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11:00 hdl_laptop  hi
11:01 Amit        hi hdl
18:29 pianohacker Hmm. Is it common practice (or at least encouraged) to indent inside <!-- TMPL_IF --> or <!-- TMPL_LOOP -->?
18:29 pianohacker Or just follow the indentation of the HTML?
18:30 owen        I suspect it's up to the whim of the author at the moment
18:30 pianohacker That's what I thought
18:30 gmcharlt    yep, whim of author
18:31 gmcharlt    I like indenting within tmpl_if and tmpl_loop
18:31 gmcharlt    but obviously can lead to rather wide pages
18:31 gmcharlt    set termsize=2048x80
18:32 pianohacker Perhaps I should look into a smaller font and a pair of reading glasses
18:34 gmcharlt    custom syntax highlighter might be easier on your eyes :)
18:34 pianohacker Heh
19:53 hdl_laptop  pianohacker: problem with that indentation is that sometimes, it makes things much longer than necessary for a page since linebreaks are copied and paste
19:54 pianohacker Yeah, in view source
19:54 hdl_laptop  yeah and this I find more confusing than getting TMPL_IF or loops on oneline.
19:55 hdl_laptop  But this is My opinion.
19:55 hdl_laptop  Another thing is that DOM elements can take spaces...
19:55 hdl_laptop  So this is also to consider.
19:56 chris       i wonder does html::template have a filter mechanism like template::toolkit does
19:57 pianohacker chris: No, that would be too useful for html::template's tastes
19:57 chris       i have to admit, i love tt now
19:57 chris       we could do it ourselves tho, in koha's case
19:57 chris       as we use C4::Output
19:58 chris       it could filter out whitespace
19:58 pianohacker It would actually be fairly trivial, though we'd want it to be partially controlled by a syspref, so devs could have a useful view-source
19:58 chris       *nod*
19:59 gmcharlt    want to put something together?
19:59 chris       just for cutting down page size in production, its suprising how much difference that can make
19:59 chris       can do, ill have a go after work tonight
19:59 pianohacker I'm actually working on a revamp (again) of the sysprefs page that would be greatly helped by that patch.
20:00 chris       gmcharlt: did you see the history.txt im working on?
20:00 gmcharlt    not yet - where is it?
20:01 chris       its in git, on github or my git .. ill send a patch when its closer to done ... 2 secs ill get a url
20:01 chris       http://git.workbuffer.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=koha.git;a=blob;f=docs/history.txt;
20:02 chris       figure get it in there, then we can get patches from people to fill in the blanks :)
20:03 gmcharlt    cool
20:03 gmcharlt    is HLT's original ILS old/dead enough to identify?
20:03 pianohacker That's very comprehensive, chris++
20:03 chris       it started off just as my notes for the presentation
20:03 chris       but then i thought, hey this is good to get into git as well
20:04 chris       oh yeah i should put in the dates HLT upgraded
20:04 chris       once to 1.2.3 and once to 2.2.5 (havent got there yet)
20:04 chris       and soon to 3.0.x
20:05 chris       gmcharlt: yeah it was called c2
20:05 chris       hence c4 ... twice as good, or might explode :-)
20:05 chris       catalist
20:05 gmcharlt    I see a every_theory_of_the_genesis_of_the_name_c4.txt in the near future :)
20:06 chris       http://www.contecds.com/library.htm  <-- that one
20:06 pianohacker gmcharlt: Does the git.koha.org server have large file support compiled in?
20:06 chris       course it wasnt windows based at the time
20:07 chris       it was totally dos ... running on dosemu on linux
20:07 chris       gmcharlt: its been c4, then kumara, then koha :)
20:08 chris       gmcharlt: c2 was (is??) pick based
20:08 gmcharlt    good old PICK
20:08 chris       so olwen had to spend a bunch of time writing PICK to get the data out
20:08 chris       I must add her name to the history
20:09 gmcharlt    pianohacker: yes - why?
20:09 pianohacker If you're going to have that theory_of_the_name_c4.txt file in there, it'd better
20:10 gmcharlt    heh
20:10 chris       what are some of the theories?
20:11 chris       would be quite a fun file
20:37 headbang    hi
20:38 pianohacker headbang: hello
20:38 headbang    by any change someone from libki around
20:38 chris       libki?
20:38 pianohacker headbang: I think you want kyle hall
20:39 headbang    yeah
20:39 headbang    thats him :)
20:40 pianohacker headbang: Here's his contact page: http://kylehall.info/index.php/contact/
20:40 headbang    yeah hoped to get some rela time help from him
20:41 pianohacker Ah. Don't think I've seen him on IRC
20:41 gmcharlt    yeah, he doesn't show up on #koha very often - email will be quicker
20:42 headbang    ok
20:42 headbang    ill try that tomorow then :)
20:42 headbang    was hoping to get libki server to work
21:39 headbang    noone else who uses libki?
