Time  Nick          Message
02:34 chris_n^2     ebegin: there is a more fundamental problem with writing diacriticals into a pdf stream
02:35 chris_n^2     ebegin: the issue is discussed at some length by an engineer at adobe if I can remember where the article is
02:55 chris_n^2     g'night koha
03:31 chris_n2-away ebegin: actually the problem is with using the "standard 14 fonts"
03:31 chris_n2-away I have it on my list of things to work on and the fix may appear before the end of the year if no one else beats me to it ;-)
04:35 CGI219        Hello any one there
04:36 CGI219        I need some help in koha
05:40 greenmang0    CGI219: ??
06:03 CGI219        any one is there
06:31 Ropuch        Good morning
07:24 CGI343        good morning
07:26 Ropuch        Hi CGI343
07:26 CGI343        i need help about koha
07:28 Ropuch        What about?
07:29 CGI343        Koha system of library ,
07:29 CGI343        about how we use it
07:30 CGI343        and how we can add new books on it
07:31 Ropuch        You can do this in several ways
07:32 CGI343        ok ,,
07:32 CGI343        how
07:33 Ropuch        Cataloging>Add MARC Record
07:35 Ropuch        After adding a record, you can add an item to it
07:39 Ropuch        You can also add book via Acquisition module
07:42 Ropuch        If you have at least 1 active vendor defined you can add book Aquisition>Select vendor>Add order>From a new record
07:49 chris         http://koha.org/documentation/manual/3.0
07:57 Ropuch        Hi chris
12:18 greenmang0    indradg: hello
14:48 jwagner       Bonjour paul_p
18:42 ricardo       Hi everyone
18:49 ricardo       Is anyone here?
19:05 chris         i think most people are afk for the weekend
19:08 ricardo       Hi chris  :)
19:08 chris         hiya ricardo
19:09 ricardo       chris: Any ideas for debugging why a search is NOT returning any results? DebugLevel is set to 2 and no entries for /root/koha30x/var/log/koha-error-log or /root/koha30x/var/log/koha-opac-error-log
19:10 ricardo       (This is for the 3.0.x branch of git.koha.org, if that makes any difference)
19:10 chris         zebra is running?
19:11 ricardo       chris: Ah, sorry... No, this is a "NoZebra" setup
19:12 ricardo       ... and a "UNIMARC" one
19:13 ricardo       (The "NoZebraIndexes" were wrongly set to MARC21 values, but I fixed them in the "System Preferences" managament area
19:13 chris         and you have rebuilt the indexes?
19:13 chris         rebuild_nozebra.pl ?
19:14 ricardo       Yep... And that reminds me: please push my patch to "rebuild_nozebra.pl" to the 3.0.x branch  :)
19:14 ricardo       Bug 3582
19:14 munin`        04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3582 minor, P5, ---, ricmarques@spamcop.net, RESOLVED FIXED, Missing usage information for -h / --help switch for rebuild_nozebra.pl
19:15 chris         ahhh will do
19:15 ricardo       Thanks :)
19:15 chris         was it pushed on master?
19:15 ricardo       I believe so... Checking now
19:16 chris         yep found it
19:16 ricardo       chris: Cool!
19:17 chris         pushed up now
19:18 chris         hmm, in that case im out of ideas, your best bet is one of the biblibre guys, they wrote the nozebra code
19:18 ricardo       Great, thanks
19:18 ricardo       OK. Then I guess, this my "queue" to have dinner now, eheh... BBL
19:18 ricardo       Thanks again  :)
19:58 ricardo       paul_p: Hi Paul. Are you Paul Poulain? Are you in the Netherlands now?
19:58 paul_p        Hi ricardo. yes and yes ;-)
19:59 paul_p        i'm in Amsterdam for a week end with my wife, then this week, for a new koha library
19:59 ricardo       paul_p: Don't say that you suddenly got fed up with France ;-)
19:59 ricardo       OK, cool  :)
20:00 ricardo       paul_p: Any ideas for debugging why a search is NOT returning any results? DebugLevel is set to 2 and no entries for /root/koha30x/var/log/koha-error-log or /root/koha30x/var/log/koha-opac-error-log  (git setup, "NoZebra" and UNIMARC)
20:08 ricardo       I have to reboot now. paul_p: If you see my question above in the meantime, you may answer (I'll see the backlog in http://stats.workbuffer.org/irclog/koha/ when I get back)
20:32 ricardo       Here I am (back again)
20:32 ricardo       hdl_laptop: Hi Henri!  :)
21:03 ricardo       hdl_laptop: Are you there?
21:10 ricardo       collum: Hi Gerry!
21:10 collum        Hi ricardo
21:11 ricardo       s/Gerry/Garry  (sorry about that)
21:11 collum        np
21:11 ricardo       collum: Any ideas for debugging why a search is NOT returning any results? DebugLevel is set to 2 and no entries for /root/koha30x/var/log/koha-error-log or /root/koha30x/var/log/koha-opac-error-log ?
21:12 ricardo       The records *do* appear in the tables "biblio" / "biblioitems"
21:12 collum        Are you running zserver?
21:16 ricardo       collum: Sorry, no. This is a git, "NoZebra" and UNIMARC setup.
21:19 collum        ricardo:  I have actually never set up a koha installation without zebra.
21:19 ricardo       collum: What Linux distribution do you use?
21:19 collum        ricardo:  debian
21:19 collum        ricardo:  I'm not sure where to look for errors if they are not appearing in the koha logs.
21:20 ricardo       Right... Actually, this is on Debian also, but I'm used NOT to use Zebra, because I had troube setting up Zebra in openSUSE, and gave up on that
21:20 ricardo       collum: OK. Thanks anyway  :)
21:20 collum        ricardo: No problem.  Sorry!
21:21 ricardo       No problem
21:28 collum        ricardo:  I was poking around.  Did you run rebuild-nozebra.pl to build your indexes?
21:28 ricardo       collum: Yes, I did. But thanks for tip  :)
21:28 collum        OK