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23:34 collum_           cool
23:34 chris             then you can go to the lists page, and now i get the option to merge
23:34 collum_           If I'm ever to sell Koha to my co-workers this is definitely one thing they will want.
23:33 collum_           OK.  I'll play with it.  Thanks chris.
23:33 chris             so you add some records to a virtualshelf/list
23:32 chris             Give the user the ability to merge two records, one being kept and the other deleted. Selection of the records to merge can be done from virtualshelves.
23:32 chris             ah ha
23:31 chris             i can see the file in the repo
23:30 chris             i wonder how you get to it
23:30 chris             yeah i cant find it in the interface
23:30 collum_           Ahh. For some reason I couldn't find it.
23:30 imp               Can't call method "leader" on an undefined value at /root/koha/C4/Biblio.pm line 1149. (if i try to search for the title from this record: http://hannover.ccc.de/~imp/bib-7.utf8)
23:30 chris             there is cataloguing/merge.pl
23:30 chris             but damned if i can find the link to it
23:29 chris             yup there is
23:25 collum_           ok
23:25 chris             2 secs
23:25 chris             there have been, lemme see if there currently is
23:24 collum_           Is there a way for catalogers to merge authority records in koha?
23:21 chris             ah well, im glad he is happy with it, just seemed like a funny question to ask
23:21 chris             yeah
23:21 chris_n           the proposal has been up for at least 2 months
23:20 * chris_n         wonders why we waited until now to discuss the 3.4 plans
23:20 moodaepo          proprietary_forks--
23:04 chris             "i damn well hope so"
23:03 chris             "will this make it hard for people to maintain proprietary forks"
23:03 chris             im unusre what darrell was asking, i hope i answered him ok
22:55 Genji             oh. and if you can't afford a ups... use a laptop. :)
22:54 braedon|work      (i have plenty of those - running out of HDD space :P)
22:53 braedon|work      i am planning on rolling it back to a older snapshot later today
22:53 braedon|work      it wouldn't actually have been an issue if it was broken, so long as it was only internal - not virtualbox issues
22:52 Genji             lesson... make backups of your VM.
22:51 Genji             hmm.. actually.. think i  might of had to rebuild the entire devel server...  can't remember all that well.
22:47 braedon|work      ouch
22:47 Genji             i had bad inodes and binary getting inside text files.
22:47 braedon|work      only lost a bit of firefox history :)
22:47 braedon|work      phew, everything seems to be alright
22:46 Genji             had that happen to me. a rsync fixed most of the damage.
22:45 * braedon|work    hopes his local virtual server isn't broken
22:44 Genji             ...
22:44 * braedon|work    somehow managed to kick the power switch on the wall under his desk...
22:41 Genji             !
22:41 Genji             ah.. getRecords goes through each record, and adds the raw to the resultshash. if i just move the my  resultshash and $j outside the loop... and have another loop for the second query... my raw results will be added to the resultshash... yay1
22:37 rhcl              yea on both comments
22:36 chris             but generally the answer is, when their existing contract ends :-)
22:36 chris             i suspect lots of US libraries are waiting to see how this PTFS-LL thing shakes out
22:36 rhcl              Tulsa and OKC are about halfway between KC and DFW, wonder when Oklahoma libraries will start getting into Koha?
22:33 GenjiScreen       ah neat, irssi  works well.
22:33 chris             schuster is near dallas
22:32 rhcl              wizzyrea: wonder when KUDOS will have a meeting in KC? Or Dallas? (where is schuster?)
22:32 bigbrovar         Listen* 8080
22:32 bigbrovar         ok my bad I forgot to add Listening 8080 to /etc/apache2/ports.conf everything works fine now .. phew!
22:29 munin             collum_: The current temperature in Taylor Mill, Taylor Mill, Kentucky is -1.4�C (5:22 PM EST on February 09, 2010). Conditions: Light Snow. Humidity: 91%. Dew Point: -3.0�C. Windchill: -4.0�C. Pressure: 29.75 in 1007.3 hPa (Rising).  Winter Storm Warning in effect until 6 PM EST Wednesday... 
22:29 collum_           @wunder 41017
22:28 rhcl              ic
22:28 wizzyrea_laptop   yes, he did
22:27 rhcl              wizzyrea: Did Jim  Minges actually go out to the KUDOS meeting (in person) last month?
22:27 wizzyrea_laptop   moo always beats me though
22:27 brendan           :)
22:27 moodaepo          brendan: Back to the normal! +7 && -7
22:27 wizzyrea_laptop   :P
22:27 wizzyrea_laptop   crappier here
22:26 munin             chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 19.0�C (11:00 AM NZDT on February 10, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 68%. Dew Point: 13.0�C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Steady).
22:26 chris             @wunder wellington, nz
22:26 munin             chris: Error: No such location could be found.
22:26 munin             wizzyrea_laptop: The current temperature in Lawrence Live-Courtesy of the Khoury's, Lawrence, Kansas is -2.5�C (4:24 PM CST on February 09, 2010). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: -5.0�C. Windchill: -6.0�C. Pressure: 30.21 in 1022.9 hPa (Rising).
22:26 chris             @wunder wellignton, nz
22:26 wizzyrea_laptop   @wunder 66047
22:26 chris             crappy day here today
22:26 munin             brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 12.7�C (2:19 PM PST on February 09, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: 7.0�C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011.1 hPa (Falling).  Flash Flood Watch in effect in and below the recent burn areas from 10 am PST this morning through this evening...
22:26 brendan           @wunder 93117
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22:26 moodaepo          @wunder 56001
22:25 wizzyrea_laptop   sup?
22:24 rhcl              ping wizzyrea_laptop
22:22 schuster          by all - maybe I'll get to play with git tonight we will see...  I have a couple of things that may need "submitting"... if I can figure it out.
22:18 bigbrovar         I tried using port forwarding and tunneling by doing ssh -L 8080:localhost:8080 bigbrovar@kohip that doesnt work and I get this error channel 3: open failed: connect failed: Connection refused
22:16 bigbrovar         hey guys thanks to the helps of people here I have been able to install koha 3.05 on my ubuntu server. The only problem am having now is how to log into the koha true a web browser. I am behind a firewall and mosts ports are called. hence http:kohaserveradd:8080 wont work. (because I installled it on an headless server hence I would have to connect from another machine)
22:05 cait              good night all
22:05 cait              time to sleep here :)
22:04 chris             coffee time
22:00 * braedon|work    wonders if Pianohacker is deliberately avoiding his hug?
21:57 imp               chris++
21:56 chris             but for now, we do
21:56 chris             basically we shouldnt depend on a system wide preference
21:56 chris             well that too ;)
21:55 imp               it's gentoo here :)
21:54 chris             imp: ah yep, thats often the way, we have to fix that properly, thats the main blocker for getting koha into debian/ubuntu
21:54 richard           heh
21:54 wizzyrea_laptop   richard: would have been my birthday :P
21:53 imp               chris: thanks :). i've got  XML::SAX::PurePerl and it needs XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser
21:52 chris             (in your git repo, or tarball)
21:52 chris             try running htat
21:52 chris             misc/sax_parser_print.pl
21:51 imp               dev-perl/XML-SAX-0.96 ?
21:51 chris             is your sax parser the right one?
21:49 imp               does somebody know how to fix problems with Encode ? -> http://pastebin.ca/1791907
21:49 ebegin            ok.  Thanks Chris!
21:45 chris             not that im aware of
21:43 * ebegin          is wondering if anybody did an integration of VDX in Koha?
21:43 chris_n           bbl
21:39 Genji             ooh.. ya.. you messaged me.
21:38 richard           yup i was watching them for a bit
21:38 Genji             we had idiots in channel.
21:38 richard           ah
21:38 chris             added help page links
21:38 Genji             yup, blocked last night.
21:38 richard           way cool
21:38 * Genji           is the 33rd committer.
21:38 chris             yes sir
21:38 richard           is the cgi:irc blocked now?
21:37 richard           prolly some html
21:37 chris             i can find out
21:37 * richard         has no idea what he did
21:37 richard           what a great day August 26 2003 was
21:34 chris             http://koha-community.org/about/history/
21:14 rhcl              :)
21:14 rhcl              I suppose that would be good enough to run Koha
21:14 rhcl              looks like I can get two Xeon QC's for about the same price as 2 6-core Opterons
21:12 munin             brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 10.8�C (1:09 PM PST on February 09, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: 7.0�C. Pressure: 29.88 in 1011.7 hPa (Rising).  Flash Flood Watch in effect in and below the recent burn areas from 10 am PST this morning through this evening...
21:12 brendan           @wunder 93117
21:06 chris             if however you are running zebra, apache2 and mysql on the same machine having more than 1 core will certainly help
21:05 chris             more ram will win you much more than more cores
20:57 rhcl              Any idea how well Koha (and associatedly MySql) performs on a hex-core opteron? Some of my reading indicates that many apps can't really utilize all 6 cores efficiently
20:54 thd               thanks gmcharlt: I had assumed that was the correct name but missed the 'd' in spaulding and had not recognised it
20:53 thd               chris_n: however, I have tried to do useful high volume record ending in  the internal record editor and found it unusable for that purpose.
20:51 gmcharlt          thd: tspaulding = Tim Spaulding
20:50 thd               chris_n: I very much like the good aspects of the internal record editor which are a great credit to paul_p and had not received enough attention in biblios
20:49 chris             you should talk to pianohacker about his cut down editor too
20:49 chris             but we should certainly aim to fix it for 3.4
20:49 chris_n           I share your pain... or my catalogers do at least
20:49 chris             yep, i think we have to live with that for 3.2 at least in a mainstream supported version
20:49 thd               chris_n: I am simply thinking about how troublesome the limitations of the internal record editor are.
20:47 chris             im hoping to convince him (john dalton) to come over for kohacon (he is in sydney)
20:47 chris_n           thd: I think there are a lot of other questions, etc. about biblios which would have to be resolved before we can consider the possibility of an exception
20:47 thd               tspauling?
20:47 chris             i met one of the librarything sysadmins at linux conf
20:47 chris             *nod*
20:47 gmcharlt          ccatalfo is more than happy to strip the gears dependency, but tspauling is keeping him pretty busy
20:45 * chris_n         finally yanked it on his ff
20:45 chris             focus is on html5 and chrome
20:45 chris             gears isnt getting much love
20:45 chris             yep
20:45 thd               chris_n: I had wondered about the constant messages I get from iceweasel about that problem
20:45 chris             then it will
20:45 chris             if you trick it into thinking its older firefox than it is
20:44 chris             it does with hackery
20:44 chris_n           gears does not work with FF atm I think
20:44 gmcharlt          though as http://git.biblios.org/ shows, it hasn't been updated (exept perhaps outside of biblios.net in yonks)
20:43 thd               gears is certainly a problem
20:43 cait              isnt gears a problem too?
20:43 gmcharlt          thd: unstable?  it needs some TLC because of Google Gears, but no, I wouldn't call it unstable
20:43 thd               gmcharlt: is biblios unstable?
20:43 chris             thd: if that was fixed, it would be a perfect 3.4 candidate
20:42 chris_n           gmcharlt: I wholly agree
20:42 thd               I might fix that flaw
20:42 gmcharlt          it's also stability - unstable new features shoudn't be backported until they are stable
20:42 chris             biblios has a flaw in that it doesnt work at all with unimarc
20:41 gmcharlt          it's not the size that matters so much as reducing the risk of losing features between a maintenance version and the master branch
20:41 thd               chris_n: is there an exception for possibly integrating biblios as had been in the original 3.2 plan?
