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20:19 tcohen       @later tell FGENARO I would like to take a look!
13:54 FGENARO      Hello (?)
13:38 FGENARO      Hello (?)
13:17 FGENARO      Hello, good morning everyone, someone Spanish speaking online? My name is Franco Genaro, I am developing the final work for my career (technician in free software) and I am based on the creation of a technical manual for installation and implementation of Koha in a library of a public museum of provincial administration (I am from Argentina). Would anyone be interested in reading it and giving me a refund?
13:15 FGENARO      Mi nombre es Franco Genaro, estoy desarrollando el trabajo final para mi carrera (Tecnicatura en Software Libre) y lo estoy basando en la creación de un manual técnico para instalación e implementacion de Koha en una biblioteca de un museo publico de administración provincial (soy de Argentina). A alguien le interesaría leerlo y darme alguna devolución?
13:13 FGENARO      Hola, buenos dias a todos, alguien de habla hispana en linea?
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09:43 cait         @later tell eythian commenting on the bug usually works better (would also have been more readable in this case - but thx!)
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09:41 cait         @later tell oleonard could you help out with a comment/check on bug 24709 please?