Time  Nick       Message
14:09 nahuel     someone from liblime ?
14:10 gmcharlt   good morning
14:10 nahuel     gmcharlt, hey galen, good morning :)
14:12 nahuel     gmcharlt, do it exists a script to test the validity of the koha database ?
14:12 nahuel     s/do/does/
14:17 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: Is it possible to have a meeting this week ?
14:17 gmcharlt   nahuel: not really
14:18 gmcharlt   hdl_laptop: let's do a Skype this Wednesday or Thursday
14:18 nahuel     gmcharlt, too bad :)
14:18 nahuel     well, thanks galen
14:18 hdl_laptop Wednesday is good.
14:18 hdl_laptop When ?
14:19 hdl_laptop what time ?
14:19 gmcharlt   checking
14:20 gmcharlt   any time on order after 3:00 p.m. your time
14:20 gmcharlt   on or after, that is
14:21 hdl_laptop OK 17:00 pm would be all right for me.
14:21 paul_p     5PM you mean hdl_laptop ;-)
14:22 hdl_laptop yes
14:22 hdl_laptop ok.
14:22 gmcharlt   ok, 17:00 it is
14:36 hdl_laptop that is 11 am for you is it not ?
14:41 gmcharlt   correct
16:47 brendan    morning #koha
16:56 hdl_laptop hello brendan
16:56 brendan    hi hdl_laptop
20:09 chris      morning
20:14 gmcharlt   good afternoon
20:15 chris      heya galen, how are those gators doin? :)
20:15 gmcharlt   so-so, not that I actually follow them all that closely :)
20:17 gmcharlt   so time for a silly question - what teams, if any, do you follow?
20:18 chris      ahh, no college teams
20:19 chris      i watch the steelers in nfl, and the penguins in nhl ... thats about it for american sports
20:19 gmcharlt   NZFC?
20:21 chris      for rugby i follow, the wellington hurricanes and hte wellington lions .. and of course the nz national team
20:21 chris      and the nz cricket team, who just beat india :)
05:18 nicomo     morning koha
05:19 chris      heya nicomo
05:27 brendan    hello nicomo
05:27 brendan    good evening here
05:27 chris      hey brendan, buring the midnight oil?
05:27 nicomo     hi brendan
05:28 brendan    9:30 so not to late yet
05:28 brendan    always some little thing to do...
05:28 chris      *nod*
05:28 chris      hmm we are only 3 hours apart .. thats not so bad (well different days)
05:30 brendan    so I guess 21 hours
05:32 brendan    as for texas -- I'll definitely have a car...
05:33 brendan    so I'm up for a baseball game! chris
05:35 chris      excellent !!
07:14 brendan    it the latest cricket match India vs. NZ -- who was the favorite?
07:15 chris      india
07:15 chris      there is one going on right now
07:16 chris      http://content-nz.cricinfo.com/nzvind2009/engine/current/match/366623.html
07:16 chris      http://icc-cricket.yahoo.com/rankings/rankings.html
07:23 brendan    hmmm....  does NZ have a chance?
07:25 brendan    the play by play is very interested to watch/read
07:25 brendan    thanks for that link...
07:30 chris      yeah, we are in big trouble
07:30 chris      the thing to look at is
07:30 chris      New Zealand RR 5.08
07:30 chris      Required RR 9.00
07:31 chris      6 balls an over ,we need 9 runs an over .. its getting pretty impossible
07:31 Elwell     least it's not as bad as the srilankans
07:31 brendan    usually 6 runs for an over
07:31 chris      true, no one is shooting at them
07:31 brendan    on average
07:31 chris      5 is a pretty decent runrate normally
07:54 Elwell     ach well, that loooks like the end for now
07:54 brendan    would they call it short due to rain?
07:55 brendan    or do they resume after the rain stops
07:55 Elwell     depends how long the rain lasts :-)
07:59 chris      yeah, they have this incredibly complicated thing, call the duckworth lewis method
08:00 chris      to work out how much a team has to score in a rain interrupted game
08:00 chris      nz's only hope is that we dont get 25 overs played
08:00 chris      and its abandoned
08:44 Amit       hi chris
08:44 Amit       now score is
08:44 Amit       124/5
08:44 Amit       what do u say
08:45 Amit       india wins
08:48 Amit       now 8 wicket down
08:50 Amit       9th wicket
08:59 chris      yeah you won when about 20 overs ago :)
09:26 Amit       thanks
10:39 chris      www.stuff.co.nz for anyone who cares
10:41 nicomo     eh cool stuff chris
10:41 nicomo     "Welcome to the new, improved and customisable Stuff.co.nz."
10:41 chris      5 months of my life hehe
10:42 nicomo     even though the news themselves seem to be as horrible as they probably were yesterday
10:43 chris      yeah
10:43 nicomo     "A Taranaki woman was tonight found guilty of murdering her ex-partner by crashing her car into another vehicle while he clung to the bonnet."
10:43 nicomo     gee, that's crazy stuff