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21:54 huginn`  cait: The operation succeeded.
21:54 cait     @later tell nugged can you check on the kohacon page linked in the proposal? it's no longer working for me. Please also let me know which link you want to be added to the website
21:54 tuxayo   ^^
21:54 cait     little late maybe
21:54 cait     thx :)
21:53 tuxayo   cait: above @later is missing the recipient nickname
20:32 huginn`  cait: The operation succeeded.
20:32 cait     @later tell can you check on the kohacon page linked in the proposal? it's no longer working for me. Please also let me know which link you want to be added to the website
19:30 cait     bt the item statistics are importat
19:30 cait     the progress bar has been kinda broken for a long time
19:23 tcohen   but 31532 will make it easy to implement
19:23 tcohen   I hate it that we don't show progress inline
19:09 cait     in the first step i need to import some orginal script records - so just about to give that new tihng a test drive
19:09 cait     I am going to test 31532
19:08 cait     the item stuff worries me a bit
19:07 tcohen   but I commented on the bug
19:07 tcohen   it is not ready
19:04 cait     the stage import stuff?
19:03 cait     hm?
18:55 tcohen   I might have made a mistake on master
16:43 cait     tcohen++ :) thanks!
16:42 cait     time to leave - bye all!
16:38 cait     TT is great, but our documentation si lacking and maybe some notices haven't made TT ready, like this one?
16:38 tcohen   I cannot help but feel the need to rewrite it all, so I stayed away from notices and slips for too long :-D
16:35 cait     yeah, I guess I need an expert ;)
16:34 tcohen   :-D
16:34 tcohen   let's wait for him tomorrow
16:34 tcohen   khall is out today
16:32 cait     sorry :)
16:32 cait     is there a way to get an object? if i have the ordernumber or so?
16:32 tcohen   but I'm a bit dizzy about this
16:32 cait     so the wiki is right... bah.
16:32 tcohen   the 'objects' attribute is not being passed
16:32 tcohen   I think you don't have the object at hand in this case
16:29 tcohen   yes
16:29 tcohen   C4::Letters
16:28 cait     Letter.pm?
16:28 tcohen   see line 470
16:28 cait     I think i have a bug open about this yes
16:28 tcohen   as a weird data structure
16:28 tcohen   because lots of the relevant data is passed as the 'repeat' parameter for GetPreparedLetter
16:28 cait     none of these work
16:28 cait     4([% aqbaskets.basketno %])
16:28 cait     3([% aqbasket.basketno %])
16:28 cait     2([% baskets.basketno %])
16:28 cait     1([% basket.basketno %])
16:27 tcohen   ok, this particular case is weird
16:26 cait     i treid, in this case no result
16:26 tcohen   everytime I struggled with notices
16:25 tcohen   I usually found that using the plural name worked
16:24 cait     I'd really like to know how this works, I always struggle with TT and finding the right names for things
16:24 tcohen   I aint no letters guru
16:24 cait     yep
16:24 tcohen   maybe someone else knows
16:23 tcohen   I'm sorry, I cannot check myself now
16:23 cait     what do you need to add to the template then?
16:23 cait     not sure if that works for notices?
16:23 tcohen   thing
16:23 tcohen   you shuold enable DumpTemplate...
16:22 cait     baskets.orderno doesn't work either
16:20 cait     hm [% basket.basketname %] didn't work in my test installation
16:20 tcohen   C4::Letters:1635
16:17 cait     where is the line above?
16:17 cait     yeah... did I mention lately we need to document this stuff in roder for people being able to make use of it? ;)
16:17 cait     where do i find that listing?
16:17 tcohen   maybe LOL
16:17 cait     aah
16:16 tcohen   just basket
16:16 cait     hmm so I should be able to use aqbakset.basketnumber or so
16:16 tcohen   },
16:16 tcohen   pk       => 'basketno',
16:16 tcohen   plural   => 'baskets',
16:16 tcohen   singular => 'basket',
16:16 tcohen   module   => 'Koha::Acquisition::Baskets',
16:16 tcohen   aqbasket => {
16:16 tcohen   there should be a corresponding object, yes
16:14 cait     do tables equal objects?
16:12 cait     yes, I see the table listing
16:11 tcohen   https://git.koha-community.org/Koha-community/Koha/src/commit/277e19bd10a1e2f2ae39b50e25f58c9938d1a2c3/C4/Letters.pm#L464-L469
16:11 tcohen   and below, you see this
16:11 cait     and what I can do in TT
16:11 tcohen   https://git.koha-community.org/Koha-community/Koha/src/commit/277e19bd10a1e2f2ae39b50e25f58c9938d1a2c3/C4/Letters.pm#L360
16:11 tcohen   so I thought this was the code path
16:11 cait     yes, it's about this notice specifically
16:11 tcohen   you mentioned ACQORDER
16:10 cait     I am not sure if braches equal objects or if there aren't defined any... or if I am nto seeing it
16:10 cait     yeah... wes hold refactor SendAlerts one day
16:09 tcohen   >https://git.koha-community.org/Koha-community/Koha/src/commit/277e19bd10a1e2f2ae39b50e25f58c9938d1a2c3/C4/Letters.pm#L460
16:09 cait     hm?
16:08 tcohen   that's the if ($type eq 'issue') block
16:08 cait     https://git.koha-community.org/Koha-community/Koha/src/commit/277e19bd10a1e2f2ae39b50e25f58c9938d1a2c3/C4/Letters.pm#L312
16:06 cait     thx, and please teach me if you find it :)
16:06 tcohen   let me check
16:05 cait     can't type faster :)
16:05 tcohen   ?
16:05 cait     wiki claims that ACQORDER only has the branches object, I am trying to verify, because I want to display the name of the budget instead of the id https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Notices_with_Template_Toolkit
16:05 cait     or someone whocould help me with a TT question?
16:04 cait     khall around maybe?
16:04 reiveune bye
12:35 cait     quiet tody
11:02 cait     hola tcohen
11:01 tcohen   hola #koha
06:43 wahanui  hola, alex_
06:43 alex_    Bonjour
06:06 reiveune hello
05:40 fridolin yllow