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21:38 mtj          wizzyrea, gmcharlt, rangi about?
17:18 xkravec      great
17:17 wnickc       quick way to get testing with no setup
17:17 wahanui      sandboxes are http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Sandboxes
17:17 wnickc       sandboxes?
17:17 wnickc       sanboxes?
17:17 wnickc       also sandboxes
17:17 xkravec      ok, thank you very much wnickc
17:16 wnickc       come back on a weekday and you'll find more (and smarter) people here, but best to try somethings out and have specific questions about where you are stuck
17:15 wnickc       you could try this too:https://github.com/digibib/kohadevbox
17:15 wnickc       installing and gitifying is probably the easiest way to get started: https://github.com/mkfifo/koha-gitify
17:14 wnickc       get to know system and community a bit before sumitting patches
17:14 wnickc       sign offs are a good place to start
17:14 wnickc       and then submit patches to bugzilla using git
17:14 wnickc       You will need to set up a development space with a git-clone of Koha
17:14 wnickc       http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/
17:14 wnickc       You can find bugs here:
17:07 xkravec      step by step introduction. I am really interested in KOHA, I can programm in perl and I am also librarian, but I need some quick introduction..
17:06 xkravec      some tutorial would help me
17:06 xkravec      Beacouse there is many wiki pages about that, but they are very general
17:05 xkravec      and so on
17:05 xkravec      then you can submit patch here
17:05 xkravec      then open this file and do some stuff
17:05 xkravec      Go to this page and pick bug
17:05 xkravec      well I would like to see some introduction like:
16:36 wnickc       xkravec: http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Developer_handbook
16:34 wnickc       do you mean, where do you find bugs?  or how do you start submitting patches?  or how do you set up a development environment?
15:59 xkravec      some*
15:59 xkravec      I am new to KOHA. Where should I start when I want to repair come bug?
15:58 wahanui      niihau, xkravec
15:58 xkravec      Hello
12:03 cait         hi ashimema :)
10:45 ashimema     :)
08:12 cait         hi mtj :)
08:11 cait         hi #koha
08:03 mtj          ping rangi,  about?
06:25 mtompset     Have a great weekend, #koha.
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