Time  Nick     Message
21:35 brendan_ :D
21:35 wahanui  somebody said bg was awesome!
21:35 brendan_ bg?
16:49 druthb   :D
16:47 bg       heh thanks :)
16:37 cait     hehe
16:37 wahanui  well, bg is awesome!
16:37 cait     bg?
16:36 druthb   bg is awesome!
16:32 cait     hm, seems wahanui has no clue
16:32 cait     bg?
16:31 druthb   hi, bg!  :)
16:31 bg       heya cait
16:31 cait     hi bg
16:27 bg       bg?
16:27 bg       bg?
15:09 * druthb nods.
15:08 wahanui  somebody said Brooke_ was not quite as she tries to appear.  It's okay, though; she's really very sweet.
15:08 druthb   Brooke_?
15:08 * druthb whispers something to wahanui.
15:07 druthb   Brooke_?
15:07 druthb   He also seems to learn a lot about me from Brooke_.
15:07 druthb   yes, he does.
15:06 cait     he has a good memory
15:06 * druthb doesn't remember teaching wahanui that, but might have.
15:06 wahanui  jdavidb is, like, no more...call her druthb now, please
15:06 druthb   jdavidb?
15:06 druthb   hm.
15:06 * cait   hides
15:05 wahanui  well, kf is the kind of person that will brighten everyone's day.
15:05 druthb   kf?
15:05 cait     oh
15:05 wahanui  cait is, like, a competent programmer AND really sweet
15:05 druthb   cait?
15:05 wahanui  cait?
15:05 cait     wahanui?
15:05 cait     hehe
15:03 wahanui  OK, druthb.
15:03 druthb   wahanui:  druthb is quite possibly insane, but she fits right in at ByWater Solutions, because of it.
15:03 cait     druthb?
15:02 wahanui  druthb: I forgot druthb
15:02 druthb   wahanui:  forget druthb
15:01 cait     hm
15:01 wahanui  somebody said druthb was greatly pissed at someone right now.  Don't worry, it's no one here.
15:01 cait     druthb?
05:49 druthb   hi, rangi!
05:36 rangi    evening