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22:38 ftherese        in our library, we don't function by due dates, we are a private library
22:35 ftherese        even in the history, it only shows the due date and the date it was returned... why not show the date it was checked out?
22:35 ftherese        does koha not display the date a book was checked out by default?
22:12 brendan         afternoon all
20:23 brendan         :)
20:23 brendan         yeah - me too, finally sleep in a little today
20:22 pianohackr|work Good, staying busy
20:22 brendan         doing well - how about you pianohackr | work
20:21 pianohackr|work Geek version of morning? :)
20:20 brendan         Morning All
20:20 pianohackr|work How are you, brendan?
20:19 munin           pianohacker: The operation succeeded.
20:19 pianohacker     @later tell jdavidb was curious why you implemented cleanup_database.pl the way you did (SELECT then individual DELETE from zebraqueue, as opposed to one batch DELETE)
19:07 |Lupin|         bye
19:07 |Lupin|         k, see you soon everybody, time for dinner
18:48 |Lupin|         so roughly speaking, mysql-client is linked to readline again, rather o this other weird lib, so C-r works again to search in .mysql_history, which is great (among other things)
18:47 * |Lupin|       was pretty sure munin will get it wrong...
18:47 munin           04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=552003 was not found.
18:47 |Lupin|         yay ! Debian bug #552003 has been fixed !
18:46 |Lupin|         :/
18:45 pianohacker     Just the AddIssue then immediate AddReturn. Not a very big deal, really, especially compared with some of the other code in Koha
18:44 |Lupin|         pianohacker: no t clean ? why ? saying that a guest is downloading a bok seems rther accurate to me... no ?
18:43 chris_n2        |Lupin|: np, glad to
18:43 pianohacker     chris_n2: We'll get a vague idea in six months, maybe!
18:43 |Lupin|         chris_n2: thanks a ot for having submitted it.
18:42 pianohacker     Not really, shouldn't cause any problems, just not as "clean"
18:42 chris_n2        pianohacker: I wonder how many of them are fixed in LEK :-(
18:42 |Lupin|         pianohacker: ture... I'm wondering if you can see any problem in using a guest user just in the download script ?
18:42 pianohacker     chris_n2: none of which are likely being touched at the moment
18:42 pianohacker     |Lupin|: No, but you could use the statistics table
18:41 pianohacker     You'd also have to use ModItem to increment items.issues, but it would still likely be easier
18:41 |Lupin|         pianohacker: hmm but that wouldn' add issues to the issue table... so then we would have to do more job to count the downloads, wouldn't we ?
18:41 chris_n2        Josh has 160 bugs assigned to him
18:40 pianohacker     |Lupin|: Another approach would be to use C4::Log directly
18:40 chris_n2        you could, a sort of anonymous user
18:39 |Lupin|         the thing is that AddIssue wants a borrower, normally. So I'm wondering how you'd proceed when users are not logged in. Would ou guys create a guest user on purpose ?
18:39 chris_n2        |Lupin|: neat!
18:38 |Lupin|         For each download AddIssue and AddReturn are called, so that the statistical tools can be used to count download
18:38 pianohacker     They've been growing like mad this past year
18:38 munin           04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3800 blocker, P1, ---, jmf@liblime.com, NEW, In OPAC  when a logged in user tries to reach a page for which he/she does not have permission, the message saying "Koha doesn't think you have permission" is not displayed.
18:38 chris_n2        wow... bug 3800
18:38 |Lupin|         In our digital library we have books in the public ddomain which can be downloaded by anyone.
18:38 * chris_n2      wonders if munin can notify the channel when bugs are filed
18:37 |Lupin|         btw
18:37 |Lupin|         chris_n2: aaah that's perhaps not a very good choice... anyway it's probably not too difficult to fix, it's just a matter of deciding how the message should be displayed, and implementing that
18:36 chris_n2        head of LibLime
18:36 pianohacker     |Lupin|: Joshua Ferraro, CEO of LibLime
18:35 |Lupin|         who's Josh ?
18:35 * chris_n2      wonders if it will get any attention that way
18:35 chris_n2        hmmm... it wants to be assigned to Josh...
18:35 |Lupin|         chris_n2: that said, it does not really compromise the security, I'd say
18:35 |Lupin|         chris_n2++
18:35 chris_n2        access control related, rather
18:34 |Lupin|         pianohacker: yeah indeed
18:34 chris_n2        I'm listing it as a blocker since it is security related
18:34 |Lupin|         chris_n2: thanks, sincerely
18:34 pianohacker     chris_n2++
18:34 pianohacker     |Lupin|: wiktionary says "tedious", which makes sense
18:34 * chris_n2      files the bug
18:33 |Lupin|         pianohacker: in french I'd use the adjective "fastidieux" to express it, I don't know how that could be said in english
18:33 |Lupin|         pianohacker: it's not impossible -- I already used it for the Linux Kernel and for Koha, but it's... cumbersme to find the links, read the apgs where there is rather a lot of information..
18:32 |Lupin|         pianohacker: difficult
18:32 |Lupin|         Wow... People from Switzerland will vote whether it should b forbidden or not to export weapons... A really nice idea IMO
18:31 pianohacker     I can't imagine it's a very accessible UI
18:31 pianohacker     |Lupin|: boring or difficult?
