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22:04 Ricardo    nvm :) found what i was looking for.
21:53 Ricardo    Let me rephrase that.... I´m interested in translating Koha into the Portuguese language... How would i go about it? ;)
21:50 Ricardo    Quick question. Is there any intention of translating Koha to Portuguese?
21:49 Ricardo    Hi everyone!
20:03 andreashm  evening
17:32 Oak        magnuse
17:31 magnuse    Oak
12:14 kivilahtio -> running manual tests cases for the migration result
12:13 kivilahtio great. I know exactly what picture will loosen the mood here :)
12:12 tcohen     yup
12:11 kivilahtio wow, can I share this image?
11:59 tcohen     rangi++
11:58 tcohen     :-D
11:58 tcohen     it is a family thing: http://snag.gy/L7ISP.jpg
11:55 tcohen     i've been there for lots of years
11:55 kivilahtio nice
11:55 tcohen     yes
11:55 tcohen     heh
11:54 kivilahtio ok, so you are there lobbying for open source?
11:53 tcohen     the discuss stuff like creative commons, etc
11:53 tcohen     knowledge, art, etc
11:53 tcohen     but also cultural goods
11:53 tcohen     it includes software
11:53 tcohen     its the free culture movement
11:52 kivilahtio tcohen: from librarians to librarians?
11:52 kivilahtio tcohen: phew. So "free culture"? what does that mean?
11:51 kivilahtio or maybe they are just pushing our buttons
11:51 kivilahtio maybe the closed source giant is turning to open source :)
11:50 kivilahtio naturally I handed it over, but it is interesting
11:50 kivilahtio our biggest competitor just asked for our souorce code :)
11:50 kivilahtio looks like the migration is going in smoothly
11:49 kivilahtio Ubuntu 12.04 on LXC 14.04
11:48 kivilahtio now I explicitly upgraded cpan DBI and looks like the original issue with manglled  SIP workers  is going away
11:48 tcohen     which OS/Version?
11:48 kivilahtio I think that is th ereason
11:48 kivilahtio I upgraded the os
11:48 kivilahtio 4 days ago
11:48 tcohen     i nver noticed such a problem, have you recently updated the OS or changed zebra version?
11:47 kivilahtio also my last nightly library migration practice run failed because seombody had activated binary logging in DB, thus filling the HD overnight and failing my test run
11:47 tcohen     nastyt
11:47 kivilahtio phew
11:47 kivilahtio just had to remove the username and password from serachserver configurations in $KOHA_CONF
11:47 kivilahtio well i fixed that as well, but some close calls. It is always nasty when it happens in production
11:47 tcohen     13645
11:46 kivilahtio there never was any authentication to the Zebra server :)
11:46 kivilahtio somehow the opac and staff cleint couldn't authenticate to the zebra server
11:46 kivilahtio also Zebra server after a reboot suddnely stopped servicing serach requests
11:46 kivilahtio I think I need it when I start working on Koha REST API next month
11:45 kivilahtio do oyu have any idea what the bug number is?
11:45 tcohen     to at least give it a try
11:45 kivilahtio tcohen: yeh a good idea.
11:45 kivilahtio then I upgraded some packages on the system and now while I should be migrating another liobrary consortium to our library system, bam. stuff starts to break apart quite crypticly
11:44 tcohen     it could be safely backported (locally) I think
11:44 kivilahtio actualyl our sip server has been running efforltessly for 6 months
11:44 kivilahtio tcohen: It's not in our version 3.16.4
11:43 kivilahtio well now I am listening on 2 desktops fro all our SIP devices to die in 4 different logs to have even a faintest clue why this happens. It also could be something in Koha sending to DB a bad query silently killing the connection
11:43 tcohen     kivilahtio: a while back we made C4::Context->_new_dbh use DBIx::Connector
11:43 kivilahtio tcohen: Prolly I think so as well. There seemed to be a lot of PERL modules to do those checks
11:42 kivilahtio because i mnaged to isolate the death of the DB connection to inactivity of over 10 minutes, but then after i had done the function, I found a broken DB connection after 10s of inactivity
11:42 * tcohen   thinks there were options for the dbix::connector to do that job
11:41 kivilahtio of the keepalive mechanism
11:41 kivilahtio i thought it is a bug int the DBI implementation if the keepalive mechanism
11:41 tcohen     makes sense
11:41 kivilahtio then I just added a function to always manually check if the connection is sound and overrider the C4::Context->dbh value with the explicitly created new connection.
11:40 kivilahtio so I spent two days figuring wth
11:40 tcohen     free culture in general
11:40 kivilahtio they just randomly lost the connection, and the DBI mysql_keepalive-parameter couldnt restart the connections
11:40 tcohen     ouch
11:40 kivilahtio SIP Server worker thread started to lose connections to DB
11:40 kivilahtio what is the conference about?
