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23:07 Genji   hdl: you familiar with CCL / ZOOM queries?
22:55 hdl     gmcharlt_: around ?
21:43 Genji   what does your custom field search look like?
21:32 masonj  make sure you turn up yr zebrasrv debuglevel, and tail zebrasrv.log too
21:27 masonj  yeah, its a tricky thing to do, and took me 1 or 2 hours of poking to get working from scratch
21:18 Genji   or maybe not. -shrugs-
21:13 Genji   ... thats probably because its an and...
21:11 Genji   however, op=not doesn't work.
21:11 Genji   ahh. q=school,55 not in its own q.
20:53 Genji   What should it be sending?
20:53 Genji   Search.pm is sending (rk=( kw,wrdl="school")) not (rk=( jn,ext,r1="50" or jn,phr,r3="50" or jn,rt,wrdl,r3="50")) to Zoom.
20:52 Genji   I am using url,wrdl&op=not&idx=jn&q=50&sort_by=title_az&do=%D8%A8%D8%AD%D8%AB
20:48 Genji   hmm....
20:48 masonj  but thats about it , i think..
20:48 masonj  and do some debugging around search.pl and Search.pm for testing..
20:48 Genji   its jn Journal-number
20:48 Genji   done that in ccl.properties.
20:47 masonj  like ti, au, sb, bc etc...
20:47 masonj  so i guess you'll need to define a index name for it in koha...
20:46 masonj  cool
20:43 Genji   scan @attr 1=9903 49 has (409) next to it, and a *
20:42 Genji   seems like my field is indexed.
20:42 Genji   okay... hmm...
20:39 Genji   now i have no idea..
20:39 Genji   okay, im in.
20:37 masonj  the yazclient manpage has some good info/examples..
20:35 masonj  well, connecting pretty straightforward, its the querying a register that i always forget :)
20:33 masonj  that i cant remember :/ the syntax is pretty arcane
20:31 Genji   Okay, so how do i use it to connect to the zebra server?
20:31 Genji   oh.. actually i do.
20:30 Genji   yes, ive rebuilt. Yazclient, haven't got that yet...
20:25 masonj  if so, the next step for trouble-shooting is to use yazclient to query the zebra db
20:23 masonj  did you rebuild yr zebra index after the mods?
20:15 Genji   okay, hello all. ive put my new marc field into zebra's record.att, the two marc def files, and into the ccl.properties file. Yet, trying to query against it using new params on opac-search.pl produces nothing. Anyone have any ideaqs?
19:59 Ropuch  Good evening
19:38 richard hi
12:04 |Lupin| hello everybody
10:42 Genji   uhh... why am i missing the zebraqueue table?
10:32 Genji   Wow, really sucking the life out of a dual core cpu.
10:18 Genji   About to try another reindexing of Zebra.
07:52 Genji   ah, right.
07:50 brendan nope from the zebra user
07:49 * Genji nods. "and i run the reindex from the apache user?
07:48 brendan Genji - you may also want to learn about screen or open two terminals at once - run zebra in one terminal and then watch top in the other
07:47 Genji   any method of making sure zebra dies first?
07:47 brendan top++
07:37 chris   Genji: nope, id just run top and keep an eye on it
07:36 brendan IRC logs that is
07:36 brendan sorry Genji - reading back through the logs now
07:35 brendan Sonja and parents have hoped in bed
07:35 brendan ah chris, just getting back from my cousins wedding
07:35 Genji   any method of getting more information on the problem? any log files I could set to a more verbose setting?
07:35 chris   brendan even
07:34 chris   hey brenda, youre up late
07:15 brendan howdy chris
07:05 chris   but you could check the config files
07:05 chris   i dunno if its zebra, ive never had it crash any of my machines
06:52 Genji   How do i reduce the amount of ram it uses?
06:51 Genji   OOM killer?
05:33 chris   how much ram do you have on your devel machine, and you only had one instance of rebuild_zebra running? I doubt it crashed your computer, more likely some process used the ram and the OOM killer kicked in and starting killing processes
04:39 Genji   okay, it seems that reindexing Zebra, crashed my devel computer completely, and I had to hard reboot. This at all actually possible? how do i fix this?
00:53 Genji   okay, it seems that reindexing Zebra, crashed my devel computer completely, and I had to hard reboot. This at all actually possible?