Time  Nick       Message
01:58 munin      New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5011 install debian graphicsmagick not imagemagick <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=9a085653942df5e5eb3f46105079438c4e99912f> / wr72054 fixing the z3950 search for acquisitions <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=cb06075e77d76d4ac6cd455a60b95e0e11951264> / Bug 2505: Quieting warns in acqui/z3950_search.pl <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=comm
01:59 chris      yay
02:10 munin      New commit(s) kohagit: Fix for Bug 5013 "New patron" menu button broken on patron select screen <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=3452d0f2673ef7c110829329c5ff29848d0c7e81>
05:07 rono       Hi
05:08 rono       how do we use this chat room
05:09 wasabi     depends what you wanna do...
05:09 wasabi     ask some questions, if you have any, etc...
05:09 larsw      we asks questions and we answers them and we jokes around and we watches the silence with happinesses
05:10 rono       i think i might find help on how-to do things around koha
05:10 rono       am new
05:10 * wasabi   pats lars...
05:11 wasabi     me and lars live in new zealand
05:12 wasabi     an you?, rono
05:12 rono       i from Solomon Islands
05:12 wasabi     oooh, beautiful!
05:13 wasabi     i have never been, but i plan to :)
05:13 rono       yap small country
05:14 rono       you can find me easily
05:14 rono       i can't hide cos its small
05:16 wasabi     rono: joining the koha emailing-lists is the best place to ask complex questions
05:18 wasabi     http://koha-community.org/support/koha-mailing-lists/
05:19 rono       thanks wasabi
05:58 cait       chris: around?
05:59 cait       gmcharlt: aorund?
11:10 druthb     howdy, #koha!
11:54 hdl        hi druthb
12:12 owen       gmcharlt: Thanks for the topic branch for Bug 3652
12:12 munin      04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3652 critical, P5, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED, XSS vulnerabilities
12:13 gmcharlt   sure
12:13 owen       I've got a bunch more updates. Almost halfway done with the staff client.
12:18 owen       gmcharlt: My patches from 14 Jul are minor and string-safe. I hope they can make it into 3.2
12:25 * gmcharlt wonders if there is a good reason why the intranet doc-head-open.inc does not include <title> while the opac version does
12:26 munin      New commit(s) kohagit: Minor markup correction to send Cart form <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=5bd02c5b9b6c71f6da3b67d4cda4994126fc9371> / Markup corrections <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=df49cace363652c8a55a8f52f8e1b238e0b19139> / Bug 3756 Difference between original and local sysprefs <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=4dc85d2f0a7b8fb682fb0f492cc0
12:26 owen       Heh... I'm the one who would know, and I don't know :)
12:28 chris      i blame godzilla
12:29 druthb     now, there's an enhancement to git-blame.  "Who didn't put in a line that should be here?"
12:30 gmcharlt   @bug 5025
12:30 munin      gmcharlt: 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5025 trivial, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, discrepancy between opac doc-head-open.inc and staff doc-head-open.inc
12:31 gmcharlt   druthb: that's coming in Git 2.46 - git-suggest-the-patch-you-really-meant-to-write
12:32 druthb     I saw the roadmap for 2.5, the other day-- git-suppress-Really-Bad-Idea finally made the cut.
12:33 gmcharlt   aka git-auto-revert ?
12:33 druthb     that's the one, yeah.
12:34 druthb     you have to have Coder::Psyhic installed; that's still got some bugs, so it's a blocker for now.
12:34 owen       The one where you try to commit something and an eerie voice says "I can't let you do that. Dave." ?
12:34 gmcharlt   hey!  that's my job!
12:35 druthb     no, that's a stem routine of the Skynet:: module, owen.
12:35 gmcharlt   owen: any thoughts on dpavlin's patch for @bug 5009
12:35 munin      04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5009 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, NEW, add autocomplete="off" to borrowernumbers and barcode forms
12:36 munin      New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5021 Formatting of undefined serials dates <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=ebf7f0cad0148e3ab859fd8bd572794a19f40361> / Fix for Bug 4999, OPAC error pages have incorrect markup structure <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=0f61cacf4aac5b6bce17bcf38dcb0ae09a8f8d31>
12:36 owen       gmcharlt: Personally, I don't like it. I use the browser's autocomplete sometimes
12:37 owen       part of me doesn't like it just because the autocomplete attribute is non-standard, but we are using it elsewhere.
