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09:48 simon_    i am new to koha and perl. just browsing through the code i wondered if anyone could point me towards some introductory information about the general project structure, paradigms or frameworks used?
10:26 drojf     ping
11:55 magnuse   ah, just 3.5 hours before my next plane leaves
16:54 barton    no criticals from craban.
19:12 rangi     thanks gmcharlt
21:55 archer121 hi, can I deny OPAC login if the IP address is not starting with "192.168."?
21:56 rangi     you want them to be able to see the opac, but not login?
22:03 archer121 yes
22:04 rangi     you can't currently, that would need development work
22:04 rangi     you can block them from seeing it all together, but if they have a username and password that are valid, there is no code to block by IP at that point
22:05 rangi     i am sure it is a feature that others would like also, if you wanted to work on it, or pay someone too that would be excellent
22:05 archer121 you mean jquery?
22:05 rangi     naw
22:05 rangi     jquery would be totally insecure
22:05 archer121 yeah
22:05 rangi     has to be done serverside
22:05 rangi     you'd have to modify C4::Auth
22:05 rangi     and add checks in there
22:06 archer121 I am a student, so I can work on it but won't be able to pay anyone.
22:06 rangi     working on it is just as good :)
22:07 rangi     you should file a bug at bugs.koha-community.org and say you plan to work on it (also maybe someone already is too)
22:07 archer121 Can I possibly implement what I want by configuring apache?
22:08 rangi     not easily
22:08 rangi     you could certainly restrict ips from seeing certain pages on the opac, or all of it
22:09 rangi     however you could restrict all pages where a login might be needed
22:10 rangi     to a certain ip range
22:10 rangi     eg opac-reserve.pl opac-user.pl and a bunch more
22:10 wizzyrea  might be easier to explicitly allow only say, the home page.
22:10 wizzyrea  and restrict everything else.
22:10 rangi     and the search
22:10 wahanui   somebody said the search was for the patrons not the librarians
22:11 rangi     and detail, and cart ... i think there might actually be about the same ;)
22:11 rangi     but either or
22:11 archer121 ok, now that I've found you, let me ask you something else. Our koha server stops working every sunday due to logrotate failing to start back zebra and plack. I see that many others are also having the same issue. I don't see it fixed even in 3.22.11. Why?
22:12 rangi     because no one has fixed it
22:12 archer121 But it is a very critical bug right?
22:13 rangi     its reasonably critical, but incredibly inconsistent
22:14 archer121 consistent here though.
22:14 rangi     it doesnt happen on the 30 odd sites I look after, reliably happens on others
22:14 rangi     hard to fix if you cant recreate
22:15 archer121 i'll be happy to help. But I don't know perl, and I have been doing this only for a few months.
22:15 rangi     you could try tweaking /etc/logrotate.d/koha-common
22:15 rangi     its nothing to do with perl
22:15 rangi     or koha even
22:15 rangi     its the logrotate job is trying to restart a daemon, that hasnt finished stopping
22:16 rangi     so knowing about logrotate and how to configure it, is much more important than knowing perl
22:16 archer121 in my opinion the problem is that koha-stop-zebra is exiting without making sure that zebra is fully stopped.
22:18 rangi     no perl in there either ;) thats shell script
22:20 rangi     which uses start-stop-daemon
22:20 rangi     http://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man8/start-stop-daemon.8.html
22:21 archer121 apparently this has already been done and should have been fixed from 3.22.10
22:21 archer121 https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=16885
22:21 huginn    04Bug 16885: normal, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Pushed to Stable , koha-stop-zebra should be more sure of stopping zebrasrv
22:22 rangi     and yet, it still happens on yours
22:23 archer121 yes, which requires some investigation
22:23 rangi     you could add some more echos in
22:25 rangi     or try running the start-stop-daemon command by hand etc
22:30 archer121 I tried a `logrotate -f  /etc/logrotate.d/koha-common` but this did not affect koha.
23:03 irma      good morning jamesb
23:32 irma      jamesb call my mobile anytime to clarify/add your thoughts .... (I think we both never get to use our full monthly call quota)
23:33 irma      good morning #koha