20:41 * gmcharlt        has a suggestion - a "minimal enhancement" is one that can be readily forward-porting to HEAD
20:40 chris_n           thd: only an attempt to not shut a door I might have been sorry I shut later on
20:39 thd               what is a minimal enhancement?
20:38 chris_n           :-)
20:38 chris_n           yes
20:38 * chris_n         checks
20:37 thd               chris_n chris_n: are you there?
20:37 gmcharlt          Genji: I recommend as close to zoom::query as possible
20:30 Genji             hmm... so i combine them as they come out of zoom::query, or after they come out of getRecords, or somewhere in the middle?
20:28 gmcharlt          although that can probably be ignored in practice
20:28 gmcharlt          mod a possible race condition
20:28 Genji             well.. either a article is downloadable or its not.
20:27 gmcharlt          assuming that there's no possibility of overlap, yes
20:27 Genji             so its 'hits' and 'results'... and results i can just combine, and hits i can just add?
20:26 gmcharlt          anyway, to answer in terms of your original question, 'hits' is the only top-level key
20:26 Genji             so having a download flag in marc would take alot of cpu time and rl time to update..
20:25 Genji             yah. each article is a biblio.
20:25 gmcharlt          ah, an article-level database?
20:25 Genji             yet, every time journals need to get their download flag updated... talking 40k articles so far, each article needs to get updated, that got modified.
20:23 gmcharlt          and sorting
20:23 gmcharlt          and have Zebra take care of the indexing
20:23 gmcharlt          index the target subfield
20:23 gmcharlt          my inclination would be to copy the download flag to the MARC bib
20:22 Genji             my boss wants the downloadable journals to be at the top of the results.
20:22 Genji             downloadable journals are mixed in with non-downloadable.
20:21 Genji             mandumah.com, a digital only library, has made a marc field, a journal number. and a mysql table keeps tabs on which journals are released for download, and which are not. so, in advanced search, one can search for all journals, for downloadable only journals...  or non-downloadable journals. zebra gets  given a huge list of journals  not to have in the results. for all journals however...
20:18 gmcharlt          what's the use case?
20:17 Genji             same zebra db... almost the exact same query. but i need the first queries results to always come before the second queries results.
20:16 gmcharlt          or are they separate Zebra DBs
20:16 gmcharlt          Genji: stupid question - just 'and' the queries together before submitting to Zebra?
20:15 Genji             what values in the hash are independant of the actual results, that i have to account for the combining process? 'hits' is one correct? any others?
20:15 Genji             want to run two zebra queries, and have them both shoved into the same results arrayhash. the current implementation of getRecords can do seperate server iterations, doing more than  one search at a time. but  it  puts each resultset in its own element of the resultarray hash. i want the two zebra queries combined into one resultshash, so the ofsetting subroutine can offset correctly.
20:10 braedon|work      i shall have to hug him when he comes on
20:10 braedon|work      :)
20:09 wizzyrea_laptop   if you were going to hit him we might not tell you >.>
20:09 gmcharlt          braedon|work: that be pianohacker
20:09 wizzyrea_laptop   Pianohacker
20:09 * braedon|work    wants to hug them
20:09 braedon|work      who is responsible for the new syspref editor?
20:07 munin             jwagner: The operation succeeded.  Quote #54 added.
20:07 jwagner           @quote add <@gmcharlt> from my POV, bug wrangling expands to fill all available volunteers
20:07 Genji             parkinsons law..
20:07 wizzyrea_laptop   >.<
20:07 wizzyrea_laptop   but never contracts
20:07 gmcharlt          exactly my source of inspiration
20:06 Genji             it reminds me of a sign i rescued from soemewhere... "Work expands to fill time available for its completion."
20:06 wizzyrea_laptop   just need the content, some of which I can get myself
20:06 wizzyrea_laptop   ok, the dummies are in
20:05 wizzyrea_laptop   gmcharlt has a gift for words :)
20:05 Genji             "bug wrangling expands to fill all available volunteers" i love this.
20:05 chris             wizzyrea_laptop: the history.txt file in git is tab separated text, with the idea being to make it easy to suck into an html table
20:04 chris             yeah that works
20:04 gmcharlt          release teams works for me
20:04 wizzyrea_laptop   not sure what to call it >.>
20:04 wizzyrea_laptop   release teams?
20:03 wizzyrea_laptop   Ah history! yes, that too
20:03 joetho            this was maybe three years ago
20:03 chris             ?
20:03 chris             history section, and current ppl to pester page
20:02 chris             we could do both
20:02 joetho            When I first began looking at Koha I noticed that the web presence was, umm, ...scattered
20:02 gmcharlt          or possibly part of a history of Koha page?
20:02 * wizzyrea_laptop likes to organize
20:02 chris             good idea
20:02 wizzyrea_laptop   but yea, we can make a page, probably under "About"
20:01 wizzyrea_laptop   hey genji
20:01 Genji             hey all
20:01 chris             *nod*
20:01 wizzyrea_laptop   when/if
20:01 chris             just thought it might be handy to have a page with names and contact details
20:01 wizzyrea_laptop   I think at this point we should probably consider it to be what will take over for koha.org when we get it back
20:01 wizzyrea_laptop   (which I don't think it is
20:01 wizzyrea_laptop   yes, I do, if that's not outside the scope of the site
20:01 chris             where we can list the ppl doing what for 3.4 ? (and 3.2)
20:01 braedon|work      i'm doing installation, configuration, data import, etc
20:00 braedon|work      well, for the actual installatio nsection
20:00 chris             wizzyrea_laptop: do you reckon we should put an development roles .. or elected roles or something section on koha-community
20:00 braedon|work      s/the/my/
20:00 braedon|work      yipyip, that is the basis of the guide
19:59 richard           braedon: seen this http://git.koha.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=Koha;a=blob;f=INSTALL.ubuntu
19:59 chris             cpanplus is pretty cool too
19:59 * braedon|work    has been getting rather frustrated with cpan
19:58 chris             :)
19:58 * braedon|work    makes a mental note to look into that at some point
19:58 braedon|work      hmm, that is an awesome idea
19:57 chris             dh-make-perl will package them for ya
19:57 chris             you could set up a ppa for the non packaged perl modules
19:57 chris             :)
19:57 braedon|work      anywho, better get back to work writing an install guide for koha on ubuntu :)
19:56 chris             :)
19:56 chris             when they work
19:56 braedon|work      ppa's*
19:56 braedon|work      but pps are the best invention ever :)
19:56 braedon|work      :P
19:56 chris             ah, ive had plenty of bad ppa's
19:56 braedon|work      but the actual repos are different
19:56 braedon|work      i know the system is the same
19:56 braedon|work      no, i'm meaning the human managemnt of the repositories
19:55 chris             the exact same package management
19:55 chris             its exactly the same
19:55 chris             thats where you are wrong
19:55 braedon|work      and better repo management :P
19:55 braedon|work      yip
19:55 chris             of course ubuntu is just debian, with non free stuff :-)
19:55 braedon|work      (all mirrors i tried, including the main, and NZ mirrors)
19:54 braedon|work      it was on all mirrors of  an official debian repo
19:54 wizzyrea_laptop   i 2nd the debian = rock solid argument
19:54 chris             ive never had issues with it on debian, but a bad repo will cause that :)
19:54 braedon|work      never had any issues with apt on Ubuntu
19:54 chris             sounds like someone set up the repo badly to me
19:54 braedon|work      download the packages from exactly the same ftp server manually, and they install fine
19:54 braedon|work      a huge range of packages would just refuse to download, complaining about a size missmatch
19:53 braedon|work      which was very helpfull
19:53 braedon|work      one major one was when the debian repos decided to not work with apt
19:53 braedon|work      well, my issues have mainly been with debian, not the install itself
19:52 chris             heh funny, i find debian stable, rock solid :)
19:52 joetho            ubuntu here, and I think I will use the alphabeta newest koha available, but it ain't happenin THIS week
19:51 * braedon|work    has had nothing but trouble with debian servers
19:51 * chris           goes debian for server, ubuntu for desktop .. but thats just my preference
19:51 joetho            mostly, I run out of time to troubleshoot so I end up starting over (ubuntu install
19:51 braedon|work      joetho: what version, onto what?
19:50 joetho            always something
19:50 chris             and git makes it a hell of a lot easier too
19:50 joetho            anyway I have been trying to install ubuntu for MONTHS now
19:50 chris             joetho: we have scared off about 4 qa ppl in koha history, Colin is made of sterner stuff tho
19:49 joetho            gmcharlt++  ...for wearing the qa hat
19:49 pmlozeau          chris: Ha ha! I knew that would help ;)
19:49 gmcharlt          pmlozeau++ # hee
19:49 pmlozeau          gmcharlt: I'll make sure to be serious in all of my writings from now on ;)
19:49 joetho            "Oh Joe, no use beating yourself up over it"
19:48 munin             joetho: Error: You're not allowed to adjust your own karma.
19:48 joetho            joetho--
19:48 chris             and - does nothing too
19:48 joetho            joetho-
19:48 chris             naw, minus minus only takes away 1... --- probably does nothing
19:48 joetho            yourname MINUS MINUS MINUS it takes away three points?
19:48 chris             i think the space might have saved him actaually
19:47 joetho            so if I go...
19:47 chris             the -- aftter someones nick
19:47 gmcharlt          schuster++
19:47 joetho            how did I do that?
19:47 chris             schuster++
19:47 joetho            I did?
19:47 joetho            are you installing ubuntu? I scrolled up and saw yer troubles
19:47 chris             you just dekarma'd him
19:47 chris             ohh mean!!!
19:47 joetho            knock knock
19:46 joetho            schuster --
19:46 chris             11 years in august, theres only 1 person ive ever had problems with .. i think it was a anomaly never to be repeated ;-)
19:46 joetho            anyway, looking forward here.
19:45 joetho            what a weird world this is.
19:45 joetho            Uh huh.
19:45 chris             everyone who is still in the community that is
19:45 chris             the good thing is, everyone gets along with everyone well
19:45 joetho            most of the time anyway
19:45 chris             joetho: yep thats fairly important
19:45 joetho            Galen seems to like Galen ok
19:45 gmcharlt          bigbrovar: and if you're even more ambitious, could patch the ubuntu package list under install_misc as well ;)
19:45 chris             that would be good bigbrovar
19:44 joetho            the qa would have to get along pretty well with the rm
19:44 bigbrovar         gmcharlt: guess I could add  libyaml-perl as one of the needed pacakges in the wiki for UBuntu hardy
19:44 chris             so we must be nice to Colin
19:44 chris             finding qa people is hard
19:44 chris             and a mighty fine job he did too
19:44 joetho            wow
19:44 chris             gmcharlt was doing both roles
19:43 joetho            who is/was qa for 32?
19:43 bigbrovar         gmcharlt: thanks
19:43 gmcharlt          yes, you can do it afterwards
19:43 bigbrovar         gmcharlt: .
19:43 bigbrovar         or can I install  libyaml-perl after installations?
19:42 bigbrovar         gmcharlt: oh am already running make install is that too late?
19:42 chris             pmlozeau: humour is more likely to make me want to work on a bug ... but ymmv :-)
19:42 gmcharlt          pmlozeau: re your tweet - Koha bug reports must be filed very seriously.  Sackcloth and ashes make the best outfit.
