` tail -f /var/log/koha/geosearch/worker-*log` ... worker-output.log and worker-error.log stay empty ... the background_jobs DB table entry looks the same as before.
08:59 yetyunglungTimothy[m]   ic.. so I just changed the b.marcxml to metadata will do, right ?
08:57 Joubu                   https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/SQL_Reports_Library - search for biblio_metadata there
08:57 Joubu                   marcxml as been moved to biblio_metadata.metadata
08:54 yetyunglungTimothy[m]   Hi, can anyone help me with this, why I getting this error - "Unknown column 'b.marcxml' in 'field list'"... (full message at <https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/suxkWDQKhvEeXJqkfsXYkqPc>)
08:54 Joubu                   /var/log/koha/$INSTANCE/worker-*
08:53 Joubu                   maybe in the log of the worker
08:53 davewood                for the record, koha runs in a lxc container, and rabbitmq runs in a separate lxc container.
08:53 davewood                I dont see an error
08:53 Joubu                   hum no error there
08:52 davewood                http://paste.scsys.co.uk/1000
08:46 Joubu                   you should see the error there
08:46 Joubu                   select data from background_jobs where id=XX;
08:46 Joubu                   if it isn't on the UI, have a look at the DB directly
08:45 Joubu                   something wrong there ;)
08:45 davewood                '/ records have successfully been reindexed. Some errors occurred.'
08:45 davewood                records have successfully been reindexed. Some errors occurred.
08:45 davewood                oh, thats a handy overview ... i see an entry "Update Elasticsearch index" progress 0/1
08:42 Joubu                   what's the status of the job?
08:42 davewood                Joubu: my rabbitmq logs shows a new connection from the koha instance right after adding a new book.
08:37 Joubu                   davewood: have a look at admin/background-jobs.pl and make sure the index jobs have been run succcessfully
08:33 davewood                koha-common/now 22.05.05-1 all [installed,upgradable to: 22.05.06-1]
08:33 Joubu                   if recent, have a look at the background jobs, are you aware of them?
08:32 Joubu                   davewood: which version of Koha are you using?
08:29 davewood                hmm ... that extra s was unfortunate and a typo. :)
08:29 davewood                cait1: yeah, I try to touch as little ass possible. currently im facing an issue where adding a new book doesnt trigger reindexing of the ES index. I have to run `koha-elasticsearch --rebuild <instancename>` to find the record.
07:51 alex_                   Bonjour
07:37 cait1                   good morning #koha
07:36 yetyunglungTimothy[m]   Joubu: ic.. ok.. Thanks for your help :)
07:31 Joubu                   yetyunglungTimothy[m]: It will modify the DB, not negatively. You should upgrade on a test system first.
07:29 reiveune                hello
07:29 yetyunglungTimothy[m]   will it affect anything if my data ?
07:24 Joubu                   you should upgrade to this version, first
07:24 Joubu                   latest 20.11 version is 20.11.19
07:22 yetyunglungTimothy[m]   https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/attachment.cgi?id=102079&action=edit
07:22 yetyunglungTimothy[m]   I'm not sure whether is something related to this "bug"
07:21 yetyunglungTimothy[m]
07:21 Joubu                   which version of Koha are you using?
07:20 Joubu                   The error is not meaningful, but I guess it means that the email cannot be sent because because the "to" value is not correct
07:18 yetyunglungTimothy[m]   showing this error
07:18 * yetyunglungTimothy[m] uploaded an image: (11KiB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/ZwgZXDQKmLQqDiFGtayvFlYn/image.png >
07:13 Joubu                   then?
07:05 yetyunglungTimothy[m]   server terminal
07:05 Joubu                   how do you run the script?
07:00 yetyunglungTimothy[m]   yetyunglungTimothy[m]: I don't see the "to" parameter in the process_message_queue.pl file...
06:58 yetyunglungTimothy[m]   Joubu: let me try to find where is the "TO"
06:56 Joubu                   remove the "to" parameter
06:55 yetyunglungTimothy[m]   because I can use postfix to send email but not at my Koha system.. The email status keep showing pending
06:55 yetyunglungTimothy[m]   <Joubu> "yet yung lung Timothy: the error..." <- I'm trying to run the process_message_queue.pl
06:47 paxed                   why oh why does intranet detail display "Itemtype:" come via detail.tt, but all the other informatin via XSLT?
06:04 huginn`                 Joubu: The operation succeeded.
06:04 Joubu                   @later tell oleonard Could you have a look at 32303? I have no idea what's going on!
05:30 Joubu                   yetyunglungTimothy[m]: the error is self-explanatory, the "to" parameter you are passing to the script is not correct. What are you trying to acchieve?
01:49 yetyunglungTimothy[m]   Invalid 'to' parameter: wxid_gaeoqxvn01an22mbts-koha@exabytes-91983485:/usr/share/koha/bin/cronjobs$
01:49 yetyunglungTimothy[m]   I'm getting the error while running under koha-shell
01:49 yetyunglungTimothy[m]   <Joubu> "you need to run the script in..." <- Hi Joubu, Thanks for your reply.