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19:48 cait              tcohen++
18:53 tuxayo            ashimema: Ah, ok the big change merged a the beginning of the last hackfest might be module versions.
18:37 ashimema          You might be thinking about module versions as apposed to specification versions
18:37 ashimema          Swagger == openapi2
18:36 ashimema          We've always been V2 tuxayo
15:52 tuxayo            tcohen: «I plan to do a migration to openapiv3 next cycle» wow the dependency catchup game is tough, it's only 6 month we migrated to v2 IIRC
15:51 tuxayo            Hi #koha :)
15:08 cait1             very happy to have that sorted on my day before vacation
15:07 cait1             oleonard++ khall++
15:06 reiveune          bye
14:45 oleonard          Oh okay!
14:44 cait1             you still can... then we can count Kyle for QA... :)
14:42 oleonard          cait1: I *almost* got in before khall :)
14:08 lds               .quit
14:06 huginn`           04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=31948 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Needs Signoff , Add timestamp to tmp_holdsqueue
14:06 cait1             bug 31948 anyone? :)
13:21 caroline          SupportLibrary[m], are you still around and did you get a answer to your question? You can do a report searching for whatever you need, download the list of biblionumbers and use that list in the export tool
13:18 caroline          thx Joubu, I assigned the bug to Liz
11:47 paulderscheid[m]  tcohen++
11:47 paulderscheid[m]  Thank you
11:43 tcohen            just pick v2
11:43 tcohen            paulderscheid[m]: I've always found this particularly useful: https://openapi-map.apihandyman.io/
11:40 tcohen            right now we rely on the fact the OpenaPI plugin accepts an array of types, allowing you to pass the literal 'null'
11:40 paulderscheid[m]  Alright, thanks for the heads up tcohen
11:40 tcohen            (the nullable attribute)
11:40 tcohen            I plan to do a migration to openapiv3 next cycle, which allows nullable
11:39 tcohen            paulderscheid[m]: you're correct
11:39 tcohen            hola #koha
11:06 paulderscheid[m]  * Nevermind, I found it: Instead of setting \`\`\`nullable: true\`\`\` you have to state it as a possible type like type: \["integer", "null"\]
11:05 paulderscheid[m]  * Nevermind, I found it: Instead of setting \`\`nullable: true\`\`\` you have to state it as a possible type like type: \["integer", "null"\]
11:05 paulderscheid[m]  Nevermind, I found it: Instead of setting ``nullable: true``` you have to state it as a possible type like type: ["integer", "null]
11:00 paulderscheid[m]  The error log says that nullable isn't allowed
10:59 paulderscheid[m]  This is desired behaviour btw
10:59 paulderscheid[m]  But what do I do with this: ```"message": "Expected integer - got null."```?
10:59 paulderscheid[m]  I had it right already, it seems..
10:57 paulderscheid[m]  Yeah, just remembered as well ^^
10:57 cait              ... or I coudl be totally wrong in undertanding what you are trying to do :)
10:57 cait              "list cities" maybe?
10:56 cait              https://api.koha-community.org
10:56 cait              hm maybe look in the api spec
10:55 paulderscheid[m]  Or rather point me to it :p
10:55 paulderscheid[m]  Can someone give me an example openapi-spec for an array of objects? Also: How do I deal with nullable integers?
10:53 cait              last day before vacation.... not much QA today, but more soon
10:53 cait              reading back - I like!
10:50 cait              meetings Friday morning...
10:50 * cait            waves
10:49 paulderscheid[m]  Hi all o/
10:21 oleonard          o/
09:09 ashimema          the advantage of [% today %] is of course that you can pass all the TT filters to it.. [% today | $KohaDates formatting_options %]
09:08 ashimema          both do
09:08 ashimema          but either way [% today %] does work 😜
09:08 ashimema          hmm.. I might be wrong about order..
09:07 ashimema          we pass it as a proper variable and TT gets processed before <<>>
09:07 marcelr           not today
09:07 marcelr           but we'll get there some day
09:07 ashimema          agreed
09:06 marcelr           i liked [% today %] over <<today>>
09:06 ashimema          I'm in the car right now heading to see my cousins so have somewhat sketchy internet for coding 😛
09:06 ashimema          thanks marcelr..
09:06 ashimema          I think the only thing that held me up was I started to change terms as David suggested.. then hit the 'Oh.. but this allows printing all 'outstanding' rather than just 'charges' or 'credits'.. so I got stuck
09:06 marcelr           yeah i will do
09:06 marcelr           if ($letter->{content} && $letter->{content} =~ /<<today>>/) {         my $todaysdate = output_pref( dt_from_string() );         $letter->{content} =~ s/<<today>>/$todaysdate/go;
09:05 ashimema          so yeah.. we should fix Kyles follow-up.. drop the addition of 'now' to KohaDates and switch the templates to using [% today | $KohaDates %]
09:04 ashimema          'today' is the general form that should work in all notices 🙂
09:04 ashimema          I bet todaysdate is sent specifically to a particular notice..
