Time  Nick             Message
22:06 dcook            Changing of the guard time.. heh
21:24 magnuse          SoniaB++ matts_hackfest++
16:49 cait1            domm: fixed bugs are the best bugs
16:05 SoniaB           khall: if you want to have a look to another SIP BZ, I have just signed off BZ25815
16:03 SoniaB           Hi :)
15:37 matts_hackfest   :)
15:37 oleonard-away    Since "gulp" is already taken
15:36 * matts_hackfest is wondering if the next version of the SIP protocol should be called CHUG ?
15:21 matts_hackfest   ashimema, you mean it's beer'o'clock ? :)
14:57 ashimema         Sip, sip, sip :-)
14:26 tcohen           hi all
14:17 matts_hackfest   (more SIP patches sign-offs to come)
14:17 matts_hackfest   thanks :)
14:17 khall            sure can!
14:17 huginn           Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=30118 normal, P5 - low, ---, matthias.meusburger, Signed Off , holds_block_checkin behavior is different in Koha and in SIP
14:17 matts_hackfest   khall, by the way, Bug 30118 has just been signed-off, do you think you could have a look at it to QA or second sign-off ? :)
14:14 khall            sounds like a good plan!
14:11 matts_hackfest   However, I will probably submit a patch to restore at least interactive_patron_dump.pl (but in misc or somewhere)
14:10 matts_hackfest   khall, yes, indeed, python in the koha codebase seems odd.
14:09 khall            they python script really stands out as odd
14:09 khall            matts_hackfest I see no reason you can't file a bug to revert that
14:09 matts_hackfest   (even though I agree they didn't belong in C4/SIP)
14:08 matts_hackfest   Thanks khall. Have I known about this BZ, I would have opposed to it. I use these scripts during SIP developpement/testing.
14:07 huginn           Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=26701 minor, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, CLOSED FIXED, Remove scripts from C4/SIP directory
14:07 khall            matts_hackfest bug 26701
14:06 khall            hmm, that rings a bell
14:06 matts_hackfest   cait1 or khall maybe ?
14:05 matts_hackfest   heya, does anyone knows where C4/SIP/interactive_patron_dump.pl went ? (it is there in 20.11 but not in 21.11)
13:58 domm             oh, actualle 20.05, and this was fixed in Aug 2021 :-)
13:55 domm             yes!
13:54 domm             which might already be fixed, but we're still on 20.11
13:52 domm             ok, I think we have another case of lowercase boolean fucking up Elasticsearch: '(kafka) AND (homebranch:ICF or holdingbranch:ICF)'
13:49 huginn           Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=20582 enhancement, P5 - low, Future, julian.maurice, RESOLVED FIXED, Turn Koha into a Mojolicious application
13:49 tuxayo           nugged: bug 20582
13:43 magnuse          cait1: new prefs for trapping holds?
13:43 domm             otoh, there seems to be some mapping here: https://git.koha-community.org/Koha-community/Koha/src/branch/master/Koha/SearchEngine/Elasticsearch/QueryBuilder.pm#L105
13:41 cait1            well... not only for negativ eones
13:41 cait1            magnuse: if it's a negative one there are new prefs for trapping holds
13:41 magnuse          cait1: thanks for suggestions, gotta run now
13:41 magnuse          cait1: can't see anything relevant in the circ rules. notforloan should prevent the item from being issued, i think?
13:40 cait1            yes, so for sure worth a bug report
13:40 domm             I think it's broken for all ES, at least we did not fiddle with these parts..
13:40 cait1            fridolin: ?
13:40 cait1            i thin it would be good to report - shoudl be broken for all ES then?
13:39 cait1            domm: it loks like branch is an alias for homebranch: https://git.koha-community.org/Koha-community/Koha/src/branch/master/etc/zebradb/ccl.properties#L1023
13:39 domm             I guess it might be easier to just define a new index in the ES mappings?
13:39 cait1            domm: nugged: hope to meet you both next time :)
13:38 nugged           domm: ... 🤗
13:38 cait1            i am not sure what the best way to resolve would be - change the index or fix the index
13:38 cait1            maybe yes
13:38 domm             is this a bug in the advanced search form?
13:38 domm             so what shall we do?
13:38 cait1            domm: yea i thin it's an alias in zebra, so might not translate?
