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05:12 chris     jransom++ #great response to the negative comment
05:40 cait1     good morning äkoha
05:41 cait1     #koha
07:27 cait1     @wunder Konstanz
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08:00 chris     hi cait
08:01 cait      hi chris
08:13 chris     we dont have a 'i forgot my password' thing in koha eh?
08:13 cait      no
08:13 cait      but it would be a nice features
08:13 cait      feature
08:20 chris     yeah, i saw the evergreen devs talking about it,ill put it on the list
08:22 cait      :)
08:23 chris     only will work for ppl with an email address, but thats lots of people these days
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08:29 chris     @later tell brendan http://paste.koha-community.org/25
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13:52 Genji     with zebra, there is no way to return just one field instead of a whole record?
16:07 cait      hi koha
17:58 chris_n   heya pianohack (er)
17:58 pianohack Hi, chris_n
17:58 chris_n   question about the systempreference table in light of the new editor
17:59 chris_n   are the systempreference.options and systempreference.explanation fields still used?
17:59 chris_n   or just variable, value, and type?
18:00 * chris_n is hacking up some local prefs code
18:05 cait      @wunder Konstanz
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18:06 cait      chris_n++
18:18 pastebot  "chris_n" at pasted "system preference types" (17 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/26
18:18 chris_n   chris, gmcharlt, whoever, are all of those types correct?
18:18 * chris_n wonders about NULL
18:19 gmcharlt  yeah, there shouldn't be a null type
18:19 chris_n   and the blank as well
18:19 gmcharlt  also, Upload isn't supported at present
18:19 chris_n   should 'free' be capitolized?
18:20 chris_n   capitalized even
18:21 gmcharlt  doesn't matter, really, except for consistency
19:19 chris     chris_n++
19:20 cait      hi chris
19:20 chris     hi cait, watching the game?
19:21 cait      uuh I forgot!
19:21 chris     kahu is eating his breakfast then its time to take him to play football
19:21 cait      remind him not to pick up the ball :)
19:22 chris     hehe
19:22 chris     @wunder wellington nz
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19:23 cait      @wunder Konstanz
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19:23 chris     better wrap him up good, cold hands today
19:23 cait      it was very warm today, but it seems like we wll get some rain tonight :)
19:26 chris     rain in summer is good :)
19:27 cait      yes
19:27 cait      we were swimming today, it was great
19:28 cait      but outside of the water it was hot
19:31 Steven    anybody there?
19:31 Steven    i m unable to run fines.pl under crontab
19:31 chris     do you get an error message?
19:31 Steven    nope...
19:32 Steven    is shown installing
19:32 chris     what else is in your crontab, and do they run?
19:32 Steven    but when the loan is overdue.....and when i check in tat time....overdue fines still remain zero
19:33 Steven    this is my step to edit the crontab
19:33 Steven    1. run terminal 2.type "crontab -e"
19:34 Steven    key in "* * * * * usr/share/koha/bin/cronjobs/fines.pl
19:34 chris     um
19:35 Steven    then i check out a book with selected date......then i changed the system date to make it overdue....
19:35 chris     its not desinged to be run continuously, just once a day
19:36 Steven    i m just wondering should i need to modify fines.pl b4 i run it in crontab?
19:36 chris     no
19:36 chris     but you will need to set environment variables
19:36 chris     look at misc/cronjobs/crontab.example
19:36 Steven    enlighten me pls
19:37 chris     and also, running it multiple times a day will result in bad behaviour, so once you get it running you certainly dont want to be doing that
19:38 Steven    i have used the example given "5 1 * * * usr/share/koha/bin/cronjobs/fines.pl"
19:38 Steven    so which mean the fines.pl will run at 1:05am everyday, right?
19:38 chris     yep
19:39 Steven    ok.....and wat the meaning of fines grace day in circulation rules?
19:39 chris     PERL5LIB and KOHA_CONF are the 2 variables you need to set
19:40 chris     thats how many days an item is overdue before a fine is applied
19:40 Steven    ops....i put 14 days.....it is the reason fines.pl not working?
19:41 chris     well, there could be lots, if you dont have those 2 variables set, it wont run
19:42 chris     and yes if you have 14 it wont put a fine on for 2 weeks
19:42 Steven    how to set the 2 variables actually?
19:42 chris     did you look at that crontab.example?
19:43 Steven    bcoz i dont really understand what is stated in crontab.example
19:46 Steven    pls guide me step by step
19:46 chris     i have to take my son to football, im running out of time
19:46 cait      steven: normally you dont need to change the example
19:46 Steven    just a simple step will do
19:47 cait      you just have to get your configuration right and use the crontab as in the example
19:47 Steven    anybody just guide me on it
19:47 cait      have you set your conditions?
19:47 Steven    so wat is the files tat i need to pre-configure actually?
19:47 Steven    condition?
19:48 Steven    i have set the circulation rules under system pref
19:49 cait      http://koha-community.org/documentation/3-2-manual/?ch=x3206#AEN3449
19:49 cait      you dont need to pre-configure any files
19:49 cait      you need to have loan conditions with fines set up
19:50 Steven    i have checked out a book with selected date.....then i change the system date to make it bcome overdue
19:50 cait      and run the conjob once a day
19:50 cait      ok, what is your grace period?
19:50 Steven    i put it 1 day
19:50 cait      ok
19:50 Steven    fines day is wat?
19:50 cait      fines interval?
19:50 cait      dont use that if you use fines
19:50 cait      leave it blank
19:51 Steven    interval is 1
19:51 cait      its used by french libraries to suspend a user, its used instead of fines
19:51 cait      ok
19:51 cait      no fine days set?
19:51 cait      and check your sys prefs - search for fines
19:52 cait      finesmode must be set to production to generate fines
19:55 Steven2   i m steven
19:55 Steven2   so is there anything set wrongly with my circulation rules?
19:55 Steven2   fines day leave it blank?
19:58 Steven2   anybody?
19:59 cait      yes
19:59 cait      leave fine day blank
20:00 cait      but more importatn: administration > sys prefs finemode
20:00 cait      set finemode to production
20:00 cait      with your settings of fine interval 1 and grace period 1 you should get a fine 2 days after the due date
20:00 cait      so if the due date is today, first fine is set on tuesday
20:01 cait      the calendar can also be important, check for holidays and your syspref settings how to deal with that
20:01 cait      a search for fine in the syspref editor will bring up the importatn settings
20:02 Steven2   so i have set "5 4 * * * usr/share/koha/bin/cronjobs/fines.pl"
20:03 Steven2   so the fines.pl will run at 4.05am everyday?
20:04 cait      Im dont know about the right setting, never changed them
20:04 cait      ok, I dont know how the time setting in cron jobs work
20:04 cait      I took them as they werw
20:04 cait      and for testing i start fines.pl manually
20:05 Steven2   manually?
20:05 Steven2   u mean u click the file manually everyday?
20:05 cait      no, for testing I start it manually, but in production we run it as a cron job
20:06 Steven2   so the fines only will be calculated once u check in?
20:06 cait      no
20:06 cait      koha generates fines by calendar, they are added to the account when the cron job is run
20:08 Steven2   just tested.....i m not sure the crontab run or not....
20:08 Steven2   but the book shown overdue....but fines show nothing....
20:09 cait      what is the due date?
20:09 Steven2   due date is on 12/7.....i have change my system time to 15/7
20:10 Steven2   i checked the patron summary....item is overdue...but fines column show nothing
20:10 cait      have you set holidays in your calendarß
20:10 Steven2   nope....didnt set anything at all
20:11 cait      finemodeß
20:11 cait      finemode?
20:12 Steven2   production
20:12 cait      ok, im out of ideas
20:12 cait      that should work, perhaps something wrong with your crontab
20:13 Steven2   what is the problem with my crontab?
20:14 Steven2   first time when i set the crontab.....there got some sample there like "# f d..... command" i delete it oriti
20:15 Steven2   so i replaced with my setting "15 4 * * * usr/share/koha/bin/cronjobs/fines.pl"
20:16 Steven2   m i wrongly set?
20:17 cait      sorry, battery low
20:17 Steven2   m i set wrongly?
20:17 cait      ?
20:17 cait      I would check my settings by running fines.pl manually
20:17 cait      If fines are set, you know everything is right in koha
20:18 cait      and you just have to get the cronjob right
20:18 cait      but its late here, time to sleep for me
20:18 Steven2   first time when i set the crontab...there got some sample like "# f d.... command " i deleted it oriti
20:18 cait      I dont know much about the crontrabs
20:19 cait      cron jobs... ok, really tired.
20:20 cait      bye all
20:20 Steven2   anybody there can help me
21:33 magnus    @later tell Steven there's a missing slash in your cron command, try something like "15 4 * * * /usr/share/koha/bin/cronjobs/fines.pl" - /usr/share... not usr/share...
21:33 munin     magnus: The operation succeeded.
21:34 magnus    in case he comes back or reads the log...
22:57 brendan   afternoon #koha