19:41 gmcharlt          brendan: cool - fredericd is still interested, so we'll vote him in tomorrow
19:40 brendan           agrees with paul_p - a non-english speaking person is preferred - will leave this here if no one else decides that they want to do this position
19:40 brendan           RE: translation manager (my update to the wiki)
19:39 chris             heya richard
19:39 richard           hi chris
19:39 richard           ooh chanel ops
19:39 chris             back
19:37 braedon|work      worked fine after i installed that
19:36 braedon|work      bigbrovar: i had that issue also - as gmcharlt says, it is the perl yaml library that is missing
19:35 gmcharlt          bigbrovar: is the  libyaml-perl      package installed?
19:34 bigbrovar         hi guys I trying to install koha 3.0.5 on ubuntu 8.04 following this guide http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=koha_3_install_guide_ubuntu_hardy everything seems to work fine but when I run mate test I get the following errors http://pastebin.com/m6575e56c
19:19 munin             schuster: 04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=4146 major, P5, ---, gmcharlt@gmail.com, NEW, dependancies needed for installation
19:19 schuster          @bug 4146
19:18 munin             schuster: Error: "4146" is not a valid command.
19:18 schuster          @4146
19:17 bigbrovar         hi guys I trying to install koha 3.0.5 on ubuntu 8.04 following this guide http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=koha_3_install_guide_ubuntu_hardy everything seems to work fine but when I run mate test I get the following errors http://pastebin.com/m6575e56c
19:06 schuster          I'll search bugs to see what I find before doing anything.
19:06 schuster          OK - well I did the libmodule-install-perl last night but still got stuck on the PDF::API2::Simple - they were talking about Module::Install wasn't standard any longer...???  masonj and chris_n could speak more to that than I.
19:05 imp               let's see if somebody already made a bug report on cpan
19:04 gmcharlt          either way, file a bug
19:04 gmcharlt          schuster: including libmodule-install-perl in the apt-get list would do it
19:04 schuster          Not complaining, just commenting...
19:04 schuster          Well it becomes a koha install issue and needs to be documented for other non techies like me so they don't get stuck on it.  I've been working to install a version of koha for 2 weeks now and keep hitting walls due to lenny and dependancies.
19:02 imp               imho it's a missing dep in PDF::API2::Simple and not a problem of koha
19:01 imp               schuster: had the same problem with Module::Install
19:01 schuster          So how does that get documented into the install instructions?  As you all know I'm not much of a committer/editor, just a finder...right now...  I'll get into git by the end of the year!
19:00 schuster          Yeah...gmcharlt...  debian-lenny install instructions...
18:59 schuster          whle we are discussing this  chris_n...  Last night to get around the PDF::API2:Simple - we had to do cpan Module::Install - and then the cpan PDF::API2::Simple
18:58 munin             04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=4145 enhancement, P5, ---, henridamien@koha-fr.org, NEW, Error during Installation
18:58 gmcharlt          schuster: I've pushed a fix for bug 4145
18:55 cait              hdl_laptop: it was really helpful, I hope I did it all right
18:55 chris_n           bbiab
18:54 munin             schuster: 04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=4145 enhancement, P5, ---, henridamien@koha-fr.org, NEW, Error during Installation
18:54 schuster          @bug 4145
18:52 schuster          I'm on Lenny, Mysql 5.10
18:51 schuster          This is HEAD.
18:51 schuster          This came up on the Mandatory data added screen - after the sysprefs.sql note ERROR...  The installation completed.
18:51 gmcharlt          schuster: is this HEAD or the 3.2-alpha tag?
18:50 schuster          mandatory data added      * authorities_normal_marc21.sql     * class_sources.sql     * marc21_framework_DEFAULT.sql     * message_transport_types.sql     * sample_notices.sql     * stopwords.sql     * subtag_registry.sql     * sysprefs.sql       ERROR 1064 (42000) at line 217: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your My
18:50 chris             bbl
18:50 chris             ok, bus time
18:46 hdl_laptop        cait: I was thinking about that one.
18:45 chris             if so yes, i can confirm that, it needs to be reported as a bug
18:45 chris             an xslt one schuster ?
18:44 schuster          yes.
18:44 gmcharlt          the web instasller component, specfically
18:44 schuster          OK - it finished, but evidently one of the calls for the sysprefs it didn't like.
18:44 gmcharlt          bugs.koha.org - HEAD, installation
18:44 schuster          pages as in doing the web installer on a fresh install.
18:44 schuster          While I was actually getting my 3.2 installation up and running today!!! YEAHHH...  I noticed on one of the pages an error about mysql version - not being compatable - should I put that into a bug?
18:43 cait              or perhaps yes - I got your mail with instructions and software tips
18:43 cait              hm no, I just wanted to ask, because I used my personal mail account to reply
18:42 hdl_laptop        have you not received an answer from me ?
18:41 hdl_laptop        yes. I will send you an email when I have added you
18:41 cait              hi hdl_laptop - did you get my email with the public key?
18:40 hdl_laptop        gmcharlt: there are GetLoanLength defaults to 21
18:40 chris             C4::Members that is
18:39 hdl_laptop        chris_n: you'd better manage the undefined values at first in TooMany and GetLoanLength
18:39 gmcharlt          although sample data is better anyway
18:39 gmcharlt          chris_n: I thought there was a hard-coded fallback
18:39 chris             borrowers is the first candidate
18:39 chris             nope, it can be done a piece at a time
18:38 gmcharlt          to convert the entire DB layer to DBIC for 3.4
18:38 gmcharlt          hdl_laptop: ultimately, yes, though I don't think we have
18:38 chris_n           or a hint on the circ rule page
18:37 chris_n           it would seem that adding a default rule to the mandatory or optional data might avoid heartache in 3.2
18:37 hdl_laptop        Sure... But do we ant to use DBIx::Class in Circulation ?
18:37 chris             *nod*
18:37 gmcharlt          implementing DBIx::Class is going to give us an excellent excuse to examine the entire schema
18:34 hdl_laptop        should be for 3.4
18:34 chris_n           hdl_laptop: are those improvements in HEAD?
18:33 chris_n           most db fields should be NOT NULL imho
18:33 hdl_laptop        oh... we have just catched that on our issuingrules improvments
18:33 chris_n           yup another NULL
18:32 jwagner           chris_n, I've been bitten by that one before :-(
18:32 chris_n           at least that appears to be it
18:32 chris_n           hdl_laptop: found my problem: no circ rules == loan period of NULL == item is overdue as soon as it is checked out
18:26 Brooke            thanks everyone for the responses.
18:25 Brooke            Okay, I think I might risk a spin to the sto'.
18:23 munin             imp: The current temperature in Hannover, Wedemark, Germany is -4.6�C (6:59 PM CET on February 09, 2010). Conditions: Light Snow. Humidity: 78%. Dew Point: -8.0�C. Windchill: -7.0�C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007.0 hPa (Rising).
18:23 imp               @wunder hannover germany
18:23 cait              hibrendan
18:22 munin             brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 10.6�C (10:18 AM PST on February 09, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.94 in 1013.8 hPa (Rising).  Flash Flood Watch in effect in and below the recent burn areas from 10 am PST this morning through this evening...
18:22 brendan           @wunder 93117
18:22 brendan           hi cait
18:22 cait              hi #koha
18:22 chris_n           it seems that this should default to unlimited
18:22 chris_n           hdl_laptop: I have no rules defined and yet am still limited by this constraint
18:22 chris             bbiab breakfast time for the kid
18:21 chris             thanks :-)
18:20 brendan           ok marking in on my calendar now - as to not forget
18:20 chris             or i can get work too
18:20 hdl_laptop        chris_n: it is not a syspref.
18:20 chris             if not i can cover it
18:19 chris             next couple of weeks
18:19 chris             we are all set if either you or biblibre hit the button :-)
18:19 brendan           deadline?
18:19 chris             bout 1knz
18:19 brendan           ?
18:19 brendan           how much is the deposit
18:19 Brooke            I'll get right on it Chris :D
18:18 chris             which reminds me, i need to chase up biblibre and bywater to hit the donate button, so we can pay the deposit :-)
18:18 Brooke            how tough code wise would massaging the frequency table for serials be? (time or $)
18:18 chris             Brooke: magnus at libriotech sent kohacon some money last night too
18:17 hdl_laptop        Brooke: don't mention it
18:17 brendan           hi brooke
18:16 Brooke            hey Brendan
18:16 * Brooke          cackles maniacally.
18:16 Brooke            G- thanks. I think I'll strategically torment a reference Librarian.
18:15 Brooke            for sponsorship
18:15 Brooke            HDL - proper credit has been given to BibLibre on the wiki now :D Thanks!
18:15 gmcharlt          Brooke: well, for MARC21, prediction patterns for a lot of serials are freely available via CONSER records, though not in an ideal form
18:15 chris_n           tnx
18:15 hdl_laptop        IsMemberBlocked and the finedays in Circulation
18:14 chris_n           hdl_laptop: what controls this limit?
18:14 Brooke            it almost seems like this data should be somewhere in cyberspace, possibly behind OCLC's locked doors...
18:14 hdl_laptop        USERBLOCKED And he has some books still not returned
18:13 Brooke            hawt
18:13 Colin             You may be hoping. I'm due to look at prediction patterns soon (when that libraries serial librarians give me the list of perceived oddities)
18:12 chris_n           hdl_laptop: what does USERBLOCKEDREMAINING mean?
18:11 Brooke            this guy has stuff that comes in regularly but the tables do not appear to match the options that are currently there. Is there a flip that can be switched in Parameters, or am I hoping for too much?
18:10 Colin             (even although two years worth arrive in a lump)
18:10 * Brooke          nods
18:10 Colin             Not that often. I've got a library with lots of serials and lots of seemingly irregular publications but most have some sort of rhythmn
18:08 Brooke            how regularly do you use the irregular option?
18:08 chris             Colin is qa manager for 3.4
18:08 Brooke            what are we commiserating>
18:08 Brooke            uh oh
18:08 Colin             chris: thanks (for both)
18:07 chris             congrats/commiserations Colin :)
18:07 Colin             Weekly twice-weekly monthly bi-monthly quarterly and irregular
18:06 Brooke            and is there a logical selection for that frequency within Koha?
18:06 Brooke            what's the frequency of some of your magazines or serials
18:05 Brooke            my EU type question is
18:05 Colin             Brooke: what was your eu question?
17:57 slef              This is why I like openID - it beats doing the lost password shuffly when you're not near your encrypted login details
17:55 Brooke            I am getting so psyched for conference.
17:55 * Brooke          does not want Russ thinking she's an absentee vol.
17:54 Brooke            thank you :D
17:54 Brooke            it keeps saying it will and then like I never get an email
17:54 Brooke            yes plox
17:54 gmcharlt          just reset your password?
17:53 Brooke            hawt
17:53 gmcharlt          Brooke: I can help you
17:53 * Brooke          forgets her password WAY too often.
17:53 Brooke            do you know any one with Wiki keys?
17:53 chris             hiya Brooke
17:53 Brooke            Oi, Chris
17:53 chris_n           it logs *nothing*
17:53 chris             it works, but barely
17:53 chris             yeah its not just you
17:53 chris_n           yup
17:52 * chris_n         seems to stay under the hood :-)
17:52 chris             chris_n: the stuff in opac/sco ?
