Time  Nick   Message
08:02 soul9  hi!
08:02 soul9  merry new year all :-)
09:57 chris  hi soul9, happy new year to you too
09:59 paul_p hi chris. Happy new year to you & your family !!!
10:00 paul_p best things for #2 birth !
10:01 chris  hi paul, all the best for your family too :)
10:06 chris  the translators have been busy over the holidays
10:07 chris  http://translate.koha.org/fr/opac3_0/ french needs to be finished off :)
10:08 paul_p chris: we have one uptodate version of the french opac, although it's not on translate.koha.org
10:09 chris  ahh, if you want to email the .po files
10:10 chris  ill update translate.koha.org
10:10 chris  do you have one for the intranet too?
10:10 paul_p chris: yep. although maybe not 100% perfect this one.
10:12 chris  5248 strings left to translate, on translate.koha.org .. so its probably better than that :)
10:29 paul_p sweet dreams chris