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14:12 CabV          Trying to write a report to find bib titles in ALL CAPS but UPPER function doesn't seem to work (title = UPPER(title)).
14:12 CabV          Also played with the BINARY & COLLATE functions but didn't get anywhere.
14:51 CabV          so this worked: title COLLATE utf8_bin = UPPER(title) COLLATE utf8_bin
20:45 barton        evening alexbuckley
20:45 alexbuckley   hi barton :)
20:46 barton        I'm hanging out here hoping that someone who proposed a patch to bug
20:47 barton        oops bug 5789
20:47 barton        ... would show up.
20:48 barton        wanted to walk him/her through dev process.
20:56 rangi         morning
21:00 barton|laptop hi rangi!
21:01 barton|laptop my desktop linux box overheated *just* as I was finishing my last trouble-ticket for the day. :-P
21:01 barton|laptop luckly it was a report, and I'd just saved it.
21:22 barton|laptop added https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/SQL_Reports_Library#Items_with_orphaned_Locations , might be useful to somone.