13:37 liliputech       .No property queue for Koha::BackgroundJob::UpdateElasticIndex
13:37 domm             nugged: I was considering coming to Marssailes (or however you spell that..), but it was a bit too hard to reach (by train) from Vienna, plus Corona, plus work...
13:37 liliputech       Joubu: another issue : root@kohadevbox:koha(master)$ ./misc/migration_tools/bulkmarcimport.pl -file bib-27.marcstd
13:37 nugged           cait1: saying that - because we have common lot of YAPC stories with domm :)
13:36 domm             so (to me) it seems that the advanced search is generating an invalid query
13:36 tuxayo           tcohen++ thanks for reviewing the merge requests
13:36 nugged           cait1: domm asks rhetorical question I assume :).
13:36 domm             there are ES mappings for holdingbranch and homebranch, but none for branch
13:36 domm             ah, ok thats weird:
13:35 cait1            nugged: theone in front of the video above is nugged
13:34 cait1            nugged: i miss it, Marseille always recharges batteries with that 'vibe'
13:34 domm             nugged: are you at the hackathon?
13:34 nugged           cait1: it's well synchronized community work! We feel that vibe, sending those to you too!!! :)
13:34 domm             so you think we just have to fix the mappings?
13:34 cait1            i think branch is something like an alias for one of them or both
13:33 cait1            i think in Zebra it's the same... but I'd check that for Elastic first
13:33 cait1            yah
13:33 cait1            ok, there is a difference in the index name
13:33 nugged           magnuse: even harder than hard :). It's really GREAT we're here. (+ cait1) Sending greetings to all of you worldwide.
13:33 domm             limit=branch: vs limit:holdingbranch:
13:33 domm             cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?advsearch=1&idx=kw&q=kafka&weight_search=1&limit=holdingbranch%3AICF&sort_by=relevance&do=Search
13:33 domm             and this works:
13:32 domm             cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?advsearch=1&idx=kw&q=kafka&weight_search=1&limit=branch%3AICF&sort_by=relevance&do=Search
13:31 cait1            domm: wah is the search URL created? maybe we could spot something there
13:31 cait1            they look so happy!
13:31 magnuse          oooh, everyone working so hard!
13:31 cait1            nugged: love it - developer's version of ballet? :)
13:30 domm             elastic
13:30 cait1            domm: zebra or elastic?
13:30 cait1            the advanced search shoudl work
13:29 nugged           https://imgur.com/h0Nscil
13:29 domm             And (maybe related), how can we limit the OPAC search to only show hits of a branch? When I start a search from the advanced search form, branch=foo is added to the query, but no hits; when I do a plain search and later use a facet it works (but generates limit=holdingbranch:foo)
13:29 cait1            but Julian is in the same room with you... so
13:29 huginn           Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=19318 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Signed Off , Add ability to use custom file upload paths
13:29 cait1            tcohen: could you maybe have a look at bug 19318? you are QA contact, release or finish :)
13:28 cait1            magnuse: do you use notforloan status or similar maybe?
13:28 cait1            magnuse: hm maybe circuation conditions? soemthing that doesn't allow it to fill the hold
13:27 cait1            magnuse:  and all the other fields are the same?
13:23 domm             Is it possible (how?) to restict a librariean to only access one branch (or some branches)?
13:19 magnuse          cait1: at least one library has noticed this since "long before" the upgrade to 21.11
13:18 magnuse          oleonard++
13:16 oleonard-away    Joubu: I'm starting to look at Bootstrap 5 today.
13:16 magnuse          cait1: they all have reserves.itemnumber=NULL and reserves.item_level_hold=0
13:14 liliputech       missing file?
13:14 liliputech       Joubu: got this error while trying 27344 Template process failed: file error - background_jobs/update_elastic_index.inc: not found at /kohadevbox/koha/C4/Templates.pm line 127
13:11 magnuse          will check!
13:10 cait1            in general I think it'd manually place an item level hold and compare all the fields
13:09 cait1            magnuse: check reserves:item_level_hold
13:09 cait1            ah 21.11 -... checking
13:09 cait1            is that already in that verson?
13:09 cait1            i think we introduce da field that says item level or not
13:08 cait1            oh! sec
13:08 cait1            magnuse: hmm
12:51 magnuse          the holds are "next available item"
12:33 magnuse          hm, let me check
12:32 cait1            is the itemnumber set?
12:32 cait1            that prevents it from being set to befilled
12:32 cait1            maybe some field is missing
12:32 cait1            magnuse: have you checked if there is any difference in what the hold looks like?
