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22:18 davidnind[m]     Agenda added and calendar updated for the next week's Development IRC meeting: https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Development_IRC_meeting_12_October_2022
21:44 huginn`          Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=31162 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Needs Signoff , Add a clear cataloguing module home page
21:44 davidnind[m]     (for work on bug 31162)
21:43 davidnind[m]     ashimema++
21:17 fridolin         ah ok no pb, its verry tricky ;)
21:02 davidnind[m]     Will attempt shortly, unless tcohen beats me to it...
21:02 davidnind[m]     I've not managed to get the meeting script to fully run (haven't managed to configure things properly so the calendar entry gets added automatically)
21:00 fridolin         I think it has been done  by davidnind[m] last times
20:45 cait             tcohen: could you run the meeting script please?
20:44 cait             https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Next_IRC_meetings
20:44 cait             hm, next dev meeting is missing again from wiki :(
19:16 caroline         I was wondering if there was a reason the a was outside the parentheses and why some subfields were indexed there but not elsewhere (511$b $m $o, etc dont exist in MARC21 for example)
19:14 caroline         Mapping for 510 in See-also-from, to compare : 510(abcdefghklmnoprstvxyz)
19:14 caroline         Mapping for 511 in Match, to compare : 511(acdefghjklnpqstvxyz)
19:13 caroline         (notice the a is outside the parentheses and also there are more subfields)
19:13 caroline         Mapping for 511 in See-also-from : 511a(bcdefghjklmnopqrstvxyz)
19:13 caroline         I was actually coming here with an elasticsearch question too... I was looking at authority mappings for marc21 and noticed that the 511 in See-also-from is different than the others.
19:06 huginn`          Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=25669 normal, P5 - low, ---, kevin.carnes, Needs documenting , ElasticSearch 6: [types removal] Specifying types in put mapping requests is deprecated (incompatible with 7)
19:06 caroline         We think it's probably to do with bug 25669 but I'm not knowledgable enough about it to know for sure
19:06 caroline         oleonard, don't think you're still around, but I've had this error when indexing with ES. I comment the line it says (Indexer.pm 283) and it works fine after
18:16 thd              tcohen: I am somewhat less asleep than I was earlier.  Are you still around?
18:04 thd              tcohen: Are sharp corners dangerous when bumped?
16:26 oleonard         Anyone around who knows what that is about?
16:26 pastebot         "oleonard" at pasted "Error trying to rebuild Elasticsearch index" (5 lines) at https://paste.koha-community.org/15766
16:04 ashimema         time for me to pick up the kids.. see ya later Koha!
16:04 tcohen           oleonard: on the patron detail page the small boxes on the center look 'old school' and they have fixed positions so they don't flow that much, combined with the font size it feels like too much free room
16:03 oleonard         tcohen: In general, that's simply the way it was designed
16:01 oleonard         tcohen: What are you thinking of?
16:01 tcohen           is there a reason not to use round corners for boxes on the new staff interface?
15:56 huginn`          Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=17170 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, nick, Signed Off , Add the ability to create 'saved searches' for use as filters when searching the catalog
15:56 ashimema         it's bug 17170 if your interested.. I've run out of time for today to finish QAing it.. so uploading my signed patches and follow-ups now but will revisit the rest of QA tomorrow.
15:52 ashimema         yeah.. lets do that.
15:51 ashimema         or even use it as a test case for creating a nice clear guideline for it..
15:51 ashimema         certainly.. I'm kinda tempted to pass the bug as is (it all works, code is fine).. then point it out for you 😉
15:51 oleonard         ashimema: Something I could help tweak?
15:50 ashimema         I'm QAing a lovely feature here, but the Modals introduced are fugly as can be,.. so i jumped in looking to fix them then decided I really wasn't sure how.. haha
15:48 oleonard         Absolutely
15:48 ashimema         do you fancy working out a guideline one with me some time.. how to make them look best and then get us to stick to it..
15:47 ashimema         ah.. OK..
15:47 ashimema         like.. we don't appear to be consistent in how we structure them at all..
15:47 oleonard         Inconsistent sounds right :|
15:47 ashimema         this is the staff client I'm thinking about..
15:47 ashimema         s/inconsisten/inconsistent/
15:47 ashimema         Now I look, I find they're all super inconsisten
15:47 ashimema         happen to have a favourite example of a model with a form in?
15:46 ashimema         my brain is hurting now i look at some modals
15:46 oleonard         Yes
15:46 ashimema         still around oleonard?
