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07:34 drojf    morning
07:40 DooRooK  Hey again, i'm still having troubles installing CoverFlow plugin, is anyone able to give me some advices or clues ?
07:42 DooRooK  I have set the directory for the plugin in 777 so that there is no permission problem. The plugin is installed and configured with the id of the report i've created which contain ISBN, biblio number and title. I can see that the Jquery is correct in "opacuserjs" system preference and I've linked the whole thing to a div with the right ID within my Opac
07:44 DooRooK  and the webserver is configured with the Alias linked to coverflow.pl and plugin directory as it is said in the installation tutorial
07:55 drojf    DooRooK: you will have a better chance to ask on the mailing list. there are not many people around here on weekends
07:55 DooRooK  Ok, ty for the answer though
07:56 DooRooK  i can't stay connected for now, but if by chance someone have any clues, i'll be sure to come back and check the log.
07:57 drojf    you do not say what the problem is i think
07:57 drojf    but i just woke up, maybe i missed that part
08:25 DooRooK  drojf: Oh, my bad, the problem is that nothing is displaying on the opac except the "Loading..." coming from the HTML codeference in the opacmainuser block
08:26 DooRooK  I verified the path of the Javascript and all, but I don't know how to run test in order to see execution error or stuff like that
09:01 * Oak    waves
09:01 Oak      cait
09:01 Oak      magnuse
09:01 cait     Oak
09:04 Oak      a question: I'm running Koha from git (vagrant, kohaclone); and after loggin in using the database user, I created a new 'Staff' user. Now, from within the database user, I go to set the permissions for the new 'Staff' user, but that page looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/MOTepd2.png
09:08 drojf    Oak: i had that once. no idea why, it was gone after i installed again
09:08 Oak      Hmm.
09:08 drojf    could not reproduce it
09:08 Oak      ooooh. a bug!
09:08 drojf    you could check with firebug if some file is missing?
09:09 Oak      okay sure.
09:09 drojf    and clear cache/force reload
09:09 drojf    i could not find any hint when it happened to me and gave up after a while
09:10 Oak      Firebug's console raises no issues.
09:11 Oak      FF's cache should be clean because it's first time I opened in it.
09:11 Oak      drojf, you installed what again that cleared this issue?
09:13 drojf    i think i removed the instance and created a new one. not sure, was a while ago
09:14 Oak      okay.
10:28 drojf    Oak: did you fix it?
10:28 drojf    hi cait
11:09 cait     not really here
22:12 cbrannon Hello fellow Kohanauts.
22:13 cbrannon Anyone in the room?