12:37 owen       Should we be coding for an issue that can be solved through browser-configuration?
12:37 owen       i.e. turn off form history?
12:39 owen       On the other hand, I don't know how much the browser's autocomplete is really used on the front lines of the circ desk
12:39 owen       They have a lot more data getting entered than I do
12:39 gmcharlt   perhaps a different approach is in order - adding IDs to those form elements; then somebody can use a bit of jQuery to turn off automcmplete
12:40 druthb     +1
12:40 owen       There's a pretty good chance that the HTML structure is already there for that
12:40 gmcharlt   as far as the circ desk is concerned ... since only Koha devs repeatedly checkin and check out the same items
12:40 gmcharlt   autocomplete is great for us
12:40 gmcharlt   but a Real Live Circ Desk (TM) is presumably dealing in unique items every day
12:41 gmcharlt   some of those forms are wrapping on identified divs
12:41 gmcharlt   although glancing at the patch
12:42 gmcharlt   not all
12:43 owen       gmcharlt: Can you remind me of the proper way to format my patch submissions so that it's clear that they're for a topic branch?
12:44 gmcharlt   just include the bug number as usual if a bug's been diverted to a topic branch
12:44 gmcharlt   if it's not oterwise clear in context, adding a bracketed tag to the subject line can be done was weel
12:44 gmcharlt   e.g., [new/branch_foo]
12:49 owen       And isn't there a flag for git send-email that does that?
12:50 gmcharlt   owen: no; git format-patch --subject-prefix
12:51 owen       Thanks. I should add that to the wiki.
13:13 jcamins    Good morning, #koha
15:40 brendan    morning
15:40 jwagner    Morning, brendan
15:40 brendan    hi jwagner
15:46 brendan    @wunder 93117
15:46 munin      brendan: The current temperature in Eastern Goleta Valley, Santa Barbara, California is 22.1�C (8:46 AM PDT on July 16, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 71%. Dew Point: 17.0�C. Pressure: 29.90 in 1012.4 hPa (Rising).
15:54 jwagner    @wunder 20740
15:54 munin      jwagner: The current temperature in Hollywood, College Park, Maryland is 33.1�C (11:55 AM EDT on July 16, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 54%. Dew Point: 23.0�C. Pressure: 29.93 in 1013.4 hPa (Steady).  Heat advisory in effect until 9 PM EDT this evening... 
17:06 jwagner    @quote random
17:06 munin      jwagner: Quote #56: "* jdavidb makes sure no kitty carcasses are among the dead bugs." (added by gmcharlt at 08:34 AM, February 11, 2010)
17:08 hdl        hi
17:09 jwagner    Bonjour
17:13 jwagner    Anyone using autoBarcode with the branch prefix?  The note for the syspref says it will generate barcodes like "hbyymmincr of the form HB08010001 where HB=Home Branch", but it doesn't seem to work.  Setting it to straight incremental works fine.
18:21 cait       hi all :)
18:21 brendan    heya cait
18:22 cait       hi brendan
18:25 nengard    hi all, i'm working with frameworks and I marked a few subfieds as hidden with an 8 in the field
18:25 nengard    but they still show in the framework
18:25 nengard    is this a bug? or was I reading the help wrong?
18:26 cait       what is the entry in the help? I use -5 most of the time, to hide in editor
18:29 nengard    cait i chose 8 to hide in everything - editor, opac, etc
18:29 nengard    i'll try -5
18:29 sekjal     8 leaves the field uncollapsed in the editor
20:03 chris      morning
20:04 sekjal     morning, chris
20:07 brendan    morning chirs
20:07 brendan    happy weekend ;)
20:08 brendan    s/chirs/chris
20:09 jcamins    Good morning, chris. Shouldn't you be out enjoying the beautiful weather that is apparently part and parcel of living in NZ?
20:12 chris      not today it isnt
20:12 jcamins    Oh. :(
20:12 chris      @wunder wellington nz
20:12 munin      chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 10.0�C (8:00 AM NZST on July 17, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 9.0�C. Windchill: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.68 in 1005 hPa (Steady).