17:52 Brooke            and very little under the hood in general
17:52 Brooke            I've never looked under the self - checkout code hood
17:51 Brooke            dunno
17:51 chris_n           is it me or is the self-checkout code a little half-baked?
17:50 * Brooke          nods
17:50 * imp             doesn't have any real bib background :|
17:50 Brooke            and it made me very curious about the rest of Europe in terms of how many issues one might receive in a year
17:49 Brooke            I've a bloke that asked after Finnish serials cataloguing
17:49 Brooke            can you tell me about magazine frequency?
17:48 Brooke            hawt
17:48 imp               Brooke: i'm from germany
17:48 * moodaepo        the snow here is regrouping for the next attack
17:48 Brooke            wish there were some active Frenchies on at the moment or other EU folk
17:47 Brooke            it's not doing anything here for the moment *knocks on wood*
17:46 wizzyrea_laptop   little here, little there
17:46 wizzyrea_laptop   like "peh, peh, peh"
17:46 wizzyrea_laptop   it's kind of spitting snow here
17:44 Brooke            I told him this would be 75+
17:44 Brooke            so this time when there was a little more than a dusting
17:44 Brooke            we had a touch of snow a little while back and there was a 30 car pile up
17:44 Brooke            yeah I keep telling the little mister that
17:44 wizzyrea_laptop   hehe
17:43 * Brooke          dug the war pony out earlier
17:43 wizzyrea_laptop   (not you I'm worried about, it's the other idiots)
17:43 wizzyrea_laptop   and drive safely
17:43 wizzyrea_laptop   doo eet
17:43 Brooke            doh
17:42 * owen            is going to bail
17:42 owen              Eying the snow worriedly
17:41 wizzyrea_laptop   working furiously I think
17:40 tirabo            hi
17:40 Brooke            hi tirabo
17:39 Brooke            wow, sleepy in here today :)
17:36 wizzyrea_laptop   wb
17:35 Brooke            yo!
17:14 Brooke            this one works and not the other...
17:14 Brooke            ha ha
17:07 wizzyrea_laptop   all
17:07 wizzyrea_laptop   i could no-al
17:07 wizzyrea_laptop   Unknown warning type "no-sgml". Allowed warning types are:
17:05 gmcharlt          or -e no-sgml
17:05 wizzyrea_laptop   let me try that
17:05 wizzyrea_laptop   oooh, I missed that one
17:03 gmcharlt          does adding -w no-sgml work?
17:02 wizzyrea_laptop   so it may just be a problem with docbook2html
17:01 wizzyrea_laptop   but if I were just using openjade I could -E0 and have unlimited errors
17:01 munin             chris_n: The current temperature in Erwin, North Carolina is 4.0�C (11:41 AM EST on February 09, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 75%. Dew Point: 0.0�C. Windchill: 2.0�C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Rising).  High wind watch in effect from Wednesday morning through Wednesday evening...
17:01 chris_n           @wunder 28334
17:01 wizzyrea_laptop   it's being triggered from docbook2html :(
17:00 gmcharlt          what is the openjade command-line you're using?
16:57 wizzyrea_laptop   152 is the tilde, btw
16:56 wizzyrea_laptop   which I haven't found a way to through docbook2html
16:56 wizzyrea_laptop   or set the max errors
16:56 wizzyrea_laptop   so I either need to tell openjade that this is ok, or change the xml
16:55 wizzyrea_laptop   are the errors
16:55 wizzyrea_laptop   manual.xml:17128:20:E: non SGML character number 152
16:55 gmcharlt          unicode should be fine
16:55 wizzyrea_laptop   and I'm not sure how to change that...
16:54 wizzyrea_laptop   I think openjade defaults to unicode
16:54 wizzyrea_laptop   hrm
16:54 wizzyrea_laptop   utf-8
16:54 gmcharlt          what is the character encoding declared in the XML header?
16:53 gmcharlt          that means it thinks it thinks it's valid
16:53 wizzyrea_laptop   doesn't say anything, actually, is that odd?
16:52 wizzyrea_laptop   nothing :/
16:50 wizzyrea_laptop   good question, I shall try that
16:50 gmcharlt          wizzyrea_laptop: does running xmllint --noout {name of docbook.xml} turn up anything?
16:49 wizzyrea_laptop   http://www2.cddc.vt.edu/marxists/admin/charsets/non-sgml.htm may help you
16:48 wizzyrea_laptop   you may be using invalid characters in the manual?
16:48 wizzyrea_laptop   nengard: that's why your appendix is missing
16:48 wizzyrea_laptop   for that matter, anyone else?
16:47 munin             wizzyrea_laptop: The operation succeeded.
16:47 wizzyrea_laptop   @later tell chris any suggestions on setting the openjade max errors from Docbook2html?
16:46 paul_p            (back from a meeting)
16:46 jwagner           Bonjour paul_p
16:46 paul_p            hello world !
16:46 jwagner           s/day/YEAR/
16:46 jwagner           s/day/month/
16:45 owen              Hellova day in weather.
16:41 munin             jwagner: The current temperature in Hollywood, College Park, Maryland is 0.1�C (11:38 AM EST on February 09, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: -5.0�C. Windchill: 0.0�C. Pressure: 30.11 in 1019.5 hPa (Rising).  Winter Storm Warning in effect from noon today to 7 PM EST Wednesday...
16:41 jwagner           @wunder 20740
16:41 jwagner           One of the many fun things is that there's simply no PLACE to put all the snow.  They're having to use dump trucks & try to find places to dump them.
16:41 munin             owen: The current temperature in Ohio University, Athens, Ohio is -1.7�C (11:36 AM EST on February 09, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: -2.0�C. Windchill: -5.0�C. Pressure: 29.79 in 1008.7 hPa (Falling).  Winter Storm Warning in effect until 7 am EST Thursday... 
16:41 owen              @wunder 45701
16:41 munin             moodaepo: The current temperature in South on Monks, Mankato, Minnesota is -4.6�C (10:35 AM CST on February 09, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: -7.0�C. Windchill: -12.0�C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1019.9 hPa (Rising).  Winter Storm Warning in effect until noon CST today... 
16:41 moodaepo          @wunder 56001
16:40 jwagner           Bring your shovel, snowplow, front-end loader, snowplow, snowplow.....
16:40 ebegin            Should I bring my shovel? :)
16:39 jwagner           ebegin, you're welcome to ours :-)
16:39 ebegin            jwagner, over here, how strange it can be, we do not have a lot of snow this year...
16:36 jwagner           I've been working from home since last Friday, and have been VERY lucky not to lose power throughout.  Knock wood....\
16:36 hilongo           it's no use ... setting specific rules doesn't work either...
16:36 jwagner           Yep, he's been having a rough time.  He was without power for a couple of days (brrrrr) and is still without Internet.  Busses aren't running, so he can't get into work either.
16:35 owen              jwagner: Is jdavidb still snowed in?
16:33 jwagner           Yes, I know.  I grew up in snow country.  But the DC area is NOT used to this.  Doesn't have the equipment, experience, or planning to cope with major storms.  And there's a third one moving in this afternoon.  Three big blizzards in one winter?  Unheard of in this area.
16:31 * ebegin          lol... this is almost a daily event in winter here :)
16:28 * jwagner         smiles. Two snowplows and a monster big front-end loader are doing things to the street outside. Things involving moving large quantities of snow....
16:27 hilongo           owen: .. ok ... I'll give it a try
16:26 hilongo           my koha-error log says this: http://pastebin.org/88923
16:23 owen              hilongo: you might try adding a specific rule for one borrower category and one item type and test with that combination
16:21 hilongo           but the problem is not solved :(
16:21 hilongo           ok ... I have re-set the circ rules .. the Default ones and the library specific ...  I have the holds policy as "Book - from any library"
16:09 hilongo           I'll try to add that column manually and see what happens
16:08 hilongo           I tried to re-set circulation rules and I find I'm no able to ... aparently, there is some finedays column that smart-rules.pl wants to fill but that column does not exist in the database...
16:01 owen              Do you have circulation rules set up for the patron category and itemtype you're trying to put a hold on?
16:01 hilongo           also .. I have sysprefs AllowHoldPolicyOverride AllowHoldsOnDamagedItems AllowOnShelfHolds and canreservefromotherbranches all set to ON ...
16:00 hilongo  to be exact :)
15:59 hilongo           i'm on 3.0.6 dev-installation
15:58 wizzyrea_laptop   (sorry if I missed that part)
15:57 liz-nekls         which version?
15:56 hilongo           I have circ rules set ... at least as far as i know ...
15:55 hilongo           the opac and the staff interface give me the same msg: "none of these items can be placed on hold."
15:30 hilongo           My error log here -> http://pastebin.org/88902
15:29 hilongo           Anyone can tell me why request.pl complains about 'uninitialized values' such a findborrower or transfertwhen ??
15:24 hilongo           One is with Reserves not working and the other with Searching and some weird diacritic problem
15:23 hilongo           but now that everything worked .. I can focus in fixing a couple of problems I'm having with Koha...
15:22 hilongo           jwagner: yep .. and more when it is already in production... I think I've aged a couple of years in this past days :)
15:20 jwagner           congrats, hilongo.  That's NOT an easy switch, especially if you've done any customizations.
15:19 hilongo           gmcharlt: your tips were a great help :)
15:17 gmcharlt          hilongo++
15:16 hilongo           I have just finished my switch from standard koha to dev-installation via GIT ... everything went well :)
15:13 hilongo           hello fellow kohaers ...  :)
15:04 * owen            would run away
15:04 owen              I wonder if Kyle knows what he's getting himself into, volunteering for Circ and Holds bugs?
14:21 bigbrovar_        slef, this is the output of the prove test http://pastebin.com/m1a3e837f
14:20 bigbrovar_        slef, about to run the prove command
14:20 bigbrovar_        slef, make install went fine
14:18 slef              but others here can also help, I'm sure.
14:18 slef              but I might not read messages sent to me until the morning
14:18 slef              my client idles here as much as possible
14:16 bigbrovar_        slef, will pastebin the output of the prove command once(if) make install is complete
14:16 bigbrovar_        slef, I will run the prove command once make install is done (kind of medicine after death I know but this is a test install not a production deployment) will u still be logged on when you are off to lunch?
14:13 slef              I will soon go to lunch
14:13 slef              bigbrovar_: gmcharlt's prove command is probably a better bet, where "test" is "t/Circulation_barcodedecode.t" I think
14:13 slef              yes, I think it has probably scrolled off, so [ to stop it and wait
14:11 bigbrovar_        slef, that jump to the top of the page.. however well am already make install would have to wait till that runs.  or what do u think? (am quite new at this )
14:06 bigbrovar_        slef, oh ok thanks
14:05 slef              screen does its own scrollbuffer
14:05 slef              bigbrovar_: then [ when finished
14:05 slef              bigbrovar_: ctrl+A then [ then PgUp lots
14:05 bigbrovar_        slef, .
14:04 bigbrovar_        well they were some error lines... unfortunately am on a screen session and I cant scroll up :(
14:04 gmcharlt          slef: prove -v test
14:03 slef              bigbrovar_: any error lines before the Test Summary Report?
14:03 slef              Is there some way to read the test results in detail, anyone?
14:02 slef              anyone remember if make test works on ubuntu hardy for 3.0.5?