15:30 cait1            bye #koha!
15:30 cait1            but I better run :)
15:30 cait1            ... or the original bug...
15:30 cait1            I think ther emight be some info on it in one of the bywater postings
15:29 oleonard         Wow the  LinkerOptions system preference is very mysterious
15:23 cait1            oleonard: can't right now I am afraid, just trying to tidy up before shutting down the computer for today
15:23 cait1            tcohen++ #font-size could be bigger comment +1
15:05 huginn`          Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=31609 minor, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Failed QA , JavaScript error on Additional contents main page
15:05 oleonard         Anyone want to give a second opinion on Bug 31609? Works for me, doesn't work for marcelr.
15:03 ashimema         yus
15:03 cait1            is this about the redesign? just jumping back in here
15:03 ashimema         but all are fairly trivial fixes and more eyes (i.e being in master) and more hands will help get them sorted
15:02 marcelr          bye #koha
15:02 ashimema         some are fair points
15:02 ashimema         I commented back
15:02 ashimema         lucas pointed out a few things on github
15:02 marcelr          there you go kidclamp; 31503 is yours
15:02 tcohen           but...
15:02 tcohen           font size could be bigger, etc
15:02 ashimema         I'm game for jumping on fixing things asap on it.
15:01 tcohen           I only mentioned a couple things I don't like
15:01 ashimema         but honestly.. I reckon we should go with it now to force the issue..
15:01 ashimema         well.. I marked it signed off on BZ to try and get one last push from QA peeps
15:01 oleonard         I thought you weren't tcohen ?
15:01 tcohen           XD
15:01 tcohen           are we all ready for pushing the staff interface revamp?
15:00 marcelr          please add another comment oleonard; i will look tomorrow ?
14:59 marcelr          i still saw it a few hours ago with your patch ?
14:58 huginn`          Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=31609 minor, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Failed QA , JavaScript error on Additional contents main page
14:58 oleonard         marcelr: When I test, the Tools -> Pages JS error is fixed by my patch on Bug 31609
14:36 ashimema         hehe
14:35 marcelr          abbreviated acronyms are the finest
14:35 caroline         I thought ES = espanol (like ES-es)
14:35 oleonard         I don't know, ashimema, most of my JavaScript work is in Koha context so I'm behind the times.
14:34 ashimema         it's a mess of accronyms
14:34 marcelr          ah
14:34 ashimema         as in javascript
14:34 ashimema         ECMAScript marcelr
14:34 ashimema         my brain hurts
14:34 ashimema         `${percent}%` translates to "percent+%" right oleonard?
14:33 marcelr          whats the second ES again?
14:32 ashimema         totally
14:32 ashimema         oh yes..
14:32 oleonard         ES being an ambiguous abbreviation in Koha context can be confusing!
14:31 ashimema         screws with translations aparently
14:31 ashimema         we don't allow `${stuff}` in our javascritp
14:31 ashimema         it's a totally different bug oleonard
14:31 oleonard         ashimema: ES template literals?
14:28 thd              tcohen: We need ElasticSearch to be included.  My testing shows that it is trivial for indexing and works well with modifications.
14:25 thd              tcohen: I am very tired from moving my kitchen.  My landlord illegally demolished as part of a covluted scheme to clear a decades old defective building violation.
14:23 thd              tcohen: Yes, I may be around in a couple of hours.
14:18 tcohen           will you be around in a couple hours?
14:18 tcohen           meetings and meetings
14:18 tcohen           thd: hi!
14:06 caroline         I never use that tool, so I'm not sure what it does, but how I understand it is that it changes the borrowernumber to the AnonymousPatron number, so that the issue is still counted, but the link to a particular patron is severed
14:03 caroline         nikkom, I understand your question, but I'm not sure how it could happen. Can you check if you have an issue for that itemnumber without a borrowernumber? I wonder if the batch patron anonymization could have been run and that deleted the borrowernumber and changed it to anonymous
13:54 ashimema         ha.. the QA script points to the wrong bug!
13:52 ashimema         no Joubu around, so i can't easily ask him
13:52 ashimema         oleonard perhaps?
13:50 huginn`          Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=24625 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, CLOSED FIXED, Phase out jquery.cookie.js:  showLastPatron
13:50 ashimema         the QA script throws issues and points to bug 24625 but that bug doesn't mention anything about them
13:49 ashimema         anyone around who remembers if/when/why we band the use of ES template literals?