12:32 ashimema         me also
12:32 cait1            nlegrand: me too :)
12:27 magnuse          Joubu: ah, cool!
12:22 Joubu            see commit "21.11.00 - Update history.txt"
12:22 Joubu            history.txt is updated every 6 months, when there is a new major release
12:20 tuxayo           tcohen: it seems the pipeline failed due to not having right credentials to push to elasticsearch-icu docker repository https://gitlab.com/koha-community/docker/koha-elasticsearch-icu/-/jobs/2269592494#L167
12:06 magnuse          looks like https://git.koha-community.org/Koha-community/Koha/src/branch/master/docs/history.txt has not been updated for a while either
11:59 ashimema         it's due an update
11:58 ashimema         https://koha-community.org/about/history/
11:58 ashimema         anyone here know how we generate the history page on koha-community.org?
11:51 nlegrand         I really hope to be able to be in Marseille next time :)
11:46 magnuse          the problem seems to pre-date the upgrade to 21.11
11:45 magnuse          else seen that?
11:45 magnuse          ill problem: i have a couple libraries running 21.11 report that they have: a record connected to an illrequest, an item connected to the record and a hold connected to the record. when the item is issued to the patron with the hold, the loan is created ok, but the hold is not deleted. so the patron ends up with both a loan and a hold connected to the same record/item. it only happens for ill-related loans, and it happens for all ill-related loans. anyone
11:39 magnuse          next time!
11:37 severine_q       yes :(
11:37 oleonard         I really miss seeing you all
11:36 oleonard         Yeah :( :(
11:36 severine_q       so sad not seeing you in Marseille...
11:36 oleonard         o/
11:36 severine_q       hi cait1 :D
11:30 cait1            hi severine_q :)
10:20 tuxayo           oleonard: hi :D
10:19 oleonard         Hi all
10:14 huginn           Bug 15395: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, CLOSED FIXED, Internationalization: plural forms, context, and more
10:14 tuxayo           https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=15395
10:14 tuxayo           severine_q: https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Internationalization,_plural_forms,_context,_and_more_(RFC)
10:04 severine_q       salut nlegrand !
09:59 nlegrand         o/ severine_q
09:59 severine_q       hi all :)
09:43 cait1            ah ok, it doesn't work with [[itemnumber|itemnumber]] only when the column is really named itemnumber...
09:42 cait1            when I "send to batch edit" the items don't show there
09:42 cait1            hm is it possible that the batch edit from reports is broken in 20.11? :(
09:24 cait1            tuxayo: correct
09:21 * tuxayo         added Joubu 's git repository to try the erm branch to try cypress. => 1.5 GiB of download for all Joubu's branches O_o
09:18 tuxayo           cait1: specific it-IT is gone and it seems they can only install in MARC21 for it-IT
09:17 tuxayo           nlegrand: hi :)
09:03 nlegrand         o/ fridolin cait1
08:40 cait1            it-IT installer is gone, fr-FR is the last one remaining in the old style that cannot be translated in pootle
08:39 cait1            hope testing goes well
08:39 cait1            tuxayo: that's a good one for sure!
08:17 tuxayo           cait1: I have one testing the unimarc framework revamp in the installer. So that only on french installs can have unimarc. I heard that Italians are upset because they are now locked out of Koha for new install or something like that!
08:09 cait1            tuxayo: still waiting for the attack of the librarian testers on the queues ;)
08:06 tuxayo           dcook: hi. «People should wake up faster heh» lol
08:06 magnuse          yay for ill!
08:05 tuxayo           cait1: hi :) Some people doing ILL stuff. French librarian and french doing something specific that I forgot about.
08:05 magnuse          awwwww....
08:05 fridolin         and cheeeeeeese
08:05 fridolin         there is still chocolate
08:04 fridolin         we jsut start
08:04 fridolin         cait1: yellow
08:04 fridolin         nlegrand: bonjour
08:04 cait1            how are the hackfesters this morning? so quiet here!
08:04 cait1            nlegrand: bonjour
07:25 nlegrand         Bonjour #koha
07:21 dcook            Hoped to help out on some hackfest tonight but alas.. :(
07:14 matts_hackfest   hello !
06:54 wahanui          salut, reiveune
06:54 reiveune         hello
06:05 dcook            People should wake up faster heh