14:02 slef              looking
13:59 bigbrovar_        am trying to install koha3.0.5 on ubuntu 8.04 following instructions on this wiki page http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=koha_3_install_guide_ubuntu_hardy. everything seem to run fine but when I did make test I got the follow errors http://pastebin.com/m4b7cb01e
13:58 Colin             t/Dates.t appears to have the wrong number of tests... but this seems to have been wrong for a long time
13:44 * chris_n         busies himself with trying to learn how to use the new patron card tool ;-)
13:43 * owen            shudders to even joke about it.
13:43 owen              <HTML><P>There. All done.</HTML>
13:43 * owen            rushes around unclosing tags and putting markup in UPPER CASE!!
13:42 gmcharlt          owen: oops, forgot to tell you that we're sick of this XHTML stuff, we want to go back to HTML4
13:41 chris_n           lol
13:41 * owen            checks his plate
13:41 owen              gmcharlt: At least you had the opportunity to pile work on my plate in my absence.
13:40 gmcharlt          excuses, excuses
13:40 owen              Hi all, sorry I had to leave the meeting early. Kids, school, etc.
13:38 munin             04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3912 blocker, P5, ---, henridamien@koha-fr.org, NEW, Can't add contracts
13:38 gmcharlt          hdl_laptop: do you have any patches available for bug 3912?
13:24 imp               it says everything is ok
13:24 imp               MARC Bibliographic Framework Test ?
13:24 imp               it's the same with the default framework and the fast-add one (where i've removed some fields)
13:22 hdl_laptop        You should check that in admin
13:22 hdl_laptop        imp: you may have some problems with your framework then.
13:19 nengard           oooooo
13:19 gmcharlt          there's always the chance that the response to a price quote will be a check :)
13:19 nengard           guess i'll need to write one up - to be honest this is the first time that the person didn't go the mailing list when i said that was the way to do this
13:18 nengard           :)
13:18 slef              nengard: this is why it's a form letter :-/
13:18 nengard           hehe
13:18 slef              nengard: rinse and repeat
13:18 nengard           and gmcharlt - guess that's my next step :)
13:17 nengard           slef - i tried that - didn't work
13:17 slef              nengard: I've got a form letter saying I'm sorry but I don't have enough free time, so their choices are asking a mailing list or contracting the co-op.
13:17 imp               set my koha to marc21
13:16 hdl_laptop        MARC21 or UNIMARC ?
13:16 imp               (so i'm a little bit confused ;)
13:16 imp               but it's the first record i try to add
13:16 imp               hdl_laptop: you said, if you got a bad marc record, it breaks the page (right before the meeting)
13:15 jwagner           nengard, if they haven't gotten the point by now, there is no nice way to say it....
13:15 gmcharlt          nengard: sending them a price quote?
13:15 hdl_laptop        imp: ?
13:14 nengard           how do you nicely say - I cannot and will not be your personal support person?
13:08 imp               hdl_laptop: still here?
12:53 jwagner           Thanks.  We have a couple of git manuals, but I have trouble wading through them.  I try to stick to the basics :-)
12:52 Ropuch            jwagner: http://progit.org/book/ - quite useful for git newbie (like me)
12:51 slef              could try man git...
12:50 jwagner           Can't wait until jdavidb is back online so I can pester him....
12:50 jwagner           Thanks slef, gmcharlt, Colin
12:50 Colin             git show
12:50 gmcharlt          jwagner: also git show commit#
12:49 slef              jwagner: git diff master # I think
12:49 slef              jwagner: git log -1 commit#
12:49 slef              Ropuch: man perlintro, man perlretut, man perlboot and man perlcheat
12:48 jwagner           Couple of git questions?  I know there's a command to look at the details of a commit -- maybe git log commit#?  Also, I think there's a way to do a git-diff between current branch and master -- what's that?
12:46 * Ropuch          prepares "Perl for dummies" copy for bug squashing ;>
12:46 jwagner           thd, maybe a nap....
12:45 thd               jwagner: sleep all day today
12:44 Ropuch            hehe
12:44 * jwagner         may be prejudiced by getting only about 3-4 hours of sleep last night
12:43 slef              ack, metoo
12:43 Ropuch            I feel like I have a hangover if I overslept
12:43 slef              Ropuch: curious. 7h30 is more common.
12:43 Ropuch            I can't sleep more than 7h
12:43 slef              I'd prefer to be awake 24 hours, but I have to drive somewhere tomoz PM so not sleeping would be negligent
12:42 Ropuch            Yak!
12:42 * jwagner         would prefer to sleep for 24 hours....
12:41 gmcharlt          plan on staying up 24 hours! ;)
12:41 nengard           squash those bugs :)
12:40 nengard           all day in all timezones
12:40 nengard           Ropuch - all timezones!! :)
12:40 Ropuch            ;>
12:40 Ropuch            But... which timezone tomorrow bug squashing starts?
12:40 hdl_laptop        thanks nengard
12:40 imp               nengard++
12:39 Ropuch            nengard++
12:39 gmcharlt          thanks, nengard
12:39 nengard           I call this meeting to a close
12:39 nengard           and bug squashing all day on the 10 February
12:39 nengard           okay next general meeting to be held on :  Wednesday, 3 March 2010 at 19:00 UTC+0
12:38 hdl_laptop        nengard: will ask laurence and paul to improve documentation and post some on kohadocs
12:38 masonj            +1
12:37 Ropuch            Sorry, I was afk and misinterpreted your conversation with nengard
12:37 imp               thought we had the 5. march planed?
12:37 Nate              +1
12:37 Ropuch            slef: on pull-and publish kohadocs in wordpress 'script'
12:37 nengard           +1
12:36 chris_n           +1
12:36 gmcharlt          I suggest Wednesday, 3 March 2010 at 19:00 UTC+0
12:36 slef              Ropuch: regexp?
12:35 tajoli            quit
12:35 Ropuch            ;>
12:35 Ropuch            slef: you're welcome to fix my lame googled regexp
12:35 nengard           okay - I think we need to agree to the time of the next meeting - unless anyone else has more to add?
12:35 nengard           and they're not done yet, but I thought I'd share
12:35 nengard           slef - yeah it's missing the appendices and the links section - which might have that ... wizzyrea and Ropuch did all the work
12:34 slef              nengard: but well done on getting it there
12:34 slef              nengard: needs a link to source code checkout instructions (a HACKING file in GNUspeak)
12:33 fredericd         Colin: +1 on new acq module (black box)
12:33 nengard           but it's there
12:33 nengard           still a work in progress and i have to fix the license
12:33 jwagner           nengard, thanks -- that's the kind of stuff I'd like to see expanded.  The development/coding stuff is also needed, but general "how do I" is critical.
12:33 nengard           on this topic - the 3.2 English Version of the manual is up at: http://koha-community.org/documentation/3-2-manual/?ch=index
12:33 nengard           yes hdl_laptop, I need some help writing the docs for the new acq
12:32 nengard           that i did for those in CA
12:32 nengard           for now there is a link to some video tutorials at the bottom of the tutorials page
12:32 gmcharlt          I'd encourage libraries who have written documentation to get themselves linked as well
12:32 Colin             It would be good if biblibre have anything on acquisitions for 3.2
12:32 slef              I hope we can use something more open than webex.
12:32 nengard           jwagner once 3.2 is out and the manual done i am going to do some video tutorials
12:32 slef              so, again, what are we waiting for?  3.2 release and/or resources to run sessions?
12:32 jwagner           We've been working on training materials, and on my "someday" list is recording some webex sessions on the general topics.
12:31 slef              oic
12:31 nengard           slef yes, at teh bottom
12:31 jwagner           I've been through a lot of migrations by now, and I'm always being asked the simple questions -- how do I check out a book, etc.
12:31 slef              Is NEKLS stuff linked from http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=en:documentation:tutorials ?
12:30 nengard           I try to keep it generic - but don't mind being more specific
12:30 jwagner           And we've been referring people to the NEKLS stuff :-)
12:30 nengard           but I can always add more detail to the manual if we need/want it
12:30 nengard           NEKLS has a lot of that already public
12:30 gmcharlt          to the extent that people doing training want to contribute their webcasts and pre-recorded sessions, that would address jwagner's concern, I think
12:29 jwagner           The manual is great at describing each setting, but making the intuitive leap of "which ones do I need to configure for _this_ result" is harder.
12:29 thd               schuster took photographs of the whiteboard
12:29 Colin             We could have fuller how tos
12:29 jwagner           Not in terms of learning how to do it.
12:28 nengard           jwagner - isn't that in the manual already?
12:28 nengard           thd - go for it!
12:28 nengard           thd i think i'll be working on something like that this year - but nothing I do will be as good as quides from those who have been in the thick of it for years
12:28 thd               nengard: it would be useful if we could link the tutorial which paul_p gave at KohaCon
12:28 jwagner           On the tutorials, I'd like to see it expanded to general training -- how do I create a record/item, how do I check out (and how do I set up my circ rules), etc.  That would be useful to a wider audience.
12:27 nengard           slef back in august we talked about writing up quick tutorials on using git or updating perl or whatever else that new developers can easily understand and feel more comfrotable chipping in
12:27 slef              Still willing, but still no resources for this.
12:27 thd               we need a proper manual for programmers
12:27 Ropuch            ;>
12:27 slef              A bit confused about what we're being asked to do.
12:27 slef              Yes, just pinged myself.
12:27 nengard           am I moderating myself?? :)
12:26 nengard           any comments? anyone still here?
12:24 nengard           we talked about this back in August and did some work, but I'd love to see more tutorials from you experts out there to help us new to programming for Koha learn the ropes
12:24 nengard           http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=en:documentation:tutorials
12:24 nengard           #7 - Koha Tutorials
12:23 nengard           they should be short and sweet
12:23 masonj            yep, i do plan to start sending stuff in again, very soon
12:23 nengard           i just want to remind you all to send me articles for the newsletter by the 14th -
12:23 nengard           okay - on to #6 which is easy
12:22 gmcharlt          masonj: cool, but more patches from you would be nice to see
12:22 nengard           sorry for the confusion
12:22 nengard           k good
12:22 gmcharlt          and new acq bugs are indeed going to hdl_laptop
12:22 masonj            ill think about a module or two that i can look after...
12:22 nengard           when i'm more alert
12:22 nengard           k - i'll check again
12:22 nengard           or it wasn't the last bug in acq i reported i had to manuall change it to hdl
12:22 gmcharlt          nengard: the default assignee list IS taken from Bugzilla
12:21 hdl_laptop        nengard: it is someone at BibLibre in charge of Acq.
12:21 nengard           gmcharlt - that's not how it is in bugszilla
12:21 tajoli            many roles for gmcharlt but now you are on Evergreen or not ?
12:21 gmcharlt          umm, nengard, I suggest that you look at the list of assignees
12:21 nengard           agreed
12:20 gmcharlt          one thing I would like to emphasize, though - people should never feel restricted from picking up and owrking on a bug whose status isn't ASSIgned
12:20 nengard           as an example
12:20 nengard           or that are assigned (in my opinion) incorrectly - acq should be someone at BibLibre since they dd so much work recently they know how things work better than anyone
12:19 nengard           but there are plenty of other roles that have gone dead as well -
12:19 nengard           yeah
12:19 gmcharlt          2) the websites assignee is, of course, in an odd situation
12:19 nengard           okay - go for it
12:19 gmcharlt          nengard: I'll put it out
12:19 nengard           and we can move on to #6
12:19 gmcharlt          1) we need more people involved
12:19 nengard           well if no on objects I'll put out the call and see if we can get some interest/renewed interest
12:18 gmcharlt          two things of note
12:18 gmcharlt          btw, the current list of bugs assignes is here http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=en:development:bug_default_assignees
12:18 kf                \me needs to go back to meeting bbl
12:18 * chris_n         has to change locations... bbiab
12:17 nengard           manage
12:17 nengard           and let people say what they want/can manager
12:16 nengard           then we open up the roles
12:16 nengard           and give them until the next meeting to respond
12:16 nengard           we put out a call to see if people still want their roles as bug/module manager
12:16 nengard           okay - on to #5 to which I agree with Chris_n's suggestion
12:15 Ropuch            +1
12:15 tajoli            +1
12:15 nengard           +1
12:15 thd               +1
12:14 masonj            +1
12:14 fredericd         thd: hard at sleep
12:14 gmcharlt          jwagner: yes - I suggestion 19:00 UTC+0
12:13 tajoli            +1
12:13 jwagner           gmcharlt, do you want to set a target time for voting tomorrow?