13:47 nikkom           Hi everyone. I have a question about statistics table. I know that  every checkout, check-in, and renewal is recorded in this  table. I have a record for a borrowernumber, whose type field equal to return. But there is no record whose type= issue for same borrowernumber. I understand from these record that this borrowernumber checkin one  item but didn't checkout it before. Is it possible ? I hope I can explain my question.
13:37 marcelr          thx ashimema
13:36 magnuse          cait1: he is pretty good at what he does...
13:34 ashimema         so don't let me comment block anything 🙂
13:34 ashimema         28 has all good answers.. looks like you've thought about most of it and are planning them for a continuation in the tree of bugs..
13:30 ashimema         brain fade
13:30 ashimema         looking now.. I can't remember what i said..
13:30 ashimema         nope
13:29 marcelr          hey ashimema did you see my earlier question ^^
13:11 thd              tcohen: Are you around?
13:09 oleonard         cait1: Is that from Shakespeare's sonnets? "Shall I compare thee to a soccer player..."
12:35 cait1            do I want to be compared to a soccer player?
12:28 cait1            tcohen: pong! sorry
12:28 cait1            marcelr: blame rain and the long weekend ;)
12:28 marcelr          lol reading logs is nice
12:28 cait1            ping!
12:27 paulderscheid[m] You're right marcelr ˆˆ Just read up on the difference. The more you know
12:24 marcelr          hi paulderscheid[m] you meant daily :)
12:21 paulderscheid[m] Now I'm back cait
12:20 paulderscheid[m] Good morning from my circadian rythm ˆˆ
12:19 tcohen           LOL
12:19 marcelr          tcohen is the messi of Koha
12:17 marcelr          cool quote magnuse
12:15 tcohen           cait1: ping
12:13 magnuse__        cait is the haaland of koha...
12:06 marcelr          lol
12:06 tcohen           haha
12:06 tcohen           FQA
12:05 marcelr          hola tocneh
12:02 tcohen           hola marcler
12:01 marcelr          she is cait1 today
12:01 marcelr          cait++ 30 QA's and we are on the 4th? Would you reach 300 this month? :)
11:53 huginn`          Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=31503 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, m.de.rooy, Signed Off , Allow several consent types on the consents tab of OPAC account page
11:53 marcelr          ashimema: Was comment28 enough for you to consider passing QA on bug 31503 ? Or would you insist on the lib/libopac tric ?
11:19 tcohen           \o
11:08 marcelr          o/
10:56 oleonard         Hi tcohen
10:53 tcohen           hola #koha
10:35 oleonard         o/
10:05 uhusiano[m]      https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/attachment.cgi?id=137635
10:04 uhusiano[m]      This was useful
10:00 ashimema         ok, i misread
09:58 cait1            yeah that's what I remember too - ran into that limitation a while ago :)
09:53 uhusiano[m]      branchcode	VARCHAR	10 yes its 10 on the schema
09:52 cait1            i think 10 is correct for the branchcode
09:51 ashimema         bbiab.. next meeting is calling
09:51 ashimema         anywho.. doesn't really matter so long as your not using 11+ chars anyways
09:51 ashimema         varchar10 does sound like some db customisation to me.. I think the norm for our id's is varchar11
09:50 ashimema         apologies.. I got back and got pulled into meetings
09:50 ashimema         well done uhusiano
09:50 cait1            well that's good then :)
09:49 uhusiano[m]      yes it completed the upgrade
09:47 cait1            ok?
09:44 uhusiano[m]      and then ran sudo koha-upgrade-schema it run successfully
09:43 uhusiano[m]      cait1: Ihave run  ALTER TABLE reserves MODIFY COLUMN `branchcode` varchar(10) COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci NOT NULL DEFAULT 0;
09:38 uhusiano[m]      cait1: thanks for your help
09:36 cait1            you could ask on the mailng list or ask again here a little later when different people are around
09:36 cait1            I am sorry, I am nots ure what happened there :(
09:35 uhusiano[m]      While upgrading from Koha to (full message at <https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/ReeTLmtKQPlNhhEHFHKneWvH>)
09:35 cait1            maybe it was the next or previous database update?
09:34 cait1            i missed it earlier, what was the exact errror you got?
