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14:49 reiveune    bye
12:32 tcohen      oleonard-away hehe
12:31 tcohen      morning
10:59 oleonard    [off] If people are going to spam Bugzilla the least they could do is provide a decent test plan
10:52 ali         OK, tnx ashimema[m], tnx oleonard
10:49 oleonard    ali, customizing the XSL file is a better choice
10:47 ali         as title
10:46 ali         if i mapp title to fileds 856$u, is value of this filed be displayed in opac view?
10:46 oleonard    Hi #koha
10:45 ali         it means, by changing "Koha to MARC Mapping" change opac view data?
10:44 ali         another question, "Koha to MARC Mapping" maps marcfileds to local koha fileds? right? opan view retrieve data from marcfileds or mapped database fileds?
10:41 ashimema[m] 😀
10:40 ali         yes i should get backup before. tnx
10:39 ashimema[m] Have fun. 🙂
10:39 ashimema[m] Anywho, just make sure you take backups etc. Then you can always revert a little change as part of debugging if suddenly they won't display at all
10:38 ashimema[m] Those templates are super powerful, but can also be a bit fragile... Xml in general can be fragile..
10:38 ashimema[m] In which case yep. That's the right place to adapt your display. 🙂
10:37 ali         i know but some fields for articles also need to be displayed that are not necessary for books so currently does not exist in opac view
10:37 ashimema[m] Admin > Marc Bibliographic Frameworks
10:35 ashimema[m] The frameworks are more about input.. i.e which fields show in the Marc editors
10:34 ashimema[m] You should really need to adapt the display at all.. those are templates for display
10:34 ashimema[m] I leave it to the more knowledgeable library experienced people
10:33 ashimema[m] Sure I've done it for a few of our customers.. but I've not really done than side of things for a few years now..
10:33 ashimema[m] But yes, you should be able to create your own pretty easily
10:33 ali         if a filedfor article or thesis does not exist in opac view, should i edit "MARC21slim2OPACDetail.xml" ?
10:33 ashimema[m] Those are the optional defaults that ship.. no article or thesis I'm afraid
10:32 ashimema[m] https://github.com/Koha-Community/Koha/blob/master/installer/data/mysql/en/marcflavour/marc21/optional/marc21_simple_bib_frameworks.yml
10:31 ali         so i should create one by myself i think
10:28 ashimema[m] Hmm.. I thought I'd seen and article one.. not sure about thesis
10:28 ali         is there a MARC Bibliographic Frameworks for thesis and articles?
10:27 ali         :D
10:26 ashimema[m] Lurking ocassionaly today but not really around
10:24 Joubu       there is always somebody lurking here
10:21 ali         ?
10:21 ali         anybody online
10:21 ali         hi everybody
09:13 huginn      Joubu: The operation succeeded.
09:13 Joubu       @later tell rangi Hi Chris, git.koha-community.org/qa-test-tools.git is out-of-sync, could you make it mirroring for the gitlab repo?
08:07 nlegrand    gut morgn
07:03 wahanui     que tal, alex_a
07:03 alex_a      Bonjour
06:34 wahanui     what's up, reiveune
06:34 reiveune    hello