12:13 thd               fredericd:  Would you care to make some comment about how you are hard at work or fast asleep and thus not seen at IRC meetings for those who do not know you?
12:13 Nate              +1
12:12 imp               +1
12:12 masonj            +1
12:12 chris_n           +1
12:12 Ropuch            +1
12:12 nengard           +1
12:12 gmcharlt          thoughts?
12:12 gmcharlt          and vote tomorrow
12:12 gmcharlt          we can give brendan the rest of today to complete or withdraw his proposal
12:12 gmcharlt          ok, how about this - assuming that many of us will be around for the bug squashing tomorrow
12:11 chris_n           heh
12:11 nengard           no - i said when he wakes - it's 3am there!!!
12:11 gmcharlt          just waiting for comments re TM
12:11 thd               nengard: I thought that you were waking brendan :0
12:11 gmcharlt          no, I'm still here
12:11 chris_n           it appears we lost gmcharlt
12:10 nengard           okay - so where are we? are we voting on translation manager? or are we moving on to the next agenda item?
12:08 chris_n           and open up those positions with no response or a negative response by that date
12:08 Nate              I believe nengard is correct regarding Brendan's proposal
12:08 fredericd         I'd need some help from Chris obviously at the beginning
12:08 chris_n           set at response deadline
12:08 chris_n           gmcharlt: it may be good also request the current module maintainers to re-affirm their desire to remain so
12:07 fredericd         I already have a pootle instance up and running.
12:07 nengard           that may be because it was expressed that the translation manager should be a non english speaker - but he's not awake so i don't want to speak for him
12:07 gmcharlt          one question I have about the TM role - will chris be maintaining the Pootle, or woudl that be moving?
12:06 gmcharlt          brendan hasn't sent in a proposal yet, though
12:06 fredericd         Nothing specific to add to my initial proposal
12:06 gmcharlt          we have interest from fredericd and brendan
12:06 gmcharlt          3.4 translation manager
12:06 nengard           ah
12:06 gmcharlt          one position that has not been voted on et
12:06 gmcharlt          nengard: one moment, though
12:05 nengard           #5 Bug Category Roles
12:05 slef              I bake good apple pie, but that doesn't mean I should necessarily be in charge of a kitchen.
12:05 gmcharlt          we could then review the module maintainer propsals next meeting
12:05 nengard           this kind of touches on the next agenda item
12:05 Colin             Sure
12:05 gmcharlt          I've put in my name to be module maintainer for search and cataloging - I'll post a proposal on koha-devel, and also call for other people to volunteer to be module maintainers
12:04 fredericd         Colin: you could take SIP...
12:04 Colin             Its very useful to have people you know are familiar with an area
12:04 gmcharlt          hence the idea of module maintainer - i.e., somebody who not only wrangles, but maintains a tree and vets patches
12:03 chris_n           ie. north pasture vs south plains ;-)
12:03 chris_n           perhaps if there are enough people, they could be assigned areas to wrangle in
12:03 nengard           that make sense to me
12:03 gmcharlt          I'd suggest that the QA Manager help coordinate if there's a conflict
12:03 thd               :)
12:03 tajoli            +1 on three Bug Wrenglers
12:02 gmcharlt          from my POV, bug wrangling expands to fill all available volunteers
12:02 slef              But I'm willing to let you approve all three if you really think it can work.
12:02 slef              I think one should lead because there's scope for interference and not all have submitted full proposals.
12:01 magnus            +1
12:01 slef                 0
12:00 kf                +1
12:00 imp               +1
12:00 Nate              +1
12:00 thd               +1 *
12:00 Colin             +1
12:00 masonj            +1
12:00 Ropuch            +1
12:00 nengard           +1
12:00 fredericd         +1
12:00 chris_n           seconded
12:00 gmcharlt          so I move that we accept all three proposals
12:00 nengard           agreed
11:59 gmcharlt          I think we should have bug wrangling be filled by as many people who want to (and do) do it
11:59 chris_n           gmcharlt: is this not a position where more than one filling it might be desireable?
11:59 fredericd         couldn't it be shared?
11:59 gmcharlt          pianohacker, hdl_laptop, and CALYX
11:59 gmcharlt          we have three proposals for bug wranglers
11:59 gmcharlt          ok, moving on
11:58 chris_n           tnx all
11:58 gmcharlt          congrats, chris_n
11:58 gmcharlt          ok, that settles it
11:57 chris_n           gmcharlt: I hold a very conservative definition of minor :-)
11:56 slef              +1
11:56 tajoli            +1
11:56 gmcharlt          +1 # but I'll hold you to your "minor enhancements"-only plank :)
11:56 Colin             +1
11:56 masonj            +1
11:56 magnus            +1
11:56 imp               +1
11:56 hdl_laptop        +1
11:56 fredericd         +1 chris_n
11:56 gmcharlt          so to confirm, we're now voting on chris_n as RMaint
11:55 Ropuch            +1
11:55 fredericd         +1 Colin
11:55 kf                +1
11:55 slef              gmcharlt: ta
11:55 thd               chris_n++
11:55 gmcharlt          http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=en:development:roles3.4
11:54 slef              where are the platforms on the wiki?  not linked from meeting
11:54 nengard           chris_n++
11:54 chris_n           I am certainly still willing to be RM and will endevor maintain the standard set by past RMs.
11:54 gmcharlt          chris_n: any words?
11:54 gmcharlt          on to 3.2 RMaint
11:54 Colin             thanks
11:53 gmcharlt          congrats, Colin
11:53 gmcharlt          ok, I think that settles it
11:53 gmcharlt          (http://httpd.apache.org/dev/voting.html)
11:52 slef              AIUI
11:52 slef              owen: -1 is downvote
11:52 tajoli            +1 on Colin Campbell
11:52 slef              stand-aside
11:52 davi              abstention
11:52 owen              0 = abstention or downvote?
11:52 masonj            +1
11:51 davi                 0
11:51 slef                 0
11:51 kf                +1
11:51 Ropuch            +1
11:51 gmcharlt          +1
11:51 hdl_laptop        +1
11:51 chris_n           +1
11:51 owen              +1
11:51 Genji             +1
11:51 nengard           +1
11:51 magnus            +1
11:51 imp               +1
11:51 nengard           let's vote on Colin
11:51 nengard           okay - back on track
11:51 thd               Colin++
11:51 slef              back
11:50 masonj            hiya zeno :)
11:49 gmcharlt          tajoli: no, I think we're fine at the moment
11:49 gmcharlt          ok, I move that we vote on Colin Campbell as QA Manager for 3.4
11:49 tajoli            Do you need extra info ?
11:49 tajoli            thanks
11:49 gmcharlt          hi tajoli - we've just confirmed you as DB documentor for 3.4
11:49 tajoli            sorry for dealy
11:49 gmcharlt          Genji: http://stats.workbuffer.org/irclog/koha/
11:48 Colin             Just that I think its important we look at making the source more useable we want more developers
11:48 Genji             okay, i gotta crash. wahts the log url?
11:47 gmcharlt          Colin: any statement?
11:47 gmcharlt          next up
11:47 gmcharlt          ok, hearing no objection - done
11:47 thd               tajoli++
11:46 masonj            +1
11:46 magnus            +1
11:46 imp               +1
11:46 fredericd         +1
11:46 owen              +1
11:46 nengard           +1
11:46 Ropuch            +1
11:46 hdl_laptop        +1
11:46 kf                +1
11:46 chris_n           +1
11:46 gmcharlt          tajoli isn't here, but as far as I know he's still wiling, so I move that we accept him as DB documentor for 3.4
11:45 gmcharlt          next, Zeno
11:45 gmcharlt          ok, I think that settles it
11:45 owen              nengard++
11:45 thd               nengard we will catch you if you fall
11:45 Colin             nengard++
11:45 fredericd         nengard++
11:45 hdl_laptop        nengard++
11:45 kf                nengard++
11:44 magnus            nengard++
11:44 masonj            nengard++
11:44 imp               nengard++
11:44 chris_n           nengard++
11:44 gmcharlt          nengard++
11:44 thd               nengard++
11:44 nengard           gmcharlt i thought i was doc manager until I fell down - so i'm willing and able to stay your doc manager until that time :)
11:43 gmcharlt          nengard: any statement you want to make before we vote?
11:43 gmcharlt          so to take them in the order listed
11:43 gmcharlt          Chris Nighswonger as 3.2 Release Maintainer
11:43 gmcharlt          Colin Campbell as QA manager
11:43 gmcharlt          Zeno Tajoli as DB documentar
11:42 gmcharlt          Nicole Engard as Documentation Manager
11:42 gmcharlt          so anyway, several positions have both proposals and no other candiates, so I move that we vote on the following:
11:42 nengard           awesome
11:42 gmcharlt          nengard: that, but also (as I see it) reponsibility for mainitaining a tree and vetting patches releveant to that module
11:41 nengard           we needed a new person on search since search bugs are being ignored
11:41 nengard           gmcharlt++
11:41 chris_n           gmcharlt++
11:41 chris_n           yup
11:41 thd               gmcharlt++
11:41 nengard           or something else?
11:41 nengard           does module maintainer mean the person bugs are assigned to?
11:41 gmcharlt          and speaking of proposals, I've tossed my name into the ring for module mainainer for cataloging and search
11:41 nengard           new syspref editor++
11:40 nengard           heck yeah!!!
11:40 fredericd         new syspref editor++
11:40 chris_n           fredericd++
11:40 nengard           fredericd++
11:40 thd               fredericd++
11:39 gmcharlt          fredericd++
11:39 thd               Proposals are still pending as they had been last time
11:39 fredericd         gmcharlt: reading back... I will do a new syspref translation script...
11:39 nengard           agenda item #4 it is
11:39 gmcharlt          http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=en:development:roles3.4
11:39 gmcharlt          if, not, then lets move on to 3.4 roles
11:38 nengard           if not - are there any follow up items from the last meeting (#3 on the agenda)
11:37 gmcharlt          anyway, apologies for the digression - are there any more questions about 3.0.x?
11:36 gmcharlt          would you have any objection to having it be linked from koha-community.org and the like?
11:36 hdl_laptop        yes.
11:35 gmcharlt          anybody can request an account?
11:35 hdl_laptop        suivi.biblibre.com
11:35 hdl_laptop        gmcharlt: one would have to ask for an account. But it is online
11:33 gmcharlt          hdl_laptop: is the French bugs database publicly available, for French speakers and those who could make do with machine translation?
11:33 hdl_laptop        they were declared in french first.
