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22:31 tuxayo       Like adding «Ask your question and be patient, reask a few hours later due to timezones. Alternatively there are the mailing lists»
22:31 tuxayo       I wonder if the topic of the channel is read often enough to be able to help.
19:57 tuxayo       Yes lol, it happens so much, it seems to be the normal default understanding of chats which doesn't work for community chats
17:11 oleonard     1.5 minutes is too long to wait!!
17:10 TGoat        Hi channel! Will someone please tell me if Koha is supported on Ubuntu 20.04? Not finding definitive a answer to this question.
16:25 cait         have a nice weekend all
15:43 * oleonard   can't believe people have meetings during times when he might want to talk to them
15:31 huginn       Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=28536 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Signed Off , Move translatable strings into overdrive.js
15:31 oleonard     No problem, I just wanted to ask if you could find time to QA Bug 28536. It's usually easier to get one of your crew to test OverDrive stuff
15:30 kidclamp     sorry, in a meeting
15:30 kidclamp     oleonard: yes
15:18 oleonard     kidclamp around?
14:24 oleonard     cait++
14:16 ashimema     looks good
14:00 cait         updated the page, please let me know if this is ok/better: https://koha-community.org/security/
11:05 oleonard     +1
11:04 magnuse      yeah, removing the list makes sense
11:03 huginn       cait: The operation succeeded.
11:03 cait         @later tell marcelr I agree with you about the list, i'll try to remove it later (security page)
10:28 oleonard     Hi all
10:27 tcohen       good morning
10:00 ashimema     [off] only those with admin level bz access will be able to see that link
10:00 ashimema     [off] The actual list is a bit longer than that too: https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/editusers.cgi?action=list&matchvalue=login_name&matchstr=&matchtype=substr&grouprestrict=1&groupid=18&is_enabled=1
09:59 ashimema     which is what the link does
09:59 ashimema     security issues should just go into BZ via the security project
09:58 ashimema     I'd drop the list
09:58 ashimema     weird
09:49 marcelr      cait: it needs updating; in terms of security, why publish such a list ? we could refer anyone to current RM and QA team or so ?
09:22 cait         hm should we remove/update the list of names here? https://koha-community.org/security/
09:03 nlegrand     o/
07:30 marcelr      o/
07:27 * cait       waves
07:21 marcelr      hi #koha
07:13 ashimema     morning
06:52 magnuse      there is no syspref to turn off the division of a patrons current checkouts into "todays checkouts" and "previous checkouts", right?
06:51 magnuse      \o/
06:46 alex_a       Bonjour
03:58 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D10_My8 build #648: FIXED in 48 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_Master_D10_My8/648/
03:58 wahanui      Congratulations!
03:58 koha-jenkins Yippee, build fixed!
03:49 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D9 build #1761: FIXED in 37 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_Master_D9/1761/
03:49 wahanui      Congratulations!
03:49 koha-jenkins Yippee, build fixed!
03:45 koha-jenkins Project Koha_20.11_D11 build #160: FIXED in 36 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_20.11_D11/160/
03:45 wahanui      Congratulations!
03:45 koha-jenkins Yippee, build fixed!
02:43 kubiz        Okies tuxayo. Thanks for your response. I try to look into the file you share maybe I can find something in there regarding the title. Thanks
02:41 tuxayo       https://koha-community.org/support/koha-mailing-lists/
02:41 tuxayo       kubiz: so that's a good question for the mailing list ^^"
02:41 tuxayo       hum I don't know where the title comes from
02:36 tuxayo       errata: https://gitlab.com/koha-community/Koha/-/blob/21.05.x/C4/Biblio.pm#L2339
02:36 tuxayo       https://demo-admin.bibkat.no/cgi-bin/koha/cataloguing/addbiblio.pl?biblionumber=3
02:36 tuxayo       https://gitlab.com/koha-community/Koha/-/blob/19.11.x/C4/Biblio.pm#L2442
02:35 tuxayo       my $oldrecord = TransformMarcToKoha($record);
02:35 tuxayo       https://gitlab.com/koha-community/Koha/-/blob/21.05.x/cataloguing/additem.pl#L993
02:35 tuxayo       https://gitlab.com/koha-community/Koha/-/blob/19.11.x/cataloguing/additem.pl#L959
02:34 kubiz        NP, understood hehe
02:34 tuxayo       oops, title, not author
02:34 kubiz        Yes. I try to compare the same syntax in the addbiblio page same as the additem like you share. It is the same but i think it has to do something with where the data get from maybe on .pl file but i dont know where to refer. The % title comes from where
02:29 tuxayo       It's the same, so I guess the "author" variable changed. So now it without contain a shorted version right?
02:28 tuxayo       https://gitlab.com/koha-community/Koha/-/blob/21.05.x/koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modules/cataloguing/additem.tt#L51
02:28 tuxayo       https://gitlab.com/koha-community/Koha/-/blob/19.11.x/koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modules/cataloguing/additem.tt#L37
02:28 tuxayo       puzzling, I don't know why was this changed
02:23 tuxayo       oh i see
02:22 kubiz        sorry in editing items
02:22 kubiz        in version 19.11 in editing records it show all the title record in tag 245 in subfield a,b,c etc..
02:18 kubiz        Sorry i dont know how to explain it in words
02:18 kubiz        but the menu title
02:18 kubiz        the record itself have no problem
02:17 kubiz        https://drive.google.com/file/d/1buJ3lLj4bOmQU5gGQTV3TauOo9gpRqZ5/view?usp=sharing -  edit record
02:17 kubiz        https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u5e2LaC6NNSGd7NnqxeKWShIrOiLFIkG/view?usp=sharing - edit item
02:17 kubiz        wait, maybe i need to share pictures to show what i meant
02:13 tuxayo       kubiz: because item field are in 952
01:47 tuxayo       Which subfield do you need changed? 245 is for record data. And the above link is about an item
01:47 tuxayo       > https://demo-admin.bibkat.no/cgi-bin/koha/cataloguing/additem.pl?biblionumber=3&searchid=scs_1631841713665
01:47 tuxayo       "menu page detail" I don't know which is this page
01:40 kubiz        I try on version 21.05 also the same and the funny things is the old version 19.11 have no problem like the new version
01:40 kubiz        in the editing items only shows the title tag 245 $a but not all the subfield in 245
01:39 kubiz        i try this one on demo page version 20.11 same as mine
01:39 kubiz        https://demo-admin.bibkat.no/cgi-bin/koha/cataloguing/addbiblio.pl?biblionumber=3
01:38 kubiz        https://demo-admin.bibkat.no/cgi-bin/koha/cataloguing/additem.pl?biblionumber=3&searchid=scs_1631841713665
01:38 kubiz        Yes tuxayo what i mean is the menu page detail
01:38 kubiz        what i mean is this the menu title page for example: Items for Dying light by MacBride, Stuart (Record #3) this one in editing items and Editing Dying light Stuart MacBride lydopptak Adams this one is in editing the biblio record.
01:35 tuxayo       kubiz: is $b maked visible for the editor?
01:35 tuxayo       Administration => MARC bibliographic framework => "the relevant framework for this item" => MARC strcuture => 245
01:32 kubiz        hi tuxayo
01:32 tuxayo       hi kubiz :)
01:02 kubiz        I have question regarding the page for edit section for item. It dont show all the title for tag 245 . It only show subfield $a but not $b. Has anyone have the same problem like me? but in the add biblio record page shows both
00:58 wahanui      bidet, kubiz
00:58 kubiz        hi