Time  Nick       Message
18:54 eythian    http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/karpeles-manuscript-library-museum <-- maybe interesting for people near that area of America
20:04 wizzyrea   hi
20:04 wahanui    kia ora, wizzyrea
20:25 eythian    wizzyrea: no, tell us what you really mean
20:26 wizzyrea   ummmm it's monday and the sun is shining?
20:26 eythian    Not at all. It's Sunday and the sun is not shining.
20:27 wizzyrea   :D
22:05 cait       rangi++
22:05 * cait     agrees with eythian
22:05 eythian    I don't
22:05 eythian    It's Monday now
22:05 wizzyrea   hehehehehehehehe
22:05 wizzyrea   go to beeeed
22:06 wizzyrea   look, the word bed even looks a bit like a bed.
22:06 cait       have to finish my rmaint session first :)
22:06 * cait     looks at bett and thinks it looks uncomfortable
22:13 eythian    Bett?
22:13 eythian    Is that German for bed?
22:13 cait       yes
22:13 eythian    Ah
22:14 eythian    It's "bed" here.
22:14 eythian    Seems easy
22:15 wizzyrea   cait, you just have crosses on your footboards.
22:15 cait       hm
22:15 wizzyrea   and the view is a bit off perspective.
22:15 wizzyrea   more like a 4 poster ^.^
22:15 cait       heh
22:16 * wizzyrea is not funny
22:16 * wizzyrea goes away to hide in a hole of shame
22:16 cait       you were
22:16 cait       funny
22:16 cait       you almost got me to go to bed :)
22:16 wizzyrea   hehe
22:17 wizzyrea   look at how soft and squishy and comfortable that e looks.
22:17 wizzyrea   so springy.
22:18 cait       just catching up with frido on 17.05, then will sleep willingly :)
22:18 wizzyrea   \o/
22:33 ccordova   Hi guys
22:36 wizzyrea   hi
22:36 wahanui    what's up, wizzyrea
22:36 cait       done, night all
22:36 eythian    Later caiter
22:36 cait       :)
22:37 eythian    *allicaiter
22:38 ccordova   friend created a report https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=19393 I've been trying to solve it for days, they could orientate me.
22:38 huginn`    04Bug 19393: normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Error date Returns
22:38 wizzyrea   ccordova, is the time set correctly on both the system and the mysql database?
22:38 wizzyrea   time/timezone
22:38 ccordova   not
22:39 wizzyrea   that's why the times are wrong
22:39 ccordova   in the database is incorrect the date equal
22:39 ccordova   the timezone is correct
22:40 ccordova   https://pastebin.com/058gBPLk
22:40 wizzyrea   ok, so did you, after you set the timezone, restart mysql?
22:41 ccordova   I suspect that koha takes the time from timedatectl> Universal time not since timezone
22:41 wizzyrea   mmm no
22:43 wizzyrea   if you do
22:43 wizzyrea   select now();
22:43 wizzyrea   in your koha-mysql instance
22:43 wizzyrea   what is the time it reports
22:43 * wizzyrea guesses it'll be 2 hours wrong
22:45 wizzyrea   3 I guess.
22:46 wizzyrea   the only time I've had this problem
22:46 wizzyrea   was when I set the timezone for the system
22:46 wizzyrea   but forgot to restart mysql after.
22:46 wizzyrea   lots of "arg why is the date/time wrong?!"
22:47 ccordova   sorry I was repeating mysql the same thing happens
22:49 ccordova   the return time is two hours more than the real one and the same as Universal time
22:54 wizzyrea   well the problem isn't with koha
22:54 wizzyrea   Koha uses the mysql date, so the thing to sort out is
22:54 wizzyrea   why is mysql using utc instead of your timezone
23:01 ccordova   MariaDB [(none)]> select now();
23:01 ccordova   +---------------------+
23:01 ccordova   | now()               |
23:01 ccordova   +---------------------+
23:01 ccordova   | 2017-10-01 20:00:15 |
23:01 ccordova   +---------------------+
23:01 ccordova   1 row in set (0.00 sec)
23:03 ccordova   is correct
23:03 ccordova   the hours
23:03 ccordova   :)
23:03 ccordova   but not in returns
23:06 wizzyrea   don't know then sorry
23:12 ccordova   don't worry i will still try thanks