11:32 hdl_laptop        But not all of them declared as of now
11:32 hdl_laptop        yes.
11:32 chris_n           beat me to it :-)
11:32 slef              so are they all rel_3_0 and critical or higher?
11:31 munin             04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=4116 critical, P5, ---, henridamien@koha-fr.org, NEW, results from cataloging search is different from advanced search results
11:31 chris_n           bug 4116
11:31 hdl_laptop        for instance.
11:31 hdl_laptop        4116
11:31 slef              hdl_laptop: bug numbers?
11:30 hdl_laptop        So would be released next week.
11:30 hdl_laptop        We just discovered some embarassing bugs that we are coping. And they are quite serious.
11:29 hdl_laptop        well, I should release 3.0.6 quite soon.
11:29 gmcharlt          yes, hdl_laptop, please go ahead
11:28 slef              yes, that one is obvious although slower to read, but not all are like that
11:28 nengard           if there are no other 3.2 questions then on to #2 - Update on Koha 3.0 Roadmap - from hdl_laptop
11:28 hdl_laptop        1st, March
11:28 gmcharlt          any other questions for 3.2?
11:28 * gmcharlt        reveals that 3/1 = 3 January 2010 -- not!
11:27 slef              hdl_laptop: discussion of release dates.
11:27 gmcharlt          pending no surprising big blockers and good progress by the translaters, mid-to-end of March
11:27 hdl_laptop        slef: for what ?
11:26 slef              One slightly OT question: please can we use ISO dates YYYY-MM-DD instead of the confusing national forms?
11:26 thd               jwagner: after you submit patches for all remaining bugs :0
11:25 jwagner           If beta around 3/1, what's the target for release?
11:25 gmcharlt          so .... any questions about 3.2?
11:25 hdl_laptop        nengard++
11:25 gmcharlt          nengard++
11:24 chris_n           nengard++ #for bug wrangling
11:24 nengard           there were a lot of bugs that didn't have a patch sent status that had patches - so please make sure you keep your bugs up to date
11:24 gmcharlt          at this rate, I think we have a decent chance of achieving beta around 3/1
11:24 gmcharlt          also, I reiterate nengard's call to comb through your bugs and close everything that has been resolved
11:23 gmcharlt          some of the blockers appear to be pretty straightforward, so I think we can get many of them fixed tomorrow
11:23 masonj            roger that
11:21 gmcharlt          as a reminder, there's a general bugsquashing tomorrow
11:21 chris_n           gmcharlt: there may be some futher tweaks to the patron card and label tools, but nothing major here
11:21 masonj            i have some recent fixes to the report-scheduler, its currently busted, i think
11:21 gmcharlt          hdl_laptop: please do - I wasn't sure of the resolution of the 17 and 3 patches you sent on 2/5
11:20 hdl_laptop        gmcharlt: I have some bugfix patches I should resend.
11:20 nengard           makes sense
11:20 gmcharlt          you can do it, but it will get put in future - I'm trying to keep new features down to just what I've mentioned in my koha-devel posting + circ sounds
11:19 nengard           still asleep - if i submit a patch today would that work - or should i wait
11:19 nengard           sorry
11:19 nengard           gmcharlt - i meant i know what i want to do and could write it today - but didn't cause of the freeze
11:19 gmcharlt          nengard: probably not - I see no submitted patch for that
11:19 thd               I have now seen a doctor but I have much to catch up to
11:18 nengard           :(
11:18 thd               I have lost  much of the past three weeks to back pain
11:18 munin             04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=1997 enhancement, P3, ---, nengard@gmail.com, NEW, sys pref to Edit no results found page
11:18 nengard           gmcharlt i was wondering if bug 1997 could make it into 3.2
11:18 thd               yes but I need some days to work on that
11:17 gmcharlt          is a MARC21 framework update in the offing?
11:17 gmcharlt          *hear
11:17 gmcharlt          thd: sorry to here that
11:17 thd               yes but I have been in great pain
11:16 gmcharlt          I'm aware of the circulation sounds, to be in 3.2 by popular demand, which Darrell is working on
11:16 gmcharlt          is there anything pending that isn't submitted yet?
11:16 masonj            hi all
11:16 * masonj          running a little late
11:16 gmcharlt          so to do a quick poll of active contributors
11:15 munin             04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3756 blocker, P5, ---, pianohacker@gmail.com, ASSIGNED, new sys prefs - no way to add a new local use preference
11:15 gmcharlt          and bug 3756
11:15 gmcharlt          creating a translation mechanism for the new syspref editor
11:14 gmcharlt          + there are two more that need to be added as blockers
11:14 gmcharlt          some have patches, many don't yet
11:13 nengard           or do some have untested patches
11:13 gmcharlt          I'm working on 4141, completing and testing the upgrade path from 3.0.x
11:13 nengard           gmcharlt, 21 blockers with no patches?
11:13 Genji             gmcharlt++
11:13 gmcharlt          as of now, I count 21 blockers
11:12 * gmcharlt        = Galen Charlton, RM (for the record)
11:12 * Ropuch          = Piotr Wejman, Biblioteka CSNE, Poland
11:12 gmcharlt          3.2 alpha is out
11:12 nengard           okay - floor is yours
11:11 * gmcharlt        here
11:11 nengard           Update on Roadmap to 3.2.
11:11 nengard           okay- I didn't see gmcharlt - but here is the first agenda item ...
11:11 chris_n           Chris Nighswonger FBC
11:11 Amit_G            Amit Gupta Nucsoft Osslabs
11:10 pmlozeau          Patrick M. Lozeau, inLibro, Canada
11:10 * Genji           is Waylon Robertson, private library in Mandumah.com
11:10 slef              MJ Ray, member of software.coop
11:10 magnus            Magnus Enger, Libriotech, Norway
11:10 hdl_laptop        Henri-Damien LAURENT, BibLibre SARL
11:10 jwagner           Jane Wagner, PTFS
11:10 fredericd         F. Demians, Tamil
11:09 davi              Davi Diaz, worker for software.coop
11:09 Colin             Colin Campbell, PTFS Europe
11:09 owen              Owen Leonard, Nelsonville Public Library
11:09 thd               Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
11:09 * imp             Martin Janitschke, CCC Hannover
11:08 * nengard         Nicole C. Engard ByWater Solutions
11:08 nengard           fine - meeting called to order - please announce yourself
11:08 slef              on IRC, no-one can see you snooze
11:08 * jwagner         wanders off in search of caffiene
11:08 nengard           trying to think straight
11:08 nengard           nengard is still in bed
11:08 nengard           slef is nuts
11:06 * slef            nominates nengard to chair
11:06 imp               :)
11:06 hdl_laptop        yes
11:06 imp               hdl_laptop: meeting first, problems later?
11:05 Amit_G            heya imp, hdl
11:05 imp               heyho :)
11:05 hdl_laptop        hi all
11:05 nengard           thought so
11:05 jwagner           Good morning.  We do have an IRC meeting now, don't we?
11:04 Amit_G            hi nengard, jwagner
11:04 hdl_laptop        imp when you have a bad MARC in your search results, it braks the page.
10:25 imp               strange, went back to the page with all the fields, clicked save again and now i got: Can't call method "as_usmarc" on an undefined value at /root/koha/C4/Search.pm line 2367.
10:24 imp               hmm
10:24 imp               tried to add a new marc record
10:23 imp               (latest git)
10:23 imp               Can't call method "fields" on an undefined value at /root/koha/C4/Biblio.pm line 2026.
10:14 Genji             50 minutes..
09:07 chris             none in the archives
09:03 Genji             hey, i havent received a message since saturday, on koha-devel... has anyone else?
08:57 * rach            heads off to work on her sleep dep problem
08:57 Genji             ahh .. connects to zebra via z39.50.
08:56 chris             you tell it what targets to search
08:55 Genji             how does pazpar2 get the koha data?
08:55 chris             http://www.indexdata.com/pazpar2
08:54 chris             pazpar2 uses pazpar2
08:52 Genji             pazpar2 uses zebra?
08:52 chris             nope uses pazpar2
08:52 hdl_laptop        pazpar2
08:51 Genji             pazGetRecords uses zebra?
08:51 rach              howdy
08:50 Amit              heya rach
08:50 rach              :-)
08:48 Genji             oh... congrats.. i think...
08:48 rach              so I tend to be a bit dozy in the mornings
08:48 * rach            could probably make a meeting then :-)
08:47 rach              and sometimes is awake for 1.5-2 hrs @ about 3am
08:47 rach              and gone back to waking every 3-4 hours which is much less civil
08:47 rach              my baby has stoped her very civil 5 hrs sleep, feed, 5 hrs sleep routine
08:45 Genji             well. with a meeting at midnight, who wouldnt...
08:45 rach              not dead yet - just feel like it some mornings :-)
08:44 chris             midnight tonight is a general irc meeting, but next tuesday morning is the kohacon one
08:44 Genji             good seeing you alive!
08:44 rach              ah well that's alright then :-)
08:44 chris             its next week :)
08:44 Genji             hey rach!
08:44 chris             nope wasnt today rach
08:44 chris             pazpar2 can do things like remove duplicates, and relevance rank etc
08:44 * rach            just realises she missed a meeting today - sorry chris
08:43 Genji             hmmmmm...
08:43 chris             yep
08:42 Genji             and then it can be handed to search.pl for ofsetting?
08:42 chris             which is a federated search tool (ie to be used to search multiple targets)
08:41 chris             but the way to do it is by using pazpar2
08:41 chris             no one has tried to do it before
08:40 Genji             so.. im doing something so.. esoteric, that its unlikely anyone knows how to do it?
08:27 imp               thought about the /names ;)
08:25 chris             when you join you will see the topic and it will say "set by Genji"
08:23 imp               nope, chris is the first here ;)
08:23 Genji             okay, back soon. coffee...
08:22 chris             heh
08:22 Genji             yay! my name at the top of the channel, when anyone comes in.
08:22 imp               :)
08:21 chris             so we should be ok again
08:21 chris             which is now blocked at ip level
08:21 Genji             ya.. sure..
08:21 chris             the only time we ever get trouble is from lame kids using the cgi-irc script
08:21 imp               maybe someone can restore the topic? :)
08:21 Genji             ah.
08:20 chris             pain in the a
08:20 Genji             pita?
08:20 chris             cos thats a pita
08:20 Genji             how is it that we don't have an op bot intergrated serverside?
08:19 chris             the trick is just to have enough ppl in different parts of the world so that they dont all fall off at the same time :)
08:19 * Genji           hrms.... "think i'll set up a ncurses irc client on my work devel box.. and shove it in a screen process.. yup.. that'll work.
08:19 chris             Genji: invariably the bot falls off too
08:18 imp               just don't leave ;)
08:18 Genji             ?
08:18 Genji             hmm.. how come we don't have a bot inside #koha that will keep the ops, if all the current ops leave, or become inactive/
08:17 Genji             haha.. fantastic.
08:17 chris             (which we will do for 3.4)
08:17 Genji             hha
08:16 chris             only enough to want to burn it and rewrite it
08:16 Genji             hmm.. never dug into the workings of getRecords?
08:16 chris             no idea, ive never actually used it
08:15 Genji             chris: is 'hits' the only value outside of the actual result set?
08:15 chris             ta
08:15 si                have a good meeting, all
08:15 si                no problemo
08:15 chris             sweet thanks si
08:14 chris             yeah that got it
08:14 chris             righto
08:14 si                try it now
08:14 si                but not one to block from that IP
08:14 si                I'd added a rule to allow irc
08:14 si                yup
08:14 chris             *** #koha Cannot join channel (+b)
08:14 chris             *** End of /MOTD command.