09:34 cait1            so it looks like actually there was no problem with this one
09:34 cait1            hm
09:33 uhusiano[m]      Empty set (0.01 sec)
09:33 uhusiano[m]      cait1: select * from reserves where branchcode is NULL;
09:32 cait1            what does select * from reserves where branchcode is NULL give you? (maybe not share, but how many entries?)
09:31 cait1            that does not look wrong
09:21 uhusiano1        SELECT branchcode FROM branches LIMIT 1; +------------+ | branchcode | +------------+ | AMIU       | +------------+ 1 row in set (0.00 sec)
09:14 uhusiano[m]      SELECT branchcode FROM branches LIMIT 1;... (full message at <https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/DVOLCHIzIRVBxGnzoKNSVxUN>)
09:12 cait1            hm without the ) :  SELECT branchcode FROM branches LIMIT 1
09:11 cait1            uhusiano: when you create a report or query the database directly, what is the result of:  SELECT branchcode FROM branches LIMIT 1)
08:50 uhusiano[m]      did you see my request?
08:39 uhusiano[m]      magnuse_: hahahhaa
08:39 magnuse_         uhusiano1: huginn` and wahanui are bots, not always very helpful ;-)
08:22 uhusiano1        ashimema: are you back yet
08:02 uhusiano1        sorry to bother you huginn` any leads?
07:29 wahanui          i already had it that way, huginn`.
07:29 huginn`          uhusiano1: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
07:29 uhusiano1        huginn`: anything?
07:28 uhusiano1        thanks ashimema you have been helpful we are having a downtime catch up when you come back appreciative
07:27 ashimema         hopefully someone else might be able to help sched some light for you
07:27 ashimema         oop... school run time.. I'll be back in an hour or so.. sorry..
07:26 uhusiano1        my customization is not on the source code
07:26 ashimema         ...
07:26 ashimema         I'm stabbing in the dark really
07:26 ashimema         like someone has extended the varchar length of branchcode or something like that..
07:26 ashimema         nothing looks especially weird about our update procedure here.. it feels like your branchcodes are not of the standard form or something..
07:25 ashimema         have you or anyone else customised your Koha in any way..?
07:25 uhusiano1        Thanks ashimema
07:23 ashimema         ignore that for now.. I'm reading the update code to see if I can come up with anything for you
07:22 uhusiano1        Kindly assist am a green horn with sql queries
07:22 ashimema         could you check if you already have the constraint?
07:21 uhusiano1        nope didn't see that
07:21 ashimema         did you not see 'Holds with no branchcode were found and will be updated to the first branch in the system' in the output?
07:20 ashimema         it sounds like `UPDATE reserves SET branchcode = ( SELECT branchcode FROM branches LIMIT 1) WHERE branchcode IS NULL;` didn't work before it tried to create the new constraint
07:20 ashimema         hmmm
07:18 huginn`          Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=31086 normal, P5 - low, ---, nick, RESOLVED FIXED, Do not allow hold requests with no branchcode
07:17 uhusiano1        Upgrade to [10:09:33]: Bug 31086 - Do not allow null values in branchcodes for reserves
07:17 ashimema         is there more than that uhusiano1, I'd expect to see it point to a bigger chunk of SQL.. I can't tell which bit of the update it's running from that.
07:16 cait1            there was a problem with publishig pages that needed to be fixed
07:15 cait1            I think there were some issues related to the template and the update - so not all of it might be finished yet
07:15 ashimema         anywho.
07:15 ashimema         not sure I entirely like it cait1.. I feel like the nav bar should still be dark rather than a green to match the banner
07:14 uhusiano1        DBI Exception: DBD::mysql::db do failed: Cannot change column 'branchcode': used in a foreign key constraint 'reserves_ibfk_4' at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/Installer.pm line 739
07:13 uhusiano1        this is the error
07:11 cait1            ashimema: happened some time last week with an update
07:10 ashimema         ooh, https://koha-community.org/ looks different this morning
07:09 ashimema         if you report he problem on bugzilla too we can work on a fix for the broader community as it sounds like there's a case we've not considered perhaps.?
07:08 ashimema         they should be fairly clear, just may need a bit of manual intervention before re-running the update script to complete
07:08 ashimema         What errors are you seeing uhusiano
07:07 ashimema         Morning #_oftc_#koha-bots:matrix.org
07:06 uhusiano         I have DB errors on upgrade, can't complete
07:04 uhusiano         anyone succeeded with upgrade from v22.05.04 to 22.05.05??
07:04 cait1            good morning #koha!