18:31 |Lupin|         pianohacker: okidoki
18:30 |Lupin|         chris_n2: well... to be honnest using bugzilla is a bit borring for me, so if soneone could file it forme, perhaps copy-pasting the explanation from the chan, that would be really great.
18:29 pianohacker     Not sure about HEAD, but I haven't seen any patches to fix it.
18:29 |Lupin|         ok
18:29 pianohacker     |Lupin|: Confirmed on
18:29 chris_n2        |Lupin|: definitely file a bug
18:26 |Lupin|         pianohacker: I don't know exactly how this should be fixed but think it'd be nice if someone could fix it.
18:26 |Lupin|         pianohacker: I'm not saying it happens on traditional installs. I'm just pointing the disagreement between the script and the template which is a more general problem users may not see now but may see one day
18:25 pianohacker     Ah, okay.
18:25 |Lupin|         pianohacker: I don't know where it would happen in traditional KOha install. The thing is that on our nstall permissions are used because some users should be allowed to download some files only if they have a given permission, that's how I discovered the problem.
18:24 pianohacker     I mean, theoretically it could occur if someone turned off the borrow permission, but when have you seen this happen?
18:23 |Lupin|         pianohacker: I think it's because koha-auth.tmpl and C4/Auth.pm disagree: the templates requires the lloginprompt variable to be defined to check the nopermission parameter, whereas the script defines the nopermission parameter only of loginprompt is not defined...
18:22 pianohacker     Hmm. Wouldn't that only happen on the opac on the self-checkout screen?
18:22 |Lupin|         pianohacker: bug is in opac. When a logged in user tries to reach a page for which he/she does not have permission, the message saying "Koha doesn't think you have permission" is not displayed.
18:21 pianohacker     what's the bug?+
18:21 pianohacker     I have a HEAD installation at home, at least
18:20 |Lupin|         pianohacker: just in case you are running HEAD: I might have found a bug in Koha and am looking for someone to confirm...
18:20 |Lupin|         pianohacker: hi !
18:19 pianohacker     hi, |Lupin|
18:11 |Lupin|         chris: hi. around ?
18:09 |Lupin|         good day all
17:49 chris_n2        ftherese: I would think that openoffice base would be a step backward
17:49 pianohacker     Good, good
17:48 chris_n2        pianohacker: doing well; and yourself?
17:48 chris_n2        ftherese: the only thing auto generated are auto-incremented fields and timestamps
17:48 chris_n2        ftherese: koha uses no stored procedures at present
17:48 pianohacker     How are you, chris_n2?
17:47 pianohacker     That's the impression I've got :)
17:47 chris_n2        pianohacker: I think he's at school
17:45 munin           pianohacker: gmcharlt was last seen in #koha 5 days, 1 hour, 45 minutes, and 0 seconds ago: <gmcharlt> yes, at that point it could be captured
17:45 pianohacker     @seen gmcharlt
16:41 ftherese        I guess I just need to know if mysql really takes care of the autogeneration of all necessary stuff for koha
16:40 ftherese        It seems to respond very quickly, and it seems like it would be a very speedy alternative to doing data entry directly over the web interface
16:40 ftherese        hmm... I would be interested to know if anyone has used open office base with the koha database before.
16:16 ftherese        does anyone know how to use openoffice base to access the koha mysql db?
15:23 * chris_n2      wanders back off
15:22 chris_n2        the marc editor runs perceptibly faster in Google's Chrome, but there may be some other issues with that browser as the staff-client is not tested in that browser
15:19 chris_n2        this can be worked around somewhat by creating custom frameworks with the minimum marc fields necessary, iirc
15:19 chris_n2        ftherese: the staff interface is heavy in js for form validation in places (marc editor, etc.) which slows things down a bit
15:13 chris_n2        there are plans in 3.4 to address this
15:13 chris_n2        koha's speed/responsiveness is generally poor atm
15:12 chris_n2        then 'sudo apache2ctl restart'
15:11 chris_n2        'sudo a2dissite default' should do this
15:09 chris_n2        ftherese: if you setup koha to run at localhost ( you will have to disable the apache default website
15:02 ftherese        I tried to edit the /etc/koha/koha-config...httpd(whatever) file where the VirtualServer settings are found, but was unable to change it to localhost without producing duplication errors on apache restart
15:00 ftherese        otherwise it sends to the default webserver page
15:00 ftherese        also, I am able to access cups via localhost, but I have to put the ip address in for koha
14:59 ftherese        but when I try to access the koha, there is a bit of a delay
14:59 ftherese        for example... I notice that the cups server responds immediately
14:59 ftherese        and otherwise it must just be a case of hardware
14:58 ftherese        I'd like to know if there are any configuration settings I can change for this purpose
14:58 ftherese        Hello... I am looking for some advice on how to make koha run faster...
06:32 Mehwish         production mode - trapped fatal error
06:32 Mehwish         when I run Koha's Web Installer I get this error.
06:32 Mehwish         can anyone solve my problem?
06:32 Mehwish         Hi all.
03:26 chris_n2        howdy Ropuch
03:26 Ropuch          Hi chris_n2
02:07 chris_n2        g'evening