Time  Nick      Message
20:13 huginn    New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 7038] Contextual help is always in English <http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7038>
19:18 libsysguy exciting…for those not on git :p
18:54 cait      yeah, not long now
18:52 libsysguy aww…are we down to 6 days?
18:32 cait      still hoping to get something done though
18:32 cait      didn't manage
18:32 cait      wanted to test a lot of things this weekends
18:27 libsysguy same…thought I might see if anybody had picked up my merge
18:27 cait      and what are you doing here? :)
18:26 cait      hanging out :)
18:26 libsysguy are you working over the weekend or just hanging out with the cool Koha devels :p
18:25 libsysguy hey cait
18:23 cait      hi libsysguy
18:22 libsysguy jcamins_away:  yeah I know…oh well…its fixed now :)
17:59 fredericd Ok, I will try to figure out what's going on
17:59 fredericd It works now, but I don't remember how I solve it
17:59 fredericd I got that also (no language chooser)
17:58 cait      and no language chooser
17:58 cait      fredericd: i see it too
17:58 cait      have you seen the bug I filed about the web installer?
17:57 cait      installing german templates now
17:57 cait      checking
17:56 fredericd thks
17:56 fredericd Is it like that for you?
17:56 cait      I will try that
17:56 cait      ok
17:56 fredericd but if I click on ?, I get help in English
17:56 fredericd If I am in French, or German, the interface is in the appropriate language
17:55 cait      what do you want me to check?
17:55 fredericd I have a bug with contextual help
17:55 cait      yes
17:55 fredericd Do you have a HEAD instance?
17:55 fredericd good evening
17:55 cait      yes?
17:55 fredericd cait: ?
17:00 cait      hi #koha
14:18 kmkale    Namaskaar #koha
13:26 druthb    o/
07:37 kmkale    Namaste ropuch
07:37 cait      hi ropuch :)
07:37 ropuch    Morning cait, kmkale
07:35 kmkale    out of 20 I have confirmation of 14 presenters so far at kohacon11 :)
07:35 cait      hi kmkale :)
07:35 kmkale    Namaste cait :)
07:31 cait      good morning #koha
07:27 kmkale    Namaskaar #koha
02:24 Judit     anyone around on this beautiful sunday?
02:22 wahanui   hola, Judit
02:22 Judit     hi