11:39 kivilahtio regarding Koha, otherwise my life is perfectly safe,
11:39 tcohen     close calls?
11:39 kivilahtio had couple of close calls for two days :)
11:39 kivilahtio :)
11:39 kivilahtio I am heading to my irreversable doom
11:39 kivilahtio wow
11:39 * tcohen   is heading to a regional open source event
11:39 tcohen     hi kivilahtio
11:38 kivilahtio g-day
11:38 kivilahtio tcohen: gday
11:35 tcohen     morning
10:36 mveron     I never had a look at bulkmarcimport.pl...
10:34 kivilahtio mveron: its ok, neither do I :)
10:32 kivilahtio socket is not even a bind-mount but on a same partition
10:31 mveron     Sorry, I do not know.
10:31 kivilahtio could the local socket operations slow down this message transfer between bulkmarcimport and zebra? and that wouldnt show in top?
10:30 mveron     :-)
10:29 kivilahtio when i wake up it is done :)
10:29 kivilahtio or 4 , cant remember :)
10:29 kivilahtio but zebra reindex takes foreeveer, 6 hours +
10:29 kivilahtio i even reniced bulkmarcimport to -20
10:28 kivilahtio its ok :)
10:28 kivilahtio 100k records matched and merged in 15minutes
10:28 kivilahtio so I want to make bulkmarcimport go fasterrrrr.
10:28 kivilahtio so we would have 1.3 mil records, half of which are component parts records
10:27 kivilahtio maybe +33% I guess/hope
10:27 kivilahtio I have no idea how many records get merged and how many get added as new ones
10:27 kivilahtio we have 1000000 in our production db
10:27 mveron     Oh, that's quit a lot!
10:27 kivilahtio and test ofc :)
10:27 kivilahtio I hope I can scqueeze the 628000 Bibliographic records into our DB and reindexed before midnight
10:26 kivilahtio le fuu
10:26 kivilahtio the practice run last night died because somebody set the binary log on 4 days ago in your test DB
10:26 mveron     Oh, good luck!
10:25 kivilahtio man I am adding a new library group to our Koha. hell is breaking loose :)
10:25 mveron     No weather in Basel, but it is similar to Grenchen
10:25 kivilahtio bulkmarcimport.pl communicates using local socket with mysql, so does zebra
10:24 huginn`    mveron: The current temperature in Grenchen, Switzerland is 16.0°C (12:20 PM CEST on April 25, 2015). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 63%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Steady).
10:24 huginn`    kivilahtio: The current temperature in Woods, Kontiolahti, Finland is 3.5°C (1:23 PM EEST on April 25, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: -2.0°C. Windchill: 0.0°C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa.
10:24 mveron     @wunder Allschwil
10:24 kivilahtio @wunder Joensuu
10:24 huginn`    mveron: The current temperature in Bern-Belp, Switzerland is 17.0°C (12:20 PM CEST on April 25, 2015). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 59%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Steady).
10:24 kivilahtio does anybody have anu idea why bulkmarcimport.pl consumes only 30% of CPU time, when disk utilization is at 5% and memory is abundant?
10:24 mveron     @wunder Basel
10:23 mveron     Hi kivilahtio!
10:23 kivilahtio mveron: hi there!
10:11 mveron     Hi #koha
04:52 mtompset   Have a great weekend, #koha bag.
04:19 mtompset   bag: Care to test a simple bug? I can't figure out why it doesn't work for Nicole.
03:08 bag        ha
02:47 mtompset   I feel unloved, bag. :)
02:47 huginn`    mtompset: I don't recognize you.
02:47 mtompset   @whoami
02:46 mtompset   24601?
02:41 bag        talljoy soo sooo cool
01:56 mtompset   talljoy: You're welcome. :)
01:39 talljoy    i'll check those two bug fixes to see if that helped that serial issue.  thanks!
01:38 talljoy    that is me
01:26 mtompset   Or is Joy a popular name? :)
01:25 mtompset   Was that you? :)
01:25 huginn`    04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13765 normal, P3, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Only serial issue can be deleted causing error
01:25 mtompset   Ah, yes. bug 13765
01:21 * talljoy  behaves
01:20 * mtompset wonders where that bugzilla with a joy on it was.
01:20 * mtompset cheers. :)
01:20 talljoy    friday night US in the koha channel....joy runs amok
01:02 huginn`    talljoy: The operation succeeded.
01:02 talljoy    @later tell bag about 20  feet away.  VERY COOL
01:02 huginn`    talljoy: The operation succeeded.
01:02 talljoy    @later tell bag just saw a huge owl fly across my yard into the neighbor's yard and pick up a small rodent.  Then flew up and perched on the telephone wire.
00:35 talljoy    how did i get so damn lucky with 2 vpn tickets. oh joy