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01:15 philor      interesting, skip_webinstaller gave me what looks like a perfectly functional Koha, other than the About page being completely broken :)
02:54 philor      whee, Baby's First Patch attached to a bug
06:31 ashimema[m] Well done philor
06:32 ashimema[m] kohadevbox isn't well maintained at this point I feel.. koha-testing-docker is the quick start of choice for lots of Devs now.. we should probably share more code between the two projects to be honest..
06:33 ashimema[m] But.. time.. all these side projects are done entirely on people's own time 😔
06:33 ashimema[m] Anywho, glad you got through it.. sorry no-one was around to help.. busy days
15:24 * philor    tries to interpret the output from a first start of koha-testing-docker
15:24 philor      pretty sure that "usage: git config [<otions>]" in it isn't a good sign :)
15:54 * cait      waves
15:54 cait        sadly, no help with koha-testing-docker
15:58 philor      no worries
16:22 philor      ah, failed to properly escape my GIT_BZ_PASSWORD
16:28 philor      or possibly, there's no way to properly escape one with spaces in it
16:32 cait        "?
16:39 philor      not "First Second" or First\ Second or \"First Second\" or 'First Second'
17:10 philor      and not add quotes around https://gitlab.com/koha-community/koha-testing-docker/-/blob/master/files/run.sh#L116 like the GIT_USER ones above it have, though I really thought I had it there
21:10 tuxayo      philor: you can have space in your bugzilla password
21:11 tuxayo      My ~/.gitconfig containes
21:11 tuxayo      [bz-tracker "bugs.koha-community.org"]
21:12 tuxayo      path = /bugzilla3
21:12 tuxayo      https = true
21:12 tuxayo      bz-user = victor@tuxayo.net
21:12 tuxayo      bz-password = some_random_word some_random_word some_random_word some_random_word
21:13 philor      tuxayo: so how do you cope with the GIT_BZ_PASSWORD in .env for koha-testing-docker?
21:14 tuxayo      philor: ho, I forgot that I don't use git or git bz inside koha-testing-docker
21:14 tuxayo      Since the koha source code must be outside the container
21:14 tuxayo      I can use git and git bz from my host
21:15 philor      ah, I was thinking of the example of "nothing" as an example, not a requirement :)
21:15 tuxayo      to have my aliases and always the latest git vetrsion
21:16 tuxayo      philor: I have quick start guide + cheat sheet for using koha-testing-docker:
21:16 tuxayo      https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/User:Victor_Grousset_-_tuxayo:Setup_Koha_development_environment_(koha-testing-docker)
21:16 tuxayo      Feedback welcome
21:17 philor      thanks!