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21:36 kuiperrrr hello room
16:40 bag       hi amitgupta
16:39 AmitGupta @seen bag
16:18 bag       no bot
16:18 bag       @seen mtompset
11:15 tcohen    @wunder cordoba, argentina
11:15 tcohen    morning
09:48 cait      no holidays here, but some vacation days
09:48 cait      oh nice, enjoy!
09:23 indradg   same here too.... a 4 day long extended holiday
09:18 cait      have guests for the longer weekend, so won't be around much
09:17 indradg   ok
09:17 indradg   i was just checking the rt
09:17 cait      bbiab
09:16 cait      https://rt.cpan.org/Public/Dist/Display.html?Name=Text-PDF
09:16 cait      hm doesn't look like it was reported already
09:15 cait      is the library still maintained?
09:15 indradg   I tried my hand at some nasty hacks... didn't get the desired results
09:14 indradg   yeah :(
09:14 cait      but that means we probably can't fix in Koha?
09:14 cait      oh!
09:13 indradg   chars one by one... causing the issue
09:13 indradg   cait: I dug deeper into bug 19084 looks to me that the root of the rendering problem starts from the unpacku method in Text::PDF::Utils, which pushes the unicode chars into an array. The Indic scripts are rendered using grapheme clusters (a utf-8 latin based example would be an accented e where the 'e' and the accent are two separate codepoints under Unicode), if I'm not mistaken the unpacku method is breaking up the grapheme cluster and handling the
09:08 cait      hi indradg :)
08:42 indradg   hi cait
07:50 indradg   @seen cait
02:47 mtompset  Have a great day / weekend, #koha.