Time  Nick           Message
05:36 cait1          typoed my own name in this morning's qa team email...
05:36 cait1          maybe i should go back to bed
06:40 reiveune       hello
07:12 magnuse        \o/
07:13 liliputech_asu Hi!
07:22 fridolin       hi
10:13 vfernandes     hi #koha
11:50 magnuse        wow, quiet day?
11:52 * calire       waves to magnuse
11:56 magnuse        hiya calire!
12:07 cait           everyone still sleepy from kohacon?
12:09 matts          :)
12:11 magnuse        possibly!
12:11 magnuse        or drowning in unanswered emails...
12:13 cait           or both :
12:13 cait           :(
12:15 magnuse        the horror
12:16 cait           true true
12:16 magnuse        or fed up with koha and don't want to hear it mentioned ever again ;-)
12:17 gk             Hi koha
12:18 magnuse        hi gk
12:19 gk             Has 19.05 released?
12:20 magnuse        No, it would have been announced here: https://koha-community.org/
12:20 magnuse        the planned date is May 30th
12:20 magnuse        because the usual date clashed with kohacon
12:21 gk             Thinking that it is released, I upgraded 18.11.05 and got dpkg error
12:22 magnuse        in production, it is recommended to wait at least until the .01 release before upgrading
12:23 gk             OK Thank you Bye
12:37 cait           fridolin: spammer :)
12:37 fridolin       ^^ i'm gone stop
12:37 fridolin       cleaning some status after 17.11 end of maintainance
12:38 fridolin       cait: how was KohaCon ?
12:38 cait           it was fun, but we missed you
12:38 cait           of course :)
12:41 fridolin       ;) I followed on watsapp, lots of bier pictures as usually ;)
12:41 fridolin       next time in NZ i've been there already, i leave for someone else
12:42 fridolin       I hope Stockholm next-next
12:43 cait           not year after nz, but maybe the one after, but quite some interest in hosting
12:49 magnuse        yeah, turkey and canada at least
13:41 tcohen         morning all
13:51 cait           morning tcohen
15:13 reiveune       bye
16:08 vfernandes     the hold waiting date is calculated using the calendar?
16:50 huginn`        News from needsignoff: [Bug 7376] Transfer limits should be checked at check-in <https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7376>
17:15 Hirsch         Hello Community, i try to set up Koha for a small library on Debian 9. I did all the steps to install the newest version of Koha described in the Koha-Wiki. When i try to connect to Koha in the browser, i only get to the 'Apache2 Debian Default Page'. Does anybody know, why i see this page and not the WebInstaller-Page? Kind regard, Jakob
17:46 cait           hi
17:46 cait           the easiest way to fix this is to disable your default site
17:46 cait           let me find some instructions
17:46 cait           Hirsch ^
17:47 cait           try sudo a2dissite 000-default
17:47 cait           this is actually not so much related to Koha, but to the Apache default configuration
17:55 tcohen         happy birthday ashimema!!!!!!!!!!
17:55 tcohen         hey #koha, it is the next RM's birthday!
17:56 tcohen         time to send him beers
17:57 tcohen         cait: you almost gave me a heart attack
17:58 ashimema       Aww, shucks
18:20 cait           tcohen: ah, sorry :)
18:20 cait           couldn't go to signed off directly
18:20 cait           bugzilla wouldn't let me
18:23 * ashimema     giggles quietly.. I should throw a PQA stamp on that.  Looks solid.. but my laptop just died..
18:23 ashimema       Now to find my charger.. where did I pack that thing
18:28 cait           can someone answer the plugin directory question on the mailing list?
18:29 cait           https://lists.katipo.co.nz/pipermail/koha/2019-May/052979.html ?
18:29 cait           i got no idea but we have to people strugglng already... so 2 karma points for the price of one email? :)
18:53 tcohen         cait: koha-testing-docker just got better
18:53 cait           already heard soem rumours :)
18:53 tcohen         need someone to QA the README about setting aliases
18:59 cait           huh?
19:43 davidnind      tcohen: Nice work on the aliases for koha-testing-docker! Much easier than remembering the full command. Have tested ku + kd + kshell.
19:44 cait           ku kd?
19:47 davidnind      cait: instead of typing docker-compose -p koha up you can now just go ku
19:47 davidnind      or kd to stop rather than 'docker-compose -p koha down'
19:48 davidnind      and kshell instead of 'docker exec -it koha_koha_1 bash' to get into the container
19:49 davidnind      hi cait!
19:49 ashimema       They're lovely little aliases aren't they
19:51 cait           hello :)
19:51 cait           oh
19:51 cait           so it's my unfamiliarity with the docker commands hittin gme
19:53 tcohen         I didn't invent the aliases, I just bundled a file including their definitions so easier to set for everyone, and for us to patch if required
19:53 tcohen         the main new thing is that I moved the git clone steps into the Dockerfile
19:53 tcohen         for offline working
19:53 tcohen         now working on triggering rebuild on each of the dependent projects changes
19:53 tcohen         (misc4dev, gitify, etc)
19:54 davidnind      tcohen: I also added the changes required to make them work to .profile rather than .bashrc - but both worked. Never exactly sure which to add things to for an Ubuntu desktop, generally go for .profile
19:55 davidnind      ashimema: agree!
19:55 tcohen         yeah, my instructions were as simple as I was able
19:55 davidnind      tcohen++
19:55 tcohen         my .bashrc includes files in .bash_aliases.d/
19:55 tcohen         so I basically just put a symlink
19:57 davidnind      There are always several ways to do things in Linux!
19:58 davidnind      right. off to work for the first time in two weeks, is going to be a struggle I think!
19:58 cait           davidnind: good luck :)
19:58 davidnind      cait: I'll need it!
19:59 cait           my Monday was quite ok, maybe your Tuesday will be too :)
19:59 davidnind      haven't looked at my work email for two weeks, so is going to be 'bad'!
19:59 cait           it will be fine :)
20:00 * cait         tries the nz mantra
20:01 davidnind      I will think nice thoughts as I walk to work....
20:15 rangi          morning
20:15 cait           morning rangi
20:20 bag            morning
20:21 cait           morning bag!
20:35 rangi          heya bag and cait