20:12 jcamins    Yeah, that doesn't sound so nice.
20:12 chris      that light rain is more like heavy rain
20:13 chris      http://metservice.com/national/maps-rain-radar/rain-radar/all-nz-rain-last-6-hrs
20:17 chris      typical, big rugby game tonight, been dry all week, now it rains
20:26 chris      sekjal: any luck with finding airfares?
20:27 sekjal     looking at around $1600 for me, $1350 for my wife (USD)
20:27 chris      hmmm, she is flying from a different place?
20:27 sekjal     at a different time
20:27 chris      ahh
20:27 sekjal     she's going to come down part of the way through the conference
20:27 chris      makes sense
20:28 sekjal     she's got a big work event when I plan to fly out
20:28 chris      right
20:28 chris      you fly via lax, then akl, then wlg?
20:29 sekjal     jfk -> lax -> akl -> wlg, yes
20:29 chris      nengard is flying virginaustralia, so she is phl->lax->sydney->wlg
20:29 wizzyrea   oh jebus, that's a confulence of huge airports that makes dieties cry
20:29 wizzyrea   confluence, even
20:29 brendan    you may want to compare prices from LAX first...  you can fly to LAX cheaper
20:29 chris      *nod*
20:29 sekjal     good idea
20:30 brendan    nengard got a good deal from LAX
20:30 brendan    plus if you go from LAX - you stop by and say hi
20:30 chris      :)
20:30 brendan    or wave when you go over
20:31 chris      http://www.vaustralia.com/?siteselect=1
20:31 sekjal     one new wrinkle: my wife just got accepted to a professional immersion program in mid-Nov, which will cut into our vacation time
20:31 wizzyrea   just as in, just now?
20:31 wizzyrea   like, 2 minutes ago?
20:31 wizzyrea   that's an amazing coincidence :)
20:32 sekjal     well, it was a couple hours ago
20:32 chris      448 and 445
20:32 chris      $893 including tax USD, return lax to wlg
20:33 sekjal     I'm seeing it... much nicer
20:33 chris      yeah
20:33 chris      plus they have usb charges on the plane :)
20:33 chris      also, means you clear customs and immigration in wellington
20:33 brendan    beagles?
20:34 chris      much smaller airport, 1 international flight at a time, no queues
20:34 brendan    but are there beagles?
20:34 chris      and yes 3 beagles
20:34 brendan    YAY
20:34 brendan    sudo make install
20:34 brendan    :)
20:34 brendan    whoopies
20:35 wizzyrea   at least it wasn't your password
20:37 chris      heh
21:50 CGI778     hello
21:51 CGI778     is eny bady there
21:51 pianohack  [sudo] password for brendan:
21:51 pianohack  ;)
21:51 pianohack  Hi CGI778
21:51 pianohack  What's up
21:51 CGI778     fine and u?
21:52 pianohack  Good. Just wondering if you had any Koha questions we could help with
21:53 CGI778     i want to know is koha for selling books ?
21:53 CGI778     a have a huge kibrary
21:53 CGI778     *library
21:54 pianohack  CGI778: A personal or public library?
21:54 CGI778     pblic
21:54 CGI778     but is bussines
21:55 CGI778     and i give books for loan
21:55 pianohack  CGI778: Koha doesn't really have much functionality in it for selling books
21:55 CGI778     and i want to sell
21:55 pianohack  renting and checking out just about anything, and keeping a catalog, those it can do
21:55 pianohack  selling is tougher. Koha isn't really built for it
21:56 pianohack  The approach we use here at our library when we're selling a book (usually an old, unused one) is to remove it from the Koha catalog, then sell it and keep track of the money using other software
21:56 brendan    heya painohack
21:56 pianohack  Hi brendan
21:56 CGI778     ok  thank
21:56 CGI778     s
21:57 CGI778     now im using koha
21:58 CGI778     and is very useful
21:58 CGI778     do u know about a software that has the selling module?
22:09 pianohack  CGI778: On the well-known, professional side, there's quickbooks
22:09 pianohack  not sure if there's any free alternatives
22:16 Nate       Have a great weekend Everyone!
23:06 rhcl_away  /part