Time  Nick    Message
04:12 kubiz   hi koha
04:13 kubiz   Is anyone have problem with koha Error message from Zebra: 10004?
04:17 kubiz   I mean. Have anyone got this Warning	Error message from Zebra: 10004 solved before?
11:04 kubiz   Anybody home
11:09 kubiz   Is there anyone in here can tell me what is the Error message from Zebra: 10004 is? I tried to search in google but it seem there no exact answer for this one
17:59 wshealy How is the best way to get rdf records into koha? I am looking for OpenLibrary integration since I am finding many of my books there. The three small specialized libraries I am dealing with are not members of OCLC so finding marc records has been a challenge. 1/2 or more is not in LC
18:01 wshealy I have 2045 names and titles in an excel sheet to locate marc records for the first library. The second is coming from Tinycat and the third well take each book off the collectors shelf and catalog it before packing to move it.