Time  Nick        Message
12:40 IrmaCalyx   hi #koha
12:45 paul_p      hello IrmaCalyx
12:53 IrmaCalyx   Hi Paul. How are you settling back in after the KohaCon week?
12:54 IrmaCalyx   Busy?
12:55 IrmaCalyx   I had a question today about "floating collections". Do your libraries require/use this feature?
13:01 paul_p      IrmaCalyx: the kohaCon is quite old already. I was last week in Montauban.
13:01 paul_p      what is floating collections ?
13:02 IrmaCalyx   It's when an item does not belong to a particular branch in a multiple branch library syste. The item is borrowed from on e library and when returned to another one stays at that branch.
13:03 IrmaCalyx   until borrowed again or requested from another branch.
13:04 IrmaCalyx   It's a way of saving transfer costs.
13:04 IrmaCalyx   What is it called in French?
13:07 IrmaCalyx   Montauban...dans le departement de Tarn et Garonne - A public library?
13:10 paul_p      IrmaCalyx: yep, it's the public library.
13:11 paul_p      IrmaCalyx: I never encountered this in france.
13:11 IrmaCalyx   Just looked up some painting from Jean Ingres born in Montauban (1755-1814)...
13:12 paul_p      yep.
13:12 paul_p      the library is just near the Ingres museum
13:12 IrmaCalyx   It's a new Collections Management idea here too but it is becoming popular as only transfer expenses are incurred for items requested by library patrons.
13:14 IrmaCalyx   One year already since our trip to your continent! Nice hospitality is easy to remember :-)
13:15 paul_p      makes sense though. I think "real networks" could be interested by that. But I think it's quite a library 3.0 feature ;-)
13:15 gmcharlt    fair number of US public libraries do floating collections, or want to
13:17 IrmaCalyx   A library of significance in Sydney is requesting it. Any US library using Koha has added this feature?
13:18 gmcharlt    at least one is doing it, more or less, with the branch transfer limits that Kyle hall added
13:20 IrmaCalyx   Great...Will do some searching on prior postings or emails and check it out!
13:20 IrmaCalyx   May I ask about acquisition?
13:23 IrmaCalyx   Might be easier if I ask for a link to some info re the recently designed Acquisition Module and it's features
13:24 IrmaCalyx   Will it support Electronic ordering and invoicing?
13:25 gmcharlt    IrmaCalyx: not to answer for paul_p, but have you read through all of the acq RFCs on http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=en:development:rfcs3.2
13:25 IrmaCalyx   Hi Galen - How are you doing?
13:25 paul_p      IrmaCalyx: nope, it won't support EDI yet.
13:26 paul_p      slef told us he has something about that
13:26 gmcharlt    IrmaCalyx: reasonably OK, but ill today
13:26 IrmaCalyx   Ok thank you both for the info.
13:27 IrmaCalyx   Galen...a common flu only ...I hope!
13:27 gmcharlt    I'm not oinking yet ;)
13:27 IrmaCalyx   That's a relief!
13:35 jwagner     Good morning all.  Has anyone done any work with allowing an automated login?  That is, feeding an ID and password to the OPAC under the hood?  I'm looking into ways to do this.
13:36 IrmaCalyx   Galen... Hope U feel better soon. Paul...thanks for the chat and info. Bonsoir.
15:07 atz         bignose-work: i thought of a quick hack-around for loading users w/ staff (or any other) access
15:09 atz         basically set userflags.defaulton=1 for the permissions you want to be applied, then do the load for those users, then set userflags back the way it was
15:10 atz         might even be able to short cirtuit that and not touch DB
15:15 atz         jwagner: you might look at certificate authentication at the Apache level, would need to add hooks in C4::Auth to pull values from that
15:32 jwagner     Sorry, atz, been off in a meeting.  We'll look at that.  Thanks!
15:33 atz         that's the kind of thing the defense contractor types in your area get into, also
15:35 jwagner     Actually, the particular need I'm looking at is the web-based self-check.  We have one site that wants it available from multiple PCs without the need for a manual login.  I'm experimenting with some sysprefs to store the self-check ID & password, then pull those values & do a login for the web self-check.
15:35 atz         certificates would a good fix for that
15:36 jwagner     Worth investigating that option.  Thanks.
16:05 pianohacker Mornin', liz
16:36 wizzyrea    mornin
17:22 brendan     morning #koha
18:39 schuster    Question about show processlist in mysql
18:39 schuster    I've been running this throughout the day and things have been clicking right along.
