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14:30 chr1s             hello! i'm helping a small school library restore their library management system after the computer crashed. it was running win98 with auto librarian (i'll leave it at that). i was able to find all the database contents (.DBF) files and wrote a python script using the DBF and dbfread modules to convert them to csv so now i can read all the content (patrons, books, and what's currently checked out is all we care about). i was able to bulk
14:30 chr1s             import all the patrons and keep the same barcode id. however, im not seeing an easy way to import all the books with the format i have. does anyone have any suggestions, or is manually importing these going to be the best approach?
14:30 chr1s             format of the file containing book names: 104427|DIARY OF A WIMPY KID THE UGLY TRUTH BOOK3|KINNEY, JEFF|13|True|IN
14:31 chr1s             all i care about is the first 3 fields (barcode id, book title (which they accounted for duplicates in the title vs a different field, and author)
20:35 SupportLibrary[m] Hi chr1s Spread me, you need to convert the data from the csv file to mark format and the to import them with Stage Marc records import.
23:45 tuxayo            rosa++
23:46 tuxayo            It was Rosalie Blake's IRC nick http://irc.koha-community.org/koha/2010-02-02#i_381700
23:47 tuxayo            ho, the meeting in the above archive was when the koha-community.org domain name was choose :D
23:53 tuxayo            HLT contributed to the creation of another libre project besides Koha! :Dhttps://github.com/kete/kete
23:53 tuxayo            * https://github.com/kete/kete