09:04 ashimema          https://git.koha-community.org/Koha-community/Koha/src/branch/master/C4/Letters.pm
09:03 marcelr           probably an older workaround
09:03 marcelr           i prefer today
09:03 ashimema          where did todaysdate come from?
09:03 ashimema          I didn't realise we had two options
09:03 ashimema          oh..
09:03 marcelr           never git grep !
09:03 ashimema          exactly
09:03 marcelr           hmm two options
09:02 marcelr           [% today | $KohaDates %]
09:02 marcelr           [% todaysdate | $KohaDates %]
09:02 ashimema          we have a 'today' variable passed to all letter I believe that we can use instead.
09:01 marcelr           yeah i got the point
09:01 ashimema          yeah.. I just commented on that..
09:01 ashimema          I went to QA 12285.. liked the feature but didn't like the ancient implementation.. instead of making them re-write it to modern standards I did i and put it in a new alternative bug.
09:01 marcelr           [% KohaDates.output_preference( KohaDates.now ) %] looks a bit odd
09:01 marcelr           no worries
09:00 ashimema          sorry marcelr.. I'm not sure what you're trying to say
08:57 marcelr           patch from 2014 on 12285
08:57 ashimema          but it got held up due to the comments David made.. which were valid but I got stuck 'thinking'
08:57 ashimema          well.. I wrote my version as a modern implementation
08:56 marcelr           competition
08:55 ashimema          pretty easy 😜
08:55 ashimema          damn.. another one I forgot to get back to
08:54 marcelr           How easy is that?
08:54 huginn`           04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=31713 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Signed Off , Allow easy printing of patron's fines
08:54 huginn`           04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12285 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, emmi.takkinen, Signed Off , Allow easy printing of patron's fines
08:54 marcelr           ashimema: bug 12285 and bug 31713 ?
08:51 ashimema          woop, woop
08:50 marcelr           erm++
08:41 huginn`           04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=32030 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, ASSIGNED , Electronic resource management (ERM)
08:41 Joubu             we finally have a bug number - bug 32030!
08:27 ashimema          there's such a long tail with this bug
08:27 ashimema          so another one to hack some more on then
08:27 Joubu             well, the action button is different ofc
08:27 ashimema          ah, shame
08:27 Joubu             ashimema: nope, first is identical on master and 32022
08:26 ashimema          the second and third however I can't think of any other bugs that might relate.. worth reporting
08:25 huginn`           04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=32022 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Passed QA , Style tweaks to fieldsets and page-section
08:25 ashimema          wonder if bug 32022 affects that first one..
08:21 ashimema          ha.. that does look funky
08:21 Joubu             https://snipboard.io/EdxnZ9.jpg - yellow is wrong here
08:20 Joubu             https://snipboard.io/2ets1d.jpg - and spaces are missing there
08:18 Joubu             https://snipboard.io/DV6mAU.jpg - hum, spacing is a bit odd isn't it?
07:30 ashimema          but I'll be gone after my morning calls this morning
07:29 ashimema          too much to do..
07:29 marcelr           ashimema: take a day off :)
07:28 marcelr           Bugzilla is not the fastest today
07:25 ashimema          half day for me today I'm afraid.. my Aussie cousins are here for one day only today
07:25 ashimema          morning
07:21 huginn`           Joubu: The operation succeeded.
07:21 Joubu             @later tell oleonard see screenshot and commit message below
07:20 huginn`           Joubu: The operation succeeded.
07:20 Joubu             @later tell oleonard I'd love your opinion on this - https://tree.taiga.io/project/joubu-koha-erm/us/46 Seems a bit messy to me, but I don't find a better option!
07:19 marcelr           i love selenium
07:19 marcelr           ok
07:17 Joubu             from the selenium tests, the userid is picked, and it's very long
07:17 Joubu             but it shows the difference
07:17 Joubu             the otpauth I posted in the comment was not one that made it crashes
07:16 Joubu             it will be easier here ;)
07:16 Joubu             hi marcelr! <3
07:15 marcelr           hi #koha
07:08 alex_             Bonjour
06:00 huginn`           Joubu: The operation succeeded.
06:00 Joubu             @later tell tcohen db_revs/220600074.pl has "Update is going well so far" - may be good to add a QA's forbidden patterns test
05:45 SupportLibrary[m] Hello, evryone. If you have time, could you please help me with the following case. How can i export a list of bibliographic record numbers based on text content in bibliographic framework field?
05:40 reiveune          hello
05:13 huginn`           Joubu: The operation succeeded.
05:13 Joubu             @later tell caroline 30176
00:46 dcook             TFW you know there is a bugzilla issue you want to comment on but you can't find it...