08:14 chris             *** - Welcome to irc.katipo.co.nz
08:13 chris             in C4::Search.pm
08:13 Genji             is there any other?
08:13 chris             Genji: checkout pazGetRecords
08:13 Genji             i figure im going to have to, but what values in the hash are independant of the actual results, that i have to account for the combining process? 'hits' is one correct?
08:13 chris             yeah, connected to the server, the ban stopped it joining the channel
08:12 si                test it anyway, it'll be a good baseline
08:12 * si              slaps forehead
08:12 si                actually, no it won't
08:12 * chris           tries
08:12 si                should be blocked at the iptables level now
08:12 si                righto, can somebody test that CGI now
08:11 masonj            Genji: fyi cgi::irc encodes your IP address in its user-string, so its not really anonymous
08:11 chris             or, use pazpar2
08:10 chris             yeah, you are gonna have to write some code to combine those 2
08:09 Genji             i want to run two zebra queries, and have them both shoved into the same results arrayhash. the current implementation of getRecords can do seperate server iterations, doing more than  one search at a time. but  it  puts each resultset in its own element of the resultarray hash. i want the two zebra queries combined into one resultshash, so the ofsetting subroutine can offset correctly.
08:08 chris             go for it
08:07 Genji             okay, nows a good time to ask an esoteric question?
08:07 chris             more ppl that have it, less likely we are to end up with no one having it
08:07 Genji             Cool.
08:07 chris             sure can
08:07 Genji             Can i keep the power?
08:07 chris             thanks :)
08:06 Genji             wow.. i have the power!
08:06 chris             yep genji does
08:05 si                chris: somebody should have ops now :-)
08:05 si                that was predictable
08:05 si                well
08:03 imp               :D
08:03 imp               puhhh
08:03 chris             (That cgi is me, have no fear)
08:03 si                three hours then
08:03 si                ahh, midnight NZDT
08:03 chris             yeah 3 hours
08:02 imp               think it's 3h ahead, or?
08:02 si                it might restart on us
08:02 si                just running apt updates on the irc server
08:02 si                two hours till meeting?
08:02 chris             i think they should be blocked now
08:01 chris             yeah, i wish we had access to koha.org, i would remove that cgi-irc script
08:01 imp               hope they don't come back...
08:00 chris             and thats the last of them for now
08:00 imp               \o/
07:54 Ropuch            Your computer class should end by then
07:53 boogie            what times this meeting?
07:51 imp               cya
07:51 Ropuch            OK, see you all at the meeting
07:49 boogie            they wont let me put that on youtube
07:49 Ropuch            boogie: go conquer youtube, we don't care
07:49 Ropuch            I don'rt really want to think when i manage to catalog them all, as I'm alone here
07:48 Ropuch            Big money, but after aquiring 6k of Jochimsen's books I'm not really sure if I have place for them ;>
07:47 kf                :)
07:47 Ropuch            imp: Yup, DAAD bought them for us
07:41 imp               at least interesting books?
07:40 Ropuch            I mean: no fun ;>
07:38 Ropuch            And it's no time in this temperature
07:38 kf                we have software training all day, will not be here for the meeting :(
07:38 munin             Ropuch: The current temperature in Wroclaw, Poland is -9.0�C (8:00 AM CET on February 09, 2010). Conditions: Light Snow. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: -10.0�C. Windchill: -12.0�C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011 hPa (Rising).
07:38 Ropuch            @wunder Wroclaw
07:38 munin             Ropuch: Error: No such location could be found.
07:38 Ropuch            @wunder Worclaw
07:38 Ropuch            And I need to carry them inside
04:36 Genji             i want to run two zebra queries, and have them both shoved into the same results.
04:35 Genji             is there a way to do two zebra queries, and combine the results, then pass it to the results display system, so the offet works correctly? i notice getRecords can get more than one search done, but it shoves the results into seperate rows of the results array.
04:34 Amit              Genji: i can't get u ur question
04:33 Genji             hey Amit.. you have any idea?
04:32 Amit              heya mason, genji
04:22 Genji             hiya all. is there a way to do two zebra queries, and combine the results, then pass it to the results display system, so the offet works correctly?
04:10 masonj            s/as/a/
04:08 masonj            always as pleasure david ;)
04:07 schuster_home     Thanks again chris_n and masonj - I believe I will have a working copy of 3.2 to play with in the next day!!  If the work gods don't get in the way.
03:57 brendan           hey schuster_home thanks - yeah that was a nice article by Amy
03:57 brendan           hi amit
03:44 Amit              heya brendan
03:36 schuster_home     Brendan - read an article from Amy Terlaga today in Computers in Libraries - your name/company was mentioned several times...
03:04 chris             cya chris_n
03:04 chris_n           g'night #koha
02:30 schuster_home     running an OLD laptop so things are a bit slower here...  thanks for the clues.
02:29 masonj            which is a bit of a fail, i guess
02:29 masonj            and doesnt fetch it as a dep
02:28 masonj            yet cpan kinda assumes it should be installed by default
02:27 masonj            yep, me too :)
02:24 chris_n           it turns out that Module::Install is not core, but I don't remember having to fetch it before
02:22 masonj            i had to get it manually, not sure why
02:22 masonj            my box prompts for deps, and wasnt fetching  Module::Install
02:20 chris_n           could it be that your cpan was not setup to auto follow deps?
02:20 masonj            then,   cpan  PDF::API2::Simple
02:20 masonj            then,   rm -rf /var/spool/cpan/build/PDF-API2-Simple*
02:19 schuster_home     ok will try anything once or twice... ;)
02:19 masonj            and this too ' cpan  Archive::Tar '
02:18 masonj            yeah, pass
02:18 masonj            http://pastebin.com/m438253de
02:17 * chris_n         thought Module::Install was core...
02:17 masonj            i had to do a ' 'cpan Module::Install' too...
02:16 masonj            w00t, success ;)
02:16 chris_n           well, you can 'cd ~' and then try 'cpan Module::Install'
02:15 schuster_home     masonj - thanks for making me feel not so stupid!
02:15 chris_n           wierdness indeed
02:14 schuster_home     Can't locate inc/Module/Install.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.10.0 /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.10 /usr/share/perl/5.10 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at Makefile.PL line 1. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at Makefile.PL line 1.
02:14 chris_n           then 'make test'
02:14 chris_n           then 'make'
02:14 chris_n           'perl Makefile.PL'
02:13 schuster_home     that's what I have...
02:13 chris_n           ok
02:13 masonj            doesnt install for me either, on lenny..
02:13 schuster_home     make: *** No rule to make target `test'.  Stop.
02:13 schuster_home     ok
02:13 chris_n           then 'make test'
02:13 schuster_home     I tried to download the file and extract it, but it won't extract from the download.
02:12 chris_n           cd /root/.cpan/build/PDF-API2-Simple-1.1.4-GmvWkM
02:12 chris_n           try this
02:12 schuster_home     http://mibpaste.com/Ug5vpM - sorry I always mess that up
02:11 chris_n           hmm... nothing there?
02:10 schuster_home     http://mibpaste.com/oC4zag
02:08 chris_n           schuster_home: what are the errors the tests throw?
02:01 schuster_home     won't make running test
02:01 schuster_home     problem continues...  I'm still having problems getting PDF::API2::Simple to work I keep getting an error
01:10 * owen            goes back to IRL
01:10 chris             http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cAbHGZ6F8M&feature=related  <-- chill out music
01:09 owen              Thanks.
01:08 chris             nice email owen
01:01 owen              That gives you a good chance of catching somebody
01:01 imp               CGI008: this channel is really international, so it doesn't matter that much ;)
01:01 owen              Almost any time of day, but US business hours cover the end of Europe's day and the beginning of New Zealand's.
00:57 CGI008            Whats the best time to login here?
00:54 CGI008            Thank you both, Chris and Brendan : )
00:53 brendan           faster than email - especially when chris is around
00:53 brendan           this is the best place for noob's
00:52 chris             no worries, we dont have a good search yet, when we do, finding things like that will be easier in the manual
00:52 chris             ahh beat me ;)
00:52 chris             http://koha-community.org/documentation/3-2-manual/?ch=x5118
00:52 CGI008            Ok sorry Noob here /bow
00:52 brendan           http://koha-community.org/documentation/3-2-manual/?ch=x5118
00:51 chris             2 secs
00:51 chris             its all in that manual :)
00:51 CGI008            How would you set that type of permission, on a user account?
00:49 chris             yes if you log in as a user without the cataloguing permission you cant delete bibliographic material
00:48 brendan           for your reference CGI008 --> here's a link to a manual for koha --> http://koha-community.org/documentation/3-2-manual/
00:48 owen              CGI008: Delete bibliographic records?
00:48 * imp             still wonders if he should fill a bugreport for this or not -> http://pastebin.ca/1789468
00:48 CGI008            As in a way to hide the Delete funtion I keep seeing all over the place
00:47 chris             has user permissions
00:47 CGI008            Does Koha have users and group permissions?
00:47 brendan           :)
00:47 chris             yep
00:47 CGI008            May I ask a question ; )
00:46 brendan           hi CGI008
00:46 chris             hi CGI008
00:46 CGI008            Hi all new to Koha /wave
00:44 brendan           hiya nengard
00:44 nengard           you rock!!!
00:44 nengard           chris_n++
00:40 brendan           hoping that those who find the fix are able to take the next step... whatever that is
00:40 * chris_n         goes away to cool off for a bit
00:39 brendan           ditto
00:39 chris             *nod*
00:39 owen              In the end offering the solution helps us more (in good will) than it helps them (practically speaking)
00:38 brendan           s/he's/here's
00:38 chris             yeah
00:38 brendan           except tell them that is fixed and he's the code
00:37 chris             yeah thats the hard part, there isnt anything we can do
00:37 owen              These folks coming to the Koha list, whether they're LEK or Koha Express, how can any solution offered by the list even be of use to them? They don't have the power to apply any fixes.
00:34 brendan           *nods*
00:34 chris             yeah its pretty mind boggling
00:34 * owen            is astonished how far things have come
00:34 chris             thats their standard line for anything not written in house
00:34 owen              What a big "screw you"
00:34 owen              I'm surprised they would even come out and say, "you know, we're just not going to support that feature."
00:33 chris             both suck
00:33 chris             2/ they dont have the desire to provide support they are paid to provide
00:32 chris             1/ they dont have the skills to provide support they are paid to provide
00:32 chris             there really are 2 options
00:31 chris             cos they have no developers?
00:31 owen              How could they even justify "unable?!"
00:30 chris             they phrased it unable ... but it realy means unwilling
00:30 chris             you heard correctly
00:29 brendan           fly-by owen
00:29 owen-away         Did I hear that correctly? LibLime is refusing to provide support for a LEK feature?
00:18 chris             i love dh-make-perl --cpan
00:15 masonj            i recall a one-line regex to remove those blank lines..
00:13 * chris_n         crafts a response...
00:13 chris             poor daniel, i suspect he is pretty much screwed
00:12 chris             ahh might like to reply and say that
00:12 chris_n           hmmm... kyle did the quick spine label
00:12 chris             :)
00:11 * chris_n         never likes to take credit for another person's work
00:10 * chris_n         looks
00:08 chris             ah chris_n ... you will never escape from the spine lables