Time  Nick  Message
10:54 cait  good morning #koha
19:06 chris morning
19:09 cait  hi chris
19:09 cait  wanted to work on xslt - now fighting with authority records
19:11 cait  @karma authorities
19:11 munin cait: authorities has neutral karma.
19:12 chris ahh authorities
19:13 cait  harumph ;)
19:13 chris heh
19:14 cait  :)
19:23 gpal  Aloha Cait
19:25 cait  hi gpal
19:26 gpal  hi, I am still grappling with my Zebra :)
19:26 gpal  Found that yaz-ztest lets me connect and do searches as well... but zebra doesn't ...
19:27 gpal  Cait, if u have access to yaz-client ... try it on meslib.com:9999
19:28 gpal  see if u are able to get thru
19:29 cait  sorry, i have no experience with yaz
19:30 gpal  thats ok... t
19:30 gpal  somehow, the zebra isnt listening correctly.. well gotta hack on to get it going
19:33 gpal  are u aware of any zebra specific chat channels...
19:44 cait  not aware
19:45 cait  but there is a zebra mailing list i think
20:59 gpal  FOR LATER VIEWERS: Couldn't get much info out there!
21:00 gpal  Edit koha-conf.xml ----> <listen id="publicserver" >tcp:@:9999</listen>
21:01 gpal  Simply uncommenting the above line DOES NOT do the trick.
21:02 gpal  RECREATE the lines you see below <!-- BIBLIOGRAPHIC RECORDS -->
21:02 gpal  Create a similar block for <!-- PUBLIC RECORDS -->
21:03 gpal  and voila... restart your zebra server.. u shd now be able to "find" via yaz-client
21:03 gpal  ciao for the day .. g'night