18:39 schuster    all of a sudden here about 1:30 - I see a BUNCH of | 4413243 | pisdadmin | localhost | koha_pisd | Query   |    0 | closing tables | REPLACE INTO sessions (id, a_session) VALUES('0fc609e3ca18358e97f299d880e827b7', '--- \n_SESSION_ATI |
18:39 schuster    REPLACE INTO sessions statements...  what is that?
18:44 chris       looks like someone logging in or out is my guess
18:45 chris       one hell of a thunderstorm going on here, so i may disappear at any time
18:46 schuster    Had our rain on Saturday!  Rained out the Rough Riders...  Thanks for the hint...  Now I have something else to look into.
19:02 schuster    At the same time I start getting these statements -  SELECT a_session FROM sessions WHERE id='00bcd3c19290e05fdb5ecf81caed5da8'                           |
19:02 schuster    So is that someone left a workstation say for lunch came back and the system is re-connecting to the session?
19:03 schuster    I have my timeout set to the default... - but about 1:30 we have a slowdown - when a bunch of people probably start circulating again after lunch
20:24 chris       that sounds entirely plausible schuster
20:31 richard     morning
20:38 chris       hey richard .. wet enough for ya?
20:38 richard     sure is. spectacular lightning this a.m.
20:38 chris       yep
20:40 chris       loud thunder too
20:46 chris       kahu managed to sleep through the whole thing, which was fairly impressive
20:47 richard     amazing
21:05 hdl_laptop  have a nice evening under the thunder.
21:05 hdl_laptop  I have a 3.0.x wip to show.
21:06 hdl_laptop  Only with cherrypicked elements
21:06 hdl_laptop  + some sent patches from nahuel
21:06 hdl_laptop  if anyone interested.
21:07 hdl_laptop  It is only wip since there are some updatedatabase which fixes bugs and they are not yet added.
21:07 hdl_laptop  But it should be there soon.
21:07 hdl_laptop  hi saorge
21:07 hdl_laptop  time to go to bed for me.
21:07 hdl_laptop  see ya
21:09 chris       cool
21:09 chris       night hdl_laptop
21:09 schuster    Time for me to head out...  Progress!!!  Now where are my keys...
21:38 chris       seems to be a yearly thing nowadays
21:39 brendan     when I left to run it was a small little fire, now two hours later - it looks like an acre or more
21:39 chris       yikes
21:39 brendan     it's really windy here today
21:39 chris       that wont help at all, no chance of rain?
21:40 brendan     no rain in sight...  maybe a marine layer tonight
21:43 brendan     http://www.ksby.com/Global/story.asp?S=10308295
21:43 brendan     started at 1:30pm -- it's now 2:40pm  that is spreading fast
21:45 chris       yikes
21:45 chris       how far from your home is it?
21:46 brendan     I'm about 10 miles
21:46 brendan     I can watch it out my kitchen window though.
21:47 chris       thats a little close for comfort
21:48 brendan     well if I'm not here for a few days... I've left town :(
21:49 chris       here's hoping they get it under control
21:50 ron         hopefully you don't get anything like we had here in .au a few months back
21:50 brendan     ok -- heading back out to watch it for a minute --- they've got helicopters dumping water on it...
21:51 ron         cool
21:53 ron         "burning near power lines". brendan goes offline in 5... 4... 3...
21:53 ron         ;-)
21:54 brendan     heh
21:56 ron         I live ~20ks (~12-15mi) from the fires that swept through Vic in .au
21:57 ron         we got a huge amount of wildlife relocate to here soon afterwards
21:58 chris       i bet
21:58 chris       any wombats?
21:58 ron         heh. nope
21:58 chris       they are my favourite australian animal
21:58 ron         bricks on legs
21:58 ron         bleh
21:59 ron         lots of birds (lorikeets, etc)
22:01 ron         gotta catch a train. ciao
23:30 chris       hi rach and ccatalfo
23:30 ccatalfo    evening, #koha!
23:30 chris       hows librarything treating ya?
23:30 rach        howdy
23:31 ccatalfo    chris: good, thanks.  what are you up to these days?
23:32 chris       doing some koha work again, for catalyst ... bout halftime at the moment and the rest of my time is other development work for catalyst mostly on www.stuff.co.nz
23:33 ccatalfo    cool
23:34 chris       currently working on upgrading HLT to 3.0.1
23:45 mason       hi chris.c x 2
23:46 chris       heh
23:47 mason       any excuse for a lame pun.. :/
01:24 brendan     the fire is reportedly getting bigger than 150 acres (that was reported an hour ago)
01:57 chris       yikes
03:05 brendan     got friends who have been evacuated from there houses over for a few days...  at least they brought there dog (fun for me )
03:14 Amit        hi brendan, mason, chris
03:14 Amit        good morning #koha
03:18 brendan     heya amit
03:20 Amit        how r u brendan
04:35 mason       morning all
04:35 richard     evening mason
04:35 mason       crazy thunder last nite huh
04:36 richard     sure was
04:36 mason       ive *never* heard thunder that felt so close by
04:36 mason       i initiallly thought it was an explosion ?!?