01:28 Jo          hi all. I am working through the Implementation check list in koha 3.0 manual, and need to make sure I have  "set up and define staff patron records and set permissions".
01:28 Jo          and I am not what that means ... I have set up patron catagories (including a worker) but I suspect the permission sbit is something else again
01:29 Jo          any ideas of where i should be looking in the setup?
01:30 Jo          sys pref / granular permissions (maybe..)
01:30 chris       you have to add your staff
01:30 chris       if they werent in there already
01:30 chris       then set the permissions for each of them
01:31 chris       if its using the data from your old koha, then they should be in there already, you might just have to fix their permissions
02:28 Jo          ok thanks Chris. SO once we do the conversion of Patrons from koha 2 to 3 we should be able to see what needs doing then.
02:29 chris       yep, assuming you had each of your staff as a patron in 2
02:31 Jo          ok. will check. thanks
02:31 chris       np, new server all up and going now?
03:03 Jo          nope. still a loan one
03:30 Amit        hi chris, mason, brendan good morning
03:31 brendan     Good morning Amit! Chris and Mason...
03:31 brendan     Evening here
03:31 Amit        good evening
03:33 chris       afternoon here
03:36 Amit        hi chris good morning
04:57 chris       right, back at home
05:49 elwell      chris: has anyone got a plot of no of contributors over time? be nice to see if its linear/exponential
05:49 elwell      (looking at the history.tzt
05:50 chris       we are up to i think 88 now
05:51 chris       http://stats.workbuffer.org/
05:51 chris       some stats there
05:52 chris       (88 is just a guesstimate trying to remove the duplicates)
05:53 chris       and i think we just got one more new one today (ill have to rebuild stats when the patch is accepted) which would make you 3rd to last :)
05:53 elwell      heh thats 2 higher than I expected
05:54 chris       you, then Daniel Sweeney, then Jane Wagner
05:54 chris       just updated the history.txt
05:54 chris       bought halfway through 2004 now
05:54 chris       bout even
05:55 chris       http://git.workbuffer.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=koha.git;a=blob;f=docs/history.txt;
05:57 chris       but my son is demanding i play trains
05:57 chris       so taking a break :)
05:57 elwell      you folks up in N Island?
06:09 chris       right he's having his cup of milk before doing his teeth for bed now .. he'll drag this out as long as he can :)
06:09 chris       yeah wellington
06:23 chris       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_LaAkAyoz0  <-- landing at wellington :)
06:27 chris       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRKb-_lx2NQ&feature=related <-- thats what i was actually looking for
06:38 elwell      yeah - we were there (briefly) last July. Nice place, even in winter
06:40 elwell      that landing clip at 0:56 is an interesting technique - nose wheel first
06:42 chris       yeah, it can get pretty scary
06:43 chris       short runway too, so they have to break pretty hard
06:44 chris       brake
06:44 chris       they dont often break :)
06:44 elwell      well, lack of one leads to the other
06:44 chris       yup
06:48 elwell      :-) like your 'advantages of working from home' page
06:48 elwell      /your/katipo/
06:49 chris       yep, i enjoyed those for 9 years ;)
06:49 chris       im enjoying working in at an office at catalyst though .. can really work from home with a toddler
06:49 chris       can=can't
06:50 chris       work half the year at home and half the year in an office at liblime
06:50 elwell      aye. Least ours are at school, but you need a flexible boss to fit in with dropoffs/pickup/sick etc
06:50 chris       *nod*
06:50 chris       both catalyst and katipo are good like that
06:51 chris       the directors/owners have kids too, so understand
06:53 elwell      don't suppose you've met Paul Walmsley in your IT excursions have you? Used to work with him here in the UK but he's now in christchurch (but travels -- any work is work)
06:54 chris       i dont think so, but im bad with names
06:56 elwell      http://qasol.com/ <-- thats him
07:02 chris       nope don't think so, the photo doesnt ring any bells
07:24 Amit_Gupta  hi nahuel
07:27 nahuel      hi
07:30 kf          good morning all
07:30 Amit_Gupta  hi kf ;)
07:31 chris       ohh 2 new languages for translation
07:32 kf          hi Amit :)
07:32 chris       Dari and Pashto (from Afghanistan)
07:35 paul_p      hello world.
07:35 Amit_Gupta  hi paul ;)
07:36 paul_p      (to present 2008 financial results)