04:37 mason       3am-ish i think..
04:37 richard     i'm sure wainuiomata copped a direct hit
04:38 mason       oooh, http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/2387800/Weather-warning-as-thunder-hail-hit-Wellington
04:41 Amit        hi mason richard
04:41 richard     hi amit
04:41 mason       heya amit
04:41 Amit        Weather warning as thunder, hail hit Wellington
04:52 brendan     The mountains are on fire where I live -- here's a local newspaper  --- http://www.dailynexus.com/article.php?a=18913
04:54 richard     we could do with a weather swap - it's cold and wet here
04:54 brendan     richard that would be excellent
05:04 richard     cya
06:48 Hopposai    kia ora
06:48 Hopposai    hello
08:15 chris       drive by
08:19 chris       hi paul
08:25 hdl_laptop1 hi chris
08:30 chris       hi hdl_laptop1
08:50 slef        hi all. I'm alive.
08:55 chris       heya slef
08:57 chris       10 hours until the meeting :)
09:02 slef        oh.  I was 12 hours and got daylight savings time wrong.
09:25 mason       interesting read... -> http://nymag.com/news/business/55687/
10:01 gmcharlt    greetings
10:05 chris       awake early gmcharlt
10:05 gmcharlt    yep
10:06 gmcharlt    you planning to sleep between now and the meeting, I hope?
10:06 chris       yep :)
10:07 chris       heh
10:18 chris       i was actually thinking prolog
10:19 chris       you could really simplify the circulation matrix :)
10:20 gmcharlt    heh
10:31 nahuel      chris, hey ! A friend of mine is the child of one of the 2 creators of prolog
10:31 nahuel      (from marseille !)
10:32 chris       very cool, it was one of my more fun classes at university
10:32 nahuel      hehe well never wrote a line of prolog
10:32 nahuel      anyway it's lunchtime
10:32 nahuel      bbl
10:40 Amit        hi nahuel
10:54 slef        http://www.songworm.com/db/songworm-parody/EternalFlame.html
11:00 slef        erm, when did wiki.koha.org become non-commercial? That's a PITA
11:02 slef        slef: seems like 2006 with the move to dokuwiki
11:33 gmcharlt    slef: I'd support changing it to CC-BY-SA or CC-BY
11:35 gmcharlt    I haven't checked the archives yet, but was BY-NC-SA perhaps just a dokuwiki default setting?  or was there an explicit discussion about the license?
11:35 paul_p      hi gmcharlt. afaik, no discussion about the license
11:37 gmcharlt    if we change it, would it be like relicensing software in that we'd have to get everybody who ever contributed to the wiki to change it?
11:37 gmcharlt    that is, to agree to the new license?
11:37 paul_p      gmcharlt: I think so
11:39 gmcharlt    one model for doing this: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Licensing_update
11:46 slef        I think we could only clear the last three years (= dokuwiki registered users) because before that it was implicitly free-for-all
11:48 slef        I assume you can get dokuwiki to spit out a list of users and emails but I can't see how to do it.
11:48 gmcharlt    slef: yes
11:48 gmcharlt    all registered users or only those who actually made edits?
11:49 gmcharlt    there are two overlapping constituencies
11:50 slef        only those who actually made edits I guess
11:50 slef        and non-Minor at that
11:50 gmcharlt    I'll see if I can get it to spit out the number of lines or bytes changed by each user
11:51 slef        gmcharlt: while you're here, two questions: what's wiki.koha.org's equivalent of wikipedia's {{citation_needed}}? and how do I tag a bug on bugs.koha.org as haspatch?
11:52 gmcharlt    haspatch = priority is PATCH-Sent
11:52 slef        aha
11:52 gmcharlt    don't think wiki.koha.org has equiv of {{citation_needed}}
11:53 slef        ok, thought it was just me being dense
11:54 slef        I may make a CitationNeeded page one day
11:54 gmcharlt    out of curiosity, what have you found that needs it?
11:54 slef        I updated the agenda wiki page for tonight. http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=meetingnotes09apr07
11:55 slef        gmcharlt: nothing yet, but sometimes links are missing like on that agenda
11:55 slef        "summary of proposals" is an example
11:59 slef        OK if I send a meeting reminder?
11:59 slef        